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Delivered hundreds of IAM engagements Strong relationships with key IAM vendors One of the largest global providers of managed information security services to large business and government customers 500+ dedicated security consultants based in 20+ countries First information security certification program (1997) ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, is a recognized provider of information security product testing and certification Its an unfortunate fact of enterprise life: The more successful your business becomes, the more vulnerable it is to risk. Its no wonder. Every new customer, vendor, partner, or employee you gain represents a set of new access privileges you must grant and manage. Emerging opportunities may also represent new demands to share corporate assets outside your four walls. And as the number of entities accessing your locations, networks, applications, and data grows and changes, matters of authentication, identity, and trust become exponentially grave. Indeed, each new road that runs into and out of your enterprise is fraught with both opportunity and risk. Many businesses have already attempted to tackle this challenge by implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, promising to streamline the entitlement and user credentialing processes, enforce policies, and securely share data with customers and partners without dramatically increasing operational cost. And while IAM solutions have helped many companies better manage user identification and access challenges, theres often been a price to pay. IAM infrastructures can be complex, difficult to manage, and expensive to maintain. Unless carefully selected, IAM providers can thwart the process before it starts.

At its heart, an effective IAM strategy integrates diverse technologies to move identity metadata throughout the enterprise, providing the right people with access to the right resources.
Its a task that requires effective solution components, detailed analysis and understanding, proper phasing and scoping, and the ability to put an often-complicated plan into action. Without those capabilities, missed deadlines and cost overruns can become the norm, and intended benefits may never be achieved. Without a doubt, IAM is an undertaking that requires insightful planning, design, implementation, and powerful solutions. With Verizon Identity and Access Management Solutions, you have a partner with both the assets and expertise to meet those needs. THE FIRST STEP TO A COMPLETE IAM STRATEGY? THE RIGHT TOOLS Whether youre looking to develop an identity management strategy, control help desk costs via self-service account management, ease authentication implementation, or create a centralized source for user identities, Verizon can help. We consistently provide organizations with the tools to create comprehensive, efficient approaches to managing identities and access to resources across enterprise systems.

Our solutions include: IAM Strategy development Universal Identity Services SSL Certificates Credential Issuance Services Our comprehensive solutions and approach can help you confirm that the people accessing your information are who they say they areand authoritatively manage user identities across multiple systems and applications. EQUALLY IMPORTANT? THE RIGHT PARTNER As a vendor-neutral, strategic partner with an industry-recognized security practice and both managed and consulting services expertise, Verizon offers not only understanding and insight into the unique challenges enterprises face in undertaking an IAM strategy; we can also deliver the capabilities and expertise to address those challenges, and create an IAM plan that yields real results. Whether its providing consulting service capabilities to help put a meaningful IAM strategy into action, or hosted IAM solutions for customers interested in Identity as a Service, our comprehensive, measured approach allows us to meet your specific needs across the identity management lifecycle. IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT: A LIFECYCLE APPROACH Root-chaining Service Access Governance Access Management





As part of our capabilities, we can help you with: Planning. Our experts can analyze ways to align your existing information assets using a powerful IAM strategy that takes anticipated requirements into consideration. We can develop a roadmap to deliver measurable business value, determine products that best meet your needs, assemble a comprehensive RFP, and assist with vendor selection efforts. Design. We know how to navigate the unique communication dynamics and business challenges associated with the corporate environment. Our Identity Access Management Managed Services Design solution can help enterprises achieve an operationally viable, cost-effective managed security approach. Implementation. Enhance your organizations overall security posture and protect your assets and reputation, while allowing your in-house staff to focus on core business goals. Our security experts offer the installation, integration, verification testing, and training for a complete IAM managed services implementation. Operation. As one of the largest managed security services providers in the world, Verizon offers the skills and experience to maintain, monitor, and manage enterprise IAM solutions effectively, allowing you to maintain both focus and control.

BRINGING YOU ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE IAM IDEAL In a perfect world, every business would have its own dedicated enterprise program to manage the many challenges of identity and access management. New workers would be cleared to use necessary systems and applications on their hire date, and access to sensitive systems and information would be promptly rescinded on the day of termination. User identification would be synchronized across enterprise technologies and resources. Workers would not be burdened with an avalanche of credentials to remember. And business leaders could share IT assets and corporate data with partners and customers with confidence. While in reality such a world still seems like a distant utopia, Verizon can bring your enterprise one step closer to it. Where once the prospect of an IAM deployment signified such a daunting and expensive task that many enterprises avoided the issue altogetheror worse yet, engaged in failed consulting projects with partners unsuited for the task at handVerizon offers the assets and industry expertise to craft and deliver solutions that meet your needs, are deployed effectively, and are monitored and maintained shrewdly. WEVE DONE IT BEFORE We know how to deliver IAM strategies that yield results. A large state employment development agency managing records for millions of state workers, and billions in unemployment and disability insurance benefits, as well as billions in payroll taxes, faced a number of identity and access management challenges. They were increasingly unable to handle claims call volumes at peak times. Their legacy systems were unable to support many user identity requirements. And they lacked centralized authentication and authorization processes for their voice response directories. Our IAM experts delivered a complete solution including identity management, access management, internet and virtual directory, authentication, and PIN management capabilitiesand synchronized user profile, registration, and identity proofing processes. In the end, the agency was better able to respond to and handle calls and requests, expand its directory platform, and strengthen data security through tightened access control. In the end, you can control IT administration and helpdesk expenses; help your employees work faster and more securely; protect your assets both internally and externally as business demand increases; and maintain security compliance requirements. Visit our website at verizon.com/enterprise to find out more about our Identity Access Management solutionsand learn how we can help architect an identity access plan that transforms risk into new business opportunity.

VERIZON UNDERSTANDS WHY MANY IAM PROJECTS MISS THEIR MARK While IAM solutions have helped many companies better manage challenges, too many IAM projects have been plagued with cost overruns and have failed to deliver on expectations. Reasons include: Loosely organized technology initiatives Projects driven by siloed business units Inadequate executive sponsorship Competing and inconsistent requirements Insufficient project direction and governance The need to integrate technologies from the same or disparate vendors Design, management, and maintenance complexity and expense Unclear policy and business process guidelines We understand that an IAM strategy requires business unit engagement and a comprehensive approachand our experts can help create solutions that deliver on that promise.

Verizon is a global leader in driving better business outcomes for mid-sized and large enterprises and government agencies. Verizon combines integrated communications and IT solutions, professional services expertise with high IQ global IP and mobility networks to enable businesses to securely access information, share content and communicate. Verizon is rapidly transforming to a cloud-based everything-as-a-service delivery model that will put the power of enterprise-grade solutions within the reach of every business. verizon.com/enterprise
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