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Nicole Beck Information needed Past schooling/Educational history -Has the student attended more than one school,

either in or out of state? Documentation/Results She went to Stratton for kindergarten until 5th grade. She then entered Franklin Middle School where she attended for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. She is currently at Central High School where she has been for the past two years. She has attended unit 4 Champaign schools since pre kindergarten. She qualified for special education services for speech and language in 1999 while in prekindergarten at Marquette school. With whom does the student live? Report card from past year -relevant comments, especially with regard to literacy, math, and/or functional academics Grandma A- in strategic literacy B+ in modern US history B+ in Plane Geometry B- in American Literature D in general PE F in Physics F in general PE Her geometry teacher reports that she exhibits difficulty following written directions and has a low frustration tolerance. Occasionally sleeps in class. Exhibits attention getting behaviors, sometimes is defiant of rules and defensive. Her American literature teacher says that she exhibits difficulty following verbal directions, is a high achiever and that she has verbalized that she craves novelty and hates repetition. She is generally always respectful in class but can use a tone that is disrespectful. She is a dedicated and hard worker. ReadingHer reading fluency is at the 4th grade level, instructional reading fluency level

Achievement scores/Formal assessment data -Standardized tests (e.g., ISAT) -Alternative assessments (if applicable)

-IQ or intelligence tests

falls at the 5th grade level. Her comprehension level is currently at the 4th grade level. Her reading scores on the PLAN test fell at the 1st percentile. MathHer math calculation score of 63 fell at the 1st percentile and is in the extremely low range. She has difficulty dividing single digit numbers, multiplying multi digit numbers and subtracting fractions. Her applied problems score of 65 fell at the 1st percentile and in the extremely low range. Curriculum based measures place her math computation skills at the percentile on a 7th grade probe. Her math concepts and applications skills fell at the 14-18% on a 6th grade probe. Her math scores on the PLAN test fell at the 15th percentile in comparison to her same aged peers on a national scale. Writen languageOn CBM her correct writing sequences scores fell at the 6th and 10th percentiles. Her writing sample places her in the low average range (25%) at the fifth grade level. IQShe has a full scale IQ standard score of 89. Which puts her in the low average range Passed hearing and vision in October 2011. Wears glasses and there are no motor concerns. She receives special education services under the handicapping condition of SLD in the areas of basic reading, reading comprehension and written expression. She has been present for 91 days so far this year. She has a tendency to have unexcused tardies when coming to class.

Results of vision and hearing tests Special programs or services (e.g., Reading Recovery) -RtI -OT/PT/Speech/Social work Attendance patterns from past two years

Demographics -parents occupation(s) -free and reduced lunch -SSI

Health concerns and/or medication required

She was born on December 3, 1994 in Chicago cook county to a birth mother who used alcohol and tobacco during the pregnancy. She met all of her developmental milestones as a infant. Her parents are no longer in her life and she lives with her grandmother. Her grandma is retired and she is on free and reduced lunch. She has been healthy throughout her life. She takes no medications and the only health related issue that she has now is that she suffers severe cramps during menstruation.

I think that doing a record review for all of your students could be extremely beneficial. By looking at all of the data on a student it allows you to see exactly what their education has been like for the past few years. Knowing that information can allow you to see why your student is the way they are. A record review can also help you to determine what the best approach is to take with your student. Through this assignment I was able to learn so much information that I had not previously known and I think that I understand this student much better now.