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Draft of a resume

Judy Golden
Recruiter Work Specialist Worlds of Work

415 845 4285
San Francisco CA

Profile of employment career counselor or recruiter

Recruiter in six companies and one agency since 1975
Worked for the hiring company and the employee to secure the best possible match
Staffed A-1 class teams
Focus of work - Company
Worked with managers to define jobs and develop hiring strategy
Focused interview to secure the hire
Focus of work - candidates
Sought best company and people managing the complete process
Focus of work - agency
Continual job development plus recruiting and securing the placement
Focus of work - meetup of unemployed jobhunters
Organized and managed and guided weekly gatherings of unemployed jobhunter - not
entrepreneur or career freelancer - for support and resource sharing and issues related to
Being Unemployed now

Assets Competencies
intelligence Secure resources and do research
consistency and responsibility Apply technical know-how
integrity Develop network of connections
clarity in communication Develop programs for people
match-making Deliver results


Career and Life Transition Venture 9/07 to present

Set out to research computer and web companies while defining personal work and
income path. Read upwards of 20 blogs daily and tracked results

With the economic and social downturn began tracking Reversals in Fortune reading
upwards of 10 blogs a day tracking layoffs and other changes affecting workers.
Continually defining work and income path built on Assets and Competencies in these
difficult times.
Judy Golden Resume
2009 Page 2

UTStarcom 11/05 to 9/07

Recruiter for Sales Operations, Legal and IT. Brought back to the company by CEO and
CFO to build new US IT department. Worked closely with new hire CIO to build up his
division and hired 12 people at different levels. Also hired for Legal division in IL and
FLA and Sales Operations in CA. Work was successful and company experienced
downturn and changes in Executive management

UTStarcom 4/01 to 2/04

Recruiter for this early stage China centric telecom company with unique technology for
mobile phones in China using PAS technology. Only US recruiter working with HR and
recruiters in China. Staffing of all divisions in CA, NJ and IL [with 3Com acquisition].
Involved with two acquisitions. Hired 20+ management engineering expatriates for two
locations in China. Traveled to China and studied language. Very senior role paramount
to UTStarcom rise until company hired new HR director and their direction changed…

Sun MicroSystems 11/04 to 7/05

Recruiter for Finance department in CA until staffing was completely outsourced to
Hewitt Associates. All finance hiring was internal

Zhone 3/00 to 1/01

Recruiter for telecom startup company with significant acquisitions and investments
and widely recognized founders [from Ascend Corp] . Hired here as their engineering
recruiter and succeeded quickly in CA and east coast. Offered and turned down
employee role. Downturn in dotcoms reversed Zhone future irrevocably

N.E.T. 10/97 to 7/99

Recruiter for all of IT and engineering software for a senior telecom company. Worked
closely with Engineering Director and his six or seven managers during a time of
competetive job offers to telecom engineers from companies like Cisco and Juniper.

PaceWorks 7/97 to 9/97

Recruiter part time for graphics Macintosh company hiring individual product
contributors for multimedia animation tool [like Flash]

Adobe 3/95 to 4/97

Recruiter for printer software and graphics product divisions in CA including Photoshop,
Illustrator, early Acrobat. Software developers, UI designers, technical writers very
successfully hired people who met High Standards [even then] of Adobe. Handled hiring
for small acquired Windows printer software group.

RGA Associates San Francisco 6/86 to 2/95

Recruiter in contingency staffing agency developing new business while hiring software
engineers for US and one networking company in Switzerland. Very successful
developing business and placing/hiring software engineers.
Non High Tech Employment not included

Judy Golden Resume

2009 Page 3

San Francisco City College – no degree
Various classes in computer and photography departments since 1981
Fordham University NY M.S. Education and Psychology
Brooklyn College NY B.S. Education

Are available from managers [and others] for each company employer