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Research Report on
Chinese Anti-Tumor
Drug Market, 2009
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With the deterioration of natural environment and the bad eating habits, there is an increasing
number in Chinese malignant tumor patients. At present, the outbreak rate of Chinese male
malignant tumor is 130.3 to 305.4 per one hundred thousand, and female of 39.5 to 248.7 per one
hundred thousand. In 2008, the new cancer case loads in China exceeded 2.2 million and over 1.6
million deaths. In recent years, one in every four to five deaths is died of cancer, the leading cause
of death. It is predicted that there will be 5.5 million new cancer case loads in 2020 in China and
the deaths will reach to four million.

With the growing outbreaks of malignant tumor, the cure measures for cancer are advanced too as
well as the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients. The cure of malignant tumor also brings the
development of anti-tumor drug market. In recent years, the scales of Chinese anti-tumor drug
market have been rising. The sales of anti-tumor drugs in Chinese hospitals are keeping steady
growth and making the breakthrough of 5 billion USD in 2007.

China has approved about two hundred kinds of anti-tumor drugs in the market, about 100 kinds
for various cancer treatments. Chinese anti-tumor drugs can be divided into nine categories:
Alkylation Agents, such as nitrogen mustards, ethylene-imines, methanesulfonates, polyatomic
alcohols and SarCNU; Anti-metabolite drugs, such as pyrimidine antimetabolites, purine
antimetabolites and antifolates; Antibiotics; Plant anti-tumor drugs; Hormone anti-tumor drugs;
Platinum metallic anti-tumor drugs; Others; Aided anti-tumor Drugs and immunomodulators. The
clinical indications of the former sevens center on cancer treatments, but the latter two indicate
more, general adopts in other cures.

The author obtained abundant first-hand information through investigation into the hospitals and
manufacturers. This report analyzes Chinese anti-tumor drug market from the angles of production,
demands and development trends etc. and is of high value for reference to the understanding of
Chinese anti-tumor drug market and the discovery of market opportunities.

More following information can be obtained in this report:

- Analysis on the Outbreaks of Chinese Tumor Diseases
- Analysis on the Structure of Chinese Anti-tumor Drug Market
- Scales of Chinese Anti-tumor Drug Market
- Development Trends of Chinese Anti-tumor Drugs

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