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Poof Interview by Brian on Behalf of American Kabuki

Brian: Hello this is Brian. Poof: Hello this is Poof. Brian: Wow right on the second of the stroke of 3:30! Poof: Well I do my best (laughter) Brian: How ya doing? Poof: Oh, Ive been kicking man! Brian: Oh, very good. Very good. Well, Im excited to talk to you man. I had no idea you did any type of consultation until I read a post from Suzy Star about your most recent post and I know thereve been people who have been trying to get interviews with you for awhile and youve kinda turned them all down so Im curious as to how these calls go. Im throwing my money out there because I just want to talk to you really. Poof: Its basically based on why Ive done the news letters in the first place. Over the past year had to do with holding up the torch until they got the job done. And the job IS the transfer of the wealth of the world into the little peoples hands. These guys have had long enough to run their little ruse and theyre being foreclosed on. Thats whats behind all this. They borrowed and never paid it back and this goes back for a couple hundred years. Brian: Yeah - I think what originally struck me onto this work was David Wilcocks Financial Tyranny Piece. Im sure youre familiar with it I know that was close to the beginning of this year. I think I found links to your posts very shortly thereafter. I have a whole list of questions that I have for you some of which you probably wont be able to answer, others you might be able to. Poof: Just go ahead. Brian: Ok, Poof I know youre pretty incognito right now but what can you tell me about who you are why should people trust you? Poof: Well, Ill put it like this. They came a long time ago to me; I was sitting minding my own business and something Ive learned since is people are watching you that you dont even know are watching you. And apparently that was what was going on because they come and asked me if I would help doing what they were doing and what that was, was transferring the wealth of the world. I said well that sounds really good, I said how are you going to do that? They said you find out how they had set up to do it and all that we will make sure youre up to speed as the time goes by. And so all those things they have done, so they have proved themselves to me cause I would have never stuck my head out here and talked about any of this kinda crap even though I knew what was going on. I wasnt interested I thought they were crazy any how. (laughter) Brian: Why did they go to you?

Poof: Because they found that they could trust me. They watched me and they found they could trust me. And I had a friend of mine and he got a hold of me too from my newsletters and hes a Templar. And he told me that when he left the Pentagon he was walking down the street and somebody came and walked up beside him he was an older gent came up and he started telling me about myself. He was like you know you raise your eyebrows and What do you know? Who are you? you know? And thats when he got asked to be a Templar because they asked him and he was trustworthy. And thats what they look for in people. Are you committed to what you say? Will you stand behind your words? You give me a reason to stand behind the words (laughter) and Ill do it no problem! Brian: What is a Templar exactly? Ive heard the word thrown around. Can you explain that a little bit more? Poof: They are a group of people who basically figured out something. They were in the crusades and they got underneath a temple in Jerusalem. And they found something whatever it was but they became the bankers of Europe. And the church got really ticked off because the Templars wouldnt do it? King Charles was king of France [then so finally] the Pope of the time said you know you need to get rid of them. And so he did he turned on them. And thats where you got Friday the 13th - it came from there because on that Friday the 13th he went and turned on the Templars and tried to kill them all. And a bunch of them got away but they had money stashed all over the planet. What they were doing was lending to the little paupers you know, people that needed something to get by with to buy more seeds or whatever. And thats what they were doing. And they dropped a lot of money gold if you will around the planet in different places stash it for, you know, for the future whenever it was needed. Their money has now been monetized and theyre ready to go themselves. It all has to do with taking care of the planet thats what everybodys job is taking care of the planet. So you got holes in the atmosphere its all polluted. And theyve got the equipment to do it. They went for it. They actually have been in much closer proximity to the U.S. military than most people understand. This craft for example, which Ive seen, it was photographed over top of Paris it looks like a UFO but thats a craft they had built out there at Edwards Air Force base to clean the atmosphere with. Theyve got a couple of em. Brian: Got cha. OK. Ive got some questions about a few of those things that you just brought up. Ive been reading your posts for awhile and Ive always got the feeling like youve got some really good sources of information and I think theres a lot of other people out there who feel the exact same way. So, aside from a lot of this stuff that I follow, because I follow a lot, but I follow a lot less now than I did maybe six months ago because Ive found theres some I can trust a lot more than others. But how do you know personally that you can trust them completely with the information they are feeding to you? Poof: One of the things is theres a consistency, theres a pathway that I got way back when I lived in Memphis. Theres a path. Youve got to stay on that path and if anybody is talking off of that path, theyre off in the weeds somewhere. And so as long as somebody is consistent in their information theyre on track and theyre with the people doing it. And you change gears to hear it you gotta know. And there is no such thing as the bad guys winning this game forget it. Theyre not going to win and theres all kinds of reasons why not. If you pre-own or if youre the loaner of all this stuff that these guys have been doing and all this kind of thing think how anybody the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers name em it doesnt matter they all owe those Dragons over there in China and theyre making them pay up now. Brian: So with that being said and that being the case and based on the tone of some of your most recent messages and a lot of other stuff that information thats flying around out there in regards to the frustration that things havent happened yet what is the hold up at this point?

Poof: They had to get the bad guys out of the way and that has not been easy because they have been in power for so long. If they feel something is getting ready to happen theyll go throw a hand grenade someplace and mess something up and it takes them a week to fix it - because its a drag on time. Brian: Kinda like what went down with Benghazi and the whole James Holmes incident. So the process is unfolding. Are your contacts approving of your posts before they go out or do they trust that youre going to release the right information? Poof: Some of them got a hold of me because I didnt post. Because they knew I knew what I was talking about. And so they, like the Dragons, they reached out to me and they said hey, yo and they convinced themselves to me for a minute and he was showing me all his credentials. He said I want you to know who I am and well talk later. (laughter) Brian: So their benefit of using you as a resource is that they knew you had a following of people who are reading your messages and you can be. . . Poof: Because I know how to keep peace. When I was writing earlier I said Ive created this website to chop to slice and dice, and well play a little. I used to have a website called [inaudible 10:52] and thats where I started. Brian: I guess the question of the hour across the entire community of followers of this information and Im assuming youre probably sitting on some information youre not sharing which is totally understandable because to me it seems like theres a big silence thing going on on the internet with not a whole lot of information being reported as to events unfolding that is really kind of advancing the ball if you will. Poof: Thats because they shut them up at the end of last week. They told them all to shut up- the guys that know whats going on. Whatever, shut up dont say another word. And they have done that; they have shut up. And Im telling you, none of those people will talk to me at this particular point. Thats ok because I still know a Dragon. I still know a Dragon that cuts through. If youre below that then you have your rumors you understand things. But when youre a Dragon youre right in the middle of it. How I get answers out him sometimes is to by saying something obvious that I know he was involved in. Its like when they were transferring all those trillions of dollars over here last week, I said to the Dragon are you done with JP now? (laughter) [inaudible 12: 33 pretty much] Brian: Oh god I love it. I love it. So do you think theres going to be an election? Are we going to get to that point where we get to the voting polls or is something big going to happen? Poof: Well, you know, it could happen. I dont know at this particular point because theyre being very quiet at the moment. If they go ahead and get this out right now which I [inaudible 13:08] does, then sometime after about a week or so after the people have access to what they call inaudible 13:19] money, then Mr. Obama will come out and talk and hell explain how this country has gone back to the constitutional treasury theres no more Federal Reserve and Interpol will be doing arrests?. And the reason why Obama did that executive order is that people are going to see the 82nd and 101st running around because their job is to keep the peace because once people hear the announcements, some of them are going to snap. Brian: Who is going to be the main voice of all those announcements is it going to come from the President or?

Poof: Yes - at this particular point I have no different information because my friend gave his rep when he was over there in the Orient he gave him the schematics on the announcements. The Chinese have assisted on the announcements they have done because the American people got to know so they never have to [inaudible 14:36] crap again. Brian: Yeah, got it. Poof: Your house was taken from you and here is the act that did it 1871 you became a U.S. Corporation and heres the constitution heres the two different constitutions you need to look at the difference. This one was done in 1871 and this is the original back in 1776. You see the difference in the spelling, you see the difference in wording? OK- heres how you became a straw man. Brian: It was funny I was talking about this with American Kabuki the other day. I dont know if you know about his blog at all or not. Poof: Yes Ive used his links in my newsletter. Brian: He wanted me to find out from you before the end of the call if you would be willing to do an interview via email with him. But I was talking to him about how theres so few of us probably more so now who actually know whats going on that are awake to all this information. I mean its going to be a blind side upper cut punch to so many people out there. Does that explain all this military activity going on all across the United States? I saw a YouTube video with like hundreds of tanks going from Burbank to Southern California and people reporting that theres all sorts of military activity happening all over. Is this the good guys that are preparing. . .? Poof: Yes. Theyre getting ready. The military knows exactly whats going on. The trustees already called the Pentagon and told them to be ready. They called Interpol too and told them to be ready. Brian: Got it. Wow so these are all the good guys then that are. Poof: Uh humm. Brian: Got it. Once this is announced, how do you get money out to the whole world? If everybody doesnt have a bank account, whats this distribution process going to be like? Can you speak to that a little bit? Poof: The distribution process is in your hands and you have to do whatever you do and contribute where ever you want to contribute create whatever you want to create. Theyre not trying to do this for you, but they are providing you a mechanism in order for you to do it. They have control over the entire new banking system and it is a new banking system and they already own the Fed and theyre [inaudible 17:11} the U.S Treasury I mean they went in there and scared the hell out of George Bush when he was the President and told him we can take the Fed right now you wont have a piggy bank left. And [inaudible 17:24] landed and she said you will get the constitutional treasury back on line now. And he went and called them guys down to Baltimore. Theyve been up there [inaudible 17:36] since 1933 keeping the U.S. Treasury alive. And they moved down there and their first hurdle was advanced under the supreme court and began the integration process with the present treasury. They brought in Geitner because Geitner knows the secrets he knows where all the bodies are buried. They bring him up there on Wall Street so he can keep an eye on everything and know everything. Provide information vital at the time it was needed.

Brian: So Geitner is one of the good guys? Poof: Um Humm. Brian: Oh Ok. Wow, theres a lot of people out there who think otherwise. Interesting. Poof: Of course, of course. Brian: Just like Obama I guess. Poof: Yeah, well you know they dont like Obama. You know theyve had problems with Obama being in the White House since he got there. You know whats a white man and a black man doing running in the White House? Brian: I had to sit in the back of a cab with a guy preaching that story just no more than an hour ago. So if prosperity is not a function of everybody just getting money deposited I read a lot of information and it sounds like what a lot of people are expecting is that all of sudden theyre going to wake up and find a couple of hundred grand in their bank accounts. . . Poof: It aint like that! These guys have been running that story for I dont know how long. Brian: . . . NESARA, and St. Germain fund and, you know, all these other whatever you want to call it depending on the day. Poof: Heres how its going to be. If you got into one of these programs whatever one it was thats legit then you are going to get a knock on your door telling you to go to bank. Brian: Well, what do you mean if youre in one of the programs? I mean who decides that? Poof: There are 70 plus programs that have been real and legit that have been frozen for some reason or another by preceding administrations and all that stuff is being freed now to be paid out to the people. Brian: Got it. Where is that money coming from? Poof: That money has been piled up and shoved in here like last week there were $350 trillion dollars moved into this country from China. Brian: In gold? Poof: In money. Brian: In cash. Poof : Its all backed by metal. Thats the whole thing behind it. It will all be worth something. It wont be Federal Reserve plastic money or [inaudible 20:23] money. Brian: It wont say Federal Reserve Note at the top of it. Poof: It wont say Federal Reserve Note at the top of it. No. It will say Treasury.

Brian: Got it. Ok. So at the end of the day who is quarterbacking the process of bringing peace to the world and ending world hunger? Its a huge transition which everyone can sense is coming. Who is quarterbacking this whole thing? Poof: The Dragons theyve been behind it for all these years. They were the ones holding all the money and gold on the planet in the first place, so they had the wherewithal to do this. Brian: If theyre quarterbacking, who [are] all the receivers in charge of making sure the transition goes smoothly and making sure the world does not break out in utter chaos? Poof: How shall I say this the people that are working with them there are many. Brian: And is that part of the 180 nation alliance or whatever that might be? Poof: Its 195 countries and they all want their money and thats what the pressure is, right theyre all tired of this. And those countries they have been enslaved to the Federal Reserve bank themselves. The Federal Reserve controlled the world. People in the United States dont know that they think its just a U.S. thing. No it isnt they controlled the entire banking system on the planet. Thats why it took the Dragons to destroy it. Brian: Yeah all the world banks and all that stuff the IMF and the world banking system what have you. Poof: Thats all under Dragon control now. Brian: Wow, OK. So once the ball drops at the 11th hour if you will whats the order of operations that are going to take place and obviously this is a transition that will last for years but, Poof: You know a good chunk of it has already taken place. Its not as long as one might think because so much of the early stuff has already been done. And there was paper work that had to be processed in the world court and all that neat stuff thats done. Judge Roberts while he was appointed by George Bush Jr. he was up there when the time came and he started doing the paperwork on the U.S. Corporation. They didnt know that of course, but he did he was working with the World Court on that because thats where they found [inaudible 23:11] in the first place. Pull the plugs out of it, slowly but surely thats what theyve been doing yanking a plug here, yanking a plug there they dont control nothin no more. I mean they only have one set of plates left for making money. One thing they dont know about Obama. . .when Obama left here remember he flew over to China out of Alaska? Brian: Yes. Poof: OK, when he left, he left with 24 transport planes. And those planes flew over there one plane had on it the riches and the archives you know there were old Buddha statues all in gold, porcelain and things like that that these clowns had stolen and kept lets put it that way, kept since the 30s. And when that crap blew up down there at McClain Texas at the military base that was really a cover for the taking of that stuff that old man Bush was hiding down there at that base. He had an underground and they went in and got it.

Brian: Obama and his camp? Poof: Yes went in and got and gave it back to the Chinese. And now they love Obama. Brian: Like building bridges back with China keeping the peace and on the same side with them. Poof: Yes! Brian: You got it. Wow! Holy crap thats crazy! Alright so general question. Whats this going to mean for the everyday American? Theyre going to wake up to a new world. Poof: I probably cant say it any better than Obama said it himself. He said People in America will know freedom like they have never known it before. When you put this country back into competition like its supposed to be and its announced fully so these people know that everybody has their own [inaudible 25:30] they aint got to worry about somebody coming up with some rule to take you to court with. Brian: What does that mean by way of debt forgiveness I mean people who are paying mortgages, rents and credit card payments Poof: First of all the prices are all in Federal Reserve notes its all based on the Federal Reserve cost their figures. Now if you get rid of the Federal Reserve and you go back over the Treasury which is metal backed money, you get the reassessment of debt. So many people will find that theyve already paid enough that they already own their home. Do you understand what Im saying? Theyve already paid enough. Brian: Sure. Yeah. When you take away usury what do you got left, basically? Poof: There you go, you get right down to the real stuff then. Brian: What about people that are paying rent? Poof: They got new jobs coming at them they have ways to improve themselves. A lot of people that will be in these programs will be doing stuff that will help out their community. So people will have jobs and there will be new corporations growing which is called the green [inaudible 26:46] because these guys are really pushing that. They want clean water, they want clean air and they want people to live like theyre supposed to live and without anyone telling them what to do every 5 seconds oh dear god dont do that theyll be knocking at your door. . . 1984 style! Brian: So heres the magic question I dont want to say I cant stand my job, but I dont enjoy my job Im actually on a business trip right now. I dont want to work here anymore, but I dont want to get stuck in a financial frenzy by quitting by jumping the gun if you will on taking off on my job. Poof: I always tell people dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes. (laughter) Brian: Thats kinda been the plan Im just hoping that day is better sooner rather than later. Poof: Those $350 trillion running in here last week could pay all this stuff off - do all these programs. The S&P money has been sitting up in Canada for three years now.

Brian: So out of all the above NESARA, the Dragon Family trust Fund, St. Germain trust, the Leo Wanta funds, which ones are legit and which are a farce? Poof: Leo Wanta and of course St. Germain its got something like 34 trusts working down to the main trust. It works like a chocolate fountain. If something drains its filled back up again. They are constantly trading now that they have Hong Kong to use they are using Hong Kong, they are trading their behinds off keeping the coffers full. Like I said there are actually 70 something programs that are being paid out of those main trusts. Brian: How about NESARA what is the legitimacy with that? Poof: Well you see theyve got a funny lot of phraseology. I know the original guy that developed the concepts of NESARA and went to his website way back when and then I got co-opted by the NESARA people. And they say all kinds of things over there. But what they are really talking about was something Brussels was already working on way back when. I dont spend much time with those people. I dont pay any attention to them. Because why go around the corner and read about it when I can talk to people that are doing it. There are certain people out there who have told me dont talk to them because they are big blabber mouths. Brian: I can probably guess who some of those people are. What is your take on Ben Fulford, and Cobra and Drake? Poof: Well Ben Fulford is touch and go. And Drake and Keenan have gotten themselves. . . Brian: Keenan? Poof: Well, I knew about the Black Dragon being taken out a couple of years ago and it happened at the same time that that nuclear stuff happened over in Japan. And he was supposed to drop inaudible] but he thought he was running the whole show so he wouldnt do it. So the elders fixed him. You dont mess with these people you dont try and assume something on them and try to get above them in some way because theyll just hurt your inaudible]. So they say what they want to, but I dont care. Oh hes only got part of the picture. Ive got the whole picture thank you very much. From a long time ago. Brian: Drake bashes Obama daily. I find his stuff somewhat entertaining, but hes all over the place emotionally. He bashes Obama like Obamas the devil so thats always thrown me off about Drake. Poof: They had the devil in the Whitehouse but they didnt recognize him Brian: (laughter) And he was wearing the devils costume to top it all off and they still didnt recognize him! Brian: What about Cobra? Hes gaining a lot of popularity. He covers the whole scene from a different angle obviously with the involvement of the Galatics and the Archons. Whats going on on an energetic level and all that stuff. Poof: I never went into that department because of what I had to do. Some of what Ive read about him, and what he said is accurate. When you start talking about the folks out there in the ships dont be going

on emotion. Either get it straight or leave it the hell alone. Because they make up a lot of stuff thats in their heads they imagine things. Dont do that. Brian: Sure. What about the event? Is the event that Cobra has been speaking of for months now does that play into when everything starts happening with the prosperity funds do these things correlate or are they two separate deals- if you even know any thing about that. Poof: Thats basically the marker point. Because basically what youre doing is your changing out [inaudible] where youre telling the world youve changed the banking system. And thats pretty much the entry of a new world because all this stuffs been sitting in the hoppers back in warehouses, whatever, and theyre going to come off the shelves and start getting used. Brian: Got it. Is the dollar going to collapse before this is announced? Poof: Its not like that. Its not like that. Theyre going to swap it out one-for-one in the banks. They dont want a 1929 scenario over here. Its not necessary anyhow. Just change the currency just like you did over in Europe when you went from all the multiple currencies to the Euro. OK? Everybody got their stuff swapped out. You do that right here. Theyll swap it out in the banks when its time. The Treasury will come get the new currency out make an announcement theyll go into their vault and peal the shrink wrap off there. People see that stuff sitting in vaults and ask What is that? None of your business! Dont worry about it. Thats what the [inaudible] get told. Brian (laughter) For people who are sitting on savings right now, do you keep it in the bank or do you keep it in cash in your bedside drawer. Poof: Yes. Thats the best thing to do just leave it in the bank. Theyll swap it out one-for-one inside the bank. No need to worry about it. Brian: OK. Poof: They dont want that situation that people imagine in their heads to happen and thats why theyve done it this way. Brian: This is a world-wide thing. Poof: Yes it is. Brian: So on a global scale what are we looking at here as far as. . . Poof: Look at Asia [inaudible] new currency. It will work very much like the Euro does in Europe. It will work that way in Asia. So different countries structures will be moving over to this new currency. And its metal-backed. Brian: OK Poof: Theres no reason for anybody to panic. Brian: No Ive never fallen into the hole lets pack a bunch of food and move to the desert and grab our guns. I dont buy into all that fear.

Poof: [inaudible] between my teeth and stuff look like Daniel Boone. [inaudible] ma. Brian: (laughter) So all these knuckle heads that are still claiming to be in power were talking the Rothschilds, the Morgans, the Illuminati, the Freemasons. Are these guys just being taken out left and right behind the scenes right now or are they walking away? Poof:[inaudible] Rothschild there has been a problem with Nathaniel. Nathaniel was a problem, but I can tell you the other members of the family are right with it. They paid their debt back to the Dragons. They got a word one day and my friend was on the boat when that call was made. Thank goodness he just gave it to me straight. Because a call was made to the Rothschilds either divest [inaudible] or well take you down with it. Brian: And so the great majority of all these guys the power elite if you will theyre stepping down and going with the program? Poof: Well, theyre going where the money goes. The ones that know I dont mean the Koch brothers because the Koch brothers are stupid as far as Im concerned. You see the Rothschilds borrowed from them many years ago to get their start and so when they got that phone call they new exactly what time it was. Oh oh, theyve made their move. Brian: So are these guys still going to stay incredibly, ridiculously wealthy? Poof: Well, it depends on where they put their money. And You better cooperate. You better cooperate cause you aint going to like the results if you dont. Brian: Who is behind those threats of the alternative would that be Interpol? Poof: Theyll do the arrests and theyll be told. China got ahold of them too. (laughter) Brian: Yeah, thats easy to believe. What about the Hague? Whats the Hagues involvement in all this? Poof: The Hague is doing all the rulings theyre taking care of all the filings for this transition. Brian: They have probably for awhile now, yeah? Poof: Yes they have. The Hague has been very involved. Brian: So when do we take control back of the media? Why is the media so completely fd up backwards with what theyre reporting? Poof: They havent been told yet. Its coming down to what you know and whos telling you. Theres stuff coming down when people need to know it. They dont tell them anything until they need to know it. Brian: Got it - need to know basis if you will. Poof: Yes. Brian: It sounds to me as if theres not a snowflakes chance in hell, as they say, that Mitt Romney will be elected President, right?

Poof: Well, as things sit right now, no. If they just go ahead and get these announcements out of the way thats going to ruin his forward motion. It s just that timing issue, because Obama said it himself if they dont get these programs done, my presidencys shot. Because he was asked directly about these global settlements getting done. He was leaning back in his chair and his eyes rolled back in his head and he said man if they dont get this stuff done now, my presidencys shot. Brian: So if that doesnt happen by the time the election takes place and by some crazy chance Mitt Romney wins the vote what does that do to this whole master global plan? Where does that put us? Poof: Theres certain things that have taken place that it doesnt matter who wins thats the way it is right now, because Ive asked this question several times. I heard the answer again this morning and its the same answer it doesnt matter about the politics because they have gotten this stuff done with the world court and what have you even though George Bush says the World Court cant do nothing with this country. Are you kiddin me? If you go down to Washington D.C. and the archives you will find all kinds of things that have been done and those papers were filed with the World Court. Now if the World Court wasnt anything why would you send the papers over there so it could continue to exist. Brian: OK. Poof: They had to sit down with the CIA and give them an offer they couldnt refuse and so the CIA is right with them. They told them keep all that money that you have printed. They have their own plates. But were telling you, you better diversify quickly, because when were done that money is going to be worthless. Brian: Whats the strategy around these announcements are made; from a strategic point from how this country is governed, moving forward. Poof: You go back to common law. You go back to common law thats going to be a part of the announcement. And if youre a bar attorney you will not be able to practice in court over here. No bar attorneys will be in the government either. You cannot swear to the British Crown and think you can operate in this country not going to happen. Thats another part of the announcements. Brian: Got it. OK. So these announcements are written and just waiting to be read it sounds like? Poof: Yes. Brian: OK. Alright. (laughter) You are answering so many more questions that I thought that you would. I like your style. Poof: Ive been at this for over 20 years. And I got the bottom stuff. I know who did what when and how. I dont say half of what I know in my newsletters. People are saying Oh, you dont know about this and you dont know about that. . . Youd be surprised what I know. What about all the underground bases around the country? Brian: Yeah. Poof: Theres one sitting right underneath Camp David its down there about a mile. Brian: Holy sh**!

Poof: Yeah its in hard granite. I know somebody that used to work in it. (laughter) Brian: Youre kiddin me. Poof: He had to dump all his sins on me one day down in Alabama. He was working as a dishwasher at a Dennys down there. He said I gotta talk to you man. I gotta tell you some stuff. And I come over there to the restaurant and I said Ok, what do you got to tell me man, and he started laying it all on me. Ohhh, my head hurt. (laughter) Brian: Oh my God! I bet. Theres so much information out there its really hard to pick through and figure out who can be trusted and who cant be. Poof: Its like picking through good soup that has bones in it. Brian: Yeah: No matter which way you slice it youre going to wind up chomping on one one day or another if youre trying to wade through all of it. Poof: This is what they schooled me to do before I ever starting doing this be able to decipher when somebody is saying something pretty much where that information is coming from. Its like Caspar [inaudible] got kicked-off [inaudible] cause that just busted his bubble. Holy crap dude. (laughter) Brian: Caspar? Poof: You need to decipher where youre getting your information from. Brian: Yeah, I dont follow his stuff. I know that people have pointed to some of his things but I dont follow much. Poof: Hes a dry drunk. Brian: (laughter) He just seems angry. Poof: [inaudible] assist at a place in Pasadena in Texas. Brian: Oh, youre serious he really is. . . Poof: No, Im serious. Somebody sent me an email one day that said they found [inaudible] know this where Caspar comes from. And then my main contact here in the United States, he started talking about Caspars emails and where he was getting his information. He said This is Cheney. Brian: (laughter) Poof: Hes getting this from Cheney. Brian: Oh my gosh, youre kidding me! Poof: Cheney is in trouble. Hes like the movie I seen one time with Steven Segal in it where he was at war with a Jamaican guy and the Jamaican guy says Him [inaudible].

Brian: (laughter) So who can you trust out there in the blogosphere right now? American Kabuki, Kuailapele, bits of information that I can read and go OK this is. . . Poof: For untainted information I go to EU2020 which is a think tank in Europe and Ill always watch Bloomberg in the middle of the night because Ill catch stuff over there happening in Asia before it ever gets here. Sometimes I read the South China Post and its a Chinese newspaper, but its in English. And I go to the Pravda sometimes and get another perspective. Because all these guys are all linked together, its just a matter of who is allowed to say what at any given time. But you can look through all that stuff and get more of an appreciation on the world. This is about the world its not just about the United States. Brian: Oh yeah absolutely, its a global thing. It seems to me that theres a whole shitload of work that needs to be done if were going to get to a point where theres no more war, no more world hunger, everybodys got jobs and people are living peacefully and you know love thy neighbor as thyself type of a mentality. Is that where its headed? Poof: Thats where its headed. Brian: Yeah, OK. When are we going to get there? (laughter) Poof: Yesterday. Brian: Stephen Cook told me to ask you Are you getting fed up yet? That was the one question he wanted me to ask you. Poof: Ive been fed up. Brian: (laughter) I listened to Alex Jones on the radio and a police officer from St. Louis called in and he was all freaked out. His captain or sergeant on the police force he said that something big is going to happen in October be ready when we call go, you be ready to go. And this guy was freaked out I dont think he really understood what that meant. I think he was looking at it like they were sending the military out to turn on the civilian population there is a lot of disinformation Poof: Yes theres a lot of misinformation. These people get their hair on fire because they hear one thing and they dont see the connecting tissue. And thats why theres no reason for anybody to have that. I mean they told me all this crap 30 years ago! I was minding my own business it was the late 80s and I was minding my business they just dropped that were going to shift the world. Well good. Brian: Like its about damned time. Poof: Its just like what is taking you so long? Because I have other messages and Ive given them two. So what? Nobody asked me my opinion. Brian: So obviously you fall into the category, like many of us that are staring to get a little impatient with the turnaround time of when this all starts to go down. What gives you faith that its going to happen soon? You said in your most recent post everybody wants to know when and how much, your answer was, Now and more than you can imagine. Poof: Thats right. Brian: I know your posts pretty well.

Poof: The time is now. Brian: The time is now. So what gives you hope that thats actually the case. Poof: You dont move $350 trillion dollars to the U.S. from China [inaudible] maybe they knew something that they were sure of in order to move that money because otherwise it would have gone into the hands of the Bush people and all them the Cabal that wants to get the fourth reich going. Thats what the old man is all about and hes freaking out he doesnt understand why hes not running it right now? Brian: Who are we talking about old man Bush? Poof: Old man Bush yeah. Brian: Old man Bush senior. So, does old man Bush and the rest of his minions do they really think that they have a fighting chance at this point or do they know the gig is up? Poof: They are scared sh**less. I cant make it any clearer than that. They are scared sh**less. Because when this quits when somebody up there says Do it their time of being free is over. They will collect them, they will put them in undisclosed locations. You wont have to worry about them anymore. The world needs to move on. Say goodbye to that group. Brian: They havent surrendered officially yet which is why things havent happened. Would you agree with that. Poof: Well they havent surrendered we dont expect them to surrender. They are just like cockroaches they breed and go on being cockroaches. Brian: (laughter) Who would you classify as being the higher ups of the cabal that are still fighting for their last gasp. Poof: [inaudible] that always seems to failsafe with old man Bush. It always comes back to him. Whenever they look around this person did this and that was the person told him to do it. It was this person over here. And thats the kind of information that I get whose the behind the behind. Brian: I heard a rumor once that theres 18 levels of power above the Presidency. Poof: In the world, thats always been there. I mean the President used to come in there and his cabinet would already be picked for him. Things are a little different now but thats how it used to be. Brian: What can you share with me we only have about 8 minutes left Obviously Im pretty well studied at least. I dont have any inside sources you would be considered my inside source based on what I read online. But somebody like me whose kinda at the forefront of a lot of this information as far as whats publicized which is probably 80% garbage/20% valid to give me some hope in all this and maybe a little golden nugget that you havent shared. Poof: It always had to be done. It always Had to be done- thats with a big capital H. It had to be done. Because the world has been operating on a fiat system ever since 1913 and that means it has no substance. Brian: Its not worth the paper its printed on, right?

Poof: Yes. And it always had to come back down back down to real worth and that means gold and precious metals. Basically its a precious metals system coming into being. Well its already locked in thats the big kernel. It was locked when the act of 1871 when all this [inaudible] was done a couple of months ago. End of story. Thats the Corporation. This is legalities here. Legalities you can go to court somewhere at some particular time youll be able to see these records and what these clowns have done and what this country has been under since back in the good old days when they were forming this thing. But thats why Jefferson raises a racket all those years ago when foreign bankers took over the U.S. money system. M. Rothschild says I dont care what the politics are as long as I control the money, and thats how hes operated. The Rothschilds were the ones who put the Fed in. Brian: Yeah, Ive heard a lot on their history and how theyve been doing it for. . . Poof: When Jacob Rothschild signed off a couple of years ago. Well, were they ticked off. They called him a traitor and all kinds of stuff. He said You cant call me a traitor. This is my business! Brain: What did he do? He signed off on all this stuff thats going down right now? Poof: On the Fed he turned loose of it. Brian: Oh sh**, I didnt know that! Is that common knowledge or inside intel? Proof: Thats not a big secret, but they called him a traitor. You see at that particular time at that same weekend when he signed off, Obama met the Queens grandson Harry! Harry was in New York. And Obama went up there for a dinner and play with his wife. And everybodys over there teasing him of wasting taxpayers money and all that kind of crap. He was actually working. He signed the documents with her which got rid of British control of our shit. And thats the same weekend that Jacob Rothschild signed off bye to the Fed. They lost their minds. Brian: Wow. OK. So how is the Fed even still operating right now then? Poof: The Chinese are using it. Brian: Theyre using it. Its part of the game if you will. Poof: Yes, part of the game. Bernanke already signed his papers. He says Im out of here. Whatever you guys do, fine. Can I have a job? He has a job as long as he does [inaudible] with his job. Hes just keeping a seat warm up there. His next job will be one of the [inaudible ]commissioners?] of the IMF thats his next position. Brian: OK. So whos monitoring all these guys that abused their power for so many years to make sure they dont try to do it again? Poof: The Dragons. Brian: The Dragons. Poof: They can see everything man! Im telling you computers show them everything they need to know. They have [inaudible feet?] on the ground in other places.

Brian: Im just trying to figure out how the heck they think that they can trust Bernanke as holding any position of authority based on the involvement that hes had over the course of his term. Poof: Bernanke because hes done what theyve told him to do he gets a job. Brian: Got it. Its like making a deal. Poof: Yes thats a deal. You do what we tell you to do, you have a job. Brian: Got it. Holy Cow! Oh my gosh. Poof: This is politics as it really is. And they hate politics, let me tell you they HATE politics! They dont like discussing this crap. Brian: Who are the Dragon family made up of? It is a very large group? Is it small? Does anyone really know? Poof: No its really hard to say how many members there are. But theyve been around for a couple of thousands of years now doing stuff. Back in the 30s when the Japanese were attacking China they [the Chinese] had the Fed come over there and pick up their stuff and keep it over here for safe keeping. Then when they asked for it back, they didnt want to give them back their stuff. Brian: So Keenan is not the legitimate trustee of all. . . Poof: Hes NOT the trustee. I asked Dragon about him some time ago. He says hes working for the Black Dragon. When he starts describing a guy who knew exactly what he was sayin and I knew about what happened to him; and so thats why I say he was talking to someone who has [inaudible] in his pocket. Brian: Got it. So many people are caught up in his shenanigans right now. Poof: I know. Brian: So, alright, on a closing note Mr. Poof. . . Poof: Mr. Poof! (laughter) Brian: Paint a picture of what life will be like for the average American over the next 12 months what do we have to look forward to here? Poof: There will be many changes and people will have to catch-up every day because things will be changing and shifting and basically they will have freedom like theyve never known it. They will understand now how theyve been enslaved. Theyve been enslaved since 1871 youve been a property of a corporation. And they will find that out and they will be told and they will have to sit down and think about that. Brian: OK. Proof: They will tell you, but how you process that in your brain is another story.

Brian: Yeah, and how we process out all this mind controlled crap that weve been fed for all these years. Poof: It all gets cleared up. Brian: OK. Poof: People dont know and they dont know how to know. Brian: OK thats going to be an interesting process for a lot of folks out there. Poof: Thats when they smell something stinky in Denmark but they cant put their finger on it. Brian: (laughter) They just know it stinks. Poof: Yes, they know it stinks. Brian: Last question and Ill let you go man ascension. Any thoughts? Do you believe in the December 21st, 2012 scenario? Poof: I dont know that it will be December whatever, I just know that youre in the position right now that Earth is in the ascension process right now shes raising frequencies. And theyve got her in a tug boat right now shes on her way to the Orion system and is going in right around the beltway the belt of Orion thats where shes headed. Brian: The photon belt? Poof: Weve already been through the photon belt. I remember the day it happened a few years ago. I was sittin and I saw the whole sky change colors. It darkened all of a sudden I looked up and there werent any clouds. I says [inaudible] the photon belt. OK here we go were on our way. Brian: (laughter) OK very cool man. I promised American Kabuki Id ask you if youd be willing to do [an interview]. This is pretty much an interview. Have you done any interviews that youve allowed people to publish yet? Poof: I havent done any. There are people who have wanted me to be on the radio and do a question and answer and Ive refused. Its not my time yet. Brian: How about American Kabuki I promised Id get back to him via email? Will you do that? Poof: No problem. Brian: And Stephen Cook of InLight radio its like a blog talk radio deal I assume you want to stay off the air waves for the time being, correct? Poof: Theyre going to be insane in a minute. . . Brian: (laughter) In what regard?

Poof: Because everything is going to shift right in front of them. Brian: Alright (laughter). Poof: Theyre going to have a little hard time explaining it that makes any sense. Brian: Well they have their work cut out for them as well as you, thats for sure. Poof: Yes they do. [ inaudible] Ive got things to do that are already on my pad to do, so Im going to get busy as soon as they let me out of here. Brian: Whats a guy like me do that wants to get involved and help out with all this stuff. Poof: You can hear all kinds of different ways. Theres going to be different ways introduced to people that they can get involved in global change. And thats what it is is global change. But youre going to be offered in a common level street way where someone will walk up to you and something will appear that will click that little thing inside of you [where you think] this will be cool what is this all about? Then you will inquire and find out that yes you do want [to be] involved. So much is about everybody having their own financial freedom. Thats really what its all about the whole earth should be like that. Thats the job at hand. And free energy is on that thing. And Im involved in free energy in getting free energy out to these people and let them roll with it. And my friend is involved in water so big water reclamation here. Brian: Is M.T. Keshe a legitimate free energy humanitarian guy or can this guy be trusted? Poof: I havent seen his stuff yet. I know theyre looking for him. Its very clear its a box. Thats all it is is a box. You put that thing on. Brian: Its golden. Poof: Youve got an umbrella of energy over all your house and your property it depends on how many units you buy. Brian: And whats the timeline on getting one of those things on every house on the planet? Poof: As quickly as possible. (laughter) Brian: Alright man. I really appreciate it Poof. Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to your posts every week. Shoot I might pay you another $50 bucks for a whole other second round of questions now that I have an idea of your style and the kind of stuff I can ask. So, Ill be in touch for sure and best of luck and may the force be with you. Poof: I aint concerned about that. Brian: (laughter) Hey man, if theres anything you can do to speed up these guys maybe a little push in the right direction.

Poof: Well, I said all I could say in that last newsletter. They read em they know exactly what Im telling them. Knock this sh** off. Its not going to be perfect. Just do it! Brian: Hallelujah man! Halleluhjah! God bless you man. Have a great day. Poof: Thank you, you too. Brian: Alright. Bye bye. Poof: Bye bye.