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Level 2

Video Script Book

Part 1
Scene 1 Song Muzzy Now Im in my spaceship. Now Im on my way. Im going to a party. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Hi! Im Muzzy. Big Muzzy. Scene 2

Bob Muzzy Bob Muzzy Bob Muzzy Bob Muzzy

Ah! Hello, Muzzy. How are you? Im fine, thanks. What time is the party? It's at five-thirty this afternoon. Oh dear! Am I late? No, you arent late, Muzzy. Youre early. Early? Yes. The partys at half past five. What time is it now? Scene 4


Hmm! A hundred and fifty trees there and thirty trees here. Oh, hello! Im Bob.

Voice A Voice B Wife Norman Wife Wife Voice B

Wife Wife Norman Norman King Norman Queen Norman Sylvia Norman Hello! Im Norman. Welcome to Gondoland! Thats the Palace. And theres the King. How do you do? Im the King of Gondoland. And theres the Queen. How do you do? Im the Queen. And their daughter, Princess Sylvia. Hello! And Sylvias husband, Bob. Scene 3 Muzzy Bob Muzzy Hey, Bob! Are you there? Whos that? Its me! Muzzy! Bob Muzzy Bob Wife Norman

What time is it? Its eight oclock. See you at ten oclock. Bye! Dont be late! Where is he? Ten fifteen. Quarter past ten. Ten thirty. Half past ten. Ten forty-five. Quarter to eleven. Hes late again. Youre late. No, Im not. Im early. Its quarter to ten. It isnt. Its eleven oclock. Oh boy! I am late. But Ive got this for you! Scene 5

Muzzy Bob Muzzy

Whats the time in Gondoland? Its ten fifteen - quarter past ten in the morning. Oh! This clock here says quarter to three. And this one says half past four... Ah! This one says ten fifteen. Quarter past ten. So youre early. Wheres Sylvia? I dont know... but we have a surprise for you.

Muzzy Bob Muzzy

A surprise! What is it? Aha! Its a secret. Tell me.


Bob Muzzy Bob

No. Its a secret. Wait and see. Oh, all right. See you at the party! See you! Scene 6

Bob Sylvia

Naughty Amanda! Come on! Let's go! Are we ready for the party? Almost. We're almost ready. Corvax is making a cake. A huge cake! An enormous cake! Scene 7

Corvax Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Ah! There you are!... Its not a secret. Its Amanda. And whose baby are you? Shes ours, of course. Yes. Youre our baby. And whose fingers are these? Theyre Amandas fingers. And whose toes are these? Theyre Amandas toes. Theyre hers. And whose eyes are these? Theyre your eyes, Amanda. Yes, theyre yours. And this is your little nose. Yours!

Ohh! Eugh! Now what does it say here? Er... what do we need? Mmm! Flour. I need flour... sugar... currants... Oh, I need help! Ah! How are you? Im Corvax. Eggs, butter... Oh dear! I need help. Scene 8


Song Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Both Bob How many fingers? How many toes? How many eyes Beside her nose? Ten little fingers. Ten little toes. Two big brown eyes. And a little pink nose. Two big brown eyes. And a little pink nose. And how many teeth? Ow!

Here you are, Corvax! He can help you. Be good, or you go back to prison. Corvax Who are you? Whats your name? Thimbo Im Thimbo. Thimbo the terrible! Im bad! Corvax Bad are you? Aha! Thimbo I know you. Youre Corvax. Youre very bad. Corvax Yes. And Im clever. Thimbo What are you doing, Corvax? Corvax Im making a cake. A huge cake. An enormous cake. Now get some sugar and some eggs and some apples and...


Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

I don't like work. And I don't like Bob and I don't like Muzzy. Muzzy? Whos Muzzy? Wait and see! The partys for Muzzy. What food does he like? Clocks. Clocks! Does he eat clocks? Yes, he does. Muzzy eats clocks. Now, you get on with your work! (to himself) I dont like Muzzy and I dont like Bob. But I love Princess Sylvia. Scene 9

King Sylvia

She always bites me. Now shes biting me! Scene 10

Norman Wife

Norman Wife Norman

Im wearing pants. I always wear pants. Im wearing a skirt. I usually wear a skirt, but sometimes I wear pants. Yes, you do. And I never wear a skirt. He wears pants. But he often takes them off. And the dog always brings them back. Scene 11

Hello, Muzzy. Welcome to Gondoland! Muzzy Hello, Bob... Your Majesty! King Glad to see you again, Muzzy. Queen Oh, Muzzy! It is nice to see you. Muzzy Its a pleasure, your Majesty! Sylvia And heres our secret. Muzzy Sylvia! A baby! What a nice surprise! Is it your baby? Bob/Sylvia Yes, its ours.





Now, what do we need? Do we need any salt? Ah! Yes, we do. Is there any salt over there? Yes, there is. Theres some in here. Ahchoo! Do we need any pepper? No, we dont. We dont need any pepper. Scene 12


King Muzzy Sylvia Muzzy Bob Sylvia

Of course its theirs. And whats its... his... her... Shes a girl. Her names Amanda. Hello, Amanda. Ow! Does she often bite people? Sometimes. Oh, Bob! Not often. She doesnt often bite people.

I want some rice. Do you have any rice? Shopkeeper I don't have any rice, but I have some cheese. Do you want any cheese? Norman No, thank you. I dont want any cheese. I want some apples. Do you have any apples? Shopkeeper I don't have any apples, but I have some cookies. Norman I dont want any cookies. Do you have any eggs? Shopkeeper Ah! Some eggs. No, I don't have any eggs. How about some flowers?


No, thank you. I dont want any flowers. Good-bye! Scene 13

Thimbo Corvax

Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo

What about milk? Do we need any milk? Look at the book! Read it! I dont know! Oh! You cant read. No, I cant. Well, then, get some plates. I don't see any plates. There are some plates over there. No, there arent. There arent any.

Wow! Thats clever! Can I do that? No, you cant. Its a secret. But perhaps... Ah, yes! Yes! I have a surprise. A surprise for the King... and for Bob... and for everyone. And you can help me.

Part 2
Scene 15 Thimbo Corvax! Whats your surprise? Whats your secret? Corvax My secret? Ah! Wait a minute! Look outside! Is anyone there? Thimbo Is anyone there? Corvax No!... Tt!... Tt!... Thimbo... Is anyone there? Can you see anyone? Thimbo Oh! I cant see anyone. No. Theres no one outside. Scene 16 Norman Man 1 Man 2 Norman Man 2 Norman Help! Help! Help! Theres someone inside. Listen! I cant hear anyone. Help! Ah! Now I can hear someone. Thank you.

Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Yes, there are. Look! In front of you. Oh! Those plates! Be careful! Scene 14


Thimbo King Thimbo King Thimbo King

Thimbo Corvax

Whats happening? Whats all this? Who are you? Im Thimbo. Wheres Corvax? Over there! Where? Hes there, your Majesty. Where's Corvax? Corvax isn't here. Get on with your work. Corvax! Where are you? Im here.

Man 1 Norman Man 2

Is there anyone inside now? No. Theres no one inside. And your clocks working. Scene 17


Thimbo. It's half past four. The Queen's waiting for you. Off you go! Scene 18

Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax


No one there? Right! Take this box! OK, I have it. Now, push the button! This button? No! That's the wrong one, Thimbo! Look! It says 'Push' Er... Mm...

Queen Thimbo Queen

Now, can you greet the guests politely? Yes, your Majesty. Wait! All right. Say Good evening.

Thimbo Queen Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Oh, you cant read. Look! Push this button here! Ah! Good! Thats right! Now youre invisible. Can anyone see me? No. Youre invisible. Wow! Im invisible! No one can see me! Now Im pushing my button. Now youre invisible, too. Yes. Thats my secret. IN-VI-SI-BLE! Wheee! Put those clocks down! And do some work! Put some roses on the cake! A red one here... a yellow one here... a yellow one... What about a big one on the top? Im putting this on the top. There! Now its ready. Ohh! Its fantastic! Thimbo Queen Thimbo Queen

Thimbo Queen

Ello, darling! No, no, no! Thats rude. Say Good evening politely. Like this. Good evening. Good evening, your Majesty. Thats better. What do I do now? Take my coat. No! Take it carefully. Now put it down. No! Put it down gently. Right! Now open the other door. No, no! Close it again, and then open it gently and quietly. Like this? Thats right... You arent very good at this. Scene 19


Song Bob Sylvia Bob Were ready for the party. Everyones coming along. Were ready for the party.

Corvax Thimbo

All Queen King Sylvia Bob Queen All Corvax Sylvia Bob Queen King Muzzy

All Corvax

So lets all sing a song. There are peanuts and chips. And cookies and buns. Lemonade. And orange juice. Pizzas and pies. And a great big huge enormous cake! And I have my big surprise. What about chocolate or strawberry ice? Would you like some spaghetti or rice? Have a cookie! Have a bun! Here are some peanuts! Lets have fun! Im having clocks. Theyre very nice. Im eating them all. And I dont want a piece... ...of the great big huge enormous cake! But wait for my big surprise! Scene 20

Scene 21 Voice A Voice B Voice A Voice A Voice B Voices Voice A Voice B Voices A cup. Some tea. A cup of tea. Some soup. A little soup. A lot of soup. A clock. Some clocks. Lots of clocks. Scene 22 King Guests And now! Heres Amanda! Ohh! What a lovely baby! She is lovely... Can I hold her?... No! Dont! Whats happening? Wheres Amanda going? Scene 23 Guard 1 Guard 2 Guard 1 Guard 2 Guard 1 Guard 2 Guard 1 Guard 2 Sylvia Whats happening? Someones opening the door. Look! Theres Amanda! Mm! Shes going that way. Now someones opening the other door. Mm! Now shes going through that door. And someones closing it. Mm! Closing it. Wheres Amanda?

Bob Guest A Bob Guest A Queen Guest B Queen Guest C Muzzy Guest C Muzzy Guest C


Would you like some cheese? Im having some. Oh! Yes, please. How much? A little, please. Thats perfect! Would you like some cake? Its very nice. Oh! Yes, please. Heres a piece of cake. Im having a piece, too. Have a piece of this. No, thank you. Would you like some soup? No, not for me, thank you. A bun - some cookies a cup of tea? A glass of lemonade? No, thank you very much. I like clocks. Lots of clocks.

Bob Sylvia

Bob Guard 1 Guard 2 Guard 1 Guard 2 Bob Guard 1 Guard 2 Sylvia Guard 2 Guard 1

What happened? Someone opened that door. Then someone opened the other door. And someone closed it. Mm! Closed it. But wheres Amanda? She went through that door. Mm! She went that way. She... Oh, come on! They cant help. Mm! She went that way. She went through that door. Scene 24

Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Thimbo Whats the matter? Your clocks wrong. Oh boy! Yes. It is wrong. Girl Whats he doing? Boy Hes listening... Now hes looking at the clock... Now hes opening the door... Hes going inside... Now hes closing the door. Hes going upstairs. Its all right now. Policeman Now, sir. What happened? Norman Well, I listened to the clock. Then I looked at it. I opened the door. Then I closed it. I went upstairs... And the clock was all right. It was all right. Policeman Well, it isnt all right now. Scene 25 Thimbo I pushed the button. I was invisible. And... what do I do now? Get into the boat. This one? No! Thats an old boat. Get into the one over there! The new one. Norman Boy Norman Corvax

The big new boat? The Kings boat? Yes. The babys things are in there. And take the baby! Ive got her. Ow! This baby bites. Whats the matter? She bit me. What? The baby bit me. Ow! Sshh! She bit me again. She often bites. Where are the things for the baby? Weve got these things here. A pair of shoes, a pair of socks... Its all right. We have everything. Lets go! Scene 26

Song Servants Queen Servants Queen Servants Queen Servants Servant We looked everywhere. We looked everywhere. In the garden? We looked in the garden. In the kitchen? We looked in the kitchen. In the bedrooms? We looked in the bedrooms. We looked in the garden. We looked in the kitchen. We looked in the bedrooms. We cant find Amanda anywhere. Queen Where is Amanda? Servants We dont know.

Corvax Thimbo Corvax

We looked and we listened. We opened the doors. We opened the windows. We looked on the floors. Queen Where is Amanda? Servants We dont know. Scene 27 Muzzy Bob Muzzy Bob Wait a moment! Wheres Corvax? He was here. But he isnt here now. No. And er... whats his name? Thimbo. He was here, but... He isnt here now. Theyve got Amanda. Quick! Find them!

Sylvia Muzzy

Corvax! Thimbo! What a pair! Wheres Amanda now? Lets go carefully. Lets go quietly. All Lets get Amanda back. Lets get Amanda back. Lets get Amanda back. Attendant Look! Look, your Majesty! This was near the river. All Corvax! Bob Quick! Lets go to the river. Scene 29 Sylvia Muzzy Sylvia Bob The Kings boat isnt here. Corvax has it. Lets take one of these boats. Lets take this one. Thats an old boat, Muzzy. Its all right. Lets take it. We can catch them. Scene 30

Muzzy Sylvia

Part 3
Scene 28 King Muzzy Listen to me! Be calm! Quiet! Please be quiet! Thank you. Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax? Yes? Where are we going? Ah! Thats a secret. Come on, Corvax! Tell me! No! Its a secret. Corvax, why are we taking the baby?

Song Muzzy Lets be quiet. Lets be calm. Please dont shout and scream. Lets go quickly. Lets start now. Lets get Amanda back.

Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Because she can help us. She cant help us. She cant talk. She... She cant talk now. But I can teach her.

Then she can talk. I can teach her... everything. She can learn everything from me. Shes Sylvias daughter. I want to marry her. I want to be the King! The King of Gondoland! And Amanda my Queen! Ow! Dont do that! Scene 31 Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob, whats that over there? Where? Look! On the right. Near that big tree. I cant see anything. There is something over there, Bob. No, there isnt. There isnt anything. Ssh! I can hear something. Can you hear it? Thats a bird. Muzzy, can you see anything? Scene 32 Norman Wife Norman Wife Theres something in this box. There isnt anything in this one. Is there anything in that box? Oh! There was something in it, but there isnt anything now. Theres nothing in it. Look! Nothing! Oh boy!

Scene 33 Muzzy Bob Muzzy Sylvia Bob Im hungry. Have you got any... ...Clocks? No, we don't have anything for you, Muzzy. No clocks? No. No clocks. Nothing. Careful, Muzzy! Go right! No! Right! Whats the matter. Youre going left. Go right! Ah! Thats better. Now go straight ahead. Scene 34 Song Voice Norman Go left... go left... go left. Go right... go right... go right. Go straight ahead... Go straight ahead... Yes! Straight ahead... Scene 35 Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax You can be the King, Corvax. But what about me? Oh, you can be important, Thimbo. Important? Yes. Important. Once upon a time... Once upon a time, I was important. Very important.

Muzzy Bob



Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Were you? Yes, I was. Was Bob important? No, he wasnt. Scene 36

Thimbo Corvax

Thimbo Corvax


Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax


Bob wasnt important. He was the -er- gardener. I said Count the flowers! He! He! What happened? He counted the flowers. But then... What happened then? Tell me, Corvax. He went away with Princess Sylvia. They went away on his motorcycle. Did they go far? No, they didnt. They didnt go far. Did you catch them? Yes, I did. They took Bob away. They put him in prison. But Muzzy was there. They got out. What about Princess Sylvia? Did you love her?

There were lots of Sylvias. Did you make them? No, I didnt make them. The computer made them. Lots of Sylvias! Did they love you? No, they didn't. It was terrible. Scene 37

Policeman Tell me. Were you here this morning? Boy Yes, we were. Policeman Did you see anything? Girl No, I didnt. Policeman Did you hear anything? Both Yes, we did. Policeman What did you hear? Both We heard a funny noise. Scene 38 Corvax Thimbo Whats the baby doing? Shes pulling the plug out. Shes pulling the plug out! The waters coming in! The boats sinking. Quick! Take the baby and her things! Thimbo! Help! I cant swim. Its all right now. You can walk here. It isnt deep. Agh! Oh! Brr! Thats better! Did you get the things from the boat? Yes, I did. Theyre here.




Thimbo Corvax Yes, I did. I loved Sylvia. I wanted to marry her. But the computer... the computer! Oh, it was terrible! Tell me, Corvax. What did you do? I didnt do anything. It was the computer.

Thimbo Corvax



Thimbo Corvax Thimbo


Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Thimbo Corvax

Well, the babys happy. Shes dry. She didnt get wet. No, she didnt. Did you get wet, Corvax? Yes, I did! Of course I got wet. What did you do, naughty baby? You pulled the plug out. And what happened then? The water came in. And what did the boat do? The boat sank. Oh, be quiet! Come on! You carry the baby. What about these things? Oh, you can carry them, too. Hey, Corvax! You carry something! Now, Thimbo! I'm important. Important. Let's go that way. Which way, Corvax? That way, Thimbo! Scene 39

Sylvia Bob Muzzy

Oh, look! Thats their boat. Is there anyone in it? No, I cant see anyone. Theres no one in it. Dont worry. Lets look over there. Scene 40

Muzzy Song All Bob Sylvia Muzzy Bob

Mm! Which way did they go?

Sylvia Bob Sylvia Bob Muzzy Bob

Look, Bob! Whats that over there? Where? Over there! It looks like a boat. It is a boat. Go that way, Muzzy. This way? No. Thats wrong! Go the other way.

Did they go this way? Did they? Did they? This way? This way? Did they go this way? No, they didnt. No. Did they go that way? Did they? Did they? Perhaps they went that way, That way, that way. Yes, they did. They did. Thimbo went that way, that way, that way. Corvax went that way, that way, that way. Amanda went that way, that way, that way. Lets go that way, too! Come on, Muzzy! Are you all right, Muzzy? No. Im very hungry. Well, we cant stop now. Come on!

Part 4
Scene 41 Thimbo Corvax Oh, Corvax! Im tired. Lets stop here. Be quiet, Thimbo! Look! Theres a road. And cars. One of the cars can take us.


Thimbo Corvax

Wow! Great idea! Of course its a great idea. Now, look in that basket. We can put those clothes on.

Scene 43 Thimbo Corvax How about a hat? Lets see. I think this one looks nice. What do you think? I think it looks awful. Awful! Its not big enough. Ah! This ones better. Wait, Corvax! Look! Ah! Thats better. Now, lets go. Oh, thank you. This is my daughter and her baby. Scene 44 Bob Muzzy Sylvia Muzzy Bob Whats the matter, Muzzy? You look sick. Im not feeling well. What is it, Muzzy? Im very hungry. Stay here, Muzzy! Im going to get some clocks for you. I... I need my black box, too. Get my black box. Scene 45 Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Were going to start work. Are you going to fix the clock? No. Were going to make a new one. What are you going to do? Well, my friend is going to help me. Were going to take that garbage away... and were going to start now. Well, Im going to have my tea. Its five thirty. When are you going to stop? Five thirty? Im going to stop now.

Thimbo Corvax Corvax Thimbo Corvax What about this? No! Its too long. Youre not tall enough. Im taller than you. Scene 42 Good morning. Were making a new clock. This is the old one. I want a bigger one, please. Clock-maker Bigger than that? Lets see. Is this big enough? Norman Thats too big. I want a smaller one than that. Clock-maker Lets see. This ones bigger than your old one. Norman Yes, it is. Oh boy! Its too heavy. He can carry it. Hes stronger than me. Thank you. Now we need two hands for the clock. Clock-maker What about this? Norman Lets see. No. This ones too long. I need a shorter one. Yes. This ones better. Thank you. Now the other hand. This looks too short. Clock-maker Take this one. Norman Yes. Its better. Good! Were taking the shorter long one and the longer short one. Clock-maker Ah! I see. Norman


Wife Wife Friend


Scene 46 Bob Wait a minute! Theres a telephone! I can call the King. Two... one one... zero... zero... Two, one, one, zero, zero. Who is it? Its Bob. Its for the King. King

Servant Queen Servant

Scene 48 Yes. Im writing it down. Yes. Im going to get Muzzys black box. Of course. Scene 49 Sylvia Bob Did you get any clocks? No, I didnt. But I called the King and Queen. Theyre going to get lots of clocks for Muzzy. And his black box. Scene 50 King Queen King ENTRANCE Ah! Entrance! We go in here. What are we going to do? Were going to look in all the rooms. DANGER - NO ENTRY

Queen King Queen King


King Bob

Its for you! For me? Who is it? Its Bob. Its a call from Bob. From Bob! Hello, Bob. Where are you? And wheres Sylvia? And wheres Amanda? Sylvias with Muzzy. He isnt feeling well. Can you get some clocks? What was that? Can you get some clocks... for Muzzy? Scene 47

Song Norman Wife Parrot Im taking this with me. Im taking it to her. Im riding from the sea. Coming back to my home. Hello again, my dear. This is for you from me. What an awful bird! Where does it come from? South America!



Be careful! That says Danger. No entry. We mustnt go in there. No. We must go this way.


Queen King Queen King

Queen King Queen King King Queen

Ah! Heres a box. Look! Thats it. Thats the right box. What does this mean? It means its dangerous. It isnt safe. You mustnt open it. Aaaah! Phew! That was dangerous. You must be careful. Oooh! WAY OUT - EXIT

Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife

How hot is it? Thirty-five degrees. Thats too hot. Oh... How fast are we going? Fifty kilometers an hour. Thats too fast. Be careful! Too late! Scene 53

Queen Look! This is the way out. Feeling better? Yes. Im all right now. Off we go! Scene 51 Queen Queen King Queen King Queen King I like driving. Youre driving too fast. No, Im not. How fast are we going? A hundred and twenty kilometers an hour. You mustnt go faster than a hundred. Look! It isnt safe. Oh, dear! Youre right. I must go slower. How far is it? Scene 52 Norman Wife Norman How far is it? A hundred and twenty meters. Hm! It didnt go far enough. King Queen King Queen King Queen King Queen King


How far is it? Did you write it down? Of course I wrote it down. Go thirty kilometers, and then... Good! Were nearly there! Just a moment! Look for three big trees on the left. There they are! Three big trees. Then go right. Look out! Dont worry, dear! Im a very good driver. Now. Straight on . Can you see a telephone box? No. There it is! Now go slowly. And look for a small road. Its all right. Theres Bob!

Scene 54 Thimbo What are we going to do, Corvax? Wheres your secret place? Were almost there. Ssh!




Dont worry! Its safe here. No one can see us. Amanda I can! I can! I can! Corvax Aargh! She can talk. Amanda I can! I can! I can! Thimbo What a clever baby! So she can talk! Corvax Be quiet, Thimbo! Follow me, through here! Scene 55 Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Is that your secret place? Yes! Mm! It looks like an old house. And its very small. Amanda House! House! House! Corvax Oh! Come on, you two! Go inside! Put the baby down! Now, press that switch! Turn that handle! Open that door! There you are! Look at that! Thimbo Wow! Thats fantastic! Fantastic!

Part 5
Scene 57 Muzzy Now Im going to find the little princess. With my black box. How does it work? Scene 58 Boy Norman Norman, how does this work? Well, you put that part in the water. Then you pull the handle. And the water goes in. OK. Theres water in it. What do I do now? You push the handle in... And the water comes out! Yes, it works like that. Scene 59 Thimbo Corvax How does this work, Corvax? You press this switch and the doors go up. Now you press the other switch and... ... The doors come down.


Boy Norman Boy Norman


Scene 56 Muzzy King Muzzy Lovely! Im better now. Did you bring my black box? Yes, we did. Here it is! Thank you, your Majesty. Now Im going to find the little princess. With my black box. Corvax Yes, Thimbo. And no one can get in. Now, the windows... ... Go up... ... And down! And no one can see us. Thats right. What are these? Theyre for the video.

Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax


Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

This one turns the video on. And this one turns it off. What does it do? Look! Those pictures are coming from outside. Wow! Thats clever! I am clever. Scene 60 Muzzy

Thimbo Comp. Corvax Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Comp. Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Oh boy! The baby needs some food. What are we going to do? One. Put some milk in a bottle. Pour the milk into the bottle, Thimbo! I am pouring it. Thats too much. Its cold. Two. Warm the milk. How? Put it there! Thats better. Its warmer now. Im going to give it to the baby.

Sylvia Muzzy Sylvia Muzzy Bob

Mm! Wait! Mm! Ah! Yes! Yes! I can see her now. Whats she doing? Shes having a drink. Shes drinking from a bottle. Where is she? I can see a house. Whats it like? Scene 62

Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife Cat Wife Norman


Put this on. No! On the bottle! Corvax There! Nice baby! Youre going to have a nice drink. Amanda Not nice! Not nice! Nice! Corvax Oh! Grr! All right. Here, Thimbo. You do it! Scene 61 Bob Sylvia Can you see anything? Can you see Amanda?

I have something for you. What is it? Its a present. Whats it like? Its big. Very big. Is it heavy? Oh, yes. Its very heavy. What color is it? Black and white. Is it an animal? Yes, it is. Its an animal. What kind of animal is it? Meeow! Its a cat! Come back! Come back! Scene 63

Bob Muzzy

Bob Muzzy King

Whats it like? Its a very small house. Its got a blue door. And its got three windows. And where is the house? Oh, there are rocks... big rocks. The house is behind the rocks. How far is it?


Muzzy Bob King

The black box says its twenty kilometers from here. How do we get there? Which way do we go? North? South? East? West? Scene 64

Thimbo Corvax Thimbo Corvax

Cor - vax. He! He! Dont laugh! It isnt funny. It is. Say "Cor - vax".

Voice Song Norman

Going North... Going South... Going East... Going West. How do they go there?

Some people go by train, Some people go by plane, Some people go by car, But I like my bike.

Some people go by bus, Some people go by boat, Some people go by spaceship, But I like my bike. Scene 65

King Sylvia Muzzy King

All right! We can go by car. Which way do we go, Muzzy? I dont know. The box isnt working It doesnt matter. We can ask someone. Come on! Scene 66

Amanda Cor - Cor - Cor Thimbo Cor - Cor - Cor Corvax Be quiet, Thimbo! This is not a joke. Thimbo She isnt going to say it. She doesnt understand you. Corvax And you dont understand anything. Now, go over there and look outside. Corvax Now say "Corvax is ...". Amanda Silly! Silly! Corvax No! No! Say "Corvax is going to be the King of Gondoland". Amanda Corvax is ... Corvax Good! Thats good! Say it again! Amanda Corvax is... Corvax Yes, yes. Amanda ...going to be... wet! Wet! Wet! Corvax Naughty little girl! Say "Corvax is going to be the King of Gondoland". Now, are you going to say it properly? Amanda No. Not going to. Scene 67 Bob Man Bob Excuse me. Yes? Can I help you? Yes, please. Were looking for a place with big rocks, and...


Now! Youre going to have a lesson. Youre going to learn some words. And the first word is "Corvax. Cor - vax".


Man Bob

Oh, there are lots of places like that near here. Were looking for a very small house. A very small house. Do you understand?


Oh dear! I can't get through. It isn't wide enough. Oh dear!

King Man Bob Muzzy Man Bob Man Oh yes. I understand. A small house. Whats it like? Its got a blue door, and three windows. Its behind some rocks. Er... there is a house like that near here. Who lives there? Who lives in the house? No one lives there. But there is someone... Er... He doesnt live there. But he sometimes goes there. Whats he like? Hes tall, and he walks like this. He has a green face and a long nose. And he wears funny hats. Thats Corvax.

Queen King

Its wider up there. Muzzy! Youre the biggest. Lift the Queen up! Carry her through! Ooh! Muzzy! Thank you. Thank you so much! Go on, Muzzy! Thats the widest part. Up there! Scene 69

Bob Man

1st man My hats big. 2nd man My hats bigger. 1st man His hats the biggest, but he cant see anything. Norman Im fast. Wife Im faster. Both Hes the fastest. Norman This is good. This is better. This is the best. Scene 70 Thimbo Corvax Thimbo The Kings coming. With the others - Bob, Sylvia Wheres the baby? Shes over there. No, she isnt. Where is she? She has my box! Shes invisible! What are we going to do?

All Song Sylvia Bob Queen King Muzzy All

Hes got a green face. Hes got a long nose. He wears funny hats. Hes very tall. And he walks like this. Thats Corvax! Scene 68

Corvax Bob Here we are! Look! We can get through there. Come on! Thimbo


Corvax Thimbo

Were going to find her. Wheres your box? I don't have it. Its in the river. Now theres only one box, and she has it!


My black box isnt working. So Im not sure. Well, Im sure. That is the right house. It has a blue door and three windows. Come on! Scene 73

Part 6
Scene 71 Corvax Thimbo The babys invisible and its your fault. My fault! Whose box does she have? How did she get it? Oh, I dont know. I didnt see her. And what about your box? You don't have it. So now we cant be invisible. And thats your fault. Im sorry, Corvax. But I got you out of the river. I got you out. Dont argue, Thimbo! Im not arguing. Yes, you are. Thimbo Corvax What are we going to do? And whats the King going to do? Aha! Hes going to have a surprise. Scene 74 Queen King Queen King Be careful! Corvax is there. Its dangerous. Dont worry! Its safe here. It isnt safe. And Im frightened. Well, Im not frightened. Im going to go inside. Now! Im coming. Corvax! Careful!



Corvax Thimbo Corvax


King Thimbo Corvax No, Im not. Stop it! We must find the baby. Aargh! Look outside! Scene 72 Sylvia Muzzy Muzzy, is that the house? Is that the right one? Perhaps. Im not sure. Sylvia Corvax


Careful? Huh! Im going to get Corvax. Corvax! This is the King! Oh! Your Majesty! What do you want, your Majesty? Why are you here? We want Amanda. The little princess? She isnt here.



Corvax Thimbo

Shes in the Palace. Theres no one here. Well, theres only me, and Thimbo. Thimbo, Ive got a clever idea. They can come in. What? Bob and the King and that huge, enormous green monster? Yes. Amandas invisible. They cant see her. They can hear her.

Scene 76 Wife Norman Song Norman Wife Todays the third. The second was yesterday. And the first was the day before that. Todays the third. Tomorrows the fourth. And the fifth is the day after that. Norman, whats the date today? Lets look.


Im going to turn the radio on. Loud! No one can hear the baby now. Scene 75 And after that come the sixth and the seventh, Then the eighth, ninth, tenth And eleventh. All the way To the thirty-first day. And thats my holiday! Hooray! Scene 77 Corvax Todays the third. And tomorrows the fourth. And the day after that Corvax, stop that! Someone took Amanda. Ow! Whats the matter? Something bit me. Something bit you? Someone bit you. Amanda. But she isnt here.


King Corvax King Corvax

Bob Sylvia Corvax

Thimbo Corvax

Ah! Your Majesty, Princess Sylvia, your Majesty, Bob! Please come inside, everyone! Stop that awful noise! Aah! What are you doing here? Im on vacation. I always come here for my vacation. You were at the party. And someone took Amanda. We went away before the party. When did we come here? Mm! Today is the third. We came here... We came here yesterday. Quiet, Thimbo! We came here the day before. We came here on the first.

King Thimbo King Thimbo Muzzy Sylvia


Bob Sylvia Queen

Bob Corvax Corvax Oh dear! Weve got terrible flies in here. It was a fly. Look! There it goes! Bzz! Bzz! King Stop that noise, Corvax! Now listen! Listen everyone! Amanda Goo! Goo! Muzzy Did you hear that? Shes here, in this room. Amanda Mommy! Daddy! Muzzy Where is she, Corvax? You know. And your little friend. Where is she? Corvax I dont know. Thimbo Yes, he does. He knows. He took the baby. Corvax Be quiet, Thimbo! Thimbo He has a little box. You push a button and youre invisible. The baby has the box and now shes invisible. Corvax Grrr! Bob Muzzy! You take those two! Now, everyone! Look on the floor! Look for Amanda! Thimbo Muzzy Thimbo King Queen

Over here! This way! No! Quick! Im sure shes here. Theres something here. Ow! Yes! Here she is! Corvax! We cant see her. Do something Corvax! I cant do anything. The baby has my box. Corvax has lots of other things here. What do you mean? Look! Press that switch. Turn that handle. My goodness. Look at that! Scene 79

Corvax Muzzy

Stop it! You shouldn't do that. One of these with one of these. This to this. These in here. Thats it! There! All Amanda! Amanda! Amanda Hello, Mommy! Hello, Daddy! Scene 80 Song All Whoopee! Darling! Wonderful! Whoopee! Darling! Hooray! Hooray!

Scene 81 Scene 78 Sylvia King Ah!... I have her. Here she is! No she isnt. Thimbo Corvax What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? I was clever, clever, clever.


Thimbo Both

What are they going to do? Why did I do it? Why? Oh why? Its all your fault!

Wife Norman Wife Norman Wife Both

Scene 82 Song Norman Wife Crowd Norman This is our new clock. We finished it yesterday. Three cheers for the new clock! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! This is our new clock.

Listen to its sound! That was our new clock. Its going round and round. This is our new clock. Were going to go inside. Now were inside the clock. Its time to say goodbye. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!



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