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About Me

My names is Courtney McFall, Im 19 and a sophmore at sxu. Im transferring to do Athletic Training at ISU

I like to do hoodrat things with my friends

I always choose the grass starter

Ive done competitive team dance since I was 11, and now I dance for SXU

Im a Pokemon Master I like to draw things based off my favorite games


I used to have a bunny named Bilbo

I wear my Pikachu onesie alot

Illustration by Alyssa Dunn


Illustration by Diamond Young

Illustration by Karina Ramierez

& Cups
4 5

100 Lines
For these pictures every artists used the same tools and concept. We used the Bamboo tablet and stylus to draw the lines. All lines were supposed to be the same stroke, which I believe was at a 3. For this we drew the line drawings of things that would hold a liquid. Im focusing on teapots, pitchers, and cups because a lot of us used the same teapots, pitchers, and cups in class to draw these pictures. To do this we could start from the bottom or top but we had to try and make an image of a real object. We were not going for realistic on this project. We were going for a representation. All we needed to get down was the shape. We had to communicate teapot, pitcher, cup, etc. We were only allowed to use 100 lines in making this. And by finding a certain menu you could have a count of how many strokes you actually made. Some people cheated to make a more realistic looking drawing. With most of the drawing though you were able to recognize what the image was. Illustration by Caitlin Miernicki

Illustration by Kyra Tate Illustration by Scott Taloff


Illustration by Kevin Newberry

Ilustration by Jim Smiley Illustration by Mark Williams

Illustration by Hector Murillo

These are two other line drawings that I made that I really liked that were not teapots, pitchers, or cups. The one on the left is a martini glass, and on the right is a water bottle. I liked these two the most because I thought they came out the best. They also are different than what other people made. I think the glass is better than the bottle but these are two that I wanted to share because I thought they looked cool.

Illustration by Alyssa Dunn For these drawing we were to use the same items that we used for the line drawings. We also used the Tablet and Stylus for this drawing. For this we could use whatever stroke we wanted. We were allowed to use the gray scale to make this drawing. The point was to give it dimension. To make the lighting appear and make it seem close or far or in the light or dark. Make it look shiny or dull. But it had to be more realistic than the line drawings. We didnt have a limit on the amount of lines we could use. We had a bit of a limit on the colors of gray. I think we could only use like five or six shades of it. But it was easier to portray the item we were drawing.

Ilustration by Jim Smiley

Illustration by Caitlin Miernicki

Illustration by Kevin Newberry

Illustration by Scott Taloff

Illustration by Diamond Young

These two value daring were done by me. I wanted to show something different than the teapots and cups and pitchers. So the one the left is a jar of something that looked kind of gross. It was about the size of a salsa jar. This one is my favorite because i feel like I really made it looks like the light come from the left. I also feel like I

made it look like a jar making the lid a little more defined. The one on the right was some sort of random looking jug. I actually did pretty good on this one also. I made it apparent that there was some depth on the top where it went inward toward a small hole to pour water out.


I made this illustration using a drawing stylus and tablet on Adobe Illustrator using the paintbrush tool. I used warm colors of reds, oranges and yellows to make the grapefruit.



For the assignment I could only use half of the color scale, either warm colors or cool colors. So I chose warm knowing I cold probably find a fruit with all the colors I would need. And I didnt fail myself. I chose the grapefruit because it really did have the oranges, yellows, and pinks that I needed to use.

We werent supposed to have any white in the background of the picture so I used light gray scribbles that were easy to look past. I dont want the background to stand out or I think it takes away from the point of the assignment. I think the eye first goes right to the pink because it is so bright compared to the other colors in the drawing. I got made fun of though for my grapefruit floating around in space. So I had to give it a place to be so I made this second picture of it being on a plate on a table. I purposely didnt make the table or plate detailed at all because I didnt want it to take away from my beautiful masterpiece.


The big project in class was the Tracing project. The point is to make a new illustration of a picture. You could choose to either take a picture yourself, or find one on the Internet. I chose mine off the internet because I knew I would want to do an illustration of one of my favorite people, Charles Trippy, and I didnt have a photo I took of him and Im not going to Florida to creep and get a picture. The process of creating this new illustration was to first get your picture. Then on Adobe illustrator we would Place the picture we were using. You had to adjust your picture to fit the art board so you could get all the elements you wanted to illustrate onto the art board. The art board is just the active part of the screen that you would use to make and illustration on. Tools we had learned to use consisted of the Bamboo table and stylus, the pen tool, eyedropper, gradients, and shape tools. So we would have to recreate the shapes on the picture to create our own illustration. We were to do work with the background, middle ground, and foreground. For example, my background was super easy because I picked something that wouldnt take much work. For Middle I used Charles himself, and I used his hand and guitar for the foreground. The point of this was to create a new illustration to call your own. It also was a point to take something real and make an illustration of it looks real. It looks like a picture, but its not. This project was easy for some people who may have picked a picture that didnt have much detail. Quite a few chose to do a person or animal and we are the ones who it felt like it took forever to finish. Personally I am very happy with the Illustration I got.

From a picture on the internet to a realistic illustration

Who is Charles Trippy?

Charles Trippy is 28 years old and lives in Sarasota, Florida. He lives with his wife, Alli, and two dogs Marley and Zoey. For most people who know him, his fame came from his channel on YouTube. He started making videos for YouTube in early 2006. On March 5, 2009 was Day 1 of daily vlogging on their channel CTFxC. Some people may have found Charles through their favorite band We The Kings. In September of 2011, he started playing the bass for the band. He later announced that he would become a permanent member of the band. This coming March will be the start of his and Allis fifth year filming and posting everyday of their lives.


Tracing Trippy
Pop Art
When I first started the tracing process I wanted to get all the basic shapes done. So I traced all the big objects such as the face, neck, shirt, and fingers. Then I went back and traced some other important information that was smaller, but still important to the picture, such as the roflcopter on the shirt and the guitar strings. To actually do the tracing, I used the pen tool and traced the shapes. I used the eyedropper tool to get the colors for these shapes. I would clear the color and eye drop in different spots until I found a color that I liked that looked okay. This stage of the illustration looked really cool to me. I think it looks like a cartoon and pop arty.

Using Adobe Illustrator, The original picture was placed onto the art board as a layer. Using separate layers above it I could trace the picture to make an illustration.
After making my awesome and detailed nose, I started to go to work on the rest of the face. After a few hours spent on the face I got tired of seeing all the same colors and making such small shapes, I decided its time to work on something else. The shirt and guitar were a lot easier to get detailed. I could use bigger shapes to make everything like the letters in the shirt. Even the letters and the helicopter detail didnt need any shapes or shading inside of them because in the picture the color and light in them was constant. The guitar and strap were also pretty easy. The colors on the string stayed constant they went down, and the guitar only had one part seeing any kind of light that needed detail. I hadnt finished the arms or neck or hair yet so I had a floating face with part of the body. It could pass for modern art.

We Have a Nose!
The nose was said to be the hardest part to communicate. And it was. In the pop art picture, there is no nose. Thats because drawing a nose is involving all light and shadows. I was able to make all the features on the face except the nose. I didnt show the mouth or eyes that I drew in the picture above because I thought they looked weird. Believe me you dont want to see those eyes staring into your soul. Others were able to use big shadows and lights to define their noses, but me being a perfectionist I had to zoom all the way in and make it look realistic. To do that I had to make small shapes and eye drop the colors in. But I could only make shapes of the color I was using. They were really small shapes. That moved doomed me to over 12 hours of work on this piece.

Its Finally Over

This is the finished product of my illustration. When I was done, it was like watching the ring fall into Mount Doom. Im really happy with the way it came out though. The fingers were just as annoying as the face to do, maybe more because of the light to dark details. The hair surprisingly wasnt hard at all. I put skin colors where you see less hair, like the mustache, and put colors similar to the hair in place there was a lot of hair like the top of his head and down by the chin. I used the Bamboo table with its stylus to hand draw the hair on. I just eye dropped the colors off the picture and would draw little whiskers of hair. I tried my best to blend the colors so it would look right as if the light was hitting it, and even made some hairs stick out to make it more real. The only problem with doing this was that every stroke was a layer. And when it came to making fun variations and changing the picture, it would have to many layers and Illustrator would just shut down on me. But I ended up being able to do what I could for it, and Im really happy with what I created.




Handy Trippy

Comparing Variations
I like to compare these two first because they look similar. They have the same concept of a colored background and a colorless Charles. But they are doing two different things to your eye. The one on the left is entitled Handy Trippy because you can clearly see the size of the hand holding the guitar. The point of the picture is for you to see the hand playing the guitar. So I made that big and colored so it would stand out against the grayed out body. I upped the intensity of the color in the background so that the body would look more gray and bland. The second picture is called Torn Trippy and the idea is to keep looking back and forth between him and the background. He stands out because he is gray scaled in color. The background stands out because it looks torn up and crazy.

Torn Trippy



Trippy Trippy

Comparing Variations
Im comparing these two together because the concept of these was to just make him unrecognizable, and basically distort the picture the best I could. The first is one of my favorites because he looks like a bubble. The title is Bubble Trippy There is no struggle in where your eye is looking since the background is just black making the bubbleness pop.

Bubble Trippy

Compared to the next picture where there is a lot of color to see. I called it Trippy Trippy for that reason. The bright blue is fighting with the reds, and whites that are bloated are fighting with the blues. You want to just look at all the blue then the weird bloated face then the cool looking words on the shirt. The whole picture is fighting for your attention, while the first picture is focused on one part.



Photo Shop Story

Follow Chelsea and KoalaTea in their adventure across an imaginary world


Find the real adventure at http://sxuhero.com/vc2s12/courtneymcfall/


This is the first picture you see in the story. It is Chelsea sleeping with KoalaTea in her back pack, she will eventually wake up and be in this new place she has never seen. For this picture I only edited out the wall. I used the lasso tool. This will end up being my most

used tool for this project. I also used the eraser for the edge of the grass because I didnt want to lasso out the grass individually so I erased it to avoid that. After that I put the sky layer behind the picture so that it would give it a horizon. I didnt mess with any of the shading because

since you cant see the tree in the picture it is ok to assume that there is actually a tree there by the shadow.

In this picture, Chelsea is catching a leprechaun. For the leprechaun I took a picture off the Internet of a running leprechaun, and I edited the face off a member of a boy band Chelsea and me liked. Niall from One Direction. We thought we were really funny and clever so this story

is basically random jokes and thoughts form our imaginations. So Chelsea is catching the leprechaun I lassoed chalets out of the picture. I used the same grass and sky I sued for every picture that needed the two. I place the sky behind the grass to give a horizon. I also accidently

cut off Chelseas shoe so I drew a lovely splotch on there to replace it. I also made two layers of Chelsea. The bottom one is under the Niall layer and I erased Chelseas arm from the second layer and put it on top so it would give the illusion of her catching him.

Sleeping in a New place

Catching the Leprechaun



In this picture Chelsea is walking towards a rainbow. With KoalaTea riding in the backpack. For this picture I lassoed Chelsea out of the original picture and placed her on top of the sky and grass scene. I also have the rainbow placed in there so that it looks like she

walking to it in the distance. I also had to rotate her to make her look like shes walking straight. The original picture was tilted a little so it would look funny to keep her in the original tilt. The shading from the tree didnt affect the picture in a negative way.

I didnt touch the lighting because it looks like there may be a sun in the picture we cant see. Theres no tree shadow on her that looks unnatural or tee like so I left it.

In this picture we see Chelsea chasing the Niall leprechaun. This is where you make a choice for her to chase him or take his gold. So I used the same leprechaun edit for the as the catching one. I also lassoed out only the wall with eraser on the grass like I did for the first

picture on this article. The shadow cast by the tree was so prominent that I left it. There were only a few spots with light hitting it that it didnt make a big distraction. For the picture I had to lighten it after the wall was edited out. I had to lighten it because as you can see in the top

photo it is really hard to see details of Chelsea. So I had to lighten it just a bit to make it perfect.

Follow the Rainbow

Chasing the Leprechaun



For this picture, Chelsea chooses to eat the food she finds, which is potatoes. For this picture she was lassoed out of the original photo and placed in the land scene I used for the rest of the story. I edit potatoes in her hand to look like she was holding them. For the potato in the backhand I erased over the potato to show her pinky finder so it would really look like it was sitting in her hand.

This is one of the pictures that you make your choice for her adventure. You click the arrow of the way you want her to go. For this one you can follow the rainbow or walk away from it. In other picture she can chase Niall or choose is gold. The same Chelsea was used for all the choices. And she was lassoed out of the original photo and put into the land scene used for the rest of the story.

Eating Potatoes

So Many Choices

Attacked by a Sully
In this picture Chelsea is being attacked by Sully from Monsters Inc. Sullys background was transparent so any part that was white would end up being see through which would explain the blue eyes and green teeth. This is one of my favorite pictures because of the great expression in Chelseas face.

In this picture Chelsea is being saved. There is a helicopter coming down to get her. For this is photo I had to kneel down behind her to get the right angle for the viewer to see what she was looking up at. There is no grass because she is obviously only looking up



Movie Poster Remake

Remaking the movie poster for the horror film Insidious
34 35

Photo shoot
This photo was originally dark to the point you couldnt see a person. I was trying to focus more on getting light to bounce off her shoulders and head. I used the magnetic tool to do most of the cutting out bad pixels thing. When she was isolated I used the saturation and brightness tools to light her up. It made it easier to see her creepy face, and make the light on her shoulders and hair pop more. The concept of this picture is for her to look like the kid in the Insidious movie poster. He is just standing looking straight on but his whole face is shadowy and you see the light bouncing off his hair and shoulders. He just looks really creepy. Thats what she was going for. Sadly, she couldnt think about being creepy without smiling so she has a little smirk in a lot of pictures. In the poster, the model is a boy with dark longish hair. I thought it would look better for me to have mine be a girl. I like the way her colored hair looks too. It looks cooler red. The model doesnt have to be a young boy for this poster to give off the effect that it does. All you have to see is the creepy kid standing in front of a house with INSIDIOUS IS in their eyes.

I used the burn tool mostly for this to make her really dark like in the original poster and I make the house in back bigger but you cant really see all the point parts like you can in the original. I just wanted her to look dark and creepy. It ended up being too dark to see anything or even write on for corrections.

Awkward moment when you dont have a copy of the picture used for the actual illustration

This photo is from a reshoot I did with her. I got to adjust the lights so certain parts of her face would be darker and certain parts had more light. In this picture I was able to adjust the lights better to get her more lit up without photo shopping it. We tried at first using a white paper to bounce light off her face, but we figured out we got better light when she stood farther from the background. We also turned the lights to face her instead of the backdrop. It is just supposed to be her looking like a creeper once again. She didnt laugh as much this time so we got better shots of her not smiling. The images were crisper too because I finally figured out how to make it focus right. I just wanted to get the lights closer to what its like. I could always darken the picture but I know the light will look good.

I used the burn tool to make her bottom half significantly darker than the rest of her and I also used the sponge looking tool to make around her hair and cheeks and shoulders look lighter. I also used the burn tool to make the house darker and the sponge looking tool to make the white parts stand out like in the original poster. I was trying to get the brightness of the house and the boy to match her. Where the house only the white parts were really bright and around the boy were light and I tried making the rest of the house darker and the bottom half of her almost black. The person in the picture is supposed to stand out the most which is why I made her take up most of the screen and tried to make her looks creepier. Also the original poster had INSIDIOUS IS in the boys eyes and so I had it in her eyes too and it really attracts you to find out what it is saying.


Photo Shop

Fire Edition
For this picture, I took a picture of the side view of a stove burner flame. To make the illustration I made copies of each flame and put them in horizontal rows. I layered the rows to have the bottoms of the flames stick out because it looked more like fire on the bottom. I made it so the bottoms were staggering with each other. I made the bottom stand out because it looked more like flames than the top did. I also really liked the color of the blue flames because it still communicated fire, but a different kind. I wanted the bottom to catch your eye. I also didnt want it to look too linear going straight up and down and side to side so I made them staggering.

For this picture I used a fire safety sign and I made them overlapping from the bottom. I edited out only the flame part of the sign because I thought it looked cooler. I made one of the flames be over lapping the others in its horizontal row but still be under the row beneath it. I used the hue and saturation tools to make a bright yellow one. I made the one fire sign yellow, because fire and fire safety colors are usually red and yellow. I made it so your eye goes straight to the bright yellow one.