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Leading Soldiers in garrison


s the drawdown continues in Afghanistan, NCOs need to spend more time focusing on and honing their garrison leadership. In the past decade of war, the Army has focused on sending Soldiers downrange, and often as those Soldiers returned to a garrison environment, they were given very little dwell time before ramping up for deployment. As the operational tempo slows, senior NCOs need to return to the basics of garrison leadership. Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Schultz, command sergeant major of the U.S. Army Reserve, wrote an article Back to Basics: the lost Art of Garrison Leadership where he highlihgtings what NCOs need to know to return to a garrison Army.

As we move back to a garrison environment, we need to remember that we are a profession of arms, Schultz said. We as NCOs are professionals, and we need to ensure our Soldiers are being professionals both while deployed and here at home. Leadership presents challenges no matter what the environment, but they are different challenges. In a garrison environment, Soldiers continue to need standards of conduct and good order, Schultz said. The challenge of garrison leadership is to install the traditions and battle drills, Schultz said. We need to continue to hone our tactical skills and stay sharp while were in garrison. We also need to be well-rounded NCOs who respect the traditions of garrison leadership those things like NCO induction ceremonies, dining in and dining outs and the importance of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Clubs. Bringing back in-garrison traditions require NCOs to learn more about their Soldiers, the history of their units and the distinctions of the NCO Corps. The garrison
Command Sgt. Maj. Allan Fairley accepts the USAG Benelux colors from Col. James Drago as he assumes responsibility of the garrison from Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph Ford during an official ceremony on Caserne Daumerie, June 8, 2010. PHOTO BY KEVIN DOWNEY

MAY 2013

Garrison leadership opportunities

XX Dining ins/dining outs XX Ceremonies including change of responsibility, change of command and NCO Inductions XX Respects to the flag XX Sergeant Audie Murphy Club XX Barracks and uniform inspections XX Soldier counseling

In-garrison issues
XX Domestic Violence XX Alcohol abuse XX Divorce and marital issues XX Crimes XX Suicide XX Felonies XX High-risk behavior XX Drug use XX Financial Issues XX Sexual Assault XX Sexual Harassment

environment is something we need to refocus on, Schultz ership lends itself to some of the technical or NCO responsisaid. Weve gotten away from the garrison leadership, and bilities that weve lost with good reason as weve been at war. rightly so, weve been at war for 11 years, but need to place Garrison leadership isnt simply about catching up on more emphasis on it as we move forward. There are Soldiers classroom or power point lessons; its about getting to know in todays Army who have never been to a dining in or a dinjunior Soldiers and instilling them with the Army culture. ing out, who have never seen an NCO induction ceremony We dont need a power point or a classroom, Schultz said. or an NCO of the year board. We need to instill in this very We need to get outside and talk to our Soldiers about the tactically proficient Army the traditions of the NCO Corps. traditions that we have and to reinforce what theyre learning The focus on garrison leadership shouldnt overshadow in Structured Self Development and at the NCO Academies whats beabout the Army ing done history and downrange. traditions. Weve gotten away from the garrison leadership, and Instead The lessons rightly so, weve been at war for 11 years, but need to garrison NCOs learn in leadership garrison can place more emphasis on it as we move forward. There is meant to help them sucare Soldiers in todays Army who have never been to a build NCOs ceed downrange. dining in or a dining out, who have never seen an NCO into the We need to competent get to know our induction ceremony or an NCO of the year board. We leaders they Soldiers, and we need to instill in this very tactically proficient Army the need to be can do that very while in a easily in gartraditions of the NCO Corps. deployed rison, Schultz Command sgt. maj. michael schultz environsaid. The more ment, an NCO knows Schultz said. his Soldiers, the more hell be able to play to their strengths We still have Soldiers in harms way, and we still have and understand their weaknesses while deployed. Its taking Soldiers deployed, Schultz said. So the focus still needs to be time out to do what I call tree time to sit under a tree with on the training and preparing our Soldiers to go to combat. your Soldiers and learn more about them and their families. We cant lose sight of that. We talk about garrison versus Its taking time to do sergeants time, where we can all learn forward deployed Soldier. With us being at war since 9/11, more to hone our warrior tasks and battle drills. our Soldiers are technically and tactically proficient, but more technically proficient than weve ever been. The garrison lead Next month: DEVELOP A FITNESS PROGRAM