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Conflicts and wars represent the state where human rights are denies to the people,
the institutional organisation is ruined, democracy does not function.
One example of the need for human rights education is the example of conflicts in
the Caucasus region.
After the end of the Cold World the Caucasus region has been shaken by different
kinds of conflicts. As a result new independent countries established their own orders,
weak political systems, Russian interference in the domestic politics and claims for
the independence of some ethnic groups.
Mexico tries to help in negotiating between many countries who were involved in
helping people with humanitarian aid.
Another example of needs for human right is case with crisis happened between Georgia and
the South Ossetia which claimed its independence in the past, but was not
recognized by the Georgian and that was a problem. . On the other hand, Russia gave
them full protection and supplies them with equipment and arms. This conflict was
based on ethnic base where Russia supporte and protectect South Ossetia and
Abkhazia, but United States of America was on the side of Georgia.
An important part of post-conflict reconstruction of the Mexico state is human
rights education, for preventing new conflicts and stabilizing situations, especially
where racial and ethnic differences were being manipulated for political ends.
Our country will fulfil its responsibility towards its citizens and is oriented towards
children, and other groups that should be included in a special education.
Mexico understands and supports the need to build new institutional organisation and re-
establish democratic rules.
Furthermore the system of human rights education need to be developed because it
plays important role in preventing new conflicts and maintaining peace in the
societyfor witch our country deals


The international financial crisis about mortgages and derivatives in the United States
has also spread to Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Mexico and affects them.
According to the government for our country such crises means:

Less foreign direct investment.

• A decreasing market for its exports.

• Lower prices for Mexico's petroleum, so less revenue for governmen
• Less migration to the U.S. and lower remittances from migrants.
• Rising unemployment.

High oil prices lead to both high food prices and inflation all over the
globe which resulted in stagflation and global recession.
Hiring of loans that were covered only with mortgages became
very much employed among the US population until the real estate
market had broken down. Due to the loss of confidence by investors
in the value of securitized mortgages a liquidity crisis arose.

A Crisis for the NAFTA Region

The U.S. financial crisis has caught up Canada and Mexico as well. Canada and
Mexico have long been tied to the U.S. economy, but the process of globalization and
the negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which took
effect in 1994, drew both nations into a closer economic and financial relationship to
the United States. Our country and Canada claims that the financial institutions have
not been participated to the same degree in the risky financial practices.

As a result of financial crisis Mexico has decreased in market of exports and

unemployment also rises. Mexico will have to respond to the challenge, because it
suffers from a fall in economic growth, export and employment.

Mexico is integrated into the United States in terms of production and finance. The
U.S. provides half of Mexico's foreign investment, buys 85 percent of its exports, and
provides work for millions of Mexican workers. Nearly ten percent of Mexico's
population -- about ten million people -- has migrated to live and work in the United
States in the last couple of decades. A U.S. recession means a Mexican recession.

How Mexico respond to such crises

We call the government to:

• Cancel all increases in the prices of gasoline, diesel, gas, and electricity.
• Construct three refineries so Mexico, an oil producing country, won't have to
buy refined fuel from abroad.
• Carry out a program of public works to reactivate the economy and to generate
• Increase the public budget as a social investment giving educational stipends
to all students.
• Create a food budget for older adults, beginning with the indigenous
population and the urban and rural poor.

The US and Mexico should work together to address shared drug and security
problems particularly as thousands of Mexicans loose their lives every year to drug
related violence. The US assistance and Mexican policies to fight crime cannot be at
the expense of human rights. Amnesty International wants to see a shift in the balance
of funds so that human rights are at the core of this aid package.
The goal of the government in our country is to protect employment and everyone
would be satisfied we hope for longer.