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Raymond Zavala Mayoral Questionnaire City Council and Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire Name as it will appear on ballot: Raymond

Zavala 50-word bio: I am a retired non-commissioned officer from the military. Presently I am employed as shipping / receiving / purchasing agent for a local company. 50 word reason for becoming a candidate in this election: I chose to run for mayor of San Antonio, because the council spending is out of control. Confidence is high that the council can not be trusted by the citizens. Arrogance, disconnection with the residents, added fees and no accountability are reasons to replace the council. 1) Could the Citys recent ethics reforms be better enforced, especially in terms of conflicts of interest? Yes, the ethics reforms can and should be better enforced. We (the citizens can no longer accept excuses, for compromising any ethical guidelines. We need to have an independent board of thirteen citizens voted in by the citizens to serve and not chosen by the council. 2) Whats your opinion on encouraging economic development and civic programming via public/private partnerships, especially where public land, such as Hemisfair Park, is concerned? I feel that any type of development is great, but it has to be voted on by the residents. To many times in the past the council just votes it in without thinking of the ramifications that it has on the citizens or neighborhoods. An example of this type of action is Haven for Hope. The residents surrounding the site are totally against any more additions, but if you travel to the 1000 block of Morales St, you will see that Haven for Hope is building two additions. 3) Should the city establish an independent police monitor to better oversee the San Antonio Police Department? Why or why not? An independent monitoring board should be established. I have witnessed where a female officer has conducted herself inappropriately by showing attitude to the victim and joking with the offenders. This would be an item to review if we had a monitoring board. 4) Do you support the way the health department currently regulates food trucks? If not, how could the regulations be changed to better serve San Antonians? No Answer 5) How can the City support sustainable transportation options?

Currently there are areas that have been left out or restricted. The city must include improvements in service, and not begin street car service at $40 million a mile. We dont need to add more waste to the budget. 6) What value do you think the arts bring to San Antonio? In what ways can the City support local arts organizations and individual artists? No Answer 7) Is it important for the City to strengthen its non-discrimination ordinances to protect LGBT citizens? Why or why not? Currently the council is not all on board with idea. There are members on council that continue to implement extensions to avoid being up front, and deny this equal measure to all those involved. 8) Is Animal Care Services doing enough to increase its live-release rate? Is ACS' public-private partnership model is working? No Answer 9) What would you do to address the high vacancy rate in downtown buildings? We need to establish a downtown like it once was before. We need stores that can cater to the residents that have limited access to transportation. We dont need more condos, lofts, or entertainment companies. Downtown used to be a place filled with various stores that accommodated those in the inner city. We need to keep San Antonio as unique as possible, not try to imitate San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, or Dallas. We are not them and should try to be them. 10) Is the Citys million-dollar incentive to create a downtown grocery store appropriate? No Answer 11) How can San Antonio balance economic development with historic preservation? This can be accomplished by having the city ease their qualifications on the buildings. 12) Do you support union organizers' push for a Tip Integrity Act for the downtown hotel and restaurant industry? Yes, I do support the TIA. All workers are entitled to equal and fair wages. This act is long overdue. 13) What is the Citys role in making consumer solar power affordable for residents as well as local businesses? No Answer 14) Is there more the City could do to protect the Edwards Aquifer in terms of building restrictions, funding conservation easements or other means? A larger buffer zone should be adapted to prevent any development over the designated recharge zone. Property surrounding the aquifer should be bought and turned into parks, walking trails, or other environmental safety areas. We should also increase the fines for over pumping of water.

15) What are the most critical components to implementing Pre-K 4 SA? Accountability, Transparency, and have the parents of the children selected to attend to participate in parenting courses while their child is in class, unless they have some type of employment. Are there any other opportunities for the City to support education? Yes, there are too many persons without skills or work experience and an education. Not everyone is going to be a doctor, lawyer, or scientist. I would create apprenticeship programs. There is a need for technicians in all service fields (Plumbing, Electrical, Welding, etc.).