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Subject Class/Year Date/Day Time Theme Topic Focused Skill Content Standard

: English Language : 1 Berlian (Advanced Proficiency Level) : 17th March 2013 (Sunday) : 8.45-9.45am (60 minutes) : World of Knowledge : I See Colours : Listening and Speaking : 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation.

Learning Standard

: 1.1.1 Able to listen and respond to stimulus given with guidance: d) rhythm and rhyme


: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: i) ii) Identify the picture shown correctly Match the words with correct rhymes

Vocabulary Moral Values Teaching Aids Thinking Skills Multiple Intelligences

: barnyard, haystack, frown, rooster, fellow, sight, lays, pond, barn : Love the animals : Pictures, word cards : Information processing: Identify, locate and collect, and classify. : Interpersonal, Visual-Spatial, and Bodily-kinesthetic.

Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content To elicit pupils responses by showing a picture and asking questions:Questions: a) Have you ever seen a rainbow before? b) How many colour does a rainbow have? c) Can you name the colour of the rainbow?

Activities 1. Teacher shows a picture of rainbow. 2. Teacher asks pupils to name the colour of each stripe. 3. Pupils answer the question verbally.

Resources A picture of rainbow

Presentation (15 minutes) To demonstrate the poem.

Practice (20 minutes) To identify the colour cards shown.

To match the words with the same rhyme.

1. Teacher displays a complete poem. PowerPoint 2. Teacher recites the presentation poem line by line. 3. Teacher asks the Poem: pupils to read the This Little Chick poem together line by line. 1. Teacher divides the Colour cards students into 4 - black groups. - brown 2. Teacher displays an - yellow incomplete poem. - white 3. Teacher shows a - purple colour card that - green matched with the - blue blank in the first line - pink of the poem. - red 4. Pupils identify the colour and say it out Poem: loud. This Little Chick 5. Pupils fill in the blank of the second Word cards line by picking a - haystack word card that - frown rhyme with the - fellow colour card. - sight 6. Teacher recites the - circle complete poem - seen followed by the - you pupils. - drink - bed

Production (15 minutes) To assess the pupils understanding of the rhyming words.

1. Teacher gives each group a handout of an incomplete poem. 2. Pupils need to fill in the blank with the words given by the teacher. 3. Each group recites the poem that they had created.

Work sheets Word cards

Closure To recap the lesson (5 minutes)

To sum up the lesson

1. Teacher says out loud the colour and asks the pupils to give the correct words that rhymed. 2. Teacher advises the pupils not to harm any animals and love them.

Colour cards

"This Little Chick"

This little chick is black. She stands in the barnyard on a big haystack. This little chick is brown. She is feeling sad and wearing a frown. This little chick is yellow She's friends with the rooster; he's a handsome fellow. This little chick is white. She dances and plays, oh what a sight. This little chick is purple. She spends her day running around in a circle. This little chick is green. She is the prettiest chick I've ever seen. This little chick is blue. She lays eggs for me and you. This little chick is pink. She goes down to the pond to get a drink. And the big barn is red, Where the chicks go to bed.