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Some of you know I possess the Nu Diamond Sutra while most are still consider the Hellenistic(Westernistic, Eurocentric,

White Supremacy) to be viable to what ever cause you are into. I see everything because history is the unfolding of logic. KemPtah math, science, design and technology Is the Diamond sutra and it is the basis of immortality, resurrection, reincarnation, Transformation etc. Prior to KemPtah we have been tricked and the campaign of Alexander the great and other conquistadors such as Aristotle and others was about permanent distortion of all aboriginal logic and history hence the destruction of culture. I see it in all our activities as a collective. Evil and Good are synergy of sides, and their separation of the two is the real evil. Demons and Deities work hand in hand. In the hands of the KemPtah the Set or Demons are the ones who punish transgressors of KemPtah and not necessarily the ones who created evil. The righteous evil is evil that gets evil on evil. Synergy of

sides. Most people will reject my works because it does not complement the one who will take you to oblivion (hell). What do I mean that I possess the Diamond Sutra? The ancient Afrikans of Asia says the Nu Buddha will be the one with an unbeatable science, math, design and technology. I am the only one on this planet at this time who possesses the unbeatable (Diamond Sutra). One of My friends outside the E-net who is quite verse with Hindu says I sound like Krishna. I never read or study Hinduism, is that coincidence. No it is logical and historical. And Krishna supposed to know the synergy of Deities and Demons also he uses both hand in hand. The Kemetics, the Black ancient Asians and the Ancient Aboriginal all over the planet was into KemPtah. That is why I can easily translate their culture to the modern because all are of KemPtah. Most people say they believe in Maat but never really used it in a historical logical way, they only dissect it and try to straight jacket it in their own personal perspective. To most people, when they say math is a universal language they only take it as far as a clich, nothing more. I have never met an actual KemPtah besides myself. My diamond Sutra (KemPtah) is irrefutable evidence that I am him (Nu Buddha). All Buddha was never perfect but the works they produce was perfection. White people fooled you to think perfection is isolated from imperfection and got you chasing perfection like a rabbit chasing a carrot on a string. Ironically this is the law of identity crisis that many of you prefer and cherish the law of fakeness. You had the Good Buddha and the Buddha (evil) that administer punishment to evil doers. Being pure or cut (in a western sense) means Satan (law of identity crisis) is in your heart. Hence pure Good is just as evil as pure evil. One is just being nice about being evil. There laws of Karma (synergy of cause and effect) and the Laws of polarity are complementary manifestations of synergy of sides. Synergy of Sides embraces all and everything. Most are planning how to life (and hence planning how to die) because they lack KemPtah, hence resurrection, immortality are not even a seed in your thought nor practice. I thought energy cannot be created nor destroyed, that is the symbol of the Cobra. Like I said in my previous works that the only way for energy to be perpetual and in order for technology to be perpetual if it can handle the transformation of forms of energy. The western kultures groupings (number system) are few hence they can only come up with a few vessels for the spirit and energy. So of course if your spirit and practice is based on westernization you will parish and never exist again. It is logical. As the Blood line of the Black Nation flows in me, I understand I must explain the Black Nations works and the works of their conductors which is our ancient Black ancestors. In the past years I think I have done a terrific job at that. My explanations are only curses and blessings of what I have to do which the ancients called Judgment day. The Ancients knew the general formulation and let the logic unfold(history). Also the prophesy says the Buddha will be enlightened at 35(my current age the same time I created the KemPtah math on a Cosmic-Godly level), which is the same time an average Melanite graduate the mystery school. If you believe me or not it does not matter, the proof is in the pudden, the source is in the soup. I will succeed in technological parts of KemPtah which will have the same superiority as the KemPtah math and sciences. Like father like son, like mother like daughter. So in a way I am generating the silver city that was mention by the ancients in which the ancients said was needed prior to being Nu Absolute Cosmic Ruler. THE BLACK NATION IS GOD. Black Supremacy, Black Power and Black Love.