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Questionnaire Poland

1. Did the visit on Turkey satisfy you? 2. What do you think of the organisation of time during the meeting 3. How do you evaluate the effectivity of work durin the meeting? 4. What did / didnt you like about the system of work of the kindergarden 5. What activities did you like most in the kindergarten? 6. What would you like to introduce ina your place of work? 7. Do you have any comment about the last meeting and suggestnion about the future meetings?

1. Visit to Turkey was a great experience for us. People in that country are very nice and hospitable. We are glad that we had an opportunity to take part in the exchange. Everything was prepared in an excellent way and the schedule was realized very meticulously. We gained knowledge about the educational system in Turkey and the specifics of school and kindergarten education. 2. Time was meticulously arranged We worked upon schedule. Our cooperatives from Turkey did their best in order to efficiently organize each day. However, we felt very tired and some more free time for have a rest would be an advantage. We worked very efficiently and therefore, we managed to achieve our goals. 3. What we really liked was the fact that parents took an active part in school life. Children in the kindergarten are well-behaved, kind and have respect for older people. If it comes to activity, in our opinion children have too little time for free leisure and entertainment. Their time is filled with perfectly planned activities. The classrooms are very modest if it comes to toys but they equipped with computers, printers, projectors and interactive whiteboards. We were surprised by the amount of attention devoted to patriotic upbringing. Patriotism is visible almost everywhere: in each classroom there are patriotic elements like Ataturks portraits and national flags. Teachers talk a lot about Ataturk, who was a Turkish national hero, owning

to whom Turkey as a country has got freedom and independence. Such patriotism is an excellent model of behavior. In Polish educational system there is small amount of patriotism in comparison to other aspects in school curriculum. We really liked the idea of small zoo nearby school. Children take care of farm animals. We would like to have a similar zoo in our kindergarten, if it is possible. 4. We really liked practical classes when children were making vegetable preserves. Parent took active part in the preparations for lessons. Together with children, they were cleaning the vegetables and peeling them. These activities took part outside school building, but the rest part in the classroom. Children were dressed up in kitchen aprons. Children enjoyed the classes. In our opinion many activities in Turkish kindergarten do not require a lot of effort from children. We were amazed by the ecological fashion show. Children, together with their parents and teachers, made beautiful outfits from waste like paper, aluminium foil and plastic tops. The fashion show was well prepared. 5. Some suggestions for future visits: before the visit meticulously define the terms and conditions of stay as well as spendings.