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Enhancing Pupils Interest In The Special Remedial Class Mohd.

Izham bin Kasim SK Haji Abdullah Sadun Kuar Jawa, Alor Janggus, 06250 Alor Setar 017-5581165 (mobile) 04-7946790 (fax)



In my experience of teaching the Special Remedial Class, I realized that the pupils involved were lacking the interest to learn and carry out the activities or exercises given by the teacher. Most of them have the attitude of laziness in giving attention towards the lesson and completing the given tasks. They also do not show determination in trying to solve the given activities or problems. They also have the tendency to answer the given questions or carry out the given activities carelessly without deep thinking, in order to finish them fast.



The teacher does not have enough room to help the remedial pupils due to their lack of interest to learn during Special Remedial Class. Their lazy attitudes in the class become an obstacle in them rectifying their own weaknesses in learning process. Due this alarming problem, there is an urgent need to find and introduce new and effective ways or methods in enhancing their interest towards learning in general.



General Objective The main reason for this research is to overcome the remedial pupils lack of interest in completing the tasks assigned by the teacher. It is hoped by enhancing their interest; they will be able to complete the tasks given during Special Remedial Class. Specific Objectives a) The remedial pupils able to complete the exercises given by the teacher during the Special Remedial Class. b) The remedial pupils carry out the given tasks with more serious manner. c) To reduce the remedial pupils carelessness while carrying out the given tasks. d) To increase the teachers ability in overcoming the problem of the lazy pupils, importantly in them completing the given activities and also controlling them in the class effectively.



The target group comprises of 9 remedial pupils of Year 3 in the Special Remedial Class.



The Observation of the Problem From the observation, the pupils have no interest to learn and do the exercises given by teacher. They are not serious in answering the given questions. They do not think deeply or critically during the answering process. Analysis of Problem Observation The pupils at most of the time failed to complete the exercises given during the Remedial Class. In order to finish the task given fast, they answer the given questions without deep and critical thinking. It is important for me address this problem soon because this can lead to the failure of every lesson taught to them in future. Table 5.2.1 below shows the number of questions answered by the pupils compared to the exact number of questions given by teacher.

No. Name of the Pupils in the Special The Number of Remedial Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Muhd Anas Danial Mohd Azam Putera Hakim Mohd Haikal Aizat Nur Hidayah Norasma Izawati Nur Syarafana Nur Syazliana Nur Sri Shafiza Question Given 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

The number of Question Answered 8 3 6 6 8 7 7 4 7

The Action Taken In order to overcome this problem, a theory was created in assisting the teaching/learning in the Special Remedial Class. The theory is named as Interest Attracts Attention. It is hoped that this theory will allow the teacher to work or increasing the pupils interest and this will lead to the pupils generating more attention towards the lessons activities and exercises given. In introducing this theory in the teaching and learning process, I at first, observed the pupils attitude in the class and investigated their actual attitude at home. As an example, why will a student watch television? The answer is they have the interest in watching cartoons, songs, comedy and etc. Here we can conclude that, interest towards cartoons will motivate the pupils to watch television. He/she will have the tendency to wait for the cartoon program and also will make an effort to on the television. The same applies in learning at school. If the teacher manages to identify the pupils interest, the teacher will be

able use it to enhance the pupils interest in learning. This theory involves the implementation of interesting teaching and learning process and effective class control. Materials Needed 1. Manila card 2. Marker pen 3. White board (small) 4. Worksheet 5. Exercise book 6. Rubber stamp (star) 7. Dice 8. Snake and ladder board game

Implementation of Action and Observation Implementing Activity 1 This activity is a method of grading the pupils attitude in class. A grading system is introduced by me in order to improve a few factor such as: i. ii. iii. A good class control. Increase the pupils attention and dedication towards learning Improve the pupils interest and discipline.

According to the theory created, I observed that my pupils like and have interest in rewards or presents, praising and high marks given. The grading system is also created due to this factor. Example of grading: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Class attendance Doing exercises Follow instructions 5 marks 5 marks 5 marks

The number of questions answered correctly Bonus marks for positive attitude

* Marks will be deducted if fail to follow the instruction and show negative attitudes such as being noisy, disturbing peers and etc.

Conclusion of Observation Marks written on the whiteboard reflects the pupils input in the class. They will tend to complete with their peers in getting better grades. The grades achieved will be rewarded with praises or presents on weekly or monthly basis. Normally, the pupil with the highest mark or grade will be given the present. After implementing this system, I realized the class control and the pupils interest towards learning increases. The work level also showed increment due to the competition of getting higher marks. The teacher action of deducting the marks of the pupils who do not follow instructions, made them more careful and pay more attention in class.

Reflection of The First Activity The mark display board can be improved by using cardboard or manila card with decorations using pictures and attractive drawings. In implementing this system, the teacher needs to be fair to the pupils ability without practicing any prejudice. The outcome of this method enables the pupils to increase their interest level towards learning process.

No. Names of Pupils in the Special

Present Mark
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 0 10

Remedial Class
1 Muhd Anas Danial

Overall Mark in May 2011

77 65 75 75 86 68 72 90 67

2 5 Mohd Azam 3 . Putera Hakim 4 4 Mohd Haikal Aizat 5 . Nur Hidayah 6 2 Norasma Izawati 7 Nur Syarafana 8 P Nur Syazliana 9 e Nur Sri Shafiza r

Table and the picture below shows the pupils marks

Implementation of Activity 2 This is an activity by using worksheets with cartoon character on them. Here, I realized my pupils have high imaginations which gears active reactions. For example, they tend to be noisy and do wrestling actions with their peers if the class is not monitored. While engaging in this, they also name their peers with the cartoon characters. This made me conclude that they have deep interest towards cartoon characters. The characters such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman is very familiar to them. Due to this, I enclosed the picture of these characters together with the worksheets given to them. Conclusion of Observations of Activity 2 From the observations of activity 2, there is obvious difference in the way the pupils answer the given exercises. Compared to them answer on normal worksheet with no pictures. The cartoon characters printed on the worksheets greatly attracted their attention in focusing on the given exercises. A few pupils, indeed completed the given exercises and requested for the same worksheet to do the answers again. This is clearly due to the cartoon characters on the worksheets. This method can bring positive advancement in the remedial pupils learning. In short, by using this method I observed the remedial pupils able to: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Increase their interest in doing the exercises. Paying attention to the exercises. Do not copy their peers in order to complete the given task faster. Do not answer carelessly. There were attempts to answer the question correctly. Do not make noise and their behavior was under control. Complete the given exercises within the given time.

Reflection of Activity 2 The pupils like worksheets with colour print, rather than black and white. Due to this, a lot of coloured ink was used in printing the worksheets. The teacher need to minimize the use of coloured ink in printing. The cartoon pictures should not be too big until they distract the pupils attention. In preparing worksheets as in activity 2, the teacher needs to sacrifice more time, effort and money because it involves the usage of internet in locating the pictures and also the usage of printers. At times, scanners are also widely used. Teacher need to have the access to printer, scanner, internet connection sush as the broadband. In achiering the objectives, this method proved to be successful in increasing the pupils interest and attention in completing the exercises given by teacher.

No. Name of the Pupils In The Special Number of Remedial Class. questions answered on normal worksheet. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a Muhd Anas Danial Mohd Azam Putera Hakim Mohd Haikal Aizat Nur Hidayah Norasma Izawati Nur Syarafana Nur Syazliana T Nur Sri Shafiza 6 3 8 7 7 8 9 5 7

Number of questions answered on worksheet with cartoon pictures.

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Table shows the difference in the number of questions answered in the normal worksheet and worksheet with cartoon pictures.

Implimentation Of Activity 3. The following activity is an learning activity using game type. This game is created and names as Read, Count and Move. A big manila card is used to create this game. I have drawn boxes a long the sides of this card. The boxes were written with numbers from 1 to 100. Al together there are 100 boxes including the start and finish boxes. As for this game, I also created reading cards and mathematical questions. Reading cards in this game is used for Malay Language classes. Mathematical questions cards are used for maths classes. These cards are attached to the manila card or enclosed with the separately. A few cartoon character are paced on the game board to attract the pupils. Playing Method. Every pupil will be given a pieces or chip with an alphabet on it. For instance, if there are 5 players, so the alphabet of a, b, c, d and e will be used. The player with the chip a will start the game. A dice will be used. At the beginning of the game, every player will role the dice to start their move. They

will move to the boxes depending on the number in the dice rolled. Example, if player a roles the dice and get number 6, so he/she will move six boxes ahead. The same step used by all the players during the start of the game. For the following move in the next round, the player need to take a card which is placed in a cover at the centre of the game board. This has to be done fast without looking into the cover or choosing. Now, the player need to read the word or answer the question written on the card. This player will only be allowed to throw the dice and move if he/she could read the given word or answer the given question correctly. If he/she fails, the player will lose the chance to move to other boxes. He/She has to wait until the following round to continue playing. The same steps will be used until a player manages to reach the finishing box and be declared as the winner. The winner will be rewarded with present or marks by teacher. (a) Example of words and questions on the card: i) Malay Language Session Ali baca buku jet kereta buku jenaka

ii) Mathematic Session

2+1 53 2+2 82 (b) Materials Needed: i) ii) iii) iv) A base for the board game. Word cards and question cards. Dice. Alphabets pieces or chip.

Conclusion Of Observation Activity 3 The pupils like the game. They try to answer the questions in the card in order to proceed with the game. The questions in the cards prepared in this game allow the pupils to strengthen their memory towards the skill learnt in class. This game is an instrument in enhancing the pupils interest to learn.

Implementation Reflection of Activity 3 This game can only be played by 4 pupils. In my class, I need to have 2 game board to allow all the pupils to play simultaneously. The teacher observation and monitoring is very much needed during the game to know whether the pupils managed to answer the given question correctly. The teacher need to supervise and assist the pupils during the game. Upon completion of this activity, the pupils showed great interest in this game. At time, the pupils themselves requested to play this game. This shows that their interest towards learning and education can be enhanced through this game method.

Picture : The game of Read / Count and Move.


Reflection of the Research

The assessment or evaluation is done through observing the behavior and the pupils work achievement throughout the implementation of this research. The implementation of the activities and method planned show very positive result. Further adjustments and improvements need to be made to these methods from time to time according to the pupils ability and skills. Table below shows the percentage of changes in the pupils interest toward learning process after the mentioned methods planned been carried out during 1 hour lesson (2 period). No. Name of Pupils in The Special Remedial Class in Year 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Muhd Anas Danial Mohd Azam Putera Hakim Mohd Haikal Aizat Nur Hidayah Norasma Izawati Nur Syarafana Nur Syazliana Nur Sri Shafiza 6 3 8 7 7 8 9 5 7 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 40% 70% 20% 30% *The Original Exercises Done. *The Improved Exercises Done. % increment

30% 20% 10% 50% 30%

The increase in the interest of pupils toward learning also impacts their achievement in the tests given. Based on the tests given, all the pupils managed to show increment in their marks. The table below shows this advancement.

No. Name of Pupils in The Special Test Mark Of Remedial Class in Year 3. Malay Language & Mathematic For March 2011. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 *Muhd Anas Danial Mohd Azam Putera Hakim Mohd Haikal Aizat Nur Hidayah *Norasma Izawati *Nur Syarafana Nur Syazliana *Nur Sri Shafiza 49/55 26/11 30/24 22/40 35/35 47/26 50/58 16/26 -/60

Test Mark Of Malay Language & Mathematic For July 2011. -/64 29/15 36/52 28/53 40/53 -/54 -/65 18/40 -/64

*Mathematics class only.

The main objective in increasing the level of interest in remedial pupils towards the learning process has been achieved through the implementation of the planned activities and methods. From the methods, the pupils interest is enhanced through a method or grading system which emphasizes on class attendance, the ability to complete the given tasks, follow teachers instruction and show good behavior or attitude. The pupils showed positive competition among them to get higher marks and receive the presents from the teacher. The second method, stress on the teacher attracting the pupils interest by using cartoon elements in the given exercises and worksheets. The cartoon characters in the worksheets managed to attract the pupils attention compared to the normal worksheets without cartoon prints. The pupils showed great impact by managing to complete all the given tasks. The third method is the one liked the most by the pupils. The board game of Read/Count and Move greatly attracted the pupils to attend the remedial classes and be active throughout the classes. This game needs the supervision of the teacher and also a very unique way of teaching. Not the only the counting ability of the pupils increased, but their memory power in answering the given question also improved. In shorts, we can conclude that the pupils interest can be used to enhance their ability in learning. An example here is how a pupil likes to go to the stadium with his father. What motivates him to go to the stadium? Definitely it is his interest in the game of football. Now, what can be the reason for remedial pupils to like education and attend remedial classes? Definitely, the answer will be attractive learning with elements which the like and interested in.



All the activities carried out greatly helped in making this action research a success. I am planning to further continue this programme a share its ideas with my colleagues in my school. I will continue with these activities according to the skill, ability and level of the pupils. For the oncoming researches, I am recommending teaching and learning process using ICT and music to the remedial pupils.




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Colour the picture.

7 9 6

10 -

= 4

- 5 = 2 8 = 3

- 5 = 4


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