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: Dajjal it Appears From Khorasan : 308 Pages : Abu Al-Adnani Fatiah : GRANADA MEDIATAMA

Who is the antichrist ??? Is true that he will appear in BERMUDA TRIANGLE ? or he will reappear at SEAS YEMEN as had once appeared to Tamim Ad-From ? Or he will emerge from Khurasan LAND, Earth is part of the East and Horn of Satans Axis of Evil ??

Physical characteristic and nature of Dajjal >> Named liars, as he closed the truth with falsehood. Dajjal is male descendants of Adam, he is a Jew red skinned, short stature, curly haired, wide forehead, shoulders field, right eye blindness, the left eye there grows a thicker flesh from his corner, he Barren and had no children. (Deduced from the hadith of the Prophet of the various narrators). Dajjali is man who has khawariqul adah in changing bebtuk him, changing places(disappeared), perfectly disguised, to be able to do genetic mutations, other properties; can raise the dead, bring wealth, fertility, rain, drought, heaven, hell, rivers,etc. Sign the emergence of the Antichrist >> Palm trees in the village of Nakhl Baisan(Palestine) CAN NOT bear fruit again, dry lakes AIR THABARIA in Palestine and dry lake water ZUGHAR(Syrians).

The emergence of the Antichrist >> In accordance with the word of Prophet SAW, the Antichrist will come out of Khorasan region. ( Khorasan known today is the Persian state located in Northeastern Iran. At this time, the country is devided into Khorasan Afghanistan.

Interpretative recount

One sign of teh end times that lately quite the attention is the presence of a man named Sai Baba, he was born and lived in the village Puthaparti Nilayam, eastern Khorasan, precisely South India. Messenger of Allah said to us, the Antichrist wil come out of earth to the east called Khurasan(Jamiu at Tirmidzi). Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet. Said : Day of Resurrection will not come until 30 Beast(liars) apperar, they all lie about Allah and His Messenger It may be that Sai Baba is one of 30 small Beast which will pave the way for the emergence of Al-Masih Al-Dajjal (Antichrist will be at war with the imam mahdi and killed by the prophet peace be upon him). Wallahualam.. This man has teh ability to raise the dead, heal teh lame and the blind, even the rain can reduce and remove the flour from her hands. He was also able to walk through hemisphere is an instant, creating a golden image, change iron into gold, and more variety of libel shown by Sai Baba to thousand of people-in fact-the million that come from various nationalities and religion. Today this man already has tens of millions of follower. Then it time for every Muslim to know the problem, so he was not a victim Sai Babas next is slander. Antichrist is a man that fat, red-skinned and curly-haired..(HR.Bukhari and Muslim) At the beginning of it emegence, the Dajjal saying, I am a Prophet , but there is no prophet after me. Then he praised her, saying. I am teh Lord of you, but you cant see your Rabb that you die. (HR.Ibnu Majah) Between the Antichrist and SAI BABA : I. II. III. IV. Dajjal a man who is short, stocky, curly-haired, bandy-legged (rather clubfoot). Sai Baba a short and curly. Dajjal has a blind eye. Sai Baba never experience bilndness at a young age and then recovered again. Dajjal comes, and with no mountain of bread and water sterams. Sai Baba has the ability to emit vibhuti (holy mael) of air through the hands. Dajjal has the ability to move from one place to another with depat and speed as fast as rain stroms or high winds blew the cloud. Sai Baba has the ability to walk the earth in a matter of exploring the blink of an eye. Follow the follower dajjal very much, even in the end of the world many people are dreaming to meet the Dajjal. Sai Baba has followers who number tens of millions of people from various tribes, nations, countries and religions. Dajjal wil appear with the claim to be wise/good, so many people are interested to keep up. Sai Baba claimed regained wise man who brought peace mission, compassion blot out any dispute wisely.






Dajjal wil appear and as prophet. Sai Baba positioned himself as a prophet to the Dajjal use the name of Christ. Sai Baba claimed to be incarnated as Isa Al-Masih after 2020. The Antichrist will claim to be God. Sai Baba claim that he is God teh ruler of the universe. The Antichrist will preach the religion of Allah. In many assemblies Darsha Sai Baba a lot to talk about Islam, the Quran and the nee dto understand it. Dajjal able to raise the dead and the heal the sick. Sai Baba has the ability to revive the dead also cure cancer. Dajjal can rain. Sai Baba has the ability to bring rain and the water for irrigation (in the province was in the wake of Sai Baba for irrigation projects in dry areas). Dajjal can issue treasury (jewelery and possessions) of the building collapsed, and vocabulary that will follow the queen. Sai Baba is able to create a statue of gold, gold necklace, mini gospel and other froms God in an instant. Dajjal will kill someone and turn it back on. Sai Baba can turn people who have died. Dajjal can move events and places from one from to another. Sai Baba can move from one body to another body which is a reincarnation him. Dajjal can raise his body. Sai Baba must have teh ability to walk in the air and makes miracles in a aircraft. Dajjal used to go out into the market and food. Sai Baba also human beings who eat and drinks as any other human, he can also walk to markets, hospitals, irrigations, project, and other places commonly visited by human. Dajjal can be ordered to issue plant earth and water. Sai Baba could dispense with the pounding feet of water. Dajjal did not possess child. Sai Baba was barren, she did not have children and are not married(not married). Dajjal lead the Jewish people. Sai Baba ha sa mission to spread Zionist theology. Dajjal appear in the time of conflict. Sai Baba claimed that he came from the many conflict and disputes, and his arrival to uphold righteousness and destroy evil o muslim, what are waiting for, let us return immediately to God and His Appostle.

If one of you have completed reading tasyahud finally, let him seek refuge in Allah from four things O Allah, I seek refuge in you fro the torment of Hell Jahannam, grave torment, vilification(trials) as well as life and death of the evil Dajjal.