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In 2010, it was rumored that Penthouse executive Marc Bell had slept with a number of married housewives in this

town. The cinematic masterpieces Caddyshack and Caddyshack II were filmed here and it is featured prominently in a Stephen Sondheim musical about brothers Addison and Wilson Mizner, Road Show. In Episode 171 of Seinfeld, Frank Costanza is shocked to find that there is not ONE condo available in ALL of this town. FTP, name this Floridian wonderland whose notable residents, past and present, include Marilyn Manson, Rush Limbaugh and quiz bowl darlings Michelle Lerner and Katya Ungerman. ANSWER: Boca Raton, FL This actress played the girlfriend of real-life drug dealer Terry Clark in the miniseries Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities and Emilia Fife, the mayors innocent daughter who falls for a bush ranger, in Wild Boys. Famous in her home country as tomboy turned anorexic Delphi Greenlaw on the soap Shortland Street and Amy in a sitcom about a single guy and his three close female friends, Go Girls, she earned a few fans outside her native continent as a BFF of the title character portrayed by Brenda Song in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and even more as the Yellow Cheetah Ranger in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. Her most famous role implies that her hair has been recently dyed blonde, which may explain why she made out with a wolf head and was unable to escape being decapitated by the zombified Buckner family. FTP, name this Kiwi who has done much more than show her breasts in The Cabin in the Woods. ANSWER: Anna Hutchison This member once described NYU Quiz Bowl as a place of extreme knowledge. While introducing himself at a recent birthday party, his name was misheard as Africa. You may remember him for his unsuccessful attempt at growing a moustache this semester. Known for abbreviating the names of foods and asking Was that power?, this is, FTP, what Quiz Bowl webmaster, whose responsibilities mainly consist of updating the clubs Facebook page and keeping score? ANSWER: Evan Squire (accept either underlined name) While in middle school, this person was called greasy-looking by future Nickelodeon star Emma Roberts, and got in a fistfight with the son of future Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. He has genially shaken hands with President Obama on three occasions, unlike with Arianna Huffington who, in 2010 during the Rally to Restore Sanity, approached this individual for a photo and was turned down by this person, who later stated that bitch looks scary as hell close up. Though he could not proficiently speak English until around the age of 9, today he studies 8 languages, and will be spending next year abroad studying German and Yiddish in Berlin, along with Hebrew and Arabic in Tel Aviv. FTP, identify this token Muslim of the NYU Quiz Bowl team and the current treasurer. ANSWER: Asjan Sabeeh Irfan Mufty Malik Sween Jameel or Mason Scott (accept any underlined name) This persons biggest claim to fame is eating seven-layer dip off of a friends face on national television. Sadly, this clip is no longer available online, but the shame remains, nevertheless. Other highlights from this persons time at NYU include vomiting after a blood drive and accidentally saying the word erection instead of reaction in front of an entire class. This person originally wanted to go into music education, but decided money was more important than enriching the lives of children, so they opted for a more lucrative career in science. However, this person couldnt stay away long from those pesky kids, and their future job is in teaching. A resident Harry Potter expert who also admits to enjoying K-Pop, this is, FTP, what current supreme ruler of Quiz Bowl, who hails from the best state in the country Minnesota? ANSWER: Lauren Ward (accept either underlined name) 5

One song by this band is based on Frank Herbert's Dune, while another proclaims "life down here is just a strange illusion." This band's two worst-received albums featured Blaze Bayley replacing the normal lead vocalist, who is also an airplane pilot. Yet another song is based on the Battle of Britain, and features Winston Churchill's "We will fight on the beaches" in the background of live performances. They are Michael Zhuang's favorite band, despite not having trashy guitar covers of classical pieces like many other heavy metal bands. FTP, name this British heavy metal act with mascot Eddie and tracks like "Hallowed be Thy Name," "Run to the Hills," and "The Number of the Beast." ANSWER: Iron Maiden This quiz bowl member was once accosted by the owner of a dim sum restaurant for a negative Yelp review. A lover of Neopets and one-time entry in the late Encyclopedia Dramatica, this quiz bowl member might be the only person on the planet who takes health advice from Steve Jobs. In 2009, this quiz bowl member gained notoriety in their coastal hometown for daring to score the phone number of a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. FTP, name this elusive member of the e-board who once asked Spencer Weinreich, "Are you from Europe or did you just go to a school for the deaf?" ANSWER: Katya Ungerman (accept either underlined name) One shot in this movie re-creates a photograph taken on October 22, 1895 that was once Berkeley Quizbowls Facebook icon. Emil Lager can be glimpsed in it as a character meant to be gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, and James Joyce and Salvador Dal also appear, while other cast members include Frances de la Tour and Richard Griffiths as an elderly potential couple, Christopher Lee as a bookseller, Emily Mortimer as a sweet flower seller, and Michael Stuhlbarg as historian Ren Tabard. While trying to repair an automaton left to him by his late father, played by Jude Law, and avoid a sinister inspector played by Sacha Baron Cohen, the title character meets Isabelle and her eccentric godfather, who turns out to be pioneering filmmaker Georges Mlis. Set in Pariss Montparnasse train station and starring Asa Butterfield, Chlo Grace Moretz, and Ben Kingsley, this is, FTP, what 2011 Martin Scorsese film that both members of NYU Quizbowl and the writers of Penn Bowl Trash for some reason think is animated? ANSWER: Hugo One episode reveals that this character has the maiden name Knight and inherited from her father Knight Industries, though probably not the one that made KITT. That episode saw her trapped in a house by an unseen enemy, much like a later episode in which she runs afoul of a sinister man who forces her to listen to Meine Liebe, Meine Rose. When told that her clothes were designed to daze and bewitch a man's senses, to inflame him to lust, she replies, You should see me 400 years from now, and several villains in the Marvel Universe were inspired by an episode in which she dons a revealing Queen of Sin costume to infiltrate the Hellfire Club. Two separate evil scientists, played by Michael Gough and Peter Cushing, set Cybernauts upon her. Preceded by Cathy Gale and replaced by Tara King, this is, FTP, what namesake of Evan Squires sister, played by Diana Rigg, who partnered John Steed on The Avengers? ANSWER: Emma Peel (accept either underlined name) While playing in one tournament for his high school, this man slipped, fell into a desk, and somehow managed to buzz with his face. In a more recent embarrassment, he confused the countries of Belize and Canada mere hours after the greatest success in his career thus far. On that day, in perhaps his greatest contribution to our club, he coined the term Soul Quiz Bowlers to describe the team he captained. He would then go on to lead that team to a second-place trophy at the 2012 ICT. FTP, name this NYU Quiz Bowler, a sophomore who blames his vast wealth of Canada knowledge on his girlfriend, who definitely exists. ANSWER: Max Stivers (accept either underlined name; last name rhymes with divers) 10

These two quizbowlers, like many members, are CAS undergrads. Freshman year, both were placed in housing close to the Square, and fittingly, both originally come from the nearby Westchester County. Also, each has a sibling who chose to attend a Southern Ivy, where they involved themselves in Greek life. But besides geographic and familial commonalities, their personal tastes and interests overlap beyond Quiz Bowl, as they both often don Urban Outfitters clothing, are fans of The National, lived in dorms with Jewish names, and have toyed with cinema studies as a possible major or minor. FTP, name these two former PR heads, both of whom have twin sisters. ANSWER: Katrina Van Laan and Evan Squire (accept either underlined part but BOTH names must be present) Believed to have taken the worlds first pointillist photograph, this person grew up on a cul-de-sac named for a New Jersey golf course that was itself named for a farmer murdered in 1831. Possibly the reincarnation of Ethel Merman, as he was born on the same day and in the same city that she died, he recently discovered that he has a Bacon number of 3, giving him a Bacon-Erdos number of infinity, since he has no publications. Knowledge of a lip-dub video set to Harvey Dangers Flagpole Sitta got him cited by legendary academic David Bordwell, and a 2011 New York Times article makes reference to him when it describes fewer than three dozen centrists and libertarians at the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. FTP, identify this self-proclaimed doyen of NYU quizbowl whose noms de cinma include Ario Dargento, Youth Rages, Hasty Rogue, and The USA Orgy, the latter three of which are anagrams of his name. ANSWER: Yogesh Raut (accept either underlined name) A recent episode of Community featured a mnemonic asking a person with this name to please come over for gay sex, while on the same night 30 Rocks Liz Lemon asked, Has anyone ever known a good person named [this]? A theater near Plum Pizzeria and Bar was until recently showing a movie in which Ezra Miller, Jasper Newell, and Rock Duer play versions of a title character with this name; that movie was based on a Lionel Shriver novel about Eva Katchadourian. It appears below GIANT SNAKE and DEADITES and above MUMMY and THE BRIDE on a white board where Sitterson, played by Richard Jenkins, records bets placed by various departments. FTP, we need to talk about what middle name of Jason Lai? ANSWER: Kevin Critic Todd VanDerWerff once wondered why this character didnt unhinge her jaw and swallow [a] little waif whole, and she was analogized to Greg Maddux in a conversation between NYU quizbowlers at Palladium Brunch. The actor who plays her father is better known as Nathan Drake or Desmond Miles, while her portrayer guest-starred as a girl who eats cheeseless pizza topped with peanut butter, pickles, and tabasco sauce on NCIS. She once said that she is so competitive that she has to win at yoga, and she nearly died in a bell tower at the hands of her sisters milk-drinking fianc, Ian. She proclaims of one future love interest, The devil has a name, and its Toby! but also dallied with her sisters other ex-fianc, the British doctor Wren. FTP, name this Sara Shepard-created bundle of awesomeness incarnated by Ramsey Furse at Penn Bowl Trash and played by Troian Bellisario on Pretty Little Liars. ANSWER: Spencer Hastings (accept either underlined name; prompt on Troian and/or Bellisario) In October 2008, this person became the first and probably only individual to appear on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in consecutive weeks. His early roles include a gay Persian friend of Tori Spelling in So NoTORIous and CTU employee Adam Kaufman, and he produced a movie for which NYU quizbowler Michelle Lerner is credited on IMDb as an additional set production assistant; he also appeared in that film as risk analyst Peter Sullivan. He played Chad, who is drowned in an apple bobbing tank but unlike his boyfriend Teddy NOT sodomized with a fire poker by Rubber Man on American Horror Story, while another of his characters watches Amanda Grayson, his mother, die when the Narada annihilates his home planet. Yet another of his characters kisses the Kristen Bell-portrayed Elle Bishop before splitting her head open and setting her on fire; that character, the son of a watchmaker born Gabriel Gray, is Sylar. FTP, name this Heroes co-star who took on the role of Spock in the rebooted Star Trek. ANSWER: Zachary Quinto 15

This member had their 11th birthday at the Hooters in Dallas because it was the only place open. This member once ran away from home when this member was six, only to be found hours later trapped in the basement of the nearby abandoned power plant. This member has been banned from several local haunted houses, and once accidentally wandered into a nationally famous brothel. FTP, name this quizbowl member famous in her home town for rescuing and raising foxes, raccoons, owls, goldfinches, and for being the only Democrat. F5P, Iowa. ANSWER: Sarah Dillard (accept either underlined name) Hes not Seth Rogen, but this man appeared in Donnie Darko as a guy in a clown suit riding in the passenger seat of Franks car when it kills Donnies girlfriend. He can also be glimpsed as a driver harassed by Alonzo Harris in Training Day, Kittys husband in The Village, Angelas boyfriend in the final scene of Matchstick Men, and the doofus who gets into Stanford instead of the protagonist in Orange County. Orange County director Jake Kasdan gave him a bigger role as a badly miscast actor in The TV Set, and he can currently be seen at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on Broadway playing Bernard in Death of a Salesman. Perhaps his best-known character is assisted by the Liza Lapira-played Ivy and is in charge of imprinting and wiping dolls, but we all remember him for using a homemade bong as a weapon and awaiting the end of the world after Dana refuses to shoot him. FTP, name this Yale graduate behind The Cabin in the Woods stoner Marty and Dollhouses Topher. ANSWER: Fran Kranz Wikipedia says this individual has conducted works such as Haydn's L'Infidelta Delusa and Gazzaniga's Don Giovanni while assistant conductor at the BBC Philharmonic. Yeah, that never happened. This individual is not Albert Camus, but this person also wrote works titled The Rebel and The Stranger on his xanga blog, wangtangbabyxd. This person once agreed to accompany his best friend at NYU, Juan Urquiola, on a double date on the sole condition that they go see Ninja Assassin, and their bromance also saw the two chase away their other friend's Communist suitemate by frequently going over to playing Mortal Kombat and FIFA Street until 5 in the morning. FTP, name this current Stern junior from Atlanta, GA. F5P, he's also Asian. ANSWER: Jason Lai (accept either underlined name) This womans short story Engines of Survival was published in the online SF magazine Strange Horizons. The show for which she is best known also featured multiple appearances by her sister Arianna. At 2008s TRASH regionals, she was in the room when she was the answer to a bonus part, allowing a player to respond just by pointing to her perhaps a quizbowl first! A native of Newton, MA, currently residing in El Cerrito, CA, after finishing a PhD involving Mexican history, she is an alumna of Princeton University, where she befriended NYU quizbowler Ray Yang and met her now-husband, NAQT big shot Jeff Hoppes. FTP, name this person who, despite thinking that Philip was a king of England, won an impressive $222,597 during her six-day run as champion on Jeopardy!. ANSWER: Larissa Kelly (accept either underlined name) This persons grandfather once made them stop playing Game Boy on a family trip so that he could pepper them with questions like When did the Battle of Hastings take place?, and they once were able to stretch their thumb back to their forearm, an action inspired by an episode of Figure It Out. Another member of the Quiz Bowl team referred to their statement that I cant watch Jeopardy! because it is on at the same time as the News Hour as a perfect summation of their character, and they once attempted to wake people up in a motel room by turning a television on full blast and leaving. Their first job involved working as a fee booth attendant at a mostly gay beach, which was disappointingly mostly frequented by old lesbians. FTP, this describes what only current NYU Quiz Bowl member to remember the Twisted Misters leadership, who served in three separate positions during his four-year tenure on the clubs E-Board? ANSWER: Ramsey Furse (accept either underlined name) 20 This Quiz Bowler is prone to blurting out wacky comments and questions that will elicit either raucous laughter or nervous chuckles. Though he sometimes shares a little too much information, such as his fondness for sharp objects and firearms, he honestly means no harm. He also likes to share his favorite

puns with other people through social media and often writes lengthy, elaborate birthday wishes that are sure to put a smile on your face even if he is several months late. FTP, name this quizbowler who shares with Mirza an interest in fresh body disposal and hails all the way from southern China. ANSWER: William Wang (accept either underlined name) BONUS TOSSUP: One of this citys lesser-known claims to fame is its Funeral Museum, home to the country's largest collection of funerary artifacts. Speaking of funerals, it's also where the famous Howard Hughes eternally rests. Such morbidity seems fitting, as it was recently voted the ugliest city in the U.S. and seventh in the world. But there are attractive aspects: It was recently named the most diverse city in the U.S. It also tops the list of having the highest per capita number of Jaguar owners of any U.S. city. Naturally, it is a driving town comprised of an array of scattered neighborhoods, one of which inspired the Grammy-winning 2011 album The Suburbs. After a long unemployment spell, Connie's dad in King of the Hill considered commuting to, FTP, what city, where you can ask Katrina Van Laan for help if you have a problem? ANSWER: Houston

FTPE, answer these questions about the trash packets we played this year. [10] Give the name of the trash tournament held this past fall at Tulane University, which quasi-shares its name with a 2007 T-Pain single. ANSWER: Bayou a Drank [10] This person was responsible for writing a packet on TV shows in which Yogesh outscored the rest of the club combined. He also wrote the recently read 50-question Disney packet. ANSWER: Mike Cheyne (accept either underlined name) [10] Many of this years trash packets came from the tournament TERP. What does TERP stand for? ANSWER: Trash (that) Everyone Really Prefers FTPE, name these car games (or bus games, in the Northeast). [10] Not to be confused with a similarly named game Yogesh runs on his Facebook page, this game, which on one memorable occasion featured Max repeatedly checking the Internet on his phone, was introduced by Ramsey. ANSWER: Ramseys movie game (accept clear knowledge equivalents) [10] On multiple separate occasions, the question, Have you ever played [this]? was met with the response, On what instrument? Yogesh introduced it to England, and also popularized it at NYU despite Sarah. ANSWER: Botticelli [10] I am thinking of a game. You can guess what it is however many times you like, as long as you ask only yes/no questions. ANSWER: n questions Now, FTPE, answer these questions about Botticelli. [10] A strip version of Botticelli is played by the lawyer Metzger and Oedipa Maas in what novel, whose author famously parodied its title as a cookbook on The Simpsons? ANS: The Crying of Lot 49 (accept The Frying of Latke 49) [10] A sinister psychiatrist played by Gene Barry shows his true colors by picking an impossibly hard person in Botticelli at a party in the 1968 telefilm Prescription: Murder, shortly before Peter Falk makes his first appearance as what detective? ANS: Lieutenant Frank Columbo [10] Its okay to compare your date to a painting by Botticelli, but you shouldnt call her Rubenesque, and you especially should steer clear of comparisons to the work of this Colombian artist, whose Abu Ghraib series was exhibited at Berkeleys Doe Library in 2007. ANS: Fernando Botero FTPE, name these cities based on the revival house where Yogesh used to watch old movies there. [10] Robert Rodriguez Sin City premiered in this citys Paramount Theatre, where Yogesh sobbed through a digitally restored version of The Red Shoes. Yogeshs home there was just a few feet away from Daniel Johnstons famous frog mural, in the building where Michael Dell founded Dell Computers. ANSWER: Austin, TX [10] Living in the International House at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way put Yogesh less than a 5-minute walk from the Pacific Film Archive repertory theater in this city. ANSWER: Berkeley, CA [10] The family of Yogeshs friend Melissas ex-boyfriend, David Alfred Morgan Woodley Packard III (as in Hewlett-Packard), runs this citys Stanford Theater. It has its own Wurlitzer organ that rises from beneath the stage la The Abominable Dr. Phibes. ANSWER: Palo Alto, CA

Answer some questions about Sabeeh/Masons favorite music, FTPE: [10] In high school, he did everything he could to emulate, both in character and in appearance, this drummer of Nirvana and frontman of the Foo Fighters. ANSWER: Dave Grohl [10] After a From First to Last concert in 2006, Sabeeh/Mason got the opportunity to have a brief chat with lead singer Sonny John Moore, now known by this stage name. ANSWER: Skrillex [10] If asked to cite a favorite rap song, Sabeeh/Mason would probably cite this single featured on Ice Cubes 1992 album The Predator, with such insightful lyrics like Picked up a girl been tryin to fuck since the twelfth grade, its ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic, the Lakers beat the Supersonics. The tumblr Murk Avenue used clues like that to identify its setting as January 20, 1992. ANSWER: It Was a Good Day 5 FTPE, answer these questions sort of about American Horror Story, none of which involve black rubber suits. [10] Psychotic grad student Hayden was played by Kate Mara, whose family founded the New York Giants and currently co-owns it with this Oscar-winning Forrest Gump producer, whose fathers name graces several NYU buildings. ANSWER: Steve Tisch [10] The strains of Bernard Herrmanns Twisted Nerve theme cue flashbacks to Tates murder of several schoolmates, include a cheerleader played by Ashley Rickards. Rickards also plays the protagonist of what MTV sitcom, whose one-word title applies to many quizbowlers? ANSWER: Awkward. [10] A creepy monster chained in the attic was almost certainly named by Constance after this Confederate general of Louisiana Creole extraction, who kicked off the Civil War by successfully taking Fort Sumter in April 1861. ANSWER: Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard FTPE, answer these questions about Yogeshs USC student film The Breakdown. [10] The Breakdown is a remake of a Joseph Cotten-starring episode of this TV series, whose familiar theme music was Charles Gounods Funeral March of a Marionette. That episode was directed by its namesake portly host. ANSWER: Alfred Hitchcock Presents [10] The only music heard in The Breakdown was taken from the soundtrack of The Hours and composed by this minimalist, whose best known film score is probably Koyaanisqatsi. ANSWER: Philip Glass [10] Opus Moreschi, who appears as a coroner in The Breakdown, later won an Emmy as a writer for this TV program. He is currently credited as its Super PAC Coordinator. ANSWER: The Colbert Report Answer some question about a quiz bowler who regularly states his dislike of his major and school, which has a separate computer system and gives out separate e-mail addresses to its undergrads to differentiate itself from the poor riff-raff of the other schools, FTPE: [10] This Stern junior has Teamliquid.net as his browser home page, though he no longer plays the game the site is dedicated to. ANSWER: Michael Zhuang (accept either underlined name) [10] Teamliquid.net is a site dedicated to this Blizzard RTS series released in 1998, which has two sequels, the latest of which was released in 2010. ANSWER: Starcraft [5, 5] Michael frequently keeps himself awake debating the merits of three musical keys in a vain attempt to choose a favorite. Name any two of the three for five points each. Their relative majors are C, D, and Eflat. ANSWER: A minor, B minor, C minor

FTPE, answer these questions about quizzers famous for something other than quizzing. [10] This man represented Queens College, Cambridge in University Challenge in 1980. He currently hosts what should be the favorite TV show of all quizbowlers, QI. ANSWER: Stephen Fry [10] After discussing his Mandarin lessons and winning $31,800 on Jeopardy! Kids Week, this selfpossessed young man was cast in the lead role opposite Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis, and Max von Sydow in 2011 Best Picture Oscar nominee Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. ANSWER: Thomas Horn [10] After losing a close game at the 2005 ICT due to an unfortunate neg, BU and UCLA quiz bowl alum Erik Nielsen vowed to never play again, and kept to his word. However, he has since resurfaced as a cast member of this cult NBC sitcom, on which he plays chubby, slow-witted Garrett. ANSWER: Community FTPE, answer these questions about things that went wrong when Yogesh ran a Jeopardy!-style game at UT-Austin. [10] Despite there being at least half a dozen acceptable answers, one team managed to completely screw up identifying this TV character who works with a team of assistants at the Jeffersonian Institute with FBI agent Seeley Booth. ANS: Dr. Temperance Tempe Bones Brennan or Joy Keenan (accept any underlined name or combination thereof) [10] Both teams failed to identify this journalist and author despite the obvious fact that his name can be comprised from the names of the Dunphy daughters on Modern Family. ANSWER: Alex Haley [10] One player was a big enough fan of this actress to know that she had once appeared as a contestant on the little-seen spin-off American Juniors, but not a big enough fan to know, um, her name. Since then, NYU quizbowlers have determined that she is more like John Smoltz than Tom Glavine, and she got stabbed in the opening scene of Scream 4. ANSWER: Lucy Hale 10 FTPE, name these obsessions of Sarah Dillard, all of which she has missed the opportunity to 30 bonuses on by skipping various quiz bowl tournaments where they came up. [10] Sarah has actually missed multiple opportunities to answer quiz bowl questions about this HBO series adapted from the work of George R.R. Martin. ANSWER: A Game of Thrones [10] The first bonus at ACF Regionals, another tournament that Sarah did not attend, would have allowed her to answer questions about a wibbley-wobbly BBC Wales product that currently stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill. What is the name and number of Smiths character? ANSWER: The Eleventh Doctor (do not accept or prompt on anything containing Who) [10] Sarah also did not show up to the 2012 SCT tournament, where she wouldve had the opportunity to identify Summer Glau as the actress who portrayed this character in both Firefly and the incredibly disappointing Serenity. xkcd proposed a movie in which she beats up everyone. ANSWER: River Tam FTPE, answer some questions about Soul Quiz Bowl. [10] The phrase, first used by Max Stivers, pays homage to this Disney Channel Original Movie starring Erik von Detten as the title in-line skater. ANSWER: Brink! [10] Stivers used the phrase to inspire the NYU team competing in this event. ANSWER: 2012 ICT (accept anything remotely involving NAQT Nationals) [10] NYU would lose the Division II ICT Championship to this school. While they are not Soul Quiz Bowlers, they are still a pretty cool bunch of dudes. ANSWER: Harvard University (accept Hahvahd)

This year has featured some games with extremely narrow margins of victory and defeat. FTPE: [10] Thanks to Penns incompetence in allowing a blatant repeat, NYU lost a closely fought final at Penn Bowl Trash by failing to identify this home stadium of the Chicago Bears. ANSWER: Soldier Field [10] In a tournament with no powers, this one-man wrecking crew managed the nearly impossible feat of losing to NYU after being up 45 points going into the final tossup. ANSWER: Douglas Yetman (accept either underlined name) [10] NYU won that ACF Fall tiebreaker on a geography question about this polity. ANSWER: Alaska FTPE, name these monsters, fiends, and other comically scary things from The Cabin in the Woods. [10] Just above demons on the whiteboard that outlines the office betting pool are these fiends. Willow and Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are other examples of them, as is Morrigan from the Capcom Universe. ANSWER: sexy witches (do not accept or prompt on witches) [10] The Bradley Whitford-portrayed Hadley runs the office pool, and is extremely disappointed when one of the teens does not blow on a conch shell and summon this creature. ANSWER: merman (do not accept mermaid; award 20 extra bonus points to anyone who makes a Zoolander reference) [10] Like the merman, this demon - clearly inspired by the Cenobites from Hellraiser - is close to being selected. While his name does not appear on the whiteboard, he does get extended screen time between the teens escape to the office complex and the point where all hell breaks loose. ANSWER: Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain FTPE, answer some questions about scenes from the life of Yogesh Raut. [10] From his comfy room at the local inn, Yogesh witnessed this event, which occurred at roughly around the beginning of the Common Era and is commonly described with the Latin phrase anno domini. ANSWER: The birth of Jesus Christ (accept the year of our lord or anything referring to Jesus and/or Christ being born) [10] Tragically, Yogesh was made to watch this mentor of his take his own life by drinking hemlock after that man had been charged with corrupting the youth of Athens. ANSWER: Socrates (pronounced SO-crates) [10] At a young age, Yogesh sat in an older relatives home and looked on as they developed this technological innovation, which today is marketed by companies including Michelin and Bridgestone. ANSWER: the wheel (prompt on tires) 15 FTPE, answer these questions about Yogeshs blog, The Wronger Box. [10] The first installment in the recurring feature TV Close-Up focused on Silence of the Lamb, a 2005 episode of what noir-ish detective series starring Kristen Bell? ANSWER: Veronica Mars [10] The second installment detailed a Doctor Who episode in which Ten and Donna visit Pompeii shortly before the eruption of Vesuvius, where they meet a marble dealer played by this Scotsman. Winner of an Oscar for his short film Franz Kafkas Its a Wonderful Life, he is better known as Local Heros sweet Danny Oldsen and The Thick of It and In the Loops venomous Malcolm Tucker. ANSWER: Peter Capaldi [10] The name The Wronger Box derives from a 1966 film version of the comic novel The Wrong Box, cowritten by this man with his stepson Lloyd Osbourne. It was published in 1889, shortly before this man moved to the South Seas and adopted the Samoan name Tusitala. You probably know him better for books about Jim Hawkins and David Balfour. ANSWER: Robert Louis Stevenson

FTSNOP, answer these questions about everyones favorite person who still wears a jean jacket, Doug Yetman. [10] While intending to transfer to NYU next year, Yetman has been the sole known member of this schools Quiz Bowl club. ANSWER: LaGuardia Community College (prompt on CUNY or its unabbreviated form) [10] At a tournament in October, Yetman competed alongside members of this Boston schools B team. He would later describe them as the worst. ANSWER: Brandeis University [5, 5] At the last tournament of this academic year, Yetman played for NYU B. F5PE, name his teammates. ANSWER: Sarah Dillard and Bilal Husain (accept either underlined name; prompt on new guy for Bilal) FTPE, name these things that arent Max or Katya, but do make Yogesh feel old. [10] Yogeshs much younger roommate described this actor as the coach from The Waterboy, rather than as his clearly most iconic character Arrested Developments Barry Zuckercorn. Oh yeah, also, the jacket of another of his characters is in the Smithsonian. ANSWER: Henry Winkler [10] Yogesh had another Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings? moment when his teammates at Berkeley failed to identify this longtime Boston Celtics star and rival of Magic Johnson. ANSWER: Larry Bird [10] When a question about Aaron Burr came up, first Ray and then Yogesh made the appropriate joke, only to realize with dawning horror than none of their fellow club members had ever seen the Got Milk? commercial that remains the best work of this auteur. ANSWER: Michael Bay In one Sesame Street sketch, it was hilariously revealed that this characters real name is Bernie Liederkrantz. FTPE: [10] Here Is Your Life, Whats My Part, and The Triangle Is Right on which every correct answer is a triangle are among the many parodic game shows hosted by what non-lugubrious Muppet? ANSWER: Guy Smiley (accept either underlined name) (prompt on a triangle) [10] Guy Smiley is almost certainly Sarah Dillards favorite Muppet, given her fondness for this Oscarwinning actor recently seen having oddly hot sex with the product of a genetic experiment in Splice. ANSWER: Adrien Brody [10] Jason Lais favorite movie, the 1994 remake of Angels in the Outfield, features a pre-fame Neal McDonough and Matthew McConaughey, in addition to Brody, as members of the title team. FTP, name either of the two veteran Oscar-winning character actors also in the movie, one of whom played a Gene Autry-like owner and the other of whom was Roger and J.P.s foster mom, Maggie. ANSWER: Ben Johnson or Brenda Fricker [10] In baseball, everyone gets three strikes! So if that last part was too hard, instead name the accomplished cellist and ex-husband of Catherine Keener who appears as Rogers deadbeat dad. Hint: You may be forgiven for confusing him with the male lead of American Horror Story. ANSWER: Dermot Mulroney An April 14, 2012 entry on Yogeshs brothers blog features a video of this man talking to Martin Luther Kings daughter Bernice. FTPE: [10] Name this controversial philanthropist whose foundation funds summer camps and foster homes in the US and Brazil. Yogeshs family toured his Winshape Center near Berry College in Rome, GA, when Yogeshs parents almost moved to Rome. ANSWER: S. Truett Cathy [10] Cathy and his brother Ben founded the Dwarf Grill, which eventually grew into this restaurant chain that, thanks to Cathys Christian beliefs, is never open on Sunday. You will often see people protesting it outside of NYUs Weinstein Hall. ANSWER: Chick-fil-A [10] Even though it only debuted on June 7, 2010, Jason Lai is somehow nostalgic for this food item. ANSWER: Chick-fil-As spicy chicken sandwich

20 Now, FTPE, name the three quiz bowl regulars who have not been mentioned at all in this packet. ANSWER: Tad Umali, Diamond Ebanks, Zachary Taylor (accept either first or last name) BONUS BONUS: FTPE, name these answers from this years tournaments that arent the Tipton Hotel but still made Yogesh very happy. [10] Yogesh literally threw his fist into the air with excitement after hearing a question about this theory from behavioral economics developed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. It involves decisionmaking under probabilistic risk. ANSWER: prospect theory [10] Thanks to the release of the movie Anonymous, Yogesh briefly became an expert on antiStratfordianism and was able to answer a question about this playwright from a mention of Mark Rylance, the first Artistic Director of the Sam Wanamaker-founded theater in London named for him. ANSWER: William Shakespeare (do not accept Earl of Oxford or Edward de Vere) [10] A question about this Vice President and occasional songwriter, who won a Nobel Prize for his ambitious but impractical plan for WW1 reparations, allowed Yogesh to reference an AV Club meme about a Southern California band that shares his surname; that band, noted for its Laurel Canyon sound, released the albums North Hills and Nothing Is Wrong. ANSWER: Charles G. Dawes

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