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Sermon Notes

The heart of the prudent gets knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge Proverbs 18:15
Speaker John Bonacorsi Title: Your Money Relationship
Series: A Couples Money Relationship Matters I. INTRODUCTION: Personality testing: Myers-Briggs; Personality Plus; DISC Your money relationship is about the daily decisions you make as a couple in which money is involved. It is about the reason you make certain money plans.

Date: April 21, 2013


II. YOURE MONEY PERSONALITY.REALLY! A. People have very different ways of dealing with money as we are uniquely made. (Ps. 139:14 NKJ) B. Why? Its to help you understand yourself and your spouse. (I Thes. 5:11) C. Your money personality is part of your DNA the lens through which you make money decisions. III. FINDING YOUR MONEY PERSONALITY TYPE A. SAVER: 1. Common traits are: Gets a genuine rush from saving Organized, responsible, and trustworthy with finances Rarely spend impulsively Avoids credit card debt like head lice 2. Be aware, you can be A joy stealer Overly focused on financial goals Cheap Challenge: To see money as a means to an end, not an end in itself B. SPENDER 1. Common traits are: Live in the moment Love to buy things for others Gets a thrill from the purchase

2. Beware, you can be Impractical Noncommunicative Filled with regret A budget breaker Challenge: To respect the money expectations of your spouse, especially if that person is a Saver C. RISK TAKER 1. Common traits are: A big-picture person Love finding the next adventure Get excited by possibilities Trusts intuition Arent afraid to make decisions 2. Beware, you can be Blinded by possibility Easily resented Impatient Insensitive Challenge: To keep your spouse involved in the risk-taking decisions and be willing to say no to a deal


SECURITY SEEKER 1. Common traits are: An investigator Trustworthy Willing to sacrifice Prepared for anything

2. Beware, you can be Overly negative Stuck in a research rut A stifle to creativity Challenge: To resist making decisions out of fear (II Tim 1:7) and to know how much financial security is enough E. FLYER 1. Common traits are: Basically content with your life Big on relationship Happy to let someone else take care of your finances Not motivated by money

2. Beware, you can be Reactionary Lacking in the skills needed to solve your money problems Disorganized Un-responsible Challenge: To stay involved and invest in the family financial picture IV. GUESS YOUR MONEY PERSONALITIES Primary Secondary Next week a profile survey

Discussion Questions
1. There is a reason we take vows to stick together in richer or poorer. Money ripples into every part of our lives as a couple. That is why whether you have it or you dont, money can test a relationship! Can you share an example in your present marriage or a past marriage where this was / is true? 2. Can you share one or two decisions you have made recently that you didnt think of as a money decision at the time, but that you now realize had a money component? 3. Based upon the sermon notes outline, which of the 5 types of Money Personalities do you think is YOUR primary type? How about your wife? Your secondary money personality type? 4. Think about a time when your Primary Money Personality has driven a money decision you made. Do the same for your Secondary Money Personality. Please share. 5. Under each Money Personality type (Saver, Spender, Risk Taker, Security Seeker , and Flyer) is listed challenge, which is just that for that type. Share about the challenges, you have in your guesstimated primary and secondary money personality type. Next Sunday you will be given a web-site you may go to and actually take a money personality profile survey (no right or wrong answer) to more accurately define your money personalities.