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RNheals Monthly Journal January 2013 Name: BROSAS, Myko B. Laguna () Rural Health Unit I.

ACTIVITIES: Before we set out for our 12-month-long journey in our area assignment, the Provincial Health Team Office has given an orientation to the RN heals Batch 4. Members of the PHO provided us the overview of the programs and activities that we, in a weeks time, would be rendering. Earlier in time, I prepared mentally for the arduous task that lay ahead of me. I felt certain that at last, my day had arrived. Upon arriving, the group made a courtesy call to the government officials. We started our day at the rural health unit just in time. Initially, I have managed to take a look at the function and existence of the RHU by means of its mission and vision. Moreover, the group took a chance to observe how each day turns out in the facility. I familiarized myself with the schedule of daily consultation too. During consultation we assisted the rural health workers. We conducted preconsultation procedures through establishing rapport, making assessment through the demographic data, asking the chief complaint and taking blood pressure. We reinforced the doctors advice through health teaching and had a chance of giving follow up care and referral. A pre-marriage counseling is conducted every Tuesday. Each of us was given a topic to discuss to the couples-to-be. Wednesday morning is devoted for immunization. During Senior Citizens Day, the facility renders its services to the elderly. The RHU attends to pregnant mothers every Friday. The midwife rendered and showed us the basic prenatal check-up. II. LEARNING / INSIGHTS: Learning is not just contained in the four corners of the facility with the new environment. As a rural health nurse, you should also learn more about the condition of the community. My knowledge about immunization was further enhanced proper techniques, vaccines used, schedule and interval to name a few. We had the opportunity to measure the fundic height, examine FHT and compute the AOG and EDD of the mother. I know that there are still a lot to learn and I hope that this exposure will guide me and my peers to find our own success and see the fruition of own goals. III. ISSUES / CONCERNS: The RHU serves as the first resort of the community especially the poor when it comes to health problems. Most of them are from the younger brackets of the whole population. This means that a thorough and detailed child health program must be implemented. However we should not put the blame to the health institution, parents and poverty ought to be held responsible for that. IV. RECOMMENDATIONS: Municipality/Province: Magdalena, Area of Assignment: ( ) Hospital

Before I recommend I should first commend the rural health workers for their hard work, dedication and perseverance. I can also see that they are compassionate between one another. I humbly suggest that the structural well-being of the facility be improved.
Signed: BROSAS, Myko B. Predilla RN, PHN II Supervisor Mrs. Eva L. Nurse Trainee