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Journey to the Moon: The Whole Truth (Conspiracy or Fact??)

One of the biggest myths that runs the universe of science, astronomy and technology is the "alleged fraud" on the trip to the moon by the U.S. in 1969. There are a number of speeches that were created around this human journey into outer space that all trying to "prove" that the trip to the moon was a sort of film edited at the best Hollywood style favored by the U.S. government. These has been called the " conspiracy theory of man's journey to the Moon ", which states that man went to the moon because the images broadcast live for all the world were edited in a studio by NASA and the photographs taken and the stones collected from the Moon during the trips were falsified (says the conspiracy theory).
1. The PHOTOS show the wind blowing the U.S. flag on the moon, although the moon has no atmosphere and the flag should not blow on the moon. It is quite absurd to make a decision on MOVEMENT in a MOTIONLESS photograph. Obviously, the people seem to be perceiving the waves on the flag as signs of motion - and I would recommend them to watch all the video footage and note that the flag is actually motionless. 2. Without an atmospheric cloud cover, there should have been a sky full of stars but Apollo photographs do not show a starry sky. The white surface of the moon was strongly reflecting the sunlight. In such strongly lit situations, a FAST SHUTTER SPEED ranging around 1/500 seconds may be required to prevent overexposure. Apollo photographs were taken at fast shutter speeds. However, at this configuration, stars can definitely not be captured. 3. Only two men walked on the Moon in every Apollo mission. Yet the astronaut reflected in the viewfinder is not holding a camera. Who took the shot? Astronauts were not "holding" their cameras like we do. The cameras were attached to the chest of the space-suit they were wearing, leaving their hands free for other operations unless they wanted to click.

Yes, we did it!

No, we didnt it!

4. Shadows cast on the moon's surface should be parallel (and equal) as there is only one light source - the sun. Yet in some photographs, the shadows cast by the astronauts are not parallel. This is explained on the basis of perspective of the camera and the angle of photography. In addition, the surrounding hills and slopes should also be taken into account as they alter the direction of light. 5. The sound of the Lunar Module descent engine should be heard in the Apollo audio transmission, but there is no sound heard, not even at touchdown. This one is pretty easy. Sound transmission requires a medium. On earth, the engines would surely make a lot of noise but in the vacuum atmosphere of the moon, with no air to act as a medium, sound should not be heard. 6. A large amount of dust was generated during the landings, yet no dust can be seen on the Lunar Module footpads or anywhere. This is because in the absence of atmosphere, the dust particles generated in landing simply followed a ballistic motion when they were blown away. On moon, we can not get those "billowings 7. Apollo 16 photographs show a rock with a clearly defined "C" marking on it. This "C" is probably a studio prop identification marking. This was uncovered to be just a hair fibre that got scanned on the film. The images were widely distributed in this form. The original photos do not have this C. Some points that the theorists can not falsify: 1. There are many moon rocks brought back by the Apollo missions. 382 kilograms (840 lb) of Moon rocks were collected during the six manned missions. These have characteristics that are not found on Earth or artificial rocks. 2. In 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, which was in a low polar orbit over the Moon, returned a series of images of Apollo landing sites showing the vessels themselves at rest on the Moons surface 3. Last but not least, a few logical points: More than half a million people were working on the Apollo program. To plan a conspiracy on this scale would have been as difficult as making real landings. It's just not feasible. Yet, after all this time, not a single inside man has slipped anything. Those who are naturally dead did not make any deathbed confessions or leave behind any secret incriminating documents or photos. And now whats about your verdict???