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SharePoint Cloud Migration Planning Project

As the term "cloud is becoming progressively popular when discussing information storage, AIS is frequently called in by our partners and clients to evaluate options for moving SharePoint to the cloud. With AIS being the Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year (2012) for the Mid-Atlantic region, our expertise with cloud deployments of SharePoint makes us a perfect choice to start your cloud evaluation. The benefits of moving customers SharePoint applications to the cloud completely or in a hybrid mode include: Savings in operating and opportunity costs Makes it easier to scale your farm for future needs Flexibility to create additional staging and development environments Improve the end user experience by creating data centers across the world to reduce network latency and to deliver content faster.

The project can last two to four weeks depending on the number of farms that AIS needs to evaluate. As part of the AIS SharePoint Migration Planning project, AIS evaluates an existing SharePoint farm including the current configuration of SharePoint 2010 or 2007 Web Applications, Search, IIS, SQL Server and Hardware on which they are hosted. In addition, AIS performs a cloud readiness assessment: Network connectivity to the various cloud providers like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure or Office365 and Rackspace Active Directory in regards to the way that it interacts with SharePoint DNS, Load Balancing, NAT and Firewall configuration/setup Network and Domain Controllers and how it affects SharePoint Any existing custom code solutions

Based on our evaluation, AIS will produce a document with recommendations with the potential options for hosting SharePoint in the cloud with pros and cons of the different options. To aid in the decision making progress, AIS will include cost estimates to migrate and ongoing operating costs with each option. Additionally, AIS will include a high level project plan for the migration. At the end of the engagement, AIS presents their findings to the project stakeholders and makes a final recommendation. This SharePoint Cloud Migration Planning project can be followed by a SharePoint Quick Start Project if the customer decides to move forward with migrating to the cloud with the goal being to create a proof of concept SharePoint farm in the cloud.


Since 1982, Applied Information Sciences (AIS) has provided software and systems engineering services to government agencies and businesses around the world. Our analysis-driven approach to business problems combined with our commitment to deadlines and budgets results in successful projects and long-term relationships with our customers, employees and partners. AIS has been a member of the Microsoft Partner Program since its inception in the early 1990's. AIS has been selected to participate in all the major partner programs over the years. Today AIS is a managed partner for the regions and markets in which we offer services with a number of Gold Competencies in our areas of focus. AIS is also a member of numerous field and headquarter programs including National System Integrator, Regional Director, Most Valuables Professional, Virtual Technology Specialist, Technology Advisor, Partner Advisory Board, Partner Advisory Council, Software Design Reviews, Technology Adoption, Inner Circle, to name a few across our areas of focus. This level of Microsoft partner interaction places AIS within the top 0.03% of partners worldwide. AIS, Inc. is headquartered in Reston, VA with additional offices in Columbia, MD, and Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX, Dayton, OH and Raleigh, NC.


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