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To Proclaim His Mighty Deeds

2011. Fall
Go and make disciples Our Dear Friend, thank you very much for your care, for your prayers and for your financial support. We have a great fall season behind us. We wish to share all the joy and blessings with you, but the space is limited. So lets try to share the main things.

June of 1989 God led the founders of Word of Life Hungary to Toalmas. During the summer of 2000 God kept the property when we could have lose it. In 2009 by God`s great the castle got new roof and the heating system got renovated. This summer God gave us new floors in the main rooms of the Castle. Now we could start to renovate the glass house and the water tower, again from God`s grace . We are very thankful for that because of God, Word of Life can exist here. We are very thankful for that we can see God`s faithfulness and provision in each renovation. But the economic crisis effecting us too, and because of the support of Word of Life Hungary decreasing, we had to send away several of our workers. These were very sad, but necessary decisions. Because of the lot of work in the renovation, and the smaller operation team we had to reorganize the operation team. Gabor`s responsibility is to organize a new operation team and their work (kitchen, park, cleaning, maintenance). You can imagine that on our 86 acres property, in the castle, meeting room, kitchen, there are many things to do. Fall is here, so we have lot`s of leaves to rake, cutting trees, administrative things, fixing the doors, windows, painting the walls, rooms. Please pray for that God would give wisdom and strength to do these tasks, for His glory. We need people to help. We gladly accept help for a week, or more or even for 1 year as a volunteer. If you would like to know more about these opportunities, please write for this address gcsikos@eletszava.org, or you can see here www.eletszava.org under support or volunteer.

Outreach ministries
A new school year started, and our Born Again to a Living Hope drama started to go out with a new team to share the gospel with the youth of Hungary. On the 15 th of October we had or first performance with our new team at the First Gipsy Baptist Youth Conference. After the performance, more than 40 young people accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. It was wonderful to see, as they were standing up to demonstrate that they want to start a new life. Glory to God for that He gave us new life so we can share it with others. On the 30th of October we were on a program with our Drama team which was organized by the Reformed Church. Please pray for us that we would have more opportunities to go out with our Born Again to a Living Hope Drama team and share the gospel through it. The Children Ministry team is actively preparing for the Christmas season. From the end of November they will start to travel through the country. We are very thankful for that they got many-many invitations. Please pray for them as they share the gospel in the different schools and kindergartens which are not Christians. The Sing Team is ready with the new members to serve in Churches and Evangelistic meetings. In the past weeks they were serving with songs, testimonies, sermons in different towns at Vacegres, Szolnok, Pand.

The Street Evangelism group is weekly evangelizing in Budapest. We are very thankful for our staff and students who are serving faithfully in these different teams. They serve excellently. This year we had a challenge, because we had to make changes in our Outreach Ministry team. Some of the team members had to leave for a longer time to raise support, others had to step into other responsibilities to help in our ministry. We had to do this because the workers are few. Please pray for that God would send laborers into his harvest.

Bible School:
The Bible School started with a record number in September. We have 57 students this year. We did not have this many students before. We are very thankful for these students who are here to know God`s Word better, to grow in their Christian life. Our students are from America, Ukraine, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Canada, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary.

Answered prayers:
Our Children Ministry team got many invitations For the Bible School students God gives us wisdom and strength For Gods provision For our ministry teams

Csiks Family
2252 Talms, Kkai u. 2. Hungary +36 20 886 8388 gcsikos@eletszava.org Would you like support us financially? Support can be sent to Word of Life Fellowship Box 600, Schroon Lake, NY 12870 Make checks payable to Word of Life Fellowship Please include the following in the memo section of your check: WOL Hungary Gabor Csikos support

Prayer requests:
God would work in those who heard the gospel Our ministry teams could go to many places with the gospel For wisdom in the operation For the spiritual growth of our children The Lord may would send laborers into his harvest
Our dear Friend! At the end of this letter, please let us share some important things, prayer requests with you. Praise the Lord, there are many of you who are praying for us faithfully and support us regularly. Thank you very much! Now we have several special steps, we have several special request, questions for you. 1. We need 100 friend, who commit themselves to pray for us and for our concrete requests regularly. Daily or weekly, but regularly. Would you be one of the person of the 100? If you already praying for us regularly, would you please be so kind and share with us that encouragement? And we can share more concrete praises, and requests with you. 2. To be able to serve here smoothly we need to have 100% monthly support. Because of several reasons our support dropped during the year, we need help. Would you please pray for this and about that how could you help us? Personally or sharing this need with others? Even 5-10-20 dollar/month is a BIG help. Thank you very much!

WOL Hungary
Tel. +36 29 429 003 Fax +36 29 426 341 www.eletszava.org eletszava@eletszava.org

3. Lord willing we will go to our furlough in 2012 May-June. The plan is to be in Schroon Lake, NY at the World Directors Conference and than drive down to South. As we see we will drive trough NJ, TN, GA, SC, NC, FL We would be happy to meet with you as well. Also we look for opportunities to share our ministry in churches, house groups, dessert fellowships. Can you help to organize one or more event for us? We also need housing and a car for this trip. If you can help, please be so kind and contact to us a.s.a.p. Thank you very very much!