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Norman Downes Homes Association Board Meeting Minutes Bunten Road Park Activities Building April 15, 2013

President: Barry Smith Treasurer: Susan Holland Vice President: Rob Welch Secretary: Peter Van Arsdale Attending: Barry Smith, Andy Miller, Sam Carr, Bill Smith, Susan Holland, Peter Van Arsdale, Mark Carter, Rob Welch, Rick Austin Meeting brought to order at 7:00PM Treasurer's Report: Susan Holland Balance sheet and Income report attached checking and savings $39,949.05. Total Current Assets $138,343.06. Balance Sheet and Income Statement were distributed to Board members. Assessments payments coming slowly at 66% of total expected. Pace of collections close to previous years. Barry Smith moved to accept treasurers report, Mark Carter second, passed unanimously.

Committee Reports Web Development: Rick Austin Back-up system replaced. Webpage and Facebook link are operational. Pool Operations: Rob Welch Contract for pool operations signed for the season with Swim Atlanta. Pool operations on schedule to open May 18 & 19 with guards. Swim at your own risk following th week. Regular guard schedule commences for the summer beginning Friday 26 . Rob researching options for storage shed to be located on the pool property. Tennis Operations: Mark Carter Mens ALTA league active. Nets are beginning to show wear and may need to be replaced. General Maintenance: Sam Carr Street sign at Leeds and Brookshire damaged. Needs to be replaced. Dam inspection complete. No major issues. Sam received instruction for repairing the cap on the toe drain. Sam intends to complete this minor repair himself. Landscape Maintenance: Andy Miller th Grass cover for the dam was mowed April 12 . Spring plantings underway for entrances and pool. Board agreed with Andys plan for minor landscape maintenance for the Tennis/Lake Access property. Work to be included in Landscape Maintenance budget and is in addition to work done at entrances and pool on a regular basis by our current landscape contractor.

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Lake Recreation: Bill Smith Board agreed that a payment of $100 be made to Bill Smith for reimbursement of out of pocket expense from tree removal project. The contractor for the tree removal project authorized at the March Board meeting cut eight trees. He did not complete work as originally agreed that was to have included stacking trees. Apparently, someone other than a Board member told the contractor to halt his work without moving the downed trunks. When questioned by Bill Smith, the contractor would not agree to return and stack the trunks without additional payment. Rob Welch offered a motion to enlist a proposal from two or more civil engineering firms to evaluate and recommend a course of action to correct erosion problems at the driveway and parking areas, and offer a plan for the restoration of lake access area. Motion seconded by P. Van Arsdale. Vote passed unanimously. Cost of the Engineering study to be allocated to general maintenance. Discussion about what to do with boats left at lake access. Barry Smith suggested that Norman Downes boat stickers be issued for easy identification. Rob Welch proposed a motion to give notice by posting sign to have unidentified boats th removed on or by April 27 . Owners must identify all remaining boats with owners name and th address. Unidentified boats remaining will be removed by May 28 and disposed of. Motion seconded by Bill Smith. Passed unanimously. Development: BarrySmith Development activities continue to be centered on lake recreation issues included above. Old Business Review March minutes. Minutes approved unanimously.

New Business Next Board meeting scheduled for May 13th

New member, Julie Partinger attended and was welcomed. She graciously offered to help with Association activities as she is able. Member Billy Jones, City Council Member, mentioned that City individual permits are needed for yard sales as stated in the latest issue of Normans News. This, however, is not a new requirement. While the City has no penalty for occasional yard sales, the intent of the legislation is to discourage homeowners in the City from conducting regular or weekly sales as a business practice. He pointed out a further inaccuracy in newsletter that indicated that helium balloons are not prohibited. There is no such prohibition. Billy would like to have the Board consider alternatives for boat ramp access that might include access from the dam end of the lake. Adjourn at 8:45

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