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Created May 14, 2005

Revised 24 July, 2007 and September 9, 2007

Copyright 1998-2007 by John W. Allen


The Shit, The Flies, The Spores, The Shrooms and the

The Fabulous Rice Paddies of Ban Hua Thanon, Koh Samui.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver of Samui Beach Resort, Lamai.

The Shit, The Flies, The Spores, The Shrooms and The Ants.

Sounds like a new movie. Okay, now I should warn the

readers that this is not a tale for the squeamish.
So sit back, Smoke a Doobie and Listen to this tale of the
Shroom. Well I must admit this took me a long time to
figure out how to best present this sequence of events so I
must let you know ahead of time that some of the shrooms
images with the worms are from different days and
different mushroom caps, which after making a print, I
had laid them aside to dry and the humidity was so
horrible and the worms hatched, so i put together this
event to show you some of what occurs. In Thailand,
there are 60,000,000 water buffalo (kwai).
of which approximately 10,000,000 are pink.

And about 6,000,000 cows (wua).

One tenth of all water buffalo are pink. The kwai and
wua are the progenitors of several species of magic
psilocybian mushrooms known to occur in the manure of
these four-legged ruminants or in the manured ground of
same. Among the mushrooms in question are Copelandia
cyanescens and Psilocybe cubensis. This study focuses on
the evolutionary metamorphosis of Psilocybe cubensis
from shit to flies to fly eggs to spores to shrooms to fruit
and so on and so forth. Here below are two images of the
mushroom in question.

All right, now I would like to explain how these mushrooms appear from out of

Some Mazatecs refer to the mushrooms by saying,

"that the little mushroom comes of itself, no one knows whence, like the wind that
comes, we know not when or why."
So, this is what happens. A mushroom, as in the images above, pops up in the
manure of most four legged ruminants, preferably the manure of buffalo, Bos
(cattle, cows, etc.) And gaur; and sometimes in the manure heaps of horses.
Finally, when the mushroom reaches maturity, the cap opens and a veil remnant, as
seen in the above photo image, soon drops. And then so do the spores.

So, once the spores have dropped to the ground that is the beginning of the lifecycle
of the mushroom. Spores are dispersed in many different ways. Falling directly
below the cap of the mushroom and landing on the blades of surrounding grasses.
Another method is from cows eating the mushrooms and the spores become
disbursed inside one or more of the cows four stomachs.
Or the cattle and buffalo shit directly on a place where the spores have been
deposited on leaves or the ground.

Within 6-8 weeks or so after the manure has decomposed, new mushrooms began to

Now this is where my tale of the shrooms must begin.

On a hot and humid morning in 1987, while vacationing on Koh Samui, an island in
the Gulf of Thailand, I awoke to the sound of a song being sung by a bird,
somewhere singing outside my window, telling me to arise and greet the day with a

So after getting up and taking a quick shower, I decided to see if the mushrooms I
had picked the previous day had dried overnight on my nightstand in my bungalow

So I was very startled when I first noticed that the caps had dozens of tiny holes
drilled in them. Drilled by a small platoon of mini carpenter ants. Something I had
never encountered before when drying mushrooms for future use.
I also had other critter problems in Thailand while trying to preserve my specimens
for future studies. On the first night on Koh Samui, I also had a few giant
cockroaches (palmettos) getting into my drying shroom collections. Those are the
huge big water bug kind who decided to chew out gaping chunks from the shrooms
with their gnarly skeletal cockroach teeth. God were they stoned. So by the 2nd
night of trying to properly dry even more cubes, I decided to put some sheets of a
local Thai newspaper on top of my mosquito net because back then most bungalows
at the resorts had open aired windows and no screens, so mosquito nets were
necessary and seemed like a good place to try to dry my mushrooms without the
interference of little critters invading their space and eating them.
Well, as time passed me by, I awoke in the middle of the night upon hearing this
strange gnarly gnawing sound emanating from above me on the top of the
newspaper tiered by rows of drying mushroom caps. So I immediately arose, got up,
and flipped on the light, a light run by a weak generator, so that it kind of flickered
on and off giving the room an eerie glow of sorts

So there, at the edge of the mosquito net, was a large friggin’ rat. A rat who was
hanging over the edge of the mosquito net, obviously stoned out of his gourd, and as
it appeared to me, he had a slight problem in distance judging by the way he looked
down to see if he could leap that far from the edge of the overhead mosquito net to
the far away floor. Seemed like he was suddenly having a very bad trip and he
appeared to me as if he wanted to get away from the big human monster who was
looking up at him. Actually I was looking deep into his frightened twitching
darkened eyes. It almost looked as if he was saying, "what the Fuck is going on

Anyway that is another story for another day.

So then this was my third day in a row of trying to properly dry the mushrooms I
had collected and attempted to dry preserve them for future studies by others.

Now on this particular morning, while checking my drying mushroom caps used to
making spore prints on a table in my room, I noticed a hundred or more ants
running around on the table in circles around the shrooms. I noticed that they had a
straight line climbing up the leg of the table but there was no line of ants climbing
back down. Then I scattered them off the table and looked closely at the
mushrooms. Then I noticed the dozens of little drilled holes in the shrooms where
the ants were eating and soon tripping out on the mushrooms. That was my first
lesson in drying cubensis. Although I knew that the cows and water buffalos also eat
the cubes and copes frequently in the fields along with other shrooms when they
chew on the grass and grab a mouthful of shrooms.

So, here from a slide is a picture of some of those caps which the ants had drilled
holes in while feasting on the magic of the shrooms. Yet, while I have a few thousand
slides, this image was all I could come up with in an hour of looking.
I had better images but we will start with this one to
show why I created this post which sounds like a title to
the movie like, The Thief, the Cook, the Dumb-Waiter
and the Stocking Cap or whatever; Sex, Lies and Video
Tapes, etc., anyway, I wish I had taken a cam recorder for
this one.

Now if you look carefully at the enlargement you can see

the little tiny holes drilled by the ever clever, hungry for
entheogenic shroom stalking ants and of course, these
shrooms are the kind of shrooms the Island Ants of Koh
Samui love to nibble on.

Okay, now to begin anew:

Spore dispersal is a mighty thing like a giant orgasm in

the air of dried spores blowing in the wind as if Dylan
himself saw and knew what I was thinking of when i said
this today years ago when he saw it when he wrote his
song. But the majority of shrooms which grow from dung
actually grow from spores deposited on blades of grass or
from being inside the cows stomach, from either eating
the grasses where spores have been deposited on or from
eating shrooms which already have the spores in them.

And from the cow shit falling on blades of grass or dead

shrooms here and there and wherever the many spores
are deposited. More likely that way then blowing in the
Since I had trouble locating a picture of a blade of grass with cubie purple-
chocolate- or chocolate to purple-brown spore deposits on the prints I decided here
to illustrate this point with a blade of leaf with some black spores from a Copelandia
shroom I picked somewhere on Koh Samui but cannot recall where.

Here is that blade of grass for Copelandia cyanescens. With black spore deposits
waiting for some Cow or Buffalo to come along and either shit on it or eat the grass
the spores are deposited on.

And here is a large P. cubensis with spore deposits all

over the top of it and i removed the blade of grass from
the top of the shroom to photograph the cap to show how
a blade of glass above the shroom can also have spores on
it since it removed the spores from where it laid on the
cap of the shroom and you can see just what I mean when
you enlarge and look at the image.
Now the next thing you will learn is about how the mighty buffalo (kwai) comes
along or the lowly cow (wua) happens by and deposits some of that fodder he was
chewing on the day before onto the spores deposited on those mighty blades of grass,
and after he drops that fresh turd of dung, the fly soon comes along and lays their
eggs in the fresh manure so their little unborn larvae can feast in a manner befitting
their station of life and position in their environmental society of the dung of four-
legged ruminants.

Now let me tell you that these flies were many on the pie, that is, until I lay down
next to their breeding factory and watched while they scattered off in different
directions away from me, only to return after i lay still for a while next to their
heaven. They were actually wall to wall like a carpet in ones living room, all of them
in harmony laying their eggs together as if a flock of church members were singing
a hymn on a Sunday morning in the pews of a local church.

Aha, I thought, not all of them were afraid of me and thus many stayed as these next
two images show the flies depositing their eggs into the heaps of dung by where I

This next image is from 2006 in August and shows baby flies flocking the pie.
Nothing more exciting then lying down next to a large buffalo turd. The only
problem doing that occurs when the fire ants and the carpenter ants began to eat
your neck and ear and legs, and then maybe like in Cambodia, i would get a giant
spider crawling up my neck. That actually happened but then that also is another
tale to be told at another time and place other than here.

It was much more prettier when they were wall to wall on

the dung heap. Maybe I should have laid their for a while
and they all would have come back for me to take their
picture and record it into the history books on the
evolutionary process I was partaking in.

So then the mycelia grows up under the manure and to

show what I mean here are 3 cow-pies found on the Island
of Oahu, Hawaii with baby Copelandia cyanescens
mushrooms fruiting under the manure and reaching over
to pop out from the outer edge of the manure. See the
worms love to come up the stems of the mushrooms so
once they are picked the worms really start to eat the caps
as the biological death of the shroom occurs and
deterioration sets in.

Here are three images to show you what happened after

dung fell on the Coped spored-blades of grass as shown
above. After several weeks and up to six weeks later after
the manure has become decomposed, then and only then,
does the mycelium spread under the turd. Here are three
images to show how this occurs.
Okay now we are going to get to the cubensis shrooms.
They also have mycelia growing under the manure and
when the time is ripe the mushrooms appear and grow. I
bring them home and make spore prints and in the
extreme heat the next day the humidity begins to cause
the eggs inside of the stem of the mushroom to hatch. See
since the stem of these shrooms are hollow, it is kind of
like the light at the end of the tunnel for the fruit fly
larvae as they proceed to make their way up the inside of
the stem to the soft cap which is beginning to rot as the
little worms eat the cap they began to shit and the smell
brings more of the babies up the stem. Here is a P.
cubensis shroom that is already in the final stage of the
beginning of its deterioration.
Thus I take a cap and place it on the paper to make a
print. There is no air inside except between the gills so the
worms began to eat it from the inside out.

Here is one overturned cap of a lighter brown colored one

with a few worms worming their way out of the center of
the cap where I cut it with a scissor. I could feel the
softness in the cap in the morning when I lifted the cap
from the paper where I was attempting to get a print and
I could feel that the cap was getting soft, indicating the
habitation of the worms beginning to do the dance of the
seven veils. And they began to worm their way to ecstasy
in the ananda of the shrooms.
As shown in this next image, the first of four such caps.

Okay I should show you the print and the difference

between two caps beginning to rot inside due to the
worms eating and shitting and eating and shitting and
that is all they are doing and all of the time they are doing
this they are getting stoned out of their little tiny gourds.

The mushroom on the left side of the paper and the right
side are beginning to rot inside from lack of air and the
growth of the ever fattening fried worms. The shroom in
the middle is healthy and wealthy and fat and has had a
good life so far no worms have invaded its space. It is
busty and has substance while the ones on the left and
right are beginning to wither from being eaten inside out.

See below for next image.

And here are two more caps which are beginning to rot
inside and are being eaten by the fly larvae who by now
are having one hell of a tripping party going on, dancing
and singing praises to the shrooms they are eating.

And this one is getting eaten on the outer inside of the

cap as you can see the cap collapsing from the loss of its
outer weight from the hungry little larvae.

Okay now you get the idea. So every few days I would
have a medium to large size cap began to rot from the
inside out with hundreds of larvae being incubated.
Here was a young fresh cap with worms already
developing on the fresh gill plates.
So I would put the cap upside down on a post on the
porch of my bungalow. Sometimes I would forget it was
there and place my hand on the post for support and get
gushed by the gushy shitty shroom and the fleshy larvae
my hand had just crushed.

To illustrate a point of incubation, here are a few more

overturned caps, from different days.

On one you can see the edges of the spore print which
began but the worms consumed the overturned upside-
down facing the paper shroom cap before morning came
leaving the outer lines of the spore deposits from the gills
still visible with lines and the shrinking cap.

Here is another one that rotted on the paper over night.

Now within 2 to 8 or 10 hours after the cap becomes really
a slobbie slime of gooey substances and is very mushy, the
worms now began to dance the dance of the 7 veils and
enjoying life like they never would have anywhere else.

Here are several wormy mushy upright images of the

worms crawling out of the primordial darkness of the past
into their ecstatic new short-lived future.
And so you get the idea by now.

Now come the ants. They had a trail in a single wobbly

line climbing up the post. Several times I accidentally
placed my hand on the post so I had to start another day.
These next 8 images show the ants struggling to overtake
the larvae and kill them slowly by biting them with a
stinging poison leading them to a slow and painful stoned
death as the ants revel in their quickening excitement of a
new intoxication which they have to take back to their
nest with them and tell the other ants about this new and
exciting meal they just began to worship. Their stinging
hot bites lead to the death of the worms with there hot
stinging bites which these babbly Carpenter ants have. I
will say that it was a shame my stupid battery expired on
this day of the ants celebration of the shroom guzzling
worms which they too were beginning to get high from
eating. I had no way to photograph the final process of
this system of evolution but next year i will make it a
point to do just one single large shroom step-by step and
then repost the images. Many of my pictures were so
blurred trying to focus and place the edge of my mini tri-
pod on the post. In one of the images you can see the leg of
the tri-pod so it was very hard for me to get a clear shot
because I could not hold the camera steady enough to get
that masterful photo to which i am use to getting with a
regular camera with a roll of film. Something I am better
at than with the digital. At least half of my images I
photographed (over 3600) were no good for anyone to
look at.

So here, posted below, are the last of the 8 ant images that
were halfway clear enough to view.
Okay now this next image is quite disturbing since there is a whole gang of ants
ganging up on this poor little worm. Can you imagine the fear this little shroomed
out worm is going through as these horrible creatures with six legs, six legs mind
you, and I say this to you only because the poor little shroomed out worms do not
even have any legs at all, and can you just imagine the horror occurring in the
minds of these poor little worms as the ants grapple to subdue them and do the
nasty on their little wormy bodies with their gritty little ant teeth.

Take a look-see and don't say I did not warn you about the terror going on in the
eyes and mind of that poor little worm and all of their relatives who are about to
become fodder for the queen of the ants and their ilk.

Now be sure to make all of the children leave the room before viewing this horrible
murder of this poor little stoned out worm.

I told you so. They ganged up on him and there were

more on their way up the post to come and chew on these
shroomy worms so the ants could continue their cycle of
the shrooms power.

Reminds me of a song i use to sing when i was a kid to the

grasshoppers in my back yard:

"Oowie Gooey was A worm,

A Little Worn was he.
He sat upon the Railroad Track,
The train he did not see,
Oowie Gooey."
And finally I want to present a few images of tomorrow’s
progenitors of the shroom race of Psilocybe cubensis.
The Children of the future:
And there you have it. Another Tale from the Shroom.

I would say personally that this tale is a lot more exciting

then Aesop's Fables or biblical parables.

From the twisted and shroomed out mind of mj to all of

you. Happy shrooming. and do not worry, the worms are
only protein. Many of you in the southeast USA and
tropical island countries also eat them many times before
you notice them in your cubies. I know because I did and
we are all of the same shroom spirit.

Bye for now.

From a melting shroom cap of P. cubensis in Samui of August 2006
We find the worms partying on.