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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pramod Ganji's Blog: Pirus-The nano dream machine

Pramod Ganji's Blog: Pirus-The nano dream machine
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Pirus-The nano dream machine

2050, The Trimity ( from Sare Jahase Achcha ......Boleto "N" Idiots) after accomplishment of "Operation Surya Shakti Project" which led to Sujalam Suphalam, Malayaja Sheetalam, Sasya Shymalam (greenery, prosperity and happiness) throughout India and most parts of the world proceeded towards another adventurous, thrilling project called "Pirus" for the betterment of whole mankind. In 2002 when the renowned novelist Michael Crichton (Author of Jurassic Park) published his techno thriller "Prey" he would have never ever imagined that decades later his thoughts would be personified and world would witness the nano robotic avatar Pirus but this time as a saviour of the world. Trimity was busy working on Operation Pirus in the tunnel laboratory. They were trying combinatorial biology for biosynthesis. The generation and selection of large number of ligands for high throughput screening thus paving way for molecular evolution. Soon a library of molecules was created by combinatorial biology. Various nano-technologists have tried synthetic biology principles for Biomimesis by genetic algorithms. Later Hamilton O Smith leaded a team at the J.Craig Venter Institute towards creating synthetically assembled genome of a virus / bacteriophage. Mark Reed gave the concept of quantum dots which acted like electronic miniature chips. Nano particles possess special optical properties as they are small enough to confine their electrons and produce quantum effects. The unique properties of nanoparticles are largely due to the large surface area of the material. A molecular machine or nano machine is formed by a number of molecular components that produce quasi mechanical movements in response to specific, stimuli. A number of highly complex molecular machines form a molecular assembler. In 1905 Albert Einstein explained that Brownian motion is a consequence

of scale and not the nature of surroundings. Molecular systems are constantly undergoing significant dynamic motions subject to the laws of Brownian motion. The Trimity took living cells as a model which contains the genetic blue print and designed nano scale machinery. They produced the so called "engineered cells" which can be programmed with instructions embedded in genetic discs into their genome. These engineered cells or molecular systems (machines) are controlled by a server through which the source code can be broadcast. The Trimity by using NANSANS (super software) could control the self replicating engineered cells to avoid ecophagy or grey goo. These cells can be arranged like molecules in different manner to achieve the desired shape, this final creature formed by millions of these cells was named "Pirus". Pirus was the dream machine personified. It could be communicated via satellite through the server. Later the Trimity even developed a special iphone app to have hassle free communication and absolute control on Pirus. Soon Pirus became popular. People started telling stories that it is superhuman creature like Superman, He-man, Spiderman, etc. Finally the day has come to test the utility of Pirus. Initially the Trimity had decided to work on Tsunami. Pirus was given the license to kill Tsunami and thus help mankind from the disaster caused by Tsunami. Pirus 001 was sent to deep sea of Japan (Pacific Ocean) to study the Tsunami wave generation and forecast it to study the Trimity so that people can be intimated well in advance and mitigation can be done. Pirus started communicating successfully and many lives were saved subsequently. In the mean time Trinity had developed many such agents Pirus 002, 003,..........007 so on and so forth for multiple tasks. Pirus 002 was given the task to study the subsonic Rayleigh waves from an earthquake and give advance warning to people. Pirus002 was also successfully communicating with Trinity and the advance warning of Tsunami and earthquake saved millions. Similarly Pirus 003 saved people from Twisters and Tornadoes. Pirus 004 was sent to the Caribbean sea to save the sailors and goods from the Pirates of Caribbean. Pirus 004 fought with the pirates .Pirus was invincible. The pirates could not catch hold of him as he could change to the desired shape / form and fought with extraordinary techniques. Being a molecular machine Pirus when hit by the bullets of Pirates disassembled itself into tiny nano state and again reassembled to form various forms like sometimes a cobra with hiss, dragon with fire, Lion with jaws, crocodile with armoured back etc. Thus all the pirates were captured and the Caribbean Sea journey became safe. Trimity went one step ahead and they developed ultramodern techniques to enhance Pirus for performing high risk tasks. Pirus 005 was equipped with Bomb jammer

which generates special radio signals in frequency ranges applied in improvised radio controlled explosive devices. And also Pirus 005 acted as a robotic vehicle to lift, carry and diffuse the explosives safely. Thus saving the people from explosives. Pirus 006 acted like an e-wikileak. It could enter any network (signal transfer) and download the required data literally like a virus or bacteriophage. Thus it could access all the required sensitive online documents and communications eventually preventing the nation from espionage and threat. Pirus 007 was the most sophisticated among all Pirus family. It could block the satellites, render them useless or get control over them like a phage entering inside a host cell. Thus the remote sensing and satellite communication could easily be controlled as per the requirement. Pirus 007 could divert the missiles by taking control over the satellites and remote controlled devices easily, could mislead the radar from detecting the missiles or fighter planes. The missile would be diverted into a barren land or deep sea thus preventing human fatality, the defence shield in short could even block the drones. Pirus 008 would help in treasure hunts. India being one of the oldest civilizations lot of wealth / treasure is believed to be hidden sometimes in places of worship, sometimes under the earth, beneath the sea, in forest, caves etc. Pirus 008 could unravel the hidden treasures and adding to the revenue on one hand and antique collection on the other hand. Also Pirus 008 was busy discovering the stockpile of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum products, minerals, ores, gold, diamonds etc.and thus adding to the national revenue. Finally Pirus 001, 002,..............00n formed an army to safeguard not only the nation but also the mankind from aliens. Thus the discovery of Pirus by Trimity and its subsequent deployment for noble deeds ratifies the fact that whenever good (righteousness, truth and peace) declines, the nature manifests in one or the other form to protect the good, destroy the evil and re-establish rule of law and justice.

"Nanotechnology will let us build computers that are incredibly powerful. We'll have more power in the volume of a sugar cube than exists in the entire world today." ---Ralph Merkle
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