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Usefulness Of The UBS Accounting System UBS Accounting comes in DOS and Windows version.

Many features are available in the system to enable companies to handle their work easier and faster. It has multiple language capabilities that consist of English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Thai language. Its modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and are able to operate accounting entries up to 18 months of accounting period. UBS Accounting is suitable and so usefulness for most companies and businesses such as: -

Trading Company Contractor Non-Profit Organizations Training Institution Retailers

Restaurant Wholesale Industry Accounting Films Manufacturing Company Co-operative Society

These are the usefulness of UBS Accounting system. First of all, this accounting system has basic features that include in UBS Accounting. The basic features include:

Auto posting Instant General Ledger Result Instant Financial Reports Ability to modify or delete

Easy entry of Opening and Closing stock figure

Omitted entries for previous month/s can be transacted easily


Post dated cheque entries Manufacturing and Contract account facility




prevent and

unauthorized deletion


Able to certify entry made to debtors does not exceed credit limit






accounting period

Knock Off Bill Multi-Tasking Capabilities

Other than that, UBS accounting system will reported base on standard that actually have in financial reporting. Most of the reports can be modified to suit with the requirements based on the company that used. Some standard reports are such as:

General ledger Listing Trial balance Trading, Profit & Loss Account Income & Expenses Account Balance Sheet Fixed Asset Depreciation Report Manufacturing Account Trading, Profit & Loss Account for individual project

Source of Funds Cash Flow Budget & Variance Report Gain/Loss on disposal of Fixed Asset Bank Reconciliation Debtors & Creditors Statement Debtors & Credits Listing Debtors & Creditors Ageing Report Receipt printing Payment Voucher printing

Manufacturing Company

When using a computerized accounting system, which is UBS Accounting system on computer, input screens have been designed for ease of use. The main usefulness is that each transaction needs only to be inputed once, unlike a manual double entry system where two or three entries are required. Other than that, when the accountant want to input the debtor or creditor in the system, they will automatically pre-numbered or there was no clashing error, for example when the first creditor is AA so there will only the AA creditor in the system or the system will detect if the name have been used before.