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Carreon, Elimar Andree L. BsAc I, Mgmt 1 Zest Airways Inc.

As a commerce, Zest Air offers domestic and international air services with their fleet of 13 state-of-the-art aircrafts. In a hospitality business such as theirs, the trust and confidence of passengers are established through an unceasing exemplary service. Aside from bringing passengers to their destinations, Zest airs aircrafts also transport commercial cargos such as that of food and medicine which fuel commerce and trade in the economic system. These goods are eventually found in markets for public consumption. Zest Airs official website states that their company has already shipped an airfreight of 12,000 tons by 2010. Jasmine Santos, Zest Airs seasoned cargo manager, believes that sustainability is hinged on their ability to satisfy clients, not only in terms of service but also in the convenience and facility they provide. In any sort of business, it is imperative to realize commerce as a dimension in the line of work. As an occupation, Zest Air is in a continuous search for talented and dedicated people to join their organization. In fact, inviting caliber pilots is one of their key strategic HR directions. For example, Capt. Ryan Jake Cacdac and First Officer Chifil Lim are two of their youngest pilots. Chifil graduated from De La Salle University, while Ryan graduated Cum Laude with a degree of Aircraft Maintenance and Technology from Indiana Aerospace University. Aside from recruiting new and competent aviators, all of their pilots undergo rigorous training to keep themselves up-to-date of the latest aviation technological enhancements. The skills and expertise of their flying aces are the very foundation of each mounted flight. Moreover, Zest Air provides other jobs for accountants and flight attendants. To be a part of the elite organization, various strict criteria have to be met before one is accepted and hired. According to Salvador Ramirez, head of Cargo and Logistics, it is just a matter of time management plus having the right people handling critical areas to create the right environment for efficiently managing work. Needless to say, the occupation aspect of a business is the lifeblood of the entire organization. As an organization, Zest Air is managed by a group of people with remarkable prowess in management. On top of the organizational structure is the Board of Directors which ensures proper Corporate Governance to protect the interest of all its stakeholders. Apart from the fundamental responsibility of formulating policies and business strategies, a Directors position in the Board entails the downstream of activities of the different functions of the organization. Mr. Ramirez, head of Cargo and Logistics, believes that the inspired leadership of their President/CEO, Mr. Alfredo M. Yao, gives them the energy and resolve in carrying out their respective duties and responsibilities towards their goal of being the number one airline company in the Philippines. Zest Air has come up with an organizational structure that enables each and every sector of their organization working cordially towards the attainment of their ambitions. In a business, it is always crucial to work together harmoniously as guided with certain visions and missions. References: http://www.flyzest.com/aboutus.php http://www.flyzest.com/aboutus.php?rec=24&subpage=1 http://www.flyzest.com/aboutus.php?rec=25&subpage=1 http://www.flyzest.com/aboutus.php?rec=28&subpage=1