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A Glossary of Teen Slang

WebMD Feature from "Good Housekeeping" Magazine

by Patricia Greco

For confused parents, a guide to what your kids are really saying. But
hurry...they'll be on to something new before you know it.

BF, GF (abbrs., boyfriend, girlfriend) "My friends and I use it online when we're
talking about who's going out with who. It's faster-I wouldn't even think of
typing the full word anymore."
-Michelle, 15, Stillwater, MN

BF4L (abbr., best friends for life) "It's how we sign off instant messenger. And
we'll say it to clear things up if we've had a fight."
-Josie, 14, Carmel, CA

Busted (adj., ugly) "Sometimes I'll be walking down the hall and I'll hear someone
say �Ew,
that girl's busted.' It's pretty mean, and people shouldn't say it."
-Danielle, 14, Louisville, KY

Cheddar (n., cash) "I've heard it said like, �I need some cheddar to buy this new
video game.'"
-Kody, 12, Louisville, KY

Chillaxin (v., chillin' combined with relaxin') "My friends say it if I call them
after sports practice to see what they're doing."
-Arielle, 16, Wrentham, MA
Crunk (adj., awesome) "My friends say it like, �Dude, you should have been there
last night-it was crunk.' It may have started as a combination of crazy and drunk,
but now we use it to describe any awesome time."
-Billy, 15, Westlake, OH

MOS, DOS, POS (abbrs., mom over shoulder, dad over shoulder, parent over shoulder)
"Guys will type it if they're talking to a girlfriend online. Maybe they're
embarrassed and don't want their parents to know."
-Will, 15, Charleston, SC

Emo (abbr., emotional. Originally a category of rock music, it now describes a

dramatic person who listens to those songs.) "You're usually called it if you seem
like the depressed type."
-Justine, 13, Colonia, NJ

G (n., friend) "It can be a funny way to say goodbye, like, �See ya later, G.'
It's short for �homey G.'"
-Sydney, 13, Lawrence, KS

Home skillet (n., friend) "I've heard it said like, �Yo, what's up, home
skillet?'" -Will

Money (adj., cool) "If someone shows you a new jacket and you like it, you can
just say �Money.'"
-Sylvia, 15, Boston, MA

My bad (n., my mistake) "If I make a bad pass at ball practice, I'll say �My bad'
to a teammate." -Scott, 16, Columbus, OH

Off the chain (adj., cool) "If there was a really fun party, people might say �Oh
man, that party was off the chain.'"

OMG (abbr., oh my God!)

"It started on instant messenger, but now we'll actually say it out loud. Like if
you see someone acting weird, you might turn to a friend and say �OM-G!'"
-Delane, 15, Salem, OR

Rides (n., sneakers) "People say �Don't step on my rides' or �Check out my new
-John, 13, Charleston, SC

Tope (adj., cool) "It's a mixture of the words tight and dope, which both mean
�cool.'" -Sylvia

Wanksta (n., a person who tries to act tough) "It was in a rap song-that's how
people caught on to it. You can say it to call a person out for trying to be
-Chris, 12, Arlington, TX

Do you speak teen? Here is a guide on how to:

Piff � Good, superior. Also a type of cannabis.

Stunting � Showing off or posing.

Co-dee � Friend. Derived from 'co-defendant' in criminal proceedings.

Sick � Cool, crazy or good. "That was a sick move, breh."

Pee � Money. "Got my pee, breh? I lent you a pinky, right?"

Breh � Boy. From brethren, a word often used by Rastafarians.

Shifted � Arrested.

Pinky � �50 note.

Bare � A lot (of).

Seen � Cool. Derived from its original street usage, in which it means

Cool � Cool.

To mug � To deride, ridicule or fool someone. Also to give them a dirty stare.

Fiend � Addict or addicted to something. 'I'm a McDonald's fiend, bruv!'

Bruv � Mate or friend.

Hater � Someone who is persistently negative, because they are jealous or trying
to be cool. "

Teenage slang including "piff", "co-dee" and "bare" could be included in the 30th
anniversary edition of the Collins dictionary after the editors consulted social
networking website Bebo to find some of the most commonly used terms.

a case of the ass or redass

Highly annoyed, pissed off. Currently used in US Army.
Sergeant Greenfield has this huge case of the ass with me ever since I wrecked his

Ace - To finish something easily, with success. I aced my math test!

A happy Birthday - A phrase mostly used by guys when they catch themselves in a
situation when a girl exposes some part of her anatomy without knowing it, clothed
or not. Usually happens at the gym.

Ain't - Is not; am not; are not; do not; have not; will not; etc. ("There is
nothing like that I have not seen before.")

Airhead - Stupid person. He is an airhead.

Amazon - A physically masculine woman. Usually implies tall. Often implies

unattractive. Sometimes implies ill-tempered.

Anchor - A person who can slow down an entire group. A person who requires
constant help or attention from some one else.

Ants in your pants - To be nervous or anxious or jumpy; to be unable to sit still.

Would you please stop tapping your foot?! You must have ants in your pants!

Armor - Body. Check out her armor.

Average Joe - Someone who is just like everyone else; a normal person.

Awesome - Amazing.That was an awesome movie.

Backseat buyer - A person who gets excited over other people's future or current

Banging - To be very attractive. She was banging at that party!

Barf - To vomit.

Barney - The police. That Barney busted up our party.

Bash - Big, exciting party.

Beamer - A BMW automobile. I bought a Beamer yesterday.

Beard - A person who helps another to cover up a clandestine relationship, often

by acting as a sham romantic partner.

Beat - Tired. Sam is beat today because he didn't sleep much last night.

Beat around the bush - To delay in getting to the point. Quit beating around the
bush and tell me the bad news!

Blow it - To lose or waste something; to do very poorly or fail miserably. You

didn't study for your exam, so you blew it.

Blow-off - A show at a carnival or fair that takes place after the main show.

Blue (or down) - Sad, depressed.

Bluebird - Bluebird, n., in business, an unexpected, very profitable, or easily

made sale.

Blue light special - Something cheap and inferior.

Bog - A fraud job. They did a major bog on their taxes this year.

Boogie - To dance

Booster - A shoplifter, especially a professional shoplifter.

Brain - Very intelligent person.

Brainy - Very intelligent, like a genius.

Breathing While Black - The imaginary �crime� of being an African American.

While Julia was shopping for a new watch, she made the mistake of Breathing While
Black, and a saleswoman followed her closely around the jewelry store, assuming
she would try to steal something.

Britches - Pants (trousers in the UK).

Brodeo - A get-together or a party where the attendance is prodominantly male.

Broham - A close buddy, compadre, smoking and/drinking buddy. a term of endearment

between men to reaffirm heterosexuality.
Hey broham, throw me a cold one.

Broke - Without money.

Business time - Time to get it on. A predetermined time in which couples engage in
carnal relations.

Cancer stick - Cigarette.

Cap - A hat. Do you know where my cap is?

Cashed - Empty. Usually refers to a marijuana smoking device. I think the bowl is

Catch a note - To get intoxicated from some natural substance. Hey, did you catch
a note off of that?

Check my spam - Checking one's email though certain one has received no important
communication. Compulsively and frequently checking one's email when one is not
expecting an important message.

Check out - To look at, watch, examine, check out that guy over there!

Cheese - An attractive male. I'm going to the party to find some cheese.

Chicano - (San Diego) US-born Mexican.

Chick - A young woman, particularly an attractive young woman.

Chicken out - To lose the courage to do something. Before I enter the car race, I
chickened out.

chicken tractor - Chicken tractor, a bottomless, mobile chicken coop that rests
directly on the ground. British chicken ark, Australian chook tractor.

Chief out - To smoke marijuana; get high. Later, I'm going to chief out.

Chill - To maintain your cool, often used as an imperative: "Chill, dude!"

Chocoholic - Person who loves/is addicted to chocolate.

Chunky - Overweight.

Clam - A dollar. I'll sell you this camera for fifty clams.

Clicking Teeth - An awkward make out session, in which the two participants both
are bad kissers and have their mouths open so wide that their teeth hit each
other, thus clicking.

Cockroach killers - Pointy-toed cowboy boots.

Conswervative - A conservative politician or other public figure caught doing

things that he has denounced on record.

Cooked - Under the influence of drugs. I was so cooked last night.

Cool - Very good, excellent.

Cop shop - Police station.

Crump - Very good, excellent.

Cuts - Muscles. Want to feel my cuts?

C.Y.A. - Cover Your Ass. That trouble-ticket software is more to C.Y.A. than for
the users.

Daggy - Australian origin. Not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool,
untidy, unclean, not neat. v. to have no style.

Dap - Well dressed,dash.

D&D - The fantasy role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

Deaded - Extremely tired.

De-food - To vomit. Maybe I'll feel better after I de-food.

Dead man's switch - Dead man?s switch, n., especially in railroad usage, a safety
device meant to stop or slow a vehicle or machine if its operator releases the

delurk - Entering an online discussion after a time spent lurking, esp. if

suddenly prompted to do so.

Diesel - Muscular. Check out his body, he's diesel.

Digits - phone number.

Dim - Unintelligent; stupid.

Diva - goddess, queen; literally first woman. She is such a diva.

DOA - Hopeless or futile; something that cannot be repaired or salvaged.The victim

was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors pronounced him DOA.

Drip - Boring person.

Drop science - To share knowledge or information.

Dually - Dually, a utility vehicle or pickup truck with two sets of rear wheels on
one axle. Also dualy, dualie.

Dubs - 20 inch wheel rims. Also dubz.

Dude - Cool person.

Earful - Gossip.

Easy mark - Likely victims.

Egghead - An overly intellectual person; someone who thinks too much.

Egypped - Cheated or shorted money or merchandise in an on-line transaction.

Pronounced like the country.
Elevision - The act of people in an elevator staring up, uncomfortably, at the
numbers as they light up when the car moves.
Practiced out of nervousness.When the elevator began moving, silence ensued as
each person practiced their elevision.

Emo - Verly emotional or melodramatic.

Errorist - Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. Says stuff he believes is true,
but anyone with common sense can see he's wrong.

Excess baggage - A person or thing that gets in the way; a burden that you are
stuck with.

Facebook surprise - When you don't know a picture has been taken of you until you
see it uploaded by someone else on facebook.

Fanny - One's bottom.(USA)

Fat cat - A person who has great wealth and power; a tycoon.

Faulty - Of extremely poor quality. The car was faulty: it kept breaking down.

Feen - When you think about something 24/7 and you cant get it off your mind, like
craving drugs.
I'm feening for some ice cream.

Fence - To sell stolen goods. A person who purchases stolen goods.

Fess up - To confess.

Finer than frog hair - Extremely attractive. That girl is finer than frog hair.

Finger trouble - Finger trouble, n., a problem caused by a typographical error,

incorrect settings on a machine, or poor manual dexterity.

Finna - About to. I'm finna go to the store.

Fishy - Suspicious.

flick - A movie.

Flintstoning - The act of moving your desk with your feet, without getting out of

Flivver - A cheap and usually old automobile, especially a Model T Ford.

For shizzle - For sure.

Foxy - Attractive. Used only to describe females.

Freak - A social outcast or misfit; a strange person.

Freebies - Items and services you can get for free - especially on the Web. I
spent all evening surfing the Web for freebies.

Front - To pretend, especially to pretend you are better than you are.
Funds - Money.

Funky - Interesting, strange; weird. Somewhat complimentary.Your room is so funky.

Gab - To chat, she likes to gab on the phone.

Gaffle - To steal or obtain something wrongly. He gaffled my stereo.

Gang banger - Someone who is in a gang.

Gangsta - A real thug, livin' the streets the way that the hip-hop lifestyle would
suggest. Johnny is the only real gangsta I know.

Gatt - A firearm.

Gazillion - A large number.

Geek - To display an embarrassing amount of happiness.

Gerund grinder - A school teacher.I�d love to come with you, but I have to stay
home and translate Cicero for Mr. Endicott�that darn old gerund grinder!

Get a five finger discount - To steal.

Get a life - A generic insult.Dude, you need to get a life.

Get geeked - To smoke marijuana, get high. Let's all go get geeked.

Get spun - To become inebriated.Let's go get spun.

Ghetto bird - A police helicopter using a spotlight.

Giggle water - alcohol.

Go ape shit - To go crazy; freak out. become enraged.

Go bananas - To react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. to go

insane.When I told him that his girlfriend left town, he went bananas.

Gonna - Contraction for "going to".

Goof - A funny or silly person.

Goon - A stupid person.

Gooseberry - An unwelcome chaperone or extra person on a date.

Grape smugglers - Tight-fitting male swimming briefs. Commonly referred to as


Gravy train - A job where no work is involved. To get paid for doing nothing.
Standing around at work and talking all day.

Grit - Cigarette.

Grub - Food? I'm hungry. Let's get some grub.

Grub Street - The world of poor writers (in money and/or quality) and writers for

Guts - Courage, valor; having the nerve to do something. Joe had real guts to
fight a man twice as big as himself.

Gwap - Money.

Hail Mary pass - A last minute pass in American football that has almost no chance
of success.

an actor or jazz musician with mediocre skills


a lot of. extreme. She's making hardcore money at her new job.

a person who was once famous or successful, but is no longer. He was so famous,
but now he is just a Has-been.

have a screw loose

to be odd or insane. To have a disturbed or unusual thought process. She certainly
has a screw loose.

a person from a rural area

hole in the wall

A small, simple place, particularly a shop or restaurant. It's just a hole in the
wall, but the food is excellent.

honey wagon
a farm wagon used to spread manure on fields.

Addicted; to like something so much that you need it every day.
I really like Holly, my new girlfriend. After just two dates, I'm hooked!

alternative pronunciation of "hundred." He makes two hundo per weekend.

handsome man. Tom Cruise is a real hunk

to vomit. I hurled in the car.

identity crash
Sudden and catastrophic collapse of an individual's ability to keep all the
threads of his or her online identity straight when the individual joins one too
many social networks.

I Don't Get It.
Isn't it?

in someone's hair
Constantly annoying; bothering someone again and again.

to annoy, pester, bother. He just irks me.

a news-worthy couple. The two of them are an item now.

jackass of all trades

A person who is exceptionally bad at everything. Jackass of all trades.

broken or ruined.

to play an instrument with great intensity. The guitar player jammed out at the
concert last night!

broken or functioning poorly or improperly. This old car is janky!

of poor quality, displeasing.


A mean or unlikeable person

Jesus made (it)

indicates something is of high quality or tastes excellent. Have some brownies.
Jesus made them.

to leave. I've got to jet.

Joe Sixpack/Six Pack. An average working man.

juicy gossip, secret information. Josie just told me some serious juice about



Nervous or apprehensive; afraid that something bad will happen.

kick down with

to give. Usually used when someone is withholding something. Hey dude, kick down
with some more food.
kick the bucket
to die. Her grandmother just kicked the bucket!

very good, excellent, cool, awesome
This basketball team is a kickass.

extremely fun and/or humorous. I had a real kick-in-the-pants time at the concert.


kick your ass

To beat decisively; to give a severe beating; to rough someone up. Don't mess with
the bouncer unless you want him to kick your ass.

very good, excellent, impressive.

beautiful woman.

extremely inebriated. I got lambasted at that office party.

one thousand dollars. That will cost you ten large.

late train
late train, post-election support for a candidate, especially when switching from
a losing candidate to a winning one.

laugh at the ground

to vomit.

to steal someone lifted my wallet.

a limousine. shoes or sneakers. I got a new limou.

acronym of "laughing my ass off." Used frequently in online chatting.

A rich person

acronym of "laugh out loud." Used frequently in online chatting.

exchanging favors (often in a dishonest or corrupt way) for mutual gain.

love handles
Unsightly fat that shows from the sides at the waist, usually on men.
very, really, extremely.That party was mad fun!

a male nanny

a head - moron, idiot.

Mentos on the exam!

mondo bizarro
extremely strange; wierd.

a male breast he didn�t want anyone to see his moobs when he took off his shirt.

mouse arrest
Getting grounded from the family computer.


mumbo jumbo
speech one doesn't understand. The doctor was just talking a lot of medical mumbo

Often used to refer to the hunger one experiences after smoking marijuana.

nano nap
An unintentional, seconds-long nap that you take most often in class or a really
boring meeting.

really bad, disgusting. Oh man, your bathroom smells nasty!

Person without any money of their own. Everything's in his wife's name, he's just
a nillionaire.

nine to five
a job. I had to get a nine to five to make some extra money.

nuff nuff
nuff nuff, a crazy person, fool, or idiot.

contraction of "none of your business."

nuts (or nutty)


original gangsta. His father is an OG.
old fart
an elderly person. The old fart was driving too slow.

on cloud nine
very very happy

on the map
well known, established.

one foot in the grave

Close to death; a person who is or appears to be nearly dead.

open a can of whoop-ass

to beat someone up.

outta here
A phrase indicating that someone is leaving.

pap, (of paparazzi or a press photographer) to take a photograph (of someone or

pat (oneself) on the back

to praise or congratulate oneself, or give oneself thanks. Pat yourselves on the
back: you all did a great job.

buttocks. Can also be used as an exclamation

pay out
To insult, dis' or burn someone. I waz paying him out about spewing from just one

peace out

Television channels you get without a cable or satellite TV subscription.
I can't afford digital cable, but I still get some good shows with the rabbit ears
on peasantvision.

to listen to.

penny pincher
cheap, stingy person who rarely spend money. She never goes to restaurants because
she's such a penny pincher

to appear as if on drugs, even though one is sober. Man, you're perma-fried.

person of pallor
person of pallor, n., a white or Caucasian person.

PITA acronym of "pain in the ass."

That girl is a real PITA.

pizza tumor
A large burned air bubble that sometimes forms in the crust of a pizza, rendering
the slice that contains it significantly less appealing.

poke war
A back and forth battle utilizing Facebook's poking mechanism.

pop off
to die . Unfortunately for Zuzu, her elderly boyfriend popped off before changing
his will in her favor.

an under-aged girl who acts and/or dresses like a prostitute.


to totally dominate someone in a video game

"cutie." Used in online chatting.

quick buck
Fast and easy profit; money made in a short period of time.

quick outie
a person who leaves quickly when something bad is about to happen.

rain closet
the shower. I am going to hit the rain closet.

rake in
to earn, usually money.

to vomit.

abbreviation of "parents".

rock up
to attend, or be present. bring interest to a place. Yeah, she said we could just
rock up at her house any time we like.

rug rat
A young child; a toddler

run a fever
To be sick, with an unusually high body temperature; to be very hot due to


screw up
To make a major mistake.
a socially conscious upwardly-mobile person.

a fan who writes fan fiction about and/or has an attachment to a �real� or
imagined romance in a work of fiction.

person who is addicted to shopping

a weak and/or feminine male (from "sister")

smell check
Double checking the clothes you put on for any funky odors before getting dressed
and leaving the house.

snail mail
Letters sent through the post office; mail that is carried, as opposed to e-mail.

to sleep

stack it
To fall over in a spectacular or amusing fashion, often to the immense amusement
of the people around you.

style. You may like music downloads, but that's not my steez. I still spin vinyl

an unpleasant person

a drug user, especially a habitual marijuana user

stripper wallet
When you're carrying a wallet with only $20s and $1s. Twenties for the pay, and
$1s for the tips.

things . I have to buy some stuff at the grocery store

take a bone
to get something to eat.

take off
to leave

take shit
to accept insults from a person without fighting back.
Man, are you going to take shit from him like that?

a film with sound

extremely inebriated. I was tanked last night.

the green fairy

absinthe.After an extended visit from the green fairy.

clothes. Nice threads.

toilet. He was in the bathroom sitting on the throne.

angry. She's really ticked because his boyfriend cheated on her

a person who lives in (and usually grew up in) a university town but is not
connected to the institution.

tricked out
modified with many upgrades and/or decorations

twazzock, n., a stupid or disagreeable person.

great. He is a super singer

Uncle Sam
The U.S. government; a patriotic figure who symbolizes the United States.


up your sleeve
A hidden advantage; some form of trickery lying in wait.

to vomit. to burp.

video. Let's watch this vid.

The loop of options where you get stuck when trying to navigate your voice mail. I
tried changing my phone greeting and I got stuck in voicejail.

visible panty line

crazy person


what's crackin'?
a greeting, synonymous with greetings such as "What's going on?" Hey man, what's
What's in the bag?
a greeting, similar to the likes of "What's up?" So, what's in the bag?

what's the dilly?

a greeting; what's the deal,what's going on. Also what's the dills. Hey, what's
the dilly?

to complain

Your friend, particularly someone from the same area of the city as you. Origin is
from New Orleans term "ward", how the city is divided.

friend. Pronounced "whoa-dee." See that dude? He's my whodi.

whole paycheck
A nickname for Whole Foods Market, the now-famous purveyor of (rather high-priced)
organic and fresh foods and sundries.

Short for Wireless High-Five, used when you want to give a friend a high-five, but
you are further then arms reach from each other. It doesn't involve any physical
Benj: That $30 burger from Maccas was teh pwnz Timmy: Wifive!

a boring person who talks too much (negative)
Joe's speech was over an hour long at the meeting. His co-workers think he's a

Bitching about something, or having a bitch. Getting on other people's nerves by
complaining a lot.
The little boy continued to winge while waiting for his mother to finish the
grocery shopping.

wishy washy
Indecisive or not reliable.

wooden overcoat
a coffin.

person who is addicted to working

work hot
A person that may or may not be hot, but is the most attractive person in the set
of people you work with so you lust after him/her.

et cetera. We went to the mall, saw some friends, yada yada yada, the usual stuff.

To talk aimlessly; or, the mouth. Shut your yap! We're sick of your boring

to vomit.

a word often used by pirates whenever they have experienced a loss or pain. Yarr!
My pirate's booty has been stolen.

yawn in Technicolor
to vomit. He yawned in Technicolor after the party.

A young person who works in business, makes lots of money, and buys luxury items;
often used in a derogatory way.

A very, very rich person.

an unexpected and usually undesirable kiss. She pulled a zoom-in on me last night.