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Day 3

Airport Power House

Mains source of electricity is from Electricity Board 2 airport power houses are there in airport 3 generators are there in one power house o 500 x 2 o 750 x 1 They provide all lighting facilities at the airport terminals, communication departments, ATC, metrology, administration buildings, runways etc. All electrical maintenance works are done by different contracting agencies 7 staffs are working 1 generator will work continuously for 4 hrs and after switch to next generator Generators will start automatically at the time of power cuts Airport power house can give electricity for 3-4 days if the power is not there. it may depends on the availability of diesel and the working condition of the generators 40-50L /hour of diesel needed

Air-conditioning Department
Providing air conditioning to terminal buildings Total 8 staffs 2 per each shifts 3am to 10pm working time Maintain temperature 22-24 degree Celsius Minimum cooling temperature is 18 degree Celsius Maintained water temperature is 7 degree Celsius 400ohms of electric power is using Air-conditioning will start 3hrs before the arrival of first passenger And shut down after all passenger leave the terminals Work load maximum at the summer season(2 chillers are using)

And minimum at the winter season (I chiller is using) BMS (Building Maintenance System) software used Developed by Honeywell Can control all settings Control the air speed Control the room temperature Valve open / close Automatic option will control air-conditioning according to the preset values Cooling of 10x10 room need 1.5 tonnage a/c system Airport using 300 tonnage capacity system 20 tons of water are using Helirotor compressors using Trane chillers using developed by ETI group based on Chennai Main components Primary pump Secondary pump 3 chillers Compressors Condenser pump Air handling 3 pumps are using (40hp, 35hp, 28hp) At a time two chillers are working according to the work load Maintenance works Filters checking Chillers checking Checking of grease Belt tensions Valve conditions Room cleaning Once in a week they will check everything


OBSERVATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS An airport is a gateway of a country or a city. So style and quality of one airport will project the city and its culture. "First Impression is the Best Impression" No proper sign boards in the approach road (speed limit, oneway, slowdown) Incoming and outgoing vehicles are not following oneway traffic in the approach road Approach roads are not used for advertisement purpose Street lights can also be utilized for advertisement Drainage system needs to be maintained properly Trees can be planted on both sides of the approach road Smoking must be prohibited strictly in the airport compound There is no seating facility outside the terminal building Roads inside the parking are is not marked properly Baggage screening area is congested in departure area Installation of weighing machine outside the terminal helps the passengers to weigh their bag gages In arrival terminal passengers and visitors are having access to the same washrooms.it may cause security threats. some of the luggage trollies are in bad condition installation of Reserved seating for disabled people in chek-in area Disabled people cannot use the telephone service placed at height Limited width of terminal access road

No locker room facilities Security at the power house and A/C departments are poor Surrounding area of these also not satisfactory Wide area of airport is using as parking area. It may be a wastage of land. The use of parking buildings may save space for the parking and other space can use for other commercial activities. So more revenue can be earn without losing the income from carparking That may also help in expansion to any number without the need of additional area Conveyer belt can use for advertisements Lack of entertainment facilities inside the boarding wait area Information related to and from airport buses and their timing (destinations) Medical care can be implemented Free use of Wi-Fi Internet facility can be implemented The implementation of fare taxi rate will increase the use of the airport taxies No money exchange facility at the airport