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NEIU Physical Education Lesson Plan

Name Lesson Subject Lesson Focus Resources Vince Dzieglewicz Throwing Manipulative skills Basic Information (5 pts) Date Student Grade Level Number of Students Lesson Duration 04/16/2013 3rd 25-30 9:00 9:40 (40 min)

NASPE Standards Met (5 pts) Standard 1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of skills Standard 3: Participates regularly in physical activity Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. Illinois Learning Standards/Goals Met Standard 19.A.2: Demonstrate control when performing combinations and sequences in locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative motor patterns. Standard 21.B.2: Work cooperatively with a partner or small group to reach a shared goal during physical activity. Standard 24.A.2a: Identify causes and consequences of conflict among youth. Learning Objectives (5 pts) Students will demonstrate proper rolling technique as listed in cues. Students will demonstrate proper throwing technique as listed in cues. Students will be able to explain at least one cue give during the lesson. Students will be able to explain how they judge distance when throwing. Students will accept responsibility of their action to others. Students will resolve inter-personal situations in a respectful manner. Lesson Activities (10 points) Est. Time 7 min Activity Title Warm-up Class Organization Scattered squads Semi circle Teaching Points Normal warm given by Mr. Burke Jumping jacks, toe touches. Sit-ups, push-ups, run for about three minutes or until song is over. - Stand tall - Toes pointed target - Dominant hand under ball - Other hand on other side for balance or holding object for stability. - Swing arm back. - Step with opposite leg - Swing arm forward - Bend at the knees -Follow through with arm In lines in different groups stand behind line. Attempt to throw bean bag to stay in hula hoop and to push for more of a challenge attempt to toss the bean bag as close to the pin without knocking pin over.

Psychomotor Cognitive Affective

5 min

Under hand throwing instructions

Grouped lines 10 min Rolling to closest to pin

NEIU Physical Education Lesson Plan

Semi circles 5 min Over hand throwing instructing Two teams scattered across the line - Stand with non throwing leg back. - Step with opposite leg - Rotating hips as arm moves forward. - Bend at elbow. Elbow leads when moving forward. - Body weight still on back leg as start shift to front foot working toward release. Two teams will attempt to throw gator skin balls at a stability ball to try and push the ball over the end line. Winner will be the team to that pushes the ball completely over the end line first.

10 min

Fire fighters

Lesson Modifications (Illness and/or Students with Disabilities) (5 pts) There are normally no students with disabilities in this class. If I student has limited mobility we can move the student closer to the target. If there is still a problem we can use a different size ball or bag to help student be able to grasp the object. Assessment Methods (5 pts) After a few days of practice I will evaluate each student with a rubric to look for improvements. One will be used during practice days for a post test. The day before this lesson I will take time to pre-test. I will also have a quiz at the end of the unit to test cognitive skills and retention of proper techniques. Equipment Required (5 pts) Blowing pins, hula hoops, cones, gator skin balls, stability balls, bean bags Safety Considerations (5 pts) There will be objects flying around so to try and limit any way they can hit each other. On my whistle they will start both activities and on two they will stop throwing. During the second activity there will be a student collecting ball to return to play so we will be using softer foam balls so if they are hit it wont hurt as bad nor cause minimal damage. Alternate Lesson/Plan B (e.g. Limited Students, Inclement Weather etc.) (5pts) Minute to win to games that will be set up corking on speed and accuracy and coordination. Lesson Reflection (Pros and Cons of Activities, Teaching Performance) (5 points)

NEIU Physical Education Lesson Plan

ACTIVITY DIAGRAMS (5 pts) Diagram #1 Firefighter