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# Praise for the writing of Alyssa Brooks Spell of Love: LustUpon Roses Once again, Alyssa

Praise for the writing of Alyssa Brooks

Spell of Love: LustUpon Roses

Once again, Alyssa Brooks creates an enchanting and erotic tale with a hero that is truly a sweetheart…This reviewer is eagerly looking forward to reading the other stories of Edmund's brothers to see how Ms. Brooks continue building upon the exciting paranormal elements laid down in this tale.

-- Sarah W.,TheRomance Studio

Alyssa Brooks has written a charming, bewitching romance that this reviewer totally enjoyed…I can't wait to see which brother has his heart captured next.

-- Sinclair Reid,Romance Reviews Today

With an exciting plot, witty characters, and scorching scenes,Spell of Love: LustUpon Roses made this reviewer stop a few times to catch her breath. I highly recommend this book and demand a sequel!

-- Mila Bean,Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Alyssa Brooks’Spell of Love: LustUpon Roses is an exceptional tale that should not be missed. The author has created characters that you hate to say goodbye to as the story ends.

--Tewanda ,Fallen Angel Reviews

Short as the story is, Ms. Brooks gives us a completely fleshed out romance. A sweet story with sizzling love scenes,LustUpon Roses is a keeper.

-- Amber,Coffee Time Romance

Spell of Love: LustUpon Rosesis now available from Loose Id.



Alyssa Brooks



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Spell of Love: Dragon’s Desire

Alyssa Brooks

This e-book is a work of fiction. While reference might be made to actual historical events or existing locations, the names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Kingdom ofWulfhere , 1435

The smell alone was enough to scare a brave man away. Like a disgusting combination of rotting fish and manure, the air in the dragon’s cave hung heavy with stink.

His sword drawn,Bryhan worked his way through the dark. He dared not light a torch for fear of waking the beast. In the back of his mind, he knew it didn’t matter. He was immortal, after all. What did he have to fear? How he confronted the dragon was now of little consequence.

But parts of him could not let go of instinct.

He had been after this dragon for years.Since he was a lad. Around the villages, he was known as the Dragon Slayer. Stories preceded him everywhere he went, as if he had brought down countless dragons, even rescuing fair ladies in the process.

It was only because he was the son and brother of two great kings. Truth be told, this was the only

dragon in the kingdom ofWulfhere .Or in any kingdom, as far as he knew. He had never gotten close enough to even poke it with his sword. Just to smell it.

Every time he thought he’d do it, fear held him back.

But what did he have to fear now? He’d never die. His father had seen to that. The potion he’d madeBryhan and all of his brothers drink ensured forever would never end. If only his father had drunk it first, maybe he’d still be around.

A deep feeling invadedBryhan , compelling him to rebel.To fight for his freedom. To be released from

the damned spell so he could taste the thrill of danger again.

Outwitting death wasn’t an easy concept to grasp. It slowly grew on you, molding your reactions. The battle had been his first test, pushing him to fight without recourse. Against hundreds of men, he and his brothers had fought. The castle had been besieged. Knights and cannonballs had invaded from everywhere.

But alone, he and his brothers had battled.Warred. They’d run headfirst into the armies, never once flinching as they protected their people. In the heat of the moment, forgetting fear had been easy.

They had, of course, won. The victory had seeped into his blood. The dissolution of fear had been sparked in him. The flame faltered here and there, but always it grew. Soon he’d be another man.An intrepid, reckless one.

With a dragon trophy.Yes, he’d eat the beast’s heart and hang its head over his mantle.

With slow, careful steps, he crept into the main chamber of the cave. The whoosh of the dragon’s breathing filled the rank air, hot and steady. The beast was huge, at least fifty feet long. Staying close to the cold rock wall,Bryhan skulked along. He wanted to face the dragon as he drove his blade into its heart.To see its eyes.To see its terror.

The closer he drew, the hotter it became. The beast loomed before him, massive in size and presence.But, thankfully, still snoring. Now was his chance! All he had to do was drive his blade through its throat.To steal its air, slowly suffocating it to death. Once it gave up and surrendered to death, he’d cut out its heart and feast upon it. The rich blood would instill in him the heart of a dragon. To him, that was worthier than any spell.

He raised his swordhigh

Suddenly the dragon’s eyes flashed open,glowing a brilliant green as they stared him down. The light they cast glimmered off of his polished blade, reflecting through the cave.

Bloody hell!Bryhanyelped. Startled, he jumped back. His blade fell as he gasped in shock. He hit the cold rock wall with a painful thud, aware of the contrast between hot and cold as he leaned against it.

Quickly, he gathered himself back together, yanking his sword up. He thrust it toward the scaled beast. “Halt, beast. I have come to slaughter you.”

To his surprise, the dragon chuckled deep and low. “And you thought I’d simply allow it?”

Its breath truly held fire, though not the kind one imagined.Bryhan winced, trying to keep from breathing. The dragon’s breath was like smelling the latrine after Edmund feasted.

“It will be easier if you do not fight.”

The dragon’s tail flicked back and forth nonchalantly.“Because I cannot win against one of the princes of forever? I cannot kill you, so you will slaughter me? I should bend to your whim, allow you to have your petty fun?”

“Nothing is petty about freeing the villages of your attacks!”Bryhan yelled his accusation, jabbing his sword in threat.

“I don’t attack. I fly, exercising my wings. Just because I swoop over their village, doesn’t mean I attack.”

“You attack.”

“No.You attack. Fool. You pride yourself on being a dragon hunter, but when I am dead, what will you do? There are no others like me left in this world.”

“Of course there are.”Bryhan lunged forward. Such anger flooded him at the dragon’s denial that his actions were without thought. The beast had ruined crops.Breathed fire on thatch homes that easily burned. It did nothing butattack . Pure fury drove him as he thrust his sword into the dragon’s throat. It pierced the tough-scaled skin easily, being sharpened to arazorlike point in preparation. “And I shall kill them all, as well.”

The dragon’s wail of pain echoed through the cave. Its long tail whipped around the room, andBryhan jumped to dodge from its path.

As the dragon writhed and fought for air through its failing windpipe, sudden, unexpected regret snaked throughBryhan . It settled in the pit of his stomach and made him sick.

What had he done?What the bloody hell had he done?

Abrupt realization flooded through him, like he had just awakened to the truth. The beast’s green eyes spoke it, flooding his heart with it. Like piercing daggers, they shot straight to his soul. Flashes of the dragon’s life zapped through him. The peaceful, tranquil existence it had lived ages ago.The unwelcome invasion of people into its once private territory. They way it was picked and preyed upon.

Bryhanjerked back to reality. But the visions had burned his heart. This dragon had been here long before them. Had the right to remain as fairly as it had to breathe. It was the last one, andBryhan was murdering it.

The beast was writhing in pain, the glow of its eyes fading in the dark cave. But so long as they were open, they remained on him.Accusing him.Paining him. Its moans filled the air, overcomingBryhan with despair.

Bryhanraced forward, yanking his sword free. He expected the beast to strike out, to fight for its life. Instead, it gave up, rolling to its side with a loud thump.

A raspy gasp escaped the animal as it spoke its final words. “May your guilt change you foreternity. Never shall you hurt another of us.”

Bryhandidn’t know it then, but he would carry those words with him forever. In that moment, he changed from slayer to protector. Wielding his sword once again, he drove it into the beast’s chest cavity and sliced it open. The dragon gave no fight, allowing him to do what he must.

He saw it now. It was too late for the dragon, but not forBryhan .

He worked through bone and muscle, opening the beast’s upper body. Bending on one knee, he drove his hand into the dragon, searching for the heart. He grasped the still slow-beating muscle, tearing away a chunk of it.

He bit into it, nearly swallowing the bite whole. The taste of salty blood filled his senses, the meat hard to chew.

Again visions of the dragon’s life flooded him, its feelings and deepest fears.Bryhan opened his soul to them, letting them seep into him.

Now he truly had the heart of a dragon.

Chapter One

Australia, 2005

Bloody hell.He was late. Yet, at the same time he was early.Typical. He was never on time for anything.

Bryhanstood at the end of the lane, facing the clearing. Moonlight shimmered over the one-story farmhouse, its white siding glowing in the night. A porch wrapped completely around the newer home, a swing moving back and forth, hitting against the house with atap-tap. The yard was nice, at least a couple of green acres, with sloping sparse tropical woods of knotted twisted trees to one side, barns and fields of lush moonlit grasses to the other.

He let out a puff of air,then breathed in deep of the cool night breeze. It figured his van had run out of gas about a mile back. Worse, it figured all the lights were out.

Now what the hell should he do?

Wouldn’t rightly do to ring the buzzer and wake Ms. Fields. After all, his arrival time washis own fault. When Leigh had called on his cell, he’d told her to tell Ms. Fields he’d be here today or tomorrow towrangle the croc.

Not in the middle of the night.

He should have never gotten caught up with Tinker after the school assembly. They’d gone from looking for salamanders with a bunch of kids, to kicking back beers at the pub. Sure, he’d had a raging good time.

He loved kids. He loved beer. Hell, he even loved Tinker.

But the kids would have been enough.

Now he had a bloody headache from the cheap beer, was out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and had nowhere to sleep. Plus, he stank like salamanders.

He took wide strides down the lane. No bother -- he’d slept outside before. He’d wait here until morning, then call Leigh and have her tow the van up.

Stepping up onto the porch, he eyed the tapping swing, then the thick brown mat at the bottom of the red front door. Dirty it might be, but it looked a hell of a lot softer than the hard planks of the porch. Flopping down, he curled up into a ball on the rug.

* * * * *

An odd feeling invaded Jay; sinking into the pit of her stomach and making her heart beat fast. She could

almost feel a vision coming, like a tidal wave was about to sweep her over.

She drew a sharp breath, letting the oxygen fill her lungs and relax her. After several seconds, the odd notion fled.

Where had that come from? She hadn’t had a threat of a vision in years. Not since she’d secluded herself out here. And never in all her lifehad she had one without contact from another human being.

Could it be? Could shenot have outrun them after all?

For a moment she paused; then she shook away the thought. If she didn’t think about them, they wouldn’t come.Other things. She needed to concentrate on other things.

She dropped a dab of cream into her coffee and stirred it around. The black liquid paled only slightly, striking her hard with the annoyance that it was nowhere near enough. She dumped a good quarter cup into the tall mug, still not satisfied.

Two weeks ago she’d given upcarbs . Her younger stepsister in America had told her it was all the rage and that she was losing weight like a candle melting away wax.

And sure, Jay had lost a whopping two pounds. She had also eaten enough meat to make someone sick, and not had a drop a sugar in what seemed like forever.

She didn’t hate her ass that much. She was ready to let it be big and flat as ever, if she could have some chocolate.

With a sigh, she tied her robe, grabbed her coffee, and headed to the front porch. The sun was just coming up, and she wanted to sit on the swing and watch it before she set to work on the farm feeding animals. She picked up yesterday’s unread paper from the small table in the foyer and stuffed it under her arm, then swung open the door and went for the screen.

It did not budge.


She let out a high-pitched scream. On her front mat lay a man, curled in a ball and snoozing. A black cowboy hat covered his head, locks of wispy blond hair peeking out. His jeans and white T-shirt certainly weren’t old, but they were dirty.Smeared with mud and something smelly.

Even with her cry, and the door ramming him in the rear, he hardly budged.Just wormed about, as if he didn’t care about anything but remaining asleep.

Again the overpowering feeling began to invade her.

“Get up!” With all her might, she rammed the door into his ass.Then again. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Easy, mate.” Mumbles groaned from him as he rolled away. The hat fell from his head as he gazed up at her. Startling icy-blue eyes met hers, so dreamy she gasped. Lips so full and sexy, her sex pulsed with the need to feel them. One look at his face captured her, giving her no choice but to run her gaze up and down his length as he stood up. Tall and massively built, strength formed his upper body. His hips were

slim, accented by tight Levis that hugged his long legs.And did little to hide the huge bulge in his pants.

Quickly she yanked her gaze back up. He was dirty, smelly. His jaw prickled with days of stubble.

But he was hot enough to make her want to cream her panties.

Who the hell was he? Better yet, why was he on her porch?

“Ms. Fields.” Immediately it hit her that his accent was odd.Thickly Australian, yes, but with a hint of something different.

He nodded hello and bent to pick up his hat. With a jerky motion, he slapped it back on his head.

And then it hit her.

“Mr.Wulfhere ?”

“None other,luv .”His blue eyes drifted down slowly, like two falling drops of water. “Is that coffee I smell?”

Figured.Hewas the man supposed to be getting rid of the damn crocs in her creek. They were eating all her ducks, not to mention she wanted them gone before her big familybarbie .Or, as her stepsister would have corrected her growing use of Australian slang, a barbecue. Jess was always picking at her English. She’d sure enjoy that the whole week of thebarbie .Amongst other things.And including a croc, if this man didn’t work a miracle.

Jay let out a soft sigh. For heaven’s sake, children would be here. Along with her snooty parents, who would no doubt be looking for some reason to insist she comehome.

She’d expected someone with a bulging belly, maybe a few rotten teeth.Older.Stinky. Dirty. Well, he fit those two. But he wasn’t old, and his belly wasn’t bulging. To the contrary, he was hot.

She couldn’t decide if that was good or bad. Except that already she was envisioning herself in bed with him, and she’d promisedherself no more flings. No more fooling around with men who didn’t want commitment, just a taste of her fortune.

Since she’d hit the deep vein on her gold mine in the outback, romance had all but disappeared. She was pretty, rich, and from America. She couldn’t find one man to take interest in anything but that.

She wanted someone to marry. Have babies with.Someone who would love her.

Not a man likehim . Anyone who fell asleep on a new employer’s porch in the middle of the night was obviously reckless. Why hadn’t he thought ahead, perhaps gotten a hotel? He’d been hasty and careless in his actions. That sort of man hardly made for a good husband or father. No, he was the fling type. And she wasnot having any more flings.

Besides, she hated being around people anymore. The more contact she had, the more they came. She wanted to keep them away for good. The visions weren’t always bad, but they weren’t always good, either. Seeing a premonition of her best friend’s death and being helpless to stop it had been the final straw. Good, bad, whatever, she had no interest in the future.

She thrust her coffee mug at him. His fingers caressed hers, the sensation of his rough calluses jolting across her sensitive skin.

His hands were everywhere, feeling the most intimate parts of her hot, naked body as he thrust in and out of her. Her sex clenched around him, teetering on the brink of an orgasm, one so strong she couldn’t take it. Together they sweated and panted, fucking like wild animals. His hands were everywhere.Everywhere. No man had ever touched her in such places.Everywhere. She screamed out, convulsing. And then he filled her with his pleasure.

Jay jerked out of it, gasping for breath. Her vision cleared, revealing the man staring at her with the oddest look.

Had she done anything weird? Said anything? The man’s hands had beeneverywhere . It had been so powerful, so real. Never had she had one like that.

She had to get out of here.

“Here. Drink it. Then get those crocs out.” For some unknown reason, she snapped at him as if he were her worst enemy.

It was just, he was impossible to be around. Not without wanting to jump his bones. And what if he touched her again? She couldn’t take another vision like that.

Now she knew. She was going to fuck him.Sooner or later. She couldn’t avoid it if she wanted to. Maybe she should throw in the towel and get it over with.Yet

The sensible part of her futilely resisted.That door to her was locked.The key thrown away.

She gulped and stepped back, trying hard but failing in her attempt to stop looking at him.

For hell’s sake, all she could think about was throwing him down and climbing aboard. From the bulge in his pants, his cock was huge. How big it would be when ithardened

Jay fidgeted. Her panties were getting wet.

“I’ll need to use your phone. My van’s out of gas, down the road a bit. No sense in wrestling the crocs if I can’t haul them away.” He took a sip of her coffee,then quickly spat it out with a look of disgust. His thick brows furrowed; his lips contorted into a lopsided grimace. “What the bloody hell?”

“I’m on a diet.”

Taken aback, he swept his gaze over her.“What in the bloody hell for?”

Bryhanblatantly studied her body -- her perfect, tantalizing body.A diet? She was crazy if she was doing anything to alter that figure.

She had hips.Ass. Not too big; she certainly didn’t make J. Lo look like a pancake or anything.But just enough for a man to slip his cock up in between, all nice and warm and cushiony.

Oh, yeah, she’d be fun to pump into. Shift gears a little.

But the rest of her

bloody hell, she was tiny. He could wrap his hands round her waist. Cradle her

perky B-cup tits in his palms.

Her whole upper body was a fragile, delicate structure. Slim shoulders, ribs that he could trace, a stomach flatter than the plains in the outback.

His eyes drifted down. Feet happened to be an obsession of his.Tiny, thin-boned ones, with red-painted nails.A pinky toe so little it hardly had a nail. Just a slim slice of red where she’d attempted to apply the polish, despite the hopelessness of it.

Just like hers.

He bet her toes tastedgood . He wanted to lick them. Tease them. Suck them.

So he had a lot of time to think about women. Since he never managed to keep one, sex was constantly on his mind. What the bloody hell else could he do but think about it? It wasn’t as if he could just blurt out to some woman that he would live forever and ask if she’d join him.

His secret could never be told. And it made love a little impossible. Since he didn’t have his brother Edmund’s penchant for whores, it left him little recourse.

He just couldn’t stop staring at those feet. Then he noticed their impatient tapping against the porch boards, drumming like fingers on a table.

She cleared her throat. “Are you done?”

“Done?” He yanked his gaze to her face. Bloody hell, but she was a hotsheila .Prettier than a picture, with eyes as green as grass and red hair curlier than he’d ever seen. Her skin was pale, despite the Australian sun. Freckles dotted across her nose.

She pursed her lips, her mouth tiny in diameter, but plump and kissable. “Are you done checking me out? Or I do need to stand here and model for you?”

“No,luv .Not necessary. But if you want

She squealed, clenching her fists. “Oh, I am so ready to send you packing.”

“But then who would rid you of your croc?” He flashedher a half smile, all too aware of the dimples he pushed into his cheeks. “Be a mate and put up with my rude way. I’m only half man. The rest is beast.”

Her lips parted, pausing. Her tongue traced over them slowly, as if she were pondering the concept very hard.

“I don’t doubt that.” Her tone was stilted.Filled with lust. “Mr.Wulfhere . Use my phone, if you must. Then get that croc and get out of here.”

“Ah,luv .Not always that easy. I’ll have to watch him a bit. Size him up.” He shook his head. She was just like the others. No appreciation for anything but what they wanted. They just moved in, took over, and expected the wildlife to bloody smile and ship off. He’d bet that croc had been here long before her. “Perhaps he won’t want to leave. You may have to. I charge double if that’s the case.”

Anger flashed across her face, her green eyes narrowing into two shooting beams. She stepped forward, poking her finger at him. Her voice rose with every word. “You listen here. I am not playing games. My family is coming here in days for a huge, week-longbarbie . They are coming all the way from America, and there will be children. I expect them to be safe near that creek. Or I will take your little business and tear it in two.” She brushed past him, stomping away. Then she paused. “Don’t you dare think of walking off,either. ”

Bryhanlicked his lips. Never had anysheila talked to him like that. He probably ought to tell her to shove it.

But damn, he liked it. The woman was in control.

She was a spoiled, he guessed rich, brat. But she had sauce.Dominance.

He licked his lips. It wasn’t hard to imagine kissing her feet, begging to be allowed to touch more of her. He could shoot off just licking those toes, knowing she stood over him in total control. Maybe even with a whip.

He never did get her first name.

Chapter Two

After dressing in jean shorts and a ribbed white tank top, Jay stalked to the barn. Her head held high, she remained annoyed at the man.Totally blaming him. Even if, deep down, she knew he hadn’t said or done anything all that bad.

Instead, she made excuses. She knew she did. She didn’t care. Her very heart seethed, the man having poked her nerves to the limit.

How dare he check her out like that? She could see he was thinking disgusting things and without even trying to hide it. At least she’d been discreet.

Hadn’t she? Of course she had. She was always in control.Except when the visions came.

No. She sucked in a breath. Okay. She had to forget the vision.

She was in charge.Always. That’s how she lived. That’s how she would stay.

After all, it was how she had gotten to where she was in life.Control.Strength.Determination. Not many other women ventured off from America to mine for gold, alone in the Australian outback. But she had. And she’d gotten rich. She wouldn’t have accepted anything less, either. What she wanted, she took.One way or the other. “No” did not exist in her vocabulary.

Her mare whinnied. Walking to Lily’s stall, she swung open the gate and stepped in. She ran her hands over the horse’s tan coat, feeling the prickly hairs. A calm feeling swept over her at the thought of a ride.

Yeah. She needed to ride. Hopefully, by the time she got back, Mr.Wulfhere and the croc would be history.

This was not what she needed ten days before her family was to arrive. She wanted everything to be perfect when she showed them she’d made it.Without college.Without their overbearing help.

Maybe it was childish, but she’d worked hard. She’d done it. And for that, she thought maybe she deserved a little “way to go” and bragging time. Her parents had never understood why she wouldn’t make them proud, become a lawyer like the both of them.

She’d never told them she’d inherited her grandmother’s gift. That if she became a lawyer, every client she took would be like an open book to her. How could she defend guilty people, especially when she would possibly know the bad things they’d do when free?

Prosecution would have been worse. Every criminal that walked, that she failed to see convicted, she’d know .

Her parents were just going to have to accept that she was her own person. That she had her own dreams. They didn’t include courts or those damn visions.

Thisbarbie was important to her. She wanted her family to see how happy she was. Pulled together and making it. She didn’t need a croc to ruin it, any more than she needed to be invaded with premonitions. Especially not ones like that. Dear God, she’d almost had a real orgasm from it.

Yup, the croc and Mr.Wulfhere needed to go. Like, today. And she’d dare say if that didn’t happen,the croc was a might safer than Mr.Wulfhere .

Hell, if she had to deal with him anymore, she was going to make him kiss the feet he so loved to stare at. Not to mention lots of other, equally naughty things.

But then, didn’t she already know it was her fate?

* * * * *

Bryhanscouted the river, studying the tracks. Around him, gnarly trees with sparse leaves lined the bank. Tufts of long, yellowing grass burst through the dry mud.

He hadn’t caught sight of the beast yet, but he had a feeling the croc was watching his every move. He had to stay on guard because crocs were known for stalking and ambushing. They’d fly from the water sosuddenly, their prey wouldn’t have a moment to draw a breath before they were under and rolling.

From the looks of it, Ms. Fields had herself a big one. Not completely mature. These days, those were rare. But it was no baby, either. Once the tow guy brought in his van, he’d have to radio Leigh and tell her to send Tinker over.

Not that anything could kill him, but there were appearances to keep.And thecroc’s safety. He was good. He wasn’t dumb. He never did anything alone unless he was one-hundred-percent sure he could handle it.

Down below, his cock yanked up, suddenly so hard he was sure it would explode.Bloody hell. Was he even still talking about the croc?

For hell’s sake, hewas . But his mind was all over Ms. Fields.If he could handle her. Or better yet, if she

could handle him.

He bet she could.

Heturned, ready to start back to the house to wait until his van arrived. Instantly, he caught site of her. She rode her horse through the field, her curly red hair flowing behind her in a wild mess. Straight at him she raced, reminding him of a soldier going into battle. She leaned low in order to streamline herself. Her hands gripped the reins in a sure grasp, her feet never once kicking the beast for added speed.

Could the animal understand her? Was she at one with the mare? It sure appeared that way. He knew of very few people who communicated with beasts in such a way. At the school assemblies he gave, kids and teachers alike were always either too eager or too scared. Never calm.Never dominant.

Closer and closer she rode, reining in only when he could see the beads of hot sweat dripping from her reddened face. Her skin glistened in the heat. Her eyes burned.

Bloody hell.She didn’t really expect him to be gone so soon. Did she?


Suddenly, sharp teeth sank into his calf, pain stabbing through him like a thousand knives. Pulled off balance, he fell facedown. Not once did he have a chance to draw a breath. He was yanked into the water and under.

Chapter Three


Jay yanked her horse to a stop, her thumping heart nearly ready to be spat out. The croc had just yanked him under, faster than a lightning flash.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

He was gone. Mr.Wulfhere , her croc wrestler, was being killed at this very moment.

Bile rose in her throat, choking her. For hell’s sake, she had to do something!But what? What could she do?

Okay. Okay. She had to get it together. She had to do something. She sucked in a sharp breath. Okay. What?

She certainly couldn’t go in there after him. By the time she rode to the house for her gun, he’d be dead.If he wasn’t already.

Never had her hands been so tied. A man was dying. She could do nothing.Nothing!

The concept rang in her ears like a painful buzzing. She clenched the reins, wanting to slide down, but not allowing herself. Her knuckles went white from her hard grasp. Her mind swam; she was unable to avert her gaze from the water as she hoped.Prayed.

Oh, God. He had to come back up. How had she not seen this when she touched him? It was usually the bad things she saw. But instead, she had seen them together. Intimate.

So he had to live, right?

Oh, God. Or had it been a vision at all? Were her senses failing her? Could she trust the future to be as she saw it? Or was this man dying?

Bubbles and foam floated up to coat the water, a fight obviously beingduked out in the depths. Suddenly, Mr.Wulfhere popped up, his hand raised. Then he was quickly yanked back down.

Abruptly, all went still.

Bryhanflung himself on thecroc’s back, wrapping his arms around its chest. There was nothing he could do but wear the thrashing beast out. Eventually it would have to give up. Unfortunately, their fight would have to end there and begin again another time. He had no rope to wrap its jaw.

No matter. It wasn’t like the croc could kill him.

He rode the croc like it was a bucking wild bronco. Lower and lower, they sank into creek. The water’s depths went to nearly three meters. Over the murky bottom they rolled, stirring up all sorts of disgusting muck. The waters clouded so thick, seeing became impossible.

Regardless, he held on. The croc whipped about wilder and wilder. The harder it jerked, the harderBryhan held on. The animal started to spin, and he rolled with it.

All the while, he cursed his foolishness. He’d let the redheaded witch distract him, an easy feat for her. Now look what he had to deal with.

Suddenly the fight ceased. The animal went still. ButBryhan knew better. The croc was playing dead. As soon as he let go, the croc would attack again.Bryhan held on tight to its back. How long would this go on? A croc could stay under well over an hour.

Bryhantightened his grip to show he wasn’t wavering. Again the animal started to thrash. Its tail sliced through the water like a sword. So much, the croc reminded him of the dragon. Perhaps it was the tail. He wished he could tell the animal he wouldn’t harm it. That he sought to protect it. But soon the croc would learn.

The croc fell still again. For a moment it paused, as if to get a breath.Bryhan softened his hold, wondering what it would do. Was it finished? Giving up?

After a moment, the croc started to swim off. Thankful,Bryhan let go. The croc was done, for now.Tired.

ButBryhan knew he’d better be fast. Kicking to the top of the water with all the strength in his legs, he butterfly-stroked to the shore. His feet sank into the rich red mud, creating suction with each step he took. Exhausted, he half-walked, half-crawled onto the bank. Oxygen flooded his burning lungs as he

gasped and panted. Dirty, nasty water sputtered up into his mouth, and he spit it out.

And then he heard her cry. It pierced through the air.Relieved.Shocked.Unbelievably loud.

He raised his gaze to her. Ms. Fieldscame running full-tilt toward him, her arms outspread and flapping.

Bryan gasped again, but not from the water.

How the hell was he going to explain this? Even if it were possible for a man to escape such an attack, he’d been under water for well over five minutes.

How thehell was he going to explain this?

Jay raced to his side, practically choking on her heart. He was alive!Thank God! As she covered the distance, her eyes scanned his body. His wet, dripping clothes hung over his chiseled muscles, clinging to their hills and valleys. His hair was pasted to the sides of his head, and his eyes were red from his time spent underwater.

But no blood fell from him. Not a drop.

His blue eyes sparked with shock, growing wider with every step. Then suddenly, he dropped like a swatted fly. His huge body collapsed to the ground in a limp heap. His every muscle went still, like a corpse.

Dropping to her knees beside him, she checked for a pulse. No sooner did she touch him than it overtook her.

Her mouth went to his neck, sucking hard enough to leave marks. She wanted to leave marks. Like she was laying some sort of animistic claim. Under her, he thrust his hips and drove his thick cock into her. The steady rhythm stroked against her G-spot, making her climax build.She

Jay yankedherself free, stumbling backwards as she did. She landed hard on her rump on the bank. Luckily, the red mud was soft, and it cushioned her fall.

Immediately she jumped back up, again ready to feel for his pulse. But as she stood over him, she

hesitated. Whatif


No, she had to be strong. She had to do this.

Without visions.

Her fingers pressed his neck, finding a strong, steady beat. Relief flooded her.

What now? What the hell should she do?

She studied his chest, searching for a steady rise and fall. She couldn’t tell. Was he breathing? He’d been under so long. He should be dead.

Maybe she needed to give CPR. Oh, hell. She could slap herself.Why hadn’t she taken those classes?

Was he even breathing? Laying her hand directly over his mouth, she tried to feel for some sort of breath. After several seconds, still nothing.Damn . She leaned forward, placing an ear to his chest. The slow, steady beat of his heart spoke to her. His heart was working, but his lungs?Damn! She placed a hand to his chest and waited. No rise and fall. Oh, God. She had to do something.

Okay. Okay. She could do this. She’d seen it onBaywatch , hadn’t she? Anyone who’d ever watched an episode had.

Lowering her head, she grazed her lips across his. Quickly she yanked back. Okay. No. She was resuscitating him. Not kissing. Again she leaned in, pressing her mouth over his. With her forefinger and thumb, she squeezed his nose. Gently, she blew in his mouth.And again.And again.

No response. Maybe it wasn’t enough.

She lifted her head,then went back to work. This time, she blew a sharper breath into him.

Suddenly his tongue invaded her mouth, stroking hers.

His mouth devoured her, the kiss so brutal her lips bled. But she welcomed the pain. Sometimes pain could be delicious. So long as you craved it. Suddenly he released her, and clapping filled the air

A hot rush raced through her body as she yanked back. “What the

“Sorry,luv ,” he sputtered, his voice weak as he tried to sit up. His eyes remained half open, his lashes glistening with water. He sounded and looked nearly dead.“Natural reaction.”

Right then and there, she knew he’d be fine.

But then, didn’t she know that already?

The clapping

guests were celebrating.Them. It couldn’t mean

be married. Not him. Not now.

She didn’t want that.Right?

could it? Surely they weren’t going to

Okay. She wanted a husband. Of course she did.But not him. He stank.

He plopped back down and shut his eyes. She watched him, waiting. Surely he would wake back up. Get up.

With every second that passed, she became aware of the danger the croc posed. The beast could strike again. He was awfully fast. They needed to move.

Placing her hands under his arms, she attempted to lift him. He didn’t budge. Hell, he was heavy. She was no weak woman. Years of mining and life on the farm had toned her muscles. But she could never get him up without help. No way.

She drew a deep breath, trying to hold back the panic. She had to dosomething .

Going behind him, she picked up his arms. They alone weighed a ton. Grasping his wrists, she began to

drag him.Slowly.Very slowly.

She moved him.Barely. The house wasn’t that far. She’d either get him up there, or he’d wake up and walk. But she wasn’t leaving him here.

She managed to get him into the house and left him lying on the kitchen floor. He was still out cold.

Maybe if she warmed him up

She didn’t imagine staying in the soaked clothes was helping him.

She didn’t know what else to do, so she began to peel away the soaked layers of clothing. Everything he wore was slim-fitting, and she had to fight it off of him. She kept hoping and praying he’d wake up. Then she could be embarrassed, and he could be okay.

Instead, his lithe, bulging muscles remained as limp as putty in her hands.

She unsnapped his jeans. As she pulled down the zipper, her hands grazed over his bulky sex. She yanked back as if bitten, licking her lips. To her shock, his cock began to harden, jutting up to form a tent in his boxers. From what she could tell, he was a man well endowed.Thick. Long.


Despite the fact that he was an injured man, lust curled in her nether regions. Passed out or not, he had a way of making her want like no other man ever had. His hard cock didn’t help, either.

She kept thinking she could climb right on him and give him a good reason to wake up.

Hell. What was wrong with her?

Okay. She had to get this over with. Like, two minutes ago already.

Tugging at his jeans, she drew them down. Once over his hips, they came free, and she yanked them off quickly. It wasn’t hard to decide. His boxers would stay on.Wet or not.

Just then, a knock sounded at the door.Thank God .Someone to help her. She raced from the room, pausing briefly at the door to make sure his cock was softening. It wasn’t. Whoever this was, she’d have a mess to explain. She had an almost naked man who stank like the creek, passed out on her kitchen floor with a hard cock.

Chapter Four

Bryhanlifted one eye open, studying her as she fluttered about the room. Damn, everything about her was bloody sexy.The way she swung her frizzy red hair over her shoulders. The way she bent, leaning only on one leg, while lifting the other.The way she went barefoot, her sexy, tiny feet sinking into the plush carpet.

She kept humming a sweet little melody, and the song’s beat made his cock jerk. Would she hum on his cock as she gave him head?

He was beginning to think the croc attack had been a blessing. After all, it had him in her bed.A huge

step closer to her on top of him, and all over him.

She started to turn, and he quickly shut his eyes and fell limp. He’d pretended to be out for hours now, remaining limp as she’d dragged him up here, as the tow guy had put him in the bed. He was past the point of making his escape from the attack believable. Now he was just being ornery.

He wanted her to fuck him.

And he knew she wanted the same. So why should he pretend otherwise? Chances like her were few and far between. A woman strong enough to take what she wanted.To takehim .

And not be stung when he had to leave.

He cleared his throat. With a crash, she dropped the pot of water she carried and swung around.

“You’re awake!” Relief flooded her voice as she sighed and raced to his side.“Finally!”

Immediately her hands went to fix his pillows, ignoring the water pooling all over her top-notch carpet. She fluffed the pillows, stroking his hair as she sat on the edge of the bed. “I called for the doctor.”

He let that sink in. No good.

The doctor would find nothing wrong with him, and ask far too many questions.

He gritted his teeth. “Cancel him.”


He looked away. This was the one thing he hated about the curse.The lying. If only he could tell the truth. Stop pretending. But it was impossible.Always so damned bloody impossible. “I’m fine,luv . At least, I will be. All I need is you to take care of me.”


” Her voice trailed off again in obvious confusion.

Annoyance crept through him, becoming stronger and harder as he realized the mess he could not explain to her.

“No doctor!” His voice came out louder and meaner than he’d intended.

She looked taken aback, her emerald eyes flashing with surprise.“Fine.”

Silence hung in the air like storm clouds hanging over their heads. The attraction between them grew more intense with every moment. The possibility of such pleasure and ecstasy was cut by the reality of his lies. This, hehated .

She stood, brushing her hands down her thighs. “It’s obvious you’re feeling better. But you were under an amazing amount of time. You should probably rest.”

Damn. Utter suspicion and confusion filled her voice. He had to give her some sort of explanation.Something to go on.

“I’ve trained myself to hold my breath a very long time and not suck in water. I have strong lungs. Sometimes, in my profession, it’s necessary.” His eyes locked hers. “I’ll be fine,luv . I don’t need to rest.”

“Oh. Okay.” She nodded. “Well, shower, get dressed, and come on out. I’ll feed you. Then you can be on your way.”

With that, she strode from the room.Completely forgetting her water mess.

Bryhanfollowed her swaying body with his gaze until she left his sight. He wouldn’t bother to argue with her. She was a fighter. She’d win. But he wouldn’t lose.

Not this chance.

His eyes fell to the clothes hung over a wooden chair. They were still soaked. The boxers he wore stank and clung to his skin. To wear them wouldn’t do. No.

He would shower. Clean up her mess. But get dressed? Leave? Not a chance.

Jay started to pile up a sandwich. Thank God he was okay. She didn’t know what the hell she was supposed to do.

The doctor hadn’t been happy about her canceling. He’d already started on his way, and the trip wasn’t a short one. For emergencies, he flew in on a rented helicopter. So, yes, she had put him out.

But at least Mr.Wulfhere was going to be fine. And out of her house very soon. Hell, his presence was driving her nuts. Awake, passed out -- it made very little difference. His aura drew her like a magnet to steel.Compelled her. She wanted to throw him down and use his huge cock like a tool.

Every damn time she looked at him, she imagined the things she could do. Mind you, not the thingshe could do -- the thingsshe could do.

Another vision had yet to steal her away. But she was going to be smart. She wasn’t going to touch him again.

She shifted, all too aware of the way her panties were getting ruined. She’d already changed them once today. Maybe she should put on a pad until he left. He really just drove her that crazy.

She topped some cheese with roast beef, squirting mustard all over it. Throwing on some hot banana peppers from a jar, she topped the stack with lettuce and a tomato.

She didn’t know what she’d do about the croc. She wanted the beast gone, even more now than ever. But she didn’t care for the idea of him going after it. She just wanted him to go.

Unfortunately, it had taken the wildlife service forever to come up with him. She had thebarbie coming up and couldn’t afford not to get rid of the croc.


Okay. She was going to have to let him do it. But this time, she was helping.Watching, at least.

Footsteps in the hall alerted her to his approach. She slapped the sandwich on a plate with crisps and whirled around.

The plate dropped to the floor and shattered. She screamed with every bit of air in her lungs.

He was naked. His cock jutted forth, boldly hard and ready for her.

She stepped back, piercing pain stabbing her toe as she did.“Owww!”

Damn. Now she had a piece of glass her toe. And he was still naked.

“Shit.” Hecame closer, stepping right on the glass without a care. “Let me see,luv .”

“You’re naked!” she gasped. She wanted to move back farther, but the damn counter was in her way. She had nowhere to run.

“And you’re hurt.”

“Get away from me.”

“Quit being a baby. Let me help.”

“Get away from me,” she warned again. “You’re naked and

“And you’ve never seen a man naked before. Find that hard to believe.” He chuckled. “My clothes are soaked and filthy. You’ll have to wash them.”

“Oh.” She was trying so hard not to look at him.Sohard. “Well, you

She wanted to spit at him that he’d stunk when he came here anyway. But she was too shocked by the sight of him kneeling onto the glass, as if nothing could hurt him. The pieces had to be piercing his skin, but he acted as if he didn’t even notice. Taking her foot in hand, he lifted it. He turned it, his mouth finding the spot where the glass had entered. His lips formed over it, sucking hard. Prickles of pain, mixed with sensual delight, rippled through her. She could feel the shard working its way out, slowly but surely. His teeth caught it, yanking it free.

He spat the glass splinter aside, but didn’t stop there.

As he knelt, he brought her foot back to his mouth. Slowly he began to lick and kiss her toes. His thick, callused fingers massaged the soft skin on the underside of her toes. He took each toe, sucking it.Working it. His teeth grazed her sensitive skin.

Her feet had always been thin-skinned.Ticklish. She went barefoot on the rugs just to feel the soft threads caressing her arch. She never let anyone touch let them.No one until him.

She couldn’t help but fall back against the counter. He trailed his tongue upward, licking the arch of her foot, flicking and teasing. Then he ran his mouth over the arch in big strokes.

She looked down at him, relishing the sight of him bent at her feet. In her wildest fantasies, she imagined a man bent at her feet.Worshiping her.Honoring her. As if shewere a queen. Her words were to be

obeyed. Or else.

WithWulfhere at her feet, nibbling her toes as he was, it wasn’t hard to slip away into the fantasy. Just the thought of it lit her body like a match to a candlewick. Her breasts tingled with desire, her nipples hardening into two pert daggers. If they were to be touched, she’d explode. Go crazy. The feeling coursed through her body, right done to her feet, streaks of hot lust making her hold her muscles tight.

Her slave was at her feet.Her long-awaited slave.

She knew it to be so. The visions allowed no room for doubt.

His mouth began to inch upward, slowly going to her ankles. The words slipped out before she could stop them. “Who told you to leave my foot, slave?”

Reaching behind her, she grabbed a wooden spoon from the counter and swatted his hard rear. “Do as you’re told. Not as you please.”

He arched at her smack, but did not anger. He liked it. She knew he did. This was what he wanted, a strong woman to push him around in bed -- and she had just the gumption to do so.

At that moment, she realized very clearly how lost she was.To her fantasy.To their fate. She could not stop their mating. She had to make him hers.

There could be no stopping it.

He looked up at her with those dreamy eyes, so blue, so ready to please.“Yes, ma’am.”

That nearly killed her. She squeezed her pussy tight as he went back to licking at her toes and torturing her with his attention to her foot. Now that he was back there, she wanted him elsewhere.All over her. Every inch of her skin ached to be touched.Loved.

Fantasies tend to snowball. She’d always imagined hers were impossible. What man would kiss her feet? But here shewas, a hot guy under her command and at her feet.

Snowball, things did. The more she realized she was getting away with it, the more she fell into the role.

Lifting the spoon, she smacked his rear again.And again. “Now, slave, you will come up slowly.Very slowly. Don’t go too fast, or I will punish you.”

He supplied no response. She slapped his rear with a brutal snap of the wooden spoon. “It’s ‘yes, ma’am’ when I speak to you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he panted. Slowly he worked his way up her ankle, encircling it in kisses. Only when he had covered every inch of the skin over her ankle bones did he dare to make a move upward. His mouth trailed along her shin, each kiss tantalizingly slow. He suckled and licked, letting the front of his teeth graze her skin just enough to send shocks to her pussy.

She could take no more.

“Get up here and take down my shorts.” She lightly flicked the spoon over his ass.“With your teeth.Now. Put your hands to my shorts, and I will beat you.”

For a moment, his gaze raised to hers. She could see the fight in them, itching to break free. He was a man who loved this, wanted it terribly. Yet he wasn’t used to loss of control. He was his own boss.His own man. He wanted to break free and take her as he pleased.

She would have to tame him.

And he would love every minute of it.

His mouth went to the button of her denim jean shorts, fighting to pull it through the loop. Finally it popped free. Then he took the metal zipper between his teeth, tugging it down. Inch by slow inch it released, until finally he had it lowered.

The fastenings freed, he grabbed the thick fabric between his teeth and yanked. The shorts caught over her full ass, not willing to let go. He had to work hard to get them down.

When the shorts were around her ankles, he lifted each of her feet from the legs and cast the garment aside. Then, like the good boy he was, he looked to her for instructions.

She smiled. She liked that.A lot. She was in charge.“Now my panties. Then you’ll get a treat.”

The red lace thong she wore was easy for him to pull down. No sooner was it around her ankles than she snapped the spoon at him in threat. “Now sniff me. Tell me how I smell. Tell me you love it. Want it.”

He brought his nose to her pussy, inhaling with a long, deep breath. “Queen, you smell of the sweetest nectars. If you deny me a taste, I shall die. Please.”

He begged so sweetly that she could not deny him. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on the counter. His fingers spread apart the lips of hercunnie until they could open no farther. His tongue dove in, taking one long, delicious lick. He flicked over her nub, teasing it. Then he circled it.Swept over it.Denied it too much attention.


So now he thought he had power. She lifted the spoon, but before she could swat, he quickly gave her throbbing clit the attention it wanted. He suckled intensely, holding it tight between his teeth. She moaned, arching, hardly able to take it. Slowly she began to slide toward his mouth, wanting and needing more. His hands stopped her.

She was too wrapped up in his licking to think of anything else. His tongue was electric, leaving her delirious. The sensations he imparted with his presses, strokes, and laps drove her to an impatient brink. Her cunt yawned and begged to be filled.

“Fuck me with your tongue.”

He drove his long tongue into her sex. Reaching down, she fingered her clit as he fucked her with his tongue. Together they moved in rhythm.

But it was not enough. She needed him to fill her to the brink. “Fuck me, slave. Lift me up and please me.”

A sly smile curved his lips, his hands gripping her ass. With a yank, he heaved her onto the counter. Her

legs wrapped around him as he thrust inside her. His cock filled her to the max, its entry shocking. She screamed out, overfilled with intense pleasures. In and out he stroked, pleasing her. She did not move. She did not have to. It was his job.His work. After all, he was her slave.

And he knew how to please.

With hardy, full thrusts, he drove into her. He pulled out until nearly free of her, then drove so deep she did not know how he went in so far. He tortured her with a mix of slow and fast, circles and thrusts.

The muscles of hercunnie tightened until they could not hold any more. With a sudden gush, she released in a wild orgasm. All the while, she used her spoon to slap his ass.

After she came, she just laid against his shoulder a moment. Then once again she raised her spoon. “Come, slave.”

It was truly as if he had the power to obey that command. He dove deep into her and filled her with his semen.

The raging, overpowering lust that had taken her disappeared. But her mind did not fight what had just happened. Instead, it battled one very strange fact.

He had walked on glass, licked her toes while kneeling in it,fucked her as he stood in it. But he did not have a scratch on him nor a complaint of any pain.

Something was too weird. The croc she had reasoned away. But this

Chapter Five

this made no sense.

Lifting her in his arms,Bryhan cupped her ass and carried her over the glass to the other side of the island. He didn’t like the look on her face. He’d forgotten himself.Bloody hell.

Things like glass shards didn’t bother him. What pain occurred was inconsequential. His body healed itself sofast, it was if the injury had never happened. Only pleasure could affect him to the point where he noticed.

He needed to come up with something. Fast. Or she was going to start asking questions he wouldn’t answer. He liked sex with her too much for that.

Setting her down on the white marble floor, he twisted a tendril of her red hair around his finger so she couldn’t step away. “No worries. I’m no ghost. It’s a trick I learned from an Aboriginal tribe. I spent some time with them when they rescued me from dying from dehydration in the outback. A long story,luv , but now I can walk over anything without injury, or even pain.”

It was an out-and-out lie.Bloody hell. Sometimes he hated that wizard. And himself, for all the lies he


Sparks of interest flickered in her green eyes.“Amazing.”

She was going to bombard him with questions. Want to know more. He had to change the subject, and fast.“How about that sandwich?” He dropped her hair and headed back around the island. “I better clean up this mess first. Then I’ll make you a sandwich, and we’ll talk about that croc.”

He bent, gathering the glass in his palm. Along with it, he picked up the scattered sandwich. He heard her let out a deep sigh and pull out a stool.

She drummed her fingers. “No, I don’t think so.”

Still bent, he turned and looked for a trashcan. He found one under the counter, as well as a dustpan. He dumped the glass in and grabbed the pan, standing. “What don’t you think? I can’t make a sandwich? ”

’Cause Igotta tell you

He bent to sweep up the mess.


He paused, his hand in midair. Slowly he stood and turned around. “No?”

“No, I can’t let you go after that croc again. After

“The attack changes nothing. It’s my bloody job, and I plan to do it.”

That croc was a big one.Dangerous. Most of the time, crocs were more harmless than the humans invading their homes. Just like the dragon.

But this one had a mean, deadly streak in him. And it was no wonder, with the way his territory had been invaded and food sources slashed.

All too often people dubbed the crocs the bad guys. The real problem was the humans. Any way around it, the croc needed to be taken somewhere safe. Somewhere he could have the room he needed.

“The attack changes everything. So does

” Her words trailed off, leaving everything hanging.

There it was.The awkwardness.Bloody hell. This just kept getting worse.

He really didn’t feel like letting it. He felt like fucking her again, or rather, having herfuck him. She had a way about her, so in charge and bloody damned sexy. Never had he met a woman quite like her. Ms.

Fields was

“You know,we never even exchanged first names.”

To his joy, she laughed. “You’re right.”

He stepped closer, feeling drawn to her.“Bryhan.”

Her sweet mouth curled into a smile. “Jay.”

The look on her freckled face made his insides curl with warmth. An itch to reach out and stroke her face almost overwhelmed him.

Bending, he swept up the mess as he spoke. “Well, Jay. We can stand here and argue. Or I can clean up this mess. We can have a sandwich. Have sex again.Maybe twice. Then I’ll wrestle the croc. And

that’s that. You’ll have yourbarbie ; I’ll have my money. We’ll both have good memories.”


He ignored her as he finished sweeping the glass into the pan.

The mess cleaned up, he turned to look her in the eyes. “Jay, you should know a thing or two about me. In bed, I love being pushed around by a bossy, greedy woman. But out of bed, I am my own man. I’ll do what I damn well please, and if I want to get that croc, I will. A little sprite like you is hardly going to stop me.So save it for the sack,luv .”

Chapter Six

It wasn’t often that she was left speechless. But his words flabbergasted her. If she did say something, she’d likely sound like an idiot. She was angry, annoyed, and loving it all at once.


Hell. He was her fantasy man. Her every naughty dream come true.

She hated weak yes-men. She needed a man who could stand tall.Proud. Yet at the same time, she liked a man who was man enough to let her take charge. Not afraid to let her wield the whip.

She was, indeed, a paradox. Having a man at her feet was one of her biggest fantasies.But her other was being tied up quite securely and tortured with sex play.Spanked. All sorts of dirty, nasty things she could say no to all she liked, and not escape.

She gulped.Bryhan was the only man she’d ever met who she thought could fill those shoes. He could easily make her wild fantasies come true. She knew, given the chance, he would.

But he pissed her off so badly, she could never let him. Who was he to tell her no on her own land? To tell her she couldn’t fire him?

She continued to drum her fingers, not having a clue what to do. She just sat there, stunned by it all.

She could fight it all she wanted. But in the end, she already knew their fate.

Naked, his glorious form flitted about the kitchen, making her a sandwich. She watched in utter amazement as went to the fridge and pulled out the ketchup and hot sauce.

Could he actually be aboutto

No way. No one made sandwiches like she did.

She sat watching in awe as he laid out a slice of bread, layered on some roast beef, slathered it in ketchup and hot sauce, and then piled banana peppers over it all. Topping everything with two slices of cheese, he slapped the second slice of bread on top and sliced the whole thing diagonally. Not down the center, mind you, but from corner to corner.

Exactly the way she loved her sandwiches.

No one else ate a sandwich that way.No one.

How did he know? Had he been watching her, or something weird?

Putting one half of the sandwich on a plate, he delivered it to her while taking a huge bite out of the other half.“My secret recipe,luv .”

She just stared at him in disbelief.

Could that be true? If it was, it was like some sort of weird omen or sign. How much more meant to be were they, if they both ate sandwiches like that?

She was going to hyperventilate. She couldn’t breath. She couldn’t think.

Jumping up, she knocked the stool down as she ran from the room.

Bryhanwatched her go, all the while planning to go after her. But he’d give her a minute. Time enough for her to get clean and be unsuspecting.And for him to think.

The sound of the water running in the shower hissed through the house. He leaned on the counter, taking bites from his sandwich and picking at the crust. The taste of the processed meat and cheese, the hot condiments and dressings filled him with the strong burn of remembrance. How his life continued to change over the years. Nothing was ever the same.

He certainly hadn’t had ketchup, hot sauce, or banana peppers back then. Hell, bread hadn’t even come in a bag.

He’d gone from riding a stallion, chasing after dragons, to driving a van, saving crocodiles. From royalty to rags, yet ironically everything was so much more easily obtainable now.

But no matter how times changed, he didn’t. The empty hole in his soul didn’t. No matter the friends he had, he was alone. The times when he could actually feel close with someone were few and far between. When it happened, he latched on and didn’t want to let go.

Jay was not someone he could pass up. He had to take his fill of her.To load up his memory bank for getting through those cold, lonely nights.The times when nothing could soothe the fact that he had never married.Never had kids. Never could have family beyond his brothers and mother. Could never even be his true self to all those who thought they knew him.

Yeah. He wasn’t leaving this house till he had his fill of Jay Fields, and then some. She certainly wouldn’t be one to forget, and he was going to make damn bloody sure she remembered him.

Just as he finished the last bite, the telephone began to ring. The rattling nose made him jump, but he quickly composed himself.Might as well answer it for her.

He grabbed the old-fashioned replica wall phone from its hook. It never ceased to amaze him the way people had all these modern inventions at their disposal, yet they relished old things. Just looking around her house, he saw it was decorated as if she yearned to live in the early twentieth century. The kitchen

overflowed with little antiques, replicas, and country crafts.

He couldn’t understand it. The past wasn’t all that great. He’d been there. Anyone who’d ever used a chamber pot wouldn’t idolize the past.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Bryhan?What the fuck are you doing answering her phone?”

“Ah. Leigh. Just in for lunch.”

“You’re not fucking a customer, are you? Is that what the fuck is taking so long?”

“Watch your mouth, little Birdie.” He could almost see her itching to reach through the phone and smack him. She hated that nickname. But she did look like a bird, fragile-boned and sharp-nosed.Had a nastier mouth, though. He loathed when women talked like trash.Where he came from, ladies acted like ladies.

Lucky for Birdie, he still loved her. He’d watched her grow up, which was how she had ended up being his secretary.A favor to her daddy. He’d promised to clean her mouth up, as well, but had yet to be successful.

“Shut the fuck up.” She laughed through the line.

Bryhancouldn’t help but laugh. His unsuccessfulness came from the fact that she knew he could never actually fire her.

He slouched against the wall, tapping his foot with impatience. “So, why are you calling here?”

“Because I haven’t heard jack from you, and your brother Edmund has called twice. Some sort of bignews, and he wanted to check your flight time for tomorrow. If you don’t finish up there fucking soon, you won’t have time to pack, much less make your reunion. What the fuck are you doing out there, anyway?”

Bryhanjerked upright. “Shit.”

How had he forgotten so easily about that? The gathering was this week. He should be packing even now. He’d only taken this job because he’d been sure he could get the croc and meet Tinker in time.Which would have been an hour ago.

“Has Tinker called?”

“Three times.It’s fucking hot out today, you know. He says flies are swarming in his eyes just to get a drink.”

He hadn’t known. Jay had air conditioning.

The decision was so sudden, sohard, it swept through him like a tidal wave. He wanted it so strongly, he refused to think on it, because then he would have to be reasonable. “Cancel my flight. And tell Tinker sorry. I’ll take care of the croc myself.Later this week.”

“Are you fucking shitting me? You

“Enough of the foul language,luv .”With that, he hung up the phone. Quickly, his fingers moving so fast they nearly tripped over each other, he dialed up Edmund. The phone rang off the hook. He didn’t hang up, hoping for an answering machine. That would make canceling much easier.

Suddenly the phone picked up, a strange female’s sleepy voice purring over the line like a sex kitten.“Morning, sweetie.”

“Sweetie?Who in the bloody hell is this?”

“Who is this?”

“Who the bloody hell isthis? Where the bloody hell is Edmund?” Something wasn’t right. Edmund never actually let a whore spend the night. Or stay in his apartment while he worked. Couldhe

No way.

“Where the bloody hell is my brother?”

“Edmund is out right now. I can have him call you,” she offered. “He won’t be in until this evening. He had to go to San Francisco to meet a client.”

“This evening?Damn. I, um

” A million things raced through his mind all at once, from questioning her,

to the gathering, to Jay. In the end, thoughts of Jay were more powerful than anything else. “This is his brother,Bryhan . Listen,luv . Later won’t be good to ring me up. Just tell him something’s come up. I won’t be making it.”


are you sure? Is everything okay?”

“Be a dear and just pass him the rotten news. Cheers.” With that, he quickly hung up the phone.

With long strides he went to join Jay.

Okay. So he got to her even more than she would admit to herself. She’d headed to the shower to cool off. Instead she was in here masturbating. She just couldn’t help it. Once the water had started to beat against her sensitive skin, visions of him had swept through her mind.

But this time he wasn’t under her. He was all over her.Allin her.Torturing her with his fingers.His mouth.His cock.Playing with her ass.Spanking her.

Jay propped her leg up on the side of the tub, slipping two fingers into her sex. She pumped them in and out, gliding them through the moist tunnel as the water poured over her.

But it wasn’t enough. She wanted something naughtier. She wanted to be bad and punished for it. Reaching round with her free hand, she spread her ass cheeks apart. Her anus spread open, pulsing in anticipation. Her finger glided over it, wishing to God she had a dildo.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, letting the steam escape.Bryhan stood in the doorway, staring at her. Jay dropped her hands to her sides with a piercing squeal, then covered her privates with her left hand, using her other arm to hide her breasts. The damn frosted glass was hardly enough to hide her from


She tried to shrink down. “What are you doing?”

Bryhanstrode in like it was nothing. Going to the sink, he grabbed up her toothbrush. Ignoring her, he spread some of the red cinnamon paste over it and wet it. Then, just like that, he proceeded to brush his teeth.

Withher toothbrush.

“That’s my fucking toothbrush, asshole!” she screeched, totally beyond herself. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Not the kind of language I like,” he mumbled through foamy strokes. “You’ll have to be punished.” He paused, spitting out. He turned to her, his blue eyes filled with the threat -- no, promise -- of forbidden things.“Not that you have the right to question me, woman. But I am cleaning my mouth so I can freshly taste you. Now get the hell out of the shower before you make me madder.”

Jay wanted to jump out and right onto him. God help her, his words made her practically creamherself . It didn’t help that masturbating had her ready as it was, her sex dripping with juice.Her nipples hard. Her anus throbbing.

She told herself she stood there for a multitude of righteous reasons. She refused to admit she was hoping to push him farther with his little game.

He made atsk-tsk with his tongue. Shaking his head, he bent and rinsed his mouth. He came back up dripping, little trails of water running over his mouth.

She wished it was her cum.

With a sly look, he bent and gathered her clothes. Then he took the towels. And without another word, he walked out.

Annoyance punched through her. Why had he taken them? She couldn’t dry off. She couldn’t cover herself. Damn him! What kind of game was he playing?

“Asshole!That is not funny. Bring my shit back here now.”

Nothing.No response at all.

She was sure he wasn’t coming back, which left her little recourse. She pushed open the sliding door and stepped out soaking wet. Her hair fell in pasted, curly strands around her face. It needed squeezing out, but she was too annoyed.

He sat on her bed, calmly. As if he’d done nothing, he flipped through television channels. Without turning to her, he said, “I told you I don’t like that language.”

Her hands went to her hips. “I told you to bring back my stuff.”

“Get over here.Now.”

“No,” she huffed. But all the while she itched to go over to him. Her breath became ragged. Her pussy was so tight, her muscles ached. She needed release.

Christ, she needed to go to him.

“Now,” he snapped, still not even looking at her. “The more you resist

Jay knew she couldn’t deny him forever. While she liked the idea of him increasing his threat, she wasn’t sure how much of this she could handle. She’d never played like this before. No man had ever been confident enough to enact such games with her. Never had she been so confident in herself. Perhaps because she already knew what was meant tobe.

Her body took control while her mind fought. She took fast strides over to him, surprised when he didn’t grab her. Instead, he looked up at her, patting his knees.“Over my knees.Now.”



She expected him to be rough.To take over. Force her some. Not make her submit to him like this.

She didn’t know if she could. The dominant side of her battled the thought, while the submissive side of her yearned for the punishment.

Her stomach clenched. Her mouth went dry. Her heart beat so hard, she swore she was about to have a heart attack.

Fear wrapped around her; what was about to come was so pronounced, yet so unreal. Was she really going to allow him to spank her? Would he hurt her? She didn’t think she could do this. Yet the arousal from the game did not allow room for denial. She wanted to stop, but she just couldn’t. She was too damn hot for exactly what she feared.

In the back of her mind, she wondered if it was the actual spanking -- or letting someone else be in control.

She began to shake as she forced herself across his knees, bending over them. Immediately his hands glided over her ass, caressing her so sweetly that she didn’t expect the sudden, harsh slap. It bit into her, making her arch.

“No.” He grasped her cheek tight in his hand, squeezing it. “Don’t youmove. Not an inch.”

She opened her mouth to argue, her ass stinging like hell. But her hotcunnie shut her up, willing her to obey him even though the concept was loathsome.

Again he slapped her, this time a lot harder.

She jerked up in a reflex, pain stinging through her as liquid dripped from her throbbing sex.

“Each time you do that, you’ll get more.”

“I can’t help it,” she moaned.

“You’ll learn to listen to me. When we are like this, you obey my commands. You yield to me.”

Again he slapped her, the smack echoing in her mind. It branded her like fire, making her part in this game now undeniable. She was at his disposal. Whatever he wanted, she’d do it. Not for fear of spanking, but for the craving of his control.

Bryhanmust have been able to smell her submission, to feel it in the release of her muscles. He lifted her, pulling her into his arms to face him. He lifted her, whirled around, and playfully dropped her atop the covers. She panted heavily as she waited from his next move. He glared down at her with a sinister smile,then bent off the side of the bed.

He came back up with silk belts from three of her robes, one red,one white, one black. He must have raided her closet earlier. Flicking them out, he crawled over her. His hard cock hovered between her legs as he bound her wrists with the black tie, teasing her with the notion of it being deep inside her. She ached to grab his ass and drive him into her. To take control and make him do whatever she pleased. To satisfy herself right then and there.

Her dripping sex clenched at the thought, begging to be filled.

Bryhanknotted the belt tightly around her wrists, lashing her to the bed. Then he drifted downward, his cock brushing against her thigh. She arched up as if she could catch it.

Grabbing her left ankle, he wrapped the red belt around it and tied her to the bedpost. Then he stretched her other leg out, spreading her open. Hot air teased her pussy, the scent of her sex filling the air. Quickly he tied up her other leg, trapping her in position.

Sitting on his knees between her legs, he let out a devilish laugh. His fingers spread her apart, holding the folds of her sex stretched. He flicked her clit,then he squeezed it, rubbing it between his fingers. Suddenly, three of his fingers dove into her, all at once. She arched up, her natural reaction to pull away. But there was no escape. She was at the mercy of his every whim.

She had no choice but to yield to his thrusts as he rammed his fingers in and out of her. No choice but to accept the way he explored deep inside her. Her muscles contracted on him, her juices spilling forth. Her body remained arched to the limit, not relaxing.

Gripping her hips, he held them tight. He brought his mouth to her, but not to her nether lips as she expected. Instead, he kissed her hipbones. Sliding his mouth over each one slowly, he licked and suckled at the taut skin.

“Ummm, so perfect.”His words blew lightly against her.

It was a place she’d never had received such attention before. But her sensitive skin came alive, tingling and burning. The sensation went straight to her pussy, making her clench with utter desire.

Ever so slowly, he worked his way up. His tongue trailed over her belly, pausing to dive into her navel. He swirled around in it, kissing it. He crawled over her, his mouth continuing to work its way up, leaving red hickey marks all over her body.

He reached her breasts, cupping them. He blew over her rock-hard nipples, driving her mad. She writhed and fought against the bonds. Hell! She wanted to yank free and throw him down! She wanted

her control back. Being dominated was too much torture. Exquisite and fine torture, sure,but

Okay. She loved it. She just couldn’t stand it.

Crying out, she bucked against him. God, why the hell wouldn’t he fuck her already? He continued to slurp over her breasts, licking and nibbling at them as if her nipples were the cherries atop an ice cream sundae.

Then suddenly, he bit her. Not hard, mind you.Only enough to pinch. And make her scream out in shock and ecstasy. Again her hips thrust up, begging him to fill her.

Instead he moved on to her neck, attacking her like a starving vampire. She squirmed as best she could as his teeth nipped at her, her skin under attack.

“Please,Bryhan . Fuck me,” she pleaded.

“Tell me you love me.”

His words made her pause. Love him? She barely knew him. She couldn’t deny the attraction, sure. But love?

“I --”

“Just say it. Cry it. Please.” His deep, cracking voice overflowed with such desperate need, she could never have denied him.

“I love you,Bryhan ,” she whispered in his ear. As she spoke them, she remembered the clapping. The previous visions flooded her mind, like sudden, sharp, slapping reality. If she didn’t love him now, she would. So in a way, she already did. She cried out, screaming, “I love you so much.”

His cock probed for the right spot, and with that, he thrust into her. Hard and demanding, he took her with absolute need. She gyrated against him, pushing at his every thrust. Together they rammed each other, hitting cloud nine.

There was no rush to come, no overbearing need to explode. Instead they rode as hard and fast as they could for a while, but when exhaustion pulled at them, they slowed.Bryhan buried himself deep within her, moving his cock against her G-spot. They relished the leisurely pleasure.

His hand wrapped around, cupping her ass. It spread her slightly from her tied position, and he slipped a hand along her crack. One thick, callused finger traced its length, gently running over her anus.

That did it. She slipped right off the edge. He needn’t go any farther than that. Just the sheer thought, the threat and possibility, knocked her from her cliff and sent her barreling down.

She landed with a sudden clunk, her orgasm over.

Bryhanchuckled softly, nuzzling his face in her neck. “Ah, you like that,luv ?”

With that, he buried himself deep inside her, his cock jerking as he filled her with cum.

Chapter Seven

“Morning, sweetie

Edmund is out right now. I can have him call you

The sweet voice filled his ears, over and over, answering the phone.

“Morning, sweetie

Edmund is out right now. I can have him call you

Sudden lights lashed through his psyche, making him wince. Again he heard the words; then they faded.

“Morning, sweetie

Edmund is out right now. I can have him call you

“Morning, sweetie

Edmund is out right now. I can have him call you

Bryhanthrashed, his arms swinging upward. He jerked awake, snapping up in the bed. Slowly, his surroundings cleared from the blur. Darkness still blanketed the night, but the stars had vanished. Tiny rays of light had begun to peek out over the horizon. Shadows danced across the room, the air fresh and dewy with the promise of morning.

They’d slept a long time. Not unreasonable, considering the reason they were worn out.

Again his dream flooded his mind.Bloody hell. What a weird nightmare. Why had he dreamt about that? Over and over again it had played through his mind, like a ghost haunting him.An annoying one.

Throwing his legs over the bed, he tried to focus better. What did it matter that some gal had answered Edmund’s phone? She was probably no one.

But whatif

Could it be true? Had Edmund finally found someone? Someone to make the spell over them not matter?

Bloody hell, to have that must be so good.

He turned his head slightly, his gaze falling to his wild redheaded sleeping beauty. She was more than a lucky, rare find he could count on for a few days’ romp. A man didn’t just fuck like that,then leave. Not even a fool did. It hadn’t just been great. It had been impossible.

Yeah, he was sticking around for a little while. Scratching at the stubble on his jaw, he headed toward the shower.

* * * * *

Jay leaned over the wooden rail of the private porch. Her secret porch, she liked to call it. Nestled between two of the walls, it allowed the perfect view of the creek. Above the tree line, the sun hung high and bright in the sky.

Rays beat at her skin as she lifted her chin and basked in the glory of the warmth. Where she came from,

Vermont, the weather was never like this. With her eyes closed, she relished in the pure, unadulterated heat.

She always came here to think.To pull herself together. Which was what she needed right now.To collect herself.To get real about the situation.

She couldn’t deny the way they had made love. She couldn’t deny the incredible attraction. She couldn’t deny her visions. But she didn’t knowBryhan . Not a damned thing about him. This wasn’t like her, and she wasn’t sure she wanted it to be.

Honestly, she’d hoped he’d have disappeared by the time she woke up. She’d be all too happy to be wrong about her visions. But he was sticking around like glue.Like he had no intention of leaving.Which only made things harder.

If he would have justleft

The bathroom door creaked open, and the sound ofBryhan’s footsteps filled the bedroom behind her. She didn’t need to look. She could feel his presence growing closer. He stepped onto the porch right behind her. His naked body, still hot from the shower, pressed against her back and rear. His hard cock nestled between her butt cheeks. A light breath caressed her neck as he nuzzled her. He began to plant slow kisses along her collarbone.

“It’s going to be a scorcher today,” he murmured.

His tongue swept over her skin, licking up to her ears.

Bending her head, she pulled away from him. “I’m not interested in talking about the weather.”

ButBryhan didn’t stop. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.” She sidestepped away, running her hands over the rail. “You came here towrangle a

croc for me. Now

” She sighed. “Really, I don’t even know you.”

He followed after her, his roaming hands going to her ribcage, right under her breasts. “Sure you do.”

His fingers flicked the bottoms of her breasts, sending tingles across the tender skin. Immediately, her body came alive. She squeezed her pussy tight as it began to drip with need.

Sheswallowed, her voice but a whisper. “No. I know your body. Not you.”

His mouth went back to her neck, torturing her with sexy sucks and nibbles. “That’s all that matters.”

Jay held back a curse.Figured.Somehow

She shook her head. Just because the attraction was different didn’t meanBryhan was. He was like any of the other many guys she tended to get involved with.Interested in her body.Sex.Money.Land. Not her.Never her.

Certainly not marriage, babies, or anything important to her, for that matter.


The clapping didn’t necessarily mean marriage. Maybe she was having the visions as a warning. Maybe she was making a huge mistake by letting herself fall to their whim. Maybe her premonitions were a warning of heartbreak to come.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Bryhanpulled away. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“When are you leaving,Bryhan ?”She sighed, annoyance creeping through her as his words played over and over in her mind. “When do you intend to get out of my house?”


” He paused, leaving the question hanging in the air for what felt like forever. “I don’t feel like it.

What I want is right here.”

Jay ran her tongue along the inside of her mouth, flicking it against her teeth.Bryhan , the crocodile wrestler, had a thing or two coming. She didn’t care how he dealt with wildlife. He’d find a whole new game in dealing with her. “Oh, is that a fact?”

“A fact.”



Jay said nothing else, brushing past him. Her naked body rubbed his, quite deliberately. Then she continued on. Her every step dripped with sexuality. She knew it. She pushed it. Her hips swayed, sashaying back and forth as she started through the open door into her bedroom.

Then she stopped. Why go around?

She turned and walked back, then eased one leg up over the rail. Lifting herself with her arms, she straddled it. Slowly, she swung her other leg over and hopped off the rail. She landed in the dusty grass, the thud of her body sending up a dry puff of dirt.

Then she took off through her backyard, running toward the creek.

Bryhancould do nothing but stare as she sprinted across the green grass.Naked.

Under the sun, her pale skin gleamed. Reflections dazzled off her brilliant red hair as it curled and swayed over her shoulder. From here he had a side view of her. Her breasts bobbed up and down, her ass jiggling. Her long legs stretched and spread.

All he could think of was catching her.Throwing her to the ground on her hands and knees and fucking her mad. God, he longed to reach around to her flat belly and hold onto those hips as he rammed into her without mercy. To hear her whimper under him, pleading for mercy.Begging for more.

Better yet, to have those long legs wrapped around him, her feet crossed over his back, so soft against his skin.

Bloody hell, why was he standing there like a fool, imagining things? He could be doing them!

He threw himself over the rail and ran after her. Pressing his legs to go as fast as they could, he started to close the distance between them quickly. His muscles burned as he forced his legs to move as fast as they were able.

In time he caught up with her, but she already leaned under a massive, thirty-foot-tall tree about a

hundred feet from the creek. Her arms crossed under her breasts, lifting them. One leg was propped up on the rough bark of the tree, leaning slightly open to expose her red-haired pussy.

A smile dazzled wide and full on her face. Her eyes flashed with green orneriness. She winked, running

her tongue over her lips.

“Well, you’re out.” Smugness filled her tone. Every word rang with “I won!” chanting and teasing him.

“I had to follow what I wanted.”

“So you did. But all the same, you’re out.” Then her face fell, going serious. “Look,Bryhan , I’m not into this. I mean, I am. But all you want is a quick fling. I promised myself no more.”

A surge of jealousy zapped through him at the thought of her doing this with anyone but him. The

thoughts racing through his head became maddening. He didn’t like it. Not a bit.

His brows deepened over his eyes, his jaw becoming hard. “Damn right.”

“Excuse me?” She raised her brows, standing straight up.

“You’re not having any more flings.”

Her crossed arms slashed out to her sides in annoyance. “But I am,Bryhan .With you.”

“No, you’re not.”

Her eyes dared him. “So, you intend to stick around, but you don’t want to know a damn thing about me?”

Bloody hell.

“I want to know everything about you.” He licked his lips. This was the hard part. “I just don’t have

anything to share about me.”

She flashed him a twisted smile. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“It’s private.”


“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“Try me.”

“You won’t want to be with me afterwards.”

“Try me.”

Bryhandidn’t know why he did it. Part of him couldn’t stand the idea of her thinking of him as just a fling. Of her ending their relationship, flimsy as it was. He told himself it was her feet.Her hips. The way she wielded a kitchen spoon, yet could take a good spanking.

But deep down, another part of him had been bottled up for far too many years.Desperate for someone to relate to. He didn’t know whyher , but he justknew .

He started toward the creek, his pace brisk. He did not look back, did not look down. He headed straight to what he needed to do.Straight to the croc.

He could never tell her. He had to prove it. No woman -- no person -- would ever believe him. She would have to see it with her own two eyes.

“Bryhan, no!”

The rippling water rushed over the jagged rocks along the banks, filling the air with its crisp scent. Her screams cut through the normally peaceful environment, her footsteps pounding the ground with fast force.

He only moved quicker. The grass brushed his legs, tickling his bare skin. The hard ground grated his feet, little rocks poking him. He did his best to focus on that and not her.

He hated to scare her so. Didn’t even want to think about what he was revealing.

“Bryhan, what are you doing?” she shrieked. “Are you insane?”

His ran his tongue inside his mouth, thinking if he stopped, that’s exactly what she would conclude.


He continued on, unrelenting. All reason had left him, the sudden determination to provehimself driving though him, a force to be reckoned with. He had to do this. Hadn’t Edmund? He’d bet he had. Why the hell shouldn’t he? Forget the pact and what she might think. Forget it all. Six hundred years was a damned longed time.Too freaking damn long.

He heard the slither before he ever saw the golden-colored, four-foot snake, again not on his usual guard. Typically, it was impossible for an animal of any sort to sneak up on him. On the contrary, he snuck up on them.

The strike was so fast, sosharp, he didn’t have time to react. One moment his eyes were on the reptile’s darting, forked black tongue. The next, he was being bitten. The sharp, pointed fangs sank into his calf. The stab of stinging pain shocked him, followed by the flooding force of poison sinking into his muscle.

Bloody hell.

Fate must have agreed with his mission.

Thetaipan was rare, hardly ever seen. But its bite was well known. Deadly enough to kill a dozen people with the poison of one bite.

Jay’s piercing shriek of terror echoed through the air, drawing louder and closer with every second. Reaching down, he grabbed the attached golden snake and ripped it free. Tossing it away, he looked to a panicked Jay.

Absolute fear sparked in her eyes, golden daggers shooting across the green depths. Her mouth hung open, parted by shock.“Oh, my God!Oh, my God!

“I’m fine.”

“You are not fine. That snake was poisonous.”

Slowly, he turned his leg to her. “I’m fine.”

Chapter Eight

There was no mark. No holes where the snake had pierced his bare skin. No blood.Nothing.

But she had seen it. With her own two eyes, she had seen the snake sink its fangs in. There had even been a brief moment where it had simply hung from his leg, dangling there, until he ripped it away.

Her insides shook, her stomach doing a sickening flip-flop. “I to make sure she wasn’t crazy. “I don’t understand.”

” She hesitated, again checking her mind

“You want to know me. This is about all there is to know. I can’t die.Ever.”

Jay shook, taking a slow step backward. There was no questioning his words. As sure as she stood here, she knew he was telling the truth. Thinking back on it, she had witnessed the proof more than once.

“Why?” she half whispered.

“I hail from the kingdom ofWulfhere .” Where his accent had been thickly Australian with just a hint of something else, it now turned so thick with a strange tone she could hardly understand him. “My mother, the queen, birthed me in the year 1409. I was the second son. My father had us all poisoned with the liquid spell of a wizard so the family, the kingdom, could never fall. But time brings down all things.”

She tried to steady her shaking jaw, taking several deep breaths. “You’re six hundred years old?”

She sure as hell hadn’t seen this coming.

“Around that.”

He shrugged, walking back up the bank. He didn’t want Jay this close to the bank or near the snake.

She didn’t have his privileges. One wrong step was all it took when dealing with wildlife.

Taking long strides, he tightened his jaw as he walked under the tree. As he’d assumed, she followed close behind him, rattling off questions.

“And you’re telling me you’llnever die?”

He nodded, not looking back.“Never. You think I’m crazy?”

A long, drawn-out pause hung in the hot air.


I actually think you’re telling the truth.”

Sitting under the shade of the gangly-limbed tree, he wished it had more leaves to shade him from the sun.

“So you see,I want more than just a fling. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

“I don’t see why.” She flopped down beside him, tucking her knees under her chin. Her fingers

drummed against her kneecaps, the only sign that his news made her a bit nervous.

He couldn’t help but scoff.“Because I can never die. You can. That means heartache for me.”

“I see. So, your theory is that you will live forever, but you will refuse tolive .”

He’d expected her not to believe him.Or to rave with shock. Be mad.Lots of things, but not to take it so calmly, so frankly.

Bloody hell, she was even analyzing his feelings. Something he hated to do.

His fingers brushed over his sandpaper-like beard. “What’s that mean?”

“It means that if you can’t have what you want

” She paused and drew a deep breath. “It’s like this. I,

for one, would rather have eighty years on this earth, relishing the things that matter, than to live a million years never having what I truly want.”

A natural defense, annoyance, crept through him, chopping at his nerves. So, now she was planning his

life for him.Sounded like she was planning herself as part of it. “Well, that’s a little abrupt.”

“How so?”

His tone was hard. “Don’t presume to know where I’ve been, Jay.”

“Then why don’t you tell me?” she asked. “Start at the beginning.”

“We’re talking six hundred years,” he scoffed.

“Okay.A piece at a time.” She gave a little giggle,then went serious. “So, you lived in England, right? How did you end up in Australia?”

He hesitated, not answering at first. Maybe he’d told her enough devastating news for one day. How

he’d arrived in Oz hadn’t been pleasant, but he’d done what he’d had to for his little brother.

Thurston had lost it after his wife and baby died. Bloody slipped, practically going insane. What he’d done to that poormidwife

But it hadn’t been his fault. He’d loved Maryso much.Wanted that child more than a thirsty man in a desert wants a sip of water. The pain Thurston had been through had been incredible.

The English courts had sentenced Thurston to death. But, of course, hanging him hadn’t proved easy.Bryhan’s guess was that Thurston had spooked themgood , because suddenly he was being shoved aboard a ship. They’d skipped right over the usual wait in the Hulk and had shipped him to Australia, which had just begun to serve as a penal colony to Britain.

Bryhancouldn’t have let his little brother come here alone.

But out with it, he figured. After what he’d just revealed to her, not much would make a difference. “My brother was sentenced to life here. So let’s just say, I earned my way here.”

“You mean,you intentionally broke the law so English Parliament would sentence you here?”

“In a way.”

He couldn’t help but smile, remembering Thurston’s reaction. He’d nearly burst, his face burning red in anger when he’d learned that his big brother had come to keep him company. ButBryhan had known Thurston was comforted by his presence.

“In a way?”

“Well, I wasn’t exactly prospering either at the time.Had shoes on my feet, mind you, but no coins in my pocket to pay my way. So I hijacked a ship and sailed it here. Figured, what the hell, I’d end up here anyway, so what was the difference? They sentenced me to life, but I was already settled anyway.”


“Yeah, pretty neat. You’ve actually made love to a convict, crocodile wrangler who will live forever.” He couldn’t help the sarcasm in his voice.

At first, Jay hesitated. Laughter teased the tip of her tongue. Maybe she was in shock.Stunned beyond reaction. The news he’d dumped in her lap was huge.And unbelievable. Maybe she’d read too many fantasies as a child.Watched too much television.

Was she really so numb?

She sighed, licking her lips and hugging herself. Yeah, she was. But not from sitcoms or daydreaming; no, her visions had made her so. She’d seen so much from the time she was thirteen and they’d begun. She knew supernatural things existed. She was proof. If she could see the future, why couldn’t he live forever?

A strange calm came over her, accepting it.Accepting her future with him. He was no leaver. He was going to be her husband.

She couldn’t help but wonder what he would think if she admitted her secret. A smile broadened her face, breaking into a laugh.

All in good time, she supposed. After all, he had plenty of it.

Weren’t they a pair?A fortuneteller, with a man who could never die. It couldn’t be anything but funny, the sense of humor fate had.

The tall, whitish-yellow grasses whipped around her legs. They tickled her bare skin, rustling against her rear where she sat. Their wispy touch sent tingles through her.

“You know, we’re still naked.” Her hand went to his knee, stroking her thumb over his rough skin.

She had no idea why she was doing it, but she was. After all, wasn’t she the type who took what she wanted? She still wanted him.In fact, even more now.

Bryhanseemed to grow stiffer, his body emanating a cold struggle against her touch.“Yeah.”

Okay. Now he seemed to be downright resisting her.

She wanted him even more.

Perhaps because he wasn’t real?She almost laughed. He couldn’t be real.

Yet, here he was, impossible and forever and, as far as she was concerned, at her disposal. She laughed. Well, at least she’d like to think that.

She continued to caress his knee. “I bet you could entertain me for a lifetime with your stories.”

He shrugged his knee away, staring up at the bright ball of glowing hot sun. Not for a second did he flinch.

“I saw what losing his woman did to my brother. I won’t do it.” His tone was hard, gruff.Unyielding.

Telling her to give it up.

A smile brimmed on her lips. She knew better. “Okay. But stick around a bit, wouldya ?”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” To her relief, he laughed. The hearty chuckle made the warm air surrounding her hot.Thick. His humor wrapped around her like a snake, squeezing her with a strange hope for what she knew she would soon have.

The warm-fuzzy feeling she got when she thought of having a husband.A family. Of a forever she never needed to worry over.

Her laughter mixed with his as she nodded and lay back against the thick grasses.“Just a bit.Just a bit.”

Chapter Nine

Slowly, his left hand came to her breast. He flicked his thumb over her nipple, teasing her with the light touch. Tingles shot through the areola as it grew harder and into a pebble of budding desire. Immediate heat pooled in her lower regions, her sex clenching.

It took little for him to make her want.One look.One touch. She was ready.Now.

And yet, he was the type of man a woman could enjoy. The playing, naughty, kinky type she’d desired all these years.

Her sex pulsed, begging her to jump right onto his cock. But she held back, anxious to see what surprises mating with him would hold this time. Since she had little control over herself, she lay back and let him do the work. If she were to take over, they’d be coming in a minute.

Rolling over, he moved atop her and let his other hand join the play. His legs straddled her right near her ribs, so that his cock was but inches from her face. A gleam of pre-cum glistened on its tip, dripping from the tiny hole. She licked her lips, ready to lick him.

She trailed her tongue up his length, slowly releasing him from her mouth. He lowered his body, bringing his lips down to her forehead. He started there, working his way down slowly. He suckled at her skin, nipping and licking it. She imagined that by morning she’d be covered in marks from her face to her legs. He didn’t miss an inch of her as he praised her body with his mouth, slowly moving down her neck and chest. When he reached her stomach, he attacked her belly button and suckled it. She arched against him, tickled by sensation.

When he arrived at her patch of unruly red pubic hair, he ran his fingers through it. He stroked her clit, moving over her vagina to her perineum. He tickled it, making her rise up. As she did, he supported her hips with one hand and pushed his finger into her anus. She arched and screamed out from the intensity. At the same time, he drove into her pussy with his cock, filling her. She arched against his invasions, desperate to be filled with more. In and out he stroked, ever so slowly. The speed was enough to drive her insane. She needed hard and fast. She needed himnow . Instead, she was being driven insane with teasing.

Slowly he increased his speed, all the while inserting another finger into her. As he did, a wave of ecstasy washed over her. Her pussy muscles squeezed tight, holding him deep within her. She bucked against him, his head rubbing her G-spot.

Waves of hot intensity gushed through her, her sex convulsing. She squeezed tight as the orgasm came, flooding her so completely, she saw white.

When her vision began to focus once again, she sawBryhan jerking against her. The warm rush of his seed overflowed her. Then he collapsed atop her.

They lay together, sweat dripping from their sticky bodies, for only a moment. Then he pulled back, peeling away from her body.

The noon sun hung high in the sky. He stared up at it, licking his lips. A powerful passion had curled through him, like a worm eating through his soul. Jay was getting to him. Hard and fast, the feeling went well beyond the sex between them.

He needed to get the hell out of here.

“I’ve got to get.”

She jerked up, nearly knocking her head against his. To avoid her, he jumped up.

“What?” She burst out. “Wait a minute --”

“Yourbarbie , remember? If you want me to get the croc out of your creek It was an excuse, of course.But a valid one.

” He let his words trail off.

“Oh, yeah.”Her green gaze wandered away from him, toward the creek.“Thebarbie . That’s why you’re

here. Not to

Well, anyway, I suppose I’ve little to worry over now.”

Henodded, standing and stretching his body out. “That’s right,luv . I’ll be fine.”

“And you’ll be back.”

Now things got real hard. He shook his head, hating himself for it. “I’m not so sure about that.”

She flopped back into the grass, spreading her arms out and stretching as if she hadn’t a worry in the world. “I am. I am.”

An hour later,Bryhan had the van parked by the creek, ready for him to load the croc. He sat along the red bank in the brush, waiting patiently. He was using himself as bait.

Sweat dripped from his brow. The day had proven to be bloody hot.Torturous. All he could think of was Jay, and that didn’t help either. He was going to die of dehydration, if that was possible.

A croc could stay under an hour, easy. A chemical in its body would slow its heartbeat, shifting blood

from its lungs to the rest of its body.Bryhan bet the beast was close.Waiting.

The croc wouldn’t leave this area. Not when it had food so easily available. The chickens and ducks made Jay’s place like paradise. Crocs could go a year or more without eating, but they preferred to eat very often.

A duck swam past him, paddling through the water without fear. Suddenly the croc burst from the creek

like a lunging dinosaur, water spraying everywhere. The animal’s jaws opened to snatch its prey and drag it under.

The moment was his. Luck was on his side.

Thecroc’s back faced him.Bryhan didn’t waste a split second with thinking. Instinct took over as he jumped into the creek, lasso in hand. He landed right on thecroc’s back. The beast thrashed, suddenly aware of the danger.

ImmediatelyBryhan slung the loop of rope around its jaw, drawing it tight. The animal resisted furiously, but could no longer use its teeth as weapons.Bryhanbear-hugged it, guiding the fighting animal closer to the banks. When he could reach bottom, he stood.

The croc nearly knocked him back off balance. Its tail swatted atBryhan as though he were a fly to be smashed, but he held strong. Despite the aid of the water, handling the several-hundred-pound croc was a hellish task to handle byhimself .

But that was how he preferred to work, if at all possible. Of course, sometimes the croc was too big and he didn’t have a choice. But when he did, he worked alone. He knew he was ultimately safe. He’d hate for someone else to be seriously injured or killed on his time. Not when he could take care of it.

With all his might, he continued to heft the beast ashore. The long green bag for containing and transporting it lay right at the water’s edge. Pinning the croc with his body, he fought to get the bag around the animal and then zipped up. It wasn’t easy, but he managed.

When the croc was contained, he pulled it to the truck and up the ramp. He strapped it in the back on the board he had rigged for just that purpose,then jumped out.

He had to get the hell out of here, and for more than one reason.

He got about fifteen minutes down the road when her memory snagged him like the lasso had caught the croc. As if rope were around his neck, yanking him backwards, he felt pulled to go back to her.

Of course, he couldn’t. He had the croc to take care of. Butafter

She’d sounded so damn sure he was coming back.So bloody damn sure of them. Not even his revelation had shocked her.

Desperate longing for her filled him, making him literally sick. His stomach roiled at the thought of never going back. The worst feeling in the world took over him, and all he could hear was Jay’s sweet voice.Echoing in his mind over and over.I love you. I love you.

But he’d made her say that. It had only been the heat of the moment. Hadn’t it?

A knot formed in his throat, and he gulped hard. It didn’t go away.

Nor did the way she’d listened to him, so understanding, not shocked at all when he’d revealed the truth. Nothing had ever felt better than getting it off his chest.

He needed someone to be close to.To share his life with. Sure, he had friends.Acquaintances.Family. But he needed someone to be intimate with, on all levels. More specifically, he neededher .

A hot, wet trail slid down his cheek. He swiped it away.Bloody hell! Now she had him bawling. He

needed to think of something else.

He turned his mind to the meeting he was missing. Almost immediately, the nagging suspicion filled him again. Who had been thatsheila at Edmund’s house? Had he taken a lover?

Holding the wheel with one hand, he held the van steady on the old dirt road and reached for his glove box. Squeezing the latch, he opened it and dug around for his cell. Rarely did he use the thing. The things were creepy, if you asked him. But Leigh had insisted.

Flipping it open, he scrolled for Edmund’s cell number. When it blinked onto the screen, he pressedsend

. The phone began to ring as he brought it to his ear. After two rings, Edmund picked up. “Hello?”

The road turned to the left, andBryhan jerked the wheel sharply. “Who the bloody hell answered your phone the other day?”

“Oh,Bryhan .”Edmund chuckled nonchalantly.

Bryhandownshifted, his jaw set hard.“Yeah,Bryhan . Answer my bloody question, and don’t lie.”

“Full of manners, as usual.”

Bryhancould all but see Edmund shaking his head through the phone. Edmund chuckled, deep and hearty.

WhenBryhan responded with silence, Edmund continued. “The woman is my wife, or rather, soon to be.”

For a moment, the world stopped spinning. Shock knockedBryhan off balance, his mind tripping over the impossible thought. His van veered, and he jerked it back.

“Bloody married, mate?” he gasped.

“Yes, married.”


Again Edmund chuckled. Hell, wasn’t he just damned happy? Bloody chuckling and giggling like some schoolboy.

“Her doing, really.She’s quite the woman, and I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

“Her doing?But what about


realized with every word he spoke, he got louder.

“The spell?She’s one of us now. Called upRane all by herself, set off to England, and hadher a sip.” The idiot laughed again.Bryhan would like to know what was so damned funny.

“No kidding,” he gritted through his teeth.


“AndRane was willing to do that?”

“He was all too happy to, knowing it would piss me off.”


bloody hell.”Bryhan raked his hand through his hair, seeing a ray of hope for the first time in

many, many years.

The solution, his plan, was there without even thinking about it. He knew what he had to do. Knew what happened next.

The cell phone faded in and out as Edmund asked twice, “What’s the matter?”

Bryhanslowed his truck as he spoke. “If he can do it for you, he can do it for me. Have him overnight it.” Edmund damned well better do it.

“What?” Finally Edmund didn’t sound so amused.

Bryahnstopped the truck, slamming it into park. He licked his lips, staring out at the green fields of tall, whipping grass on either side of the narrow dirt road. His mind boiled over with emotions, but in a twisted way, he felt strangely calm. Maybe he was happy, more than anything. “You heard me. You’re in England with him now. So get it from him. Overnight it to Leigh.”

“But it has to stay warm.”

“No” wasn’t an answerBryhan would accept. Now that the possibility was there, he wasn’t letting it go.Never. “So stick it in a bloody thermos.Whatever. Figure it out. Just get it here.”

Chapter Ten

She saw the large puff of dust rising in the air long before she heard or saw the dirty white van.

Jay sat on the front swing, completely naked. She was in her last days alone for a while, and she wanted to enjoy them. She really didn’t care too much for clothes, in all honesty. Sleeping withBryhan had turned out to be like some sort of revelation for her. Suddenly she felt comfortable with her sexuality, her weird kicks.

Now thatBryhan was back, she was going to really enjoy her last few days. Oh, yeah, she would.

She folded her knees Indian style. She’d been waiting for this.

The door to his van slammed, sending up a whole new puff of dust. He stalked toward her. In his left hand, a red cooler dangled and swung back and forth.

She hoped he had a beer in it. It was hotter than usual. She was beginning to long for a cold, deep snow.

“Hey.” She stood, going to the rail and leaning over. If her nakedness surprised him, he didn’t show it. Just to tease him, she let her breasts wiggle freely in the air. Three days without sex was suddenly far too long. “Told you that you’d come back.”

He paused a moment, looking thoughtful. “Yeah, you did.”

“Want to know how I knew?”

For a moment he looked startled; then he frowned.“So long as you don’t have some dark secret of your own.”

“Ah,” she sighed and swung her leg up on the rail. He walked right up to her, his hand going to her knee. Slowly it slid down her legs, running over the skin as delicately as if she were a fine treasure. “But I do.”

His hand stopped.

She swung around and wrapped her legs around his torso. “Turns out, I can see the future. Not all the time, mind you. But sometimes, when I touch someone, I get this weird shock. I see things. For a long ”

time, I ran from it. But now

“What do you see?”

“I see us together.Married.”

Bryhan’stongue ran over his lips and he smiled. “Yeah, for a long, long time.Right?”

“Yes.For a long time.”

He reached into the bag and drew out a silver thermos-like container. He unscrewed the cap, steam wafting from it. He held it out to her.“Forever?”

As soon as he said it, Jay knew what it was.The spell. He held the spell. She didn’t hesitate. She didn’t need to. This time, she trusted fate and its design. If this was what was meant to be, why fight it?

As soon as she touched the container, the heat from it radiated through her. Slowly she raised it to her face, smelling the bad taste long before she sipped it. She decided to hold her nose. Doing so, she brought the container to her lips.

And drank.


His mouth devoured hers, the kiss sobrutal, blood began to trickle from the side of her mouth. Her tongue lashed out to taste the salty liquid as she increased her own ferocity. She welcomed the pain. Sometimes pain could be delicious. So long as it was craved.

To her, it was a clear display of passion.Of his love. She could relish that forever.

Suddenly he released her, his mouth breaking away with a jerk. Clapping filled the air, followed by his laughing.

He made atsk-tsk sound, a teasing glow in his blue eyes. “You’ll embarrass me in front of the guests,luv .”

She flashed him an innocent smile. “Get used to it. I’ll be doing it forever.”

She turned to face the small crowd. Thebarbie had turned into a fast wedding. Twenty pairs of approving eyes all greeted her. It hadn’t takenBryhan long to win them all over, even with his abrupt mannerisms. Jay figured it was his good looks, combined with the way he played with the kids. He’d already caught them every species of reptile on the property, giving a lesson on each.

Smiling, she grabbed his hand. Guests she might have, but she was a newlywed. She pulled him, but it didn’t take much cajoling. Together they ran into the house, slammed the door, and locked it.

Then they raced to the bedroom and began to work on their family. The decision to have children had never been questioned. They wanted kids. Even if they would outlive them, it was better to have and love them than to spend forever longing and hurting.

Bryhanreached out, pinching her nipple. He squeezed it just enough to send tingles down her spine before he brought his teeth to it and took a nip. Jay arched up.

Yes. With pleasure came pain. With pain came pleasure. It was always worth it.Always.

With pain came pleasure. It was always worth it.Always. Alyssa Brooks If there is one thing

Alyssa Brooks

If there is one thing Alyssa Brooks believes, it is that the world is at her fingertips. She wants to touch, taste, and experience everything, from haunted castles to tropical islands, to skydiving or swimming with the dolphins. Knowledge is her power, and books are her escape. Everyday, writing takes her on a new adventure to wherever she wants to go. But wherever it may be, she likes it exciting and she likes it HOT.

At the age of twenty-four, Alyssa has multiple erotic romances e-published. When she isn’t writing new fantasies for her beloved fans, her time is spent freelance editing. In those rare moments when she isn’t working, she pleasures in her number one hobby, her husband. She also enjoys gardening, and hiking.

To find out more about Alyssa’s books, visit her website at www.alyssabrooks.com. To email her, send to admin@alyssabrooks.com.

* * * * *

Read on for a tantalizing glimpse of

The Devil’s Triangle

byAlyssa Brooks

Available Now from Loose Id

The Devil’s Triangle

Joe was a tickler. He used his tongue, his fingers,his breath, with soft, barely contacting strokes. As they brushed over her skin, tingles of excitement ran straight to her sex. His every ministration made her arch

and twist. Her pussy clenched. Her whole body went hot and needy with every whisper of his attention.

The way he touched her, it was easy to imagine he was Josh. Josh had touched her like that.Gently.Teasingly. Just enough to drive her absolutely crazy for more, but never enough to fulfill her heightening needs. Not until he was ready to release her.

As she envisioned her late husband, instead of the stranger above her, tingles of hot, wanton need flooded her. Her body had not been touched in so very long. Once started, she could not stop. The switch had been flicked on. She was hungry.Famished. She needed to be fulfilled. Her breasts ached, her nipples having grown so intensely hard they were like two mountainous peaks jutting from her mounds. Every inch of her skin prickled.Burned.Ached. Especially her pussy, which constantly contracted as if begging to be filled.

And yet, Joe's every touch felt empty. Not tantalizing enough. Despite the raw need flooding through her, it was Gage her mind wished for. Gage she wanted touching her.

The lust controlling her moves felt empty. Driven as she was, it was like apple pie without whipped cream.Just not satisfying.

The low-to-the-floor hammock rocked back and forth under them. They sank so close to the ground, her bare ass breezed across the rough wooden floorboards. Joe bent his head to her breasts, juggling them in his grasp as he licked at her nipples. His tongue traced over the areolas, moving so slowly, she wanted to kick him into gear. Forever he licked at her breast, teasing every inch of the sensitive skin.

The words burned in her. She wanted to scream, “Enough!” She wanted to beg for something more.

Maybe she should stop this. Yet, she couldn't.

Her body and mind were such a mess, no decision seemed right. Her sex was a hot tunnel, pulsing with need to be fulfilled after all these years. She was so wet, so overtaken by pulsing need. Every inch of her skin was alive, burning with lust at every touch. But her mind was a battlefield of emotions. She needed Joe. She needed Josh.

She wanted Gage.

And suddenly, to her surprise, he arrived, like her thoughts had hook and reeled him in. She heard him before she saw him, the jangle of the curtain of shells brushing aside. His steps were light, pausing as he stepped in the room.

She did not need to see him to know. She could feel him.His ache.

Arching her back, she rolled her head to look at him. His lips curled, his gaze that of an animal. Clearly, he was jealous. But even more, his stare was ravenous.

“Gage,” she whispered. Joe scooted off her, allowing her to sit. She dangled her feet over the hammock, her heels brushing the floor as it rocked. Joe bent before her on one knee.

His hands ran over her legs in his soft way, and she shuddered. The nearer his fingers drew to her pussy lips, running over her thigh where her honey dampened her legs, the more she was flooded by wanton ideas.

Gage was here. She was ready. Ifonly

She couldn't utter the words.Couldn't push Joe away.Didn't want to.Yet

To her surprise, Joe glanced at Gage with a blank look. For a moment he just stared at him.Hard. Then he continued his hot, ravenous kisses over her breasts. “I want you, Cheri.”

He sucked hard, really hard, pulling her nipples between his teeth. They stretched and popped from his mouth. Now they were so hard they felt as if they would explode.

His mouth trailed over her,then abruptly stopped. He grasped her sides, lifting her. In one abrupt, unexpected movement, he sat on the hammock and pulled her onto his lap. His cock plunged into her, invading so deep he butted up against her womb. Her tunnel stretched to accommodate him, having not had sex in so long. She cried out in shock, pleasure, and even slight pain. She hadn't expected that.

Immediately Joe began to ram into her. At the same time, an animalistic growl emanated from Gage. He sounded like a tiger ready to attack.

Was Joe trying to start a fight?

Joe's thrusts increased, his pace faster and more driven. He reached around to pinch at her nipples, as if to assert his dominance. They rolled under the pressure his fingers applied. “I know you want me. But you want him, as well. I'm willing to compromise, let you get him out of your system now. Because when you're mine, you're mine, and that will be soon. But tonight, I'll share you.”

Cheri opened her mouth to speak, her mind whirling. Never had any such thing been proposed to her. She looked to Gage, her insides trembling. How he would react? Surely he would do no such thing.

Surely she wouldn't.

Would she? What was wrong with her? This wasn't something she'd do. Was it?

Gage's tongue flicked over his full lips. “Don't say anything.”

* * * * *

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The Devil’s Triangle

The Devil’s Trianglestarts off with a bang and keeps you involved in this well paced story… It’s a keeper that fans of sexy paranormal romances will certainly enjoy!

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The Devil’s Trianglestretches your imagination…The sex is raw and uninhibited. With dueling story lines, interpersonal conflicts, and those pesky little island rules to get around, you’ll be entertained throughout.

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