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A Proposal For A Thriller trailer

Unknown Number
Prepared by Clare OMara, Dylan lee and Crystal Jahnke.

Audience trailers. 19/04/13


Copyright (2013)

Prepared by Clare OMara

I am going to be creating a Thriller trailer, which is called, Unknown Number. This trailer is going to be around 64 seconds. (One minute and four seconds). The purpose of this Thriller trailer is for entertainment purposes and so the audience enjoy the trailer we have created. Our target audience is teenage girls because the storyline of the Thriller trailer is based on three teenage girls. Therefore our target audience is teenage girls because the audience can relate to the characters and feel more connected with the trailer.

Our Thriller trailer is about three young girls who are unpleasant and have a negative view on life. They are known as, Bullies, is the school. But one of the young gets peer pressured into something she wishes she does not want to take part in. And then that young girl goes missing and it is up to the other two friends to find her. For our Thriller trailer I want the audience to feel scared, worried and excited for the characters. This is because if the audience feels emotions for the characters then they are enjoying the Thriller trailer more and are connecting with the characters.

For our Thriller trailer the location will be at, Glenthorne High School. This is because the Thriller trailer is about three young girls at school. Also we will be using costume which will be school uniform this is because the character will be at school. And the props we will be choosing to use will be two mobile phones which will be used in most of our scenes and a torch which will be used in one of shocking scenes. But we will not be using any special effects as we do not have access to this equipment.

Myself,(Clare OMara), will be appear in the product. I will play one of the main characters of the young girls. My name in the Thriller trailer will be, Rosie. And for scenes I will not be in I will be filming, (I will be in control of the camera). Also Crystal Jahnke will be playing of the young girls and Dylan Lee will be filming the trailer and be playing of the young girls. We will be booking an male action and a location for one of out shocking scenes for our trailer. The technology we will be using will be Tripod, Fig Rig, a camera, Imovie09, Mac computer and lighting. Also our budget is 500.00 this is covering location and equipment. And our actors are working for free.