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Canadian Movie Channel




1.Pre Chopin, Le

5.Fast Ones, The (Ivy League Killers) 6.Il tait une guerre (There Once Was a War)*

1.Canadians, The 2.Dsoeuvrs, Les (The Mis-Works)#

1.Bush Pilot

1.Forteresse, La (Whispering City)

1.Aventures de Ti-Ken, Les* 2.Hired Gun, The (The Last Gunfighter) (The Devils Spawn) 3.It Happened in Canada 4.Mask, The (Eyes of Hell) 5.Nikki, Wild Dog of the North 6.One Plus One (Exploring the Kinsey Report)# 7.Wings of Chance (Kirbys Gander)

1.Butlers Night Off, The 2.Sins of the Fathers

1.Gros Bill, Le (The Grand Bill) 2. Homme et son pch, Un (A Man and His Sin) 3.On ne triche pas avec la vie (You Cant Cheat Life)

1.Big Red 2.Seul ou avec dautres (Alone or With Others)# 3.Ten Girls Ago

1.Cur du village (The Village Priest) 2.Forbidden Journey 3.Inconnue de Montral, L (Son Copain) (The Unknown Montreal Woman) 4.Lumires de ma ville (Lights of My City) 5.Sraphin

1.A tout prendre (Take It All) 2.Amanita Pestilens 3.Bitter Ash, The 4.Drylanders 5.Have Figure, Will Travel# 6.Incredible Journey, The 7.Pour la suite du monde (So That the World Goes On)# 8.Young Adventurers.The

1.Docteur Louise (Story of Dr.Louise)

1.Etienne Brl, gibier de potence (The Immortal Scoundrel) 2.Petite Aurore, lenfant martyre, La (Little Aurores Tragedy) 3.Rossignol et les cloches (Nightingales and the Bells) 4.Royal Journey#

1.Caressed (Sweet Substitute) 2.Chat dans le sac, Le (Cat in the Sack) 3.Festin des morts, Le (Mission of Fear) 4.Fleur de lge, ou les adolescentes (That Tender Age) 5.Jusquau cou (Over My Head) 6.Luck of Ginger Coffey, The 7.Lydia 8.Manette: la folle et les dieux de carton (Crazy Manette and Cardboard Gods) 9.Naked Flame, The 10.Nobody Waved Goodbye 11.Noncensus 12.Terre boire, La (The Earth to Drink) 13. Trouble-fte (Trouble Makers)

1.Coeur de Maman (A Mothers Heart) 2.Tit coq

1.Esprit du mal, L (The Spirit of Evil)

1.Little Canadian, The 2.Sacrifie, La (The Sacrifice)

1. Can 2.Comment savoir (Knowing to Learn)# 3. Coup de grce, Le (The Final Blow) (The Finishing Stroke) 4.Festin des morts, Le (Mission of Fear) 5.French Without Dressing# 6.Lift, The 7.Neige a fondu sur la Manicouagan, La (The Snow Has Melted on the Manicouagan) 8.Pas de vacances pour les idoles (No Holiday for Idols) 9.Playboy Killer (Decoy for Terror) 10.Rvolutionnaire, Le (The Revolutionaries) 11.Roses in December 12.Vida, La (The Document of Michael da Vida) 13.Vie heureuse de Leopold Z, La (The Merry World of Leopold Z) 14.When Tomorrow Dies 15.Winter Kept Us Warm

1.Oedipus Rex# 2.Village enchant, Le (The Enchanted Village)@

1.Along the Mohawk Trail* 2.Pathfinder and the Mohican, The* 3.Redman and the Renegades, The*

1.Dangerous Age, A 2.Flaming Frontier 3.Mains nettes, Les (Clean Hands) 4.Matre du Prou (Master of Peru) 5.Mercire assassine, La (The Assassinated Haberdasher) 6.Now That Aprils Here 7.Wolf Dog

1.Carnaval en chute libre (Carnival in Free Fall) 2.Corde au cou, La (Noose Around the Neck) 3.Des pas sur la neige (Footsteps in the Snow) 4.Dont Forget to Wipe the Blood Off* 5.Douzime heure, La (The Twelfth Hour) 6.Ils sont nus (We Are All Naked) (Days of Desire)

1.90 jours, Les (90 Days)* 2.Bloody Brood, The 3.Brles, Les (The Promised Land) 4.Cool Sound from Hell, A (A Dangerous Age)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

7.Misanthrope, Le* 8.Offering, The 9.Patricia et Jean-Baptiste 10.Room for a Stanger (Adulterous Affair) 11.Ti-Ken (Les plans mystrieux)* 12.Trap, The (The Mad Trapper) 13.YUL 871

23.Stereo 24.Wow!#

1.Act of the Heart 2.Ainsi soient-ils (A Day Without Evidence) 3.Amour humain, L (The Awakening) 4.Breathing Together: Revolution of the Electric Family# 5.Chicago 70 (The Great Chicago Conspiracy Circus)# 6.Crimes of the Future 7.Danger pour la socit (Danger to Society) 8.Dulcima* 9.Entre tu et vous 10.Flick (Dr.Frankenstein on Campus) 11.Goin Down the Road 12.Homer 13.Initiation, L (The Initiation) (Here and Now) 14.Jours de noces, Les (The Wedding Day)* 15.Kenek (For Love or Murder) 16.King of the Grizzlies# 17.Last Act of Martin Weston, The 18.Neon Palace, The: A 50s and 60s Trip# 19.Pays sans bon sens, Un (Wake Up, Mes Bons Amis)# 20.Prologue 21.Q-bec My Love (A Commercial Success) 22.Rainy Day Woman 23.Situation du thtre au Qubec (The State of Quebec Theatre)# 24.Soleil des autres, Le (The Sun of Others) (Give Us Our Daily Love) 25.Tragic Diary of Zero, the Fool, The 26.Vive la France (Long Live France) 27.Voitures deau, Les (Water Cars)#

1.Affair With a Killer* 2.Aline (Dont Let It Kill You)* 3.Dlivrez-nous du mal (Deliver Us From Evil) 4.Entre la mer et leau douce (Drifting Downstream) (Between Sweet and Salt Water) 5.Ernie Game, The* 6.Erotikos (Sex and the Single Sailor) 7.Gros-Morne# 8.Kid Sentiment 9.Paper People, The* 10.Rgne du jour, Le (The Duration of the Day)# 11.Sweet and the Bitter, The (The Bitter and the Sweet) 12.Take Her By Surprise 13.Vulture, The 14.Waiting for Caroline* 15.Warrendale# 16. Wendy

1.Cest pas la faute Jacques Cartier (Its Not Jacques Cartiers Fault) 2.Creature of Comfort 3.Flower on a One Way Street# 4.Glure, La (Frost Bite) 5.Great Big Thing, A 6.High (Facade) 7.Il ne faut pas mourir pour (Dont Let It Kill You) 8.Isabel 9.Mother Goes Greek 10.O tes-vous donc? (So Where Are You?) 11.Poussire sur la ville (Dust Over the City) 12.Room for a Stranger 13.Slow Burn 14.Valrie 15.Viol dune jeune fille douce, Le (Rape of a Sweet Young Girl)

1.Acadie, lAcadie ?!?, L # 2.Aprs-ski (Sex in the Snow) 3.Cest ben beau, lamour (Its a Wonderful Love) 4.Corps et me (Body and Soul) 5.Crowd Inside, The 6.Deux femmes en or (Two Women in Gold) 7.Eat Anything# 8.Fans Notes, A 9.Fille libre, Une (Erotic Love Games) 10.Finalement...(In the End) 11.Fleur bleue (The Apprentice) 12.Fortune and Mens Eyes 13.Foxy Lady 14.Grand film ordinaire, Le (The Big Ordinary Movie) 15.Im Going to Get You, Elliot Boy 16.Jean-Franois Xavier de... 17.Last Act of Martin Weston, The 18.Life and Times of Chester Angus Ramagood, The 19.Madeleine Is... 20.Mles, Les (The Men) 21.Martien de Nol, Le (The Christmas Martian) 22.Maudits sauvages, Les (Those Damned Savages) 23.Megantic Outlaw, The 24.Mon enfance Montral (My Childhood in Montreal) 25.Mon oeil (My Eye) 26.Noce est pas finie, La (The Wedding Isnt Over)# 27.O ou linvisible enfant (O or the Invisible Infant) 28.On est loin du soleil (We Are Far from the Sun) 29.Only Thing You Know, The 30.Out of Touch# 31.Pile ou face (Heads or Tails) 32.Proxyhawks 33.Question de vie (A Matter of Life) 34.Reincarnate, The 35.Retour de limmacule conception, Le (The Return of the Immaculate Conception) 36.Stop 37.Tiens-toi bien aprs les oreilles papa (Hold On, Papa) (Hold Tight, Darling)

1. propos de la femme (All About Women) 2. soir on fait peur au monde# 3.Chambre blanche, La (The House of Light) 4.Christophers Movie Matinee# 5.Deux amis silencieux (Two Silent Friends) (Dogs to the Rescue) 6.Diable aime les bijoux, Le (The Devil Likes Jewels) (The Devils Jewellery) 7.Dont Let the Angels Fall 8.Exil, L (The Exile) 9.Explosion (The Blast) 10.Grand Rock, Le (Big Rock, the Big Man) 11.Great Coups of History 12.Jusquau Coeur (Straight to the Heart) 13.Kill 14.Married Couple, A# 15.Mon amie Pierrette (My Friend Pierrette) 16.My Secret Life (The Columbus of Sex) 17.Plastic Mile, The 18.Reason Over Passion# 19.Red 20.Saturdays Passage 21.Slow Run 22.St-Denis dans le temps (The Battle of StDenis...Yesterday, Today)#

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

38.Tiki-Tiki@ 39.Travelin Light# 40.Ty-Peupe 41.Viens, mon amour (Love in a Four-Letter World)

1.Another Smith for Paradise 2.Apparition, L (The Unexpected Phantom) 3.Brother of the Wind# 4.Chats botts, Les (Puss in Boots) 5.Colombes, Les (The Doves) 6.Et du fils (In the Name of the Son) 7.Finishing Touch, The 8.Heart Farm, The 9.Isis au 8 (Isis from the 8th Rank) 10.IXE-13 11.Journey 12.Justine de Sade (Justine) 13.Mahoneys Last Stand 14.Maison des amants, La (House of Lovers) 15.Master of Images, The 16.Maudite Galette, La (That Darned Loot) 17.Merry Wives of Tobias Rourke, The 18.Mon oncle Antoine 19.Montral Blues 20., ou linvisible enfant (, or the Invisible Infant) 21.Ptit Viens Vite, Le (The Little One Is Coming Soon) 22.Pas de jeu sans soleil (Time Zero) (No Game Without Sun) 23.Proud Rider, The (The Last Run) 24.Quelques arpents de neige (For a Few Acres of Snow) (The Rebel 1837) 25.Sept fois...par jour (Seven Times a Day) 26.Sex and the Lonely Woman 27.Sex and the Office Girl 28.Smattes, Les (The Wise Men) 29.Taureau 30.Temps dune chasse, Le (The Time of the Hunt) (Once Upon a Hunt) 31.Truckin# 32.Vie rve, La (Dream Life) 33.Vivre entre les mots (Living Between the Words)# 34.Voulez-vous coucher avec God? (Do You Want to Sleep With God?) 35.Vraie nature de Bernadette, La (The True Nature of Bernadette)

23.Keep It in the Family 24.Matresse, La (And I Love You Dearly) 25.Mort dun bcheron, La (Death of a Lumberjack) 26.Mourir pour vivre (To Kill to Live) 27.Nol et Juliette (Nol and Juliette) 28.OK, la libert (OK Liberty) 29.On nengraisse pas les cochons leau claire (Pigs Are Seldom Clean) 30.Paperback Hero (Last of the Big Guns) 31.Payday 32.Pleasure Palace (Angela) 33.Pyx, The 34.Quand hurlent les loups (When Wolves Howl) 35.Quiet Day in Belfast, A 36.Rainbow Boys, The 37.Rjeanne Padovani 38.Rip-Off 39.Rowdyman, The 40.Sensations 41.Sing a Country Song# 42.Slipstream 43.Summerlust (Goodbye Neighbours and Wives) 44.Tendresse ordinaire (Ordinary Tenderness) 45.Tu brles, tu brles (You Are Warm, You Are Warm) 46.Ultimatum 47.U-Turn (The Girl in Blue) 48.Vicky (For the Record) * 49.Wedding in White 50.Wrestling Queen# 51.Ya plus de trou Perc (Loving and Laughing)

1.Action: The October Crisis of 1970# 2.Amour comme le ntre, Un (French Love) 3.Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The 4.Au boutt (Fed Up) 5.Aventures dune jeune veuve, Les (The Adventures of a Young Widow) 6.Back to Beulah* 7.Bar salon 8.Beaux dimanches, Les (Beautiful Sundays) 9.Bingo 10.Black Christmas (Silent Night, Evil Nights) (Stranger in the House) 11.Bulldozer 12.Cest jeune, et a sait tout (Theres Nothing Wrong With Being Good to Yourself) 13.Child Under a Leaf 14.Christina 15.Clinton Special: A Film Abnout the Farm Show# 16.Corpse Eaters 17.Cours du soir pour monsieur seul (Night Courses for a Single Man) 18.Dead of Night (Deathdream) (The Night Andy Came Home) (The Night Walker) 19.Deranged (Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile) 20. Deux pieds dans la mme bottine (The Klutz) (The Klumzy Klutz) 21. Diary of a Sinner 22.Donnez-nous notre amour quotidien (In Love With Sex)* 23. Enfant comme les autres, Un (A Child Like Any Other) 24. Explosion (Me) 25. Guitare (Guitar) 26. Holy Assassinn, The 27. Il tait une fois dans lest (Once Upon a Time in the East) 28. Inbreaker, The 29. Janis# 30. Je taime (I Love You) 31. Kamouraska 32. L ou l# 33. Leon des mongoliens, La (A Mongolian Lesson)# 34. Love at First Sight 35. Malachis Cove 36.Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith* 37.Me#

1.Across This Land...With Stompin Tom Connors# 2.Ah! Si mon moine voulait (Ah, If Only My Monk Would Want) 3.Alien Thunder (Dan Candys Law) 4.Alles de la terre, Les (Paths of the World) 5.Anomie (Anomaly) 6.August and July# 7.Between Friends 8.Blue Blood 9.Brother of the Wind# 10.Cannibal Girls 11.Conqute, La (The Conquest) 12.Corps clestes, Les (Heavenly Bodies) 13.Cry of the Wild# 14.Dernires fiancailles, Les (The Last Betrothal) 15.Diable est parmi nous, Le (Satans Sabbath) (The Possession of Virginia) 16.Golden Apples of the Sun (Ever After All) (Caged Terror) 17.Grand sabordage, Le (The Big Sabotage) 18.Hard Part Begins, The 19.Hearts in Harmony# 20.Heatwave Lasted Four Days, The* 21.I Heard the Owl Call My Name* 22.Jai mon voyage (Enuff Is Enuff)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

38. Monkeys in the Attic 39.Montreal Main 40. Neptune Factor, The (An Undersea Odyssey) (The Neptune Disaster) 41. One Hundred and Twenty Five Rooms of Comfort (125 Rooms of Comfort) 42. Only God Knows 43. Ordres, Les (The Orders) 44. Par le sang des autres (By the Blood of Others) 45. Pinocchios Birthday Party@ 46. Plumard en folie, Le (Crazy Bed) (Le lit) 47. Pomme, la queue et les ppins, La (The Apple, the Stem and the Seeds) 48. Quand hurlent les loups (When Wolves Howl) 49. Qubec sauvage (Wild Quebec)# 50. Running Time 51. Seizure (Tango Macabre) 52. Sexcula 53. Simple histoire damours (Simple Love Stories)# 54. Star Is Lost, A 55. To Kill the King* 56. Valse trois (Oranges of Israel) 57. Visitor, The 58. Water, Wind, Earth and Sun# 59. Why Rock the Boat? 60. Wolfpen Principle, The

41. Tout feu, tout femme (A Woman Inflamed) 42. Ultimatum 43. Vautours, Les (The Vultures) 44. Wings in the Wilderness# 45. Ya toujours moyen de moyenner (Push but Push Reasonably)

1.2 pouces en haut de la carte (Two Thumbs Up on a Map)# 2.Absence, L (The Absence) 3.Angel Johnny 4.Autre bord du fleuve, L (La piastre) (The Dollar) (The Other Side of the River) 5.Beat 6.Breaking Point 7.Brethren 8.Chanson pour Julie (A Song for Julia) 9.Clown Murders, The 10.Cold Journey 11.Day My Grandad Died, The* 12.Death Weekend (The House by the Lake) 13.Douces pntrations (Gentle Persuasions) 14.Dream-Speaker* 15.East End Hustle 16.Eau chaude, leau frette, L (A Pacemaker and a Sidecar) 17.Echoes of a Summer (The Last Castle) 18.Far Shore, The 19.Find the Lady 20.Fleur aux dents, La (The Flower Between the Teeth) 21.Freedom of the City, The* 22.Gars des vues, Le (The Man from the Movies) 23.Goldenrod 24.Grande rcr, La (The Grand Recess) 25.Haunting of Julia, The (Full Circle) 26.Insurance Man From Ingersoll, The (For the Record)* 27.Je suis loin de toi, mignonne (Im Far Away, Dear) 28.Jos Carbone 29.Kathy Karuks Is a Grizzly Bear (Lakeswim) (For the Record)* 30.Keeper, The 31.Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, The 32.Love at First Sight 33.N pour lenfer (Born for Hell) 34.Nest of Shadows, A* 35.Night of the High Tide (La notte dellalta marea) 36.Parlez-nous damour (Lets Talk About Love) 37.Partners 38.Point of No Return 39.Second Wind 40.Shadow of the Hawk 41.Shadows in an Empty Room (Special Magnum) (Strange Shadows in an Empty Room) 42.Shoot 43.Supreme Kid, The 44.Sweeeter Song, A (Snap Shot) 45.Ti-cul Tougas (Little Tougas) 46.Volcano: An Enquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry# 47.Wamba*

1. Ah, au coeur du monde primitif (Ah.the Forest People)# 2. Amour bless, L (Confidences of the Night) 3. Dogpound Shuffle 4. Elizas Horiscope 5. Gammick, La (The Swindle) 6. Gina 7. Gobital 8. Il ny a pas doubli (Nothing Is Forgotten)# 9. Ile jaune, L (The Yellow Island) 10. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time 11. Jai droit au plaisir (I Have a Right to Pleasure) 12. Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris 13. Journey Into Fear 14. Lies My Father Told Me 15. Lions for Breakfast 16. Maison qui empche de voir la ville, La (The House That Hides the Town) 17. Marichka 18. Me# 19. Melting Pot, The 20. More Joy in Heaven* 21. Mourning Suit, The 22. Mustang 23. My Pleasure Is My Business 24. Mystery of the Million Dollar Puck, The 25. Naked Peacock, The# 26. Nuit en Amrique, Une (A Night in America) 27. Of the Fields, Lately 28. Panic in the Wilderness# 29. Partis pour la gloire (Gone to Glory) 30. Pour le meilleur et pour le pire (For Better or Worse) 31. Pousse, mais pousse gal (Dont Push It) 32. Recommendation for Mercy 33. Sally Fieldgood and Company 34. Shivers (They Came From Within) (The Parasite Murders) 35. Spanish Fly 36. Sudden Fury 37. Sunday in the Country 38. Sweet Movie 39. Temps de lavant, Le (Before the Time Comes) 40. Tte de Normande St-Onge, La (The Head of Normande St-Onge)

1.11 x 4# 2.Ange et la femme, L (Angel and the Woman) 3.Best of the Rolling Stones, The# 4.Bethune* 5.Cathys Curse 6.Catsplay* 7.Disappearance, The 8.Dream on the Run 9.Escape Under Sail# 10.Fighting Men, The (Men of Steel)* 11.Hank (For the Record)* 12.J.A.Martin, photographe (J.A.Martin, Photographer) 13.Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang 14.Johnny Belinda*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

15.Men revenant par les pinettes (Passing Through the Pine Trees) 16.Maria (For the Record)* 17.Mario 18.Menace, La (Backlash) 19.Night of the High Tide (La notte dellalta marea) 20.One Man 21.One of Our Own (For the Record)* 22.Outrageous! 23.Ptite violence, La (Domestic Violence)# 24.Panique (Panic) 25.Rabid (Rage) 26.Ragtime Summer (Age of Innocence) 27.Rituals (The Creeper) 28.Rubber Gun, The 29.Samedi, le ventre de la nuit (Saturday, In the Belly of the Night)# 30.Skip Tracer 31.Soleil se lve en retard, Le (The Sun Rises Late) 32.Someday Soon (For the Record)* 33.Special Day, A (Una giornata particulare) 34.Starship Invasions 35.Tar Sands, The (For the Record)* 36.Tell My Name* 37.Thats Country 38.Thousand Moons, A (For the Record)* 39.Three Dangerous Ladies* 40.Tigress, The (Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia) 41.Ti-mine, Bernie pis la gang (Bernie and the Gang) 42.Tyler* 43.Uncanny, The 44.Vieux pays o Rimbaud est mort, Le (The Old Country Where Rimbaud Died) 45.Welcome to Blood City 46.Whispering Highlands 47.Who Has Seen the Wind? 48.Why Shoot the Teacher?

30.Seer Was Here (For the Record)* 31.Separation* 32.Silent Partner, The 33.Something Rotten 34.State of Shock (Operation Overthrow) (Power Play) (Coup dtt) 35.Third Walker, The 36.Three Card Monte 37.Traces 38.Two Solitudes 39.Violette Nozire 40.Windigo

1. nous deux (An Adventure for Two) (Us Two) 2.Ambush at Iroquois Pass* 3.American Christmas Carol, An* 4.Arrache-coeur, L (Heartbreak) 5.Autumn Born 6.Bear Island 7.Belle apparence, La (A Beautiful Facade) 8.Brood, The 9.Bye, See You Monday 10.Cauchemar (The Nightmare) 11.Clbrations, Les (The Celebrations) 12.Cementhead (For the Record)* 13.Certain Practises (For the Record)* 14.Cinofrenic 15.Circle of Two 16.City on Fire 17.Crossbar* 18.Dear Father (Caro Papa) 19.Deux pisodes dans la vie dHubert Aquin (Two Episodes in the Life of Hubert Aquin)# 20.Double Negative (Deadly Companion) 21.clair au chocolat (Chocolate clair) 22.Every Person Is Guilty (For the Record)* 23.Fast Company 24.Firebird 2015 A.D. 25.Fish Hawk 26.Girls, Les (Les Femmes-enfant) (After Hours) 27.Has Anybody Here Seen Canada?# 28.Homme en colre, L (Jigsaw) (An Angry Man) 29.Inside Out* 30.Je me souviens (Dont Forget) (For the Record)* 31.Keiko 32.King Solomons Treasure 33.Klondike Fever (The Jack London Story) (Love in Canada)* 34.Maladie, cest les compagnies, La (Companies Are the Sickness)# 35.Man, a Woman, and a Bank, A 36.Man Called Intrepid, A* 37.Meatballs 38.Mondo Nude# 39.Mourir tue-tte (A Scream for Silence) 40.Murder By Decree 41.Never Trust an Honest Thief (Going for Broke) 42.Not Another Love Story 43.Parallels 44.Phobia (A Descent into Terror) 45.Pinball Summer (Pick-Up Summer) 46.Plague, The (MR3: The Gemini Strain) 47.Riel* 48.Running 49.Search and Destroy 50.Shape of Things to Come, The 51.Shift de nuit, Le (The Night Shift) 52.Skullduggery (Warlock) 53.Stone Cold Dead 54.Summers Children 55.Trsor de Nouvelle-France, Le (A Letter from New France) 56.Vie dange (Angel Life) 57.Wild Horse Hank

1.Amie denfance, Une (Childhood Friend) 2.Ange gardien, L (The Guardian Angel) 3.Angela 4.Artichoke 5.Blackout (Blackout in New York) 6.Blood and Guts 7.Comme les six doigts de la main (Like Six Fingers of a Hand) 8.Dcembre (December) 9.Draga Kisfiam* 10.Drying Up the Streets* 11.Dying Hard (For the Record)* 12.chance du vendredi (Falling Due Friday) 13.End of the World in Our Usual Bed on a Night Full of Rain, The (La fine del mondo nel nostro solito letto in una notte piena di piogga) 14.Grand logement, Le (Large Abode) 15.Home to Stay* 16.Homecoming (Good Luck, Jennifer Gagnon) (For the Record)* 17.I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses 18.In Praise of Older Women 19.Last Pogo, The# 20.Leopard in the Snow* 21.Liens de sang, Les (Blood Relatives)* 22.Love on the Nose* 23.Marie-Anne 24.Matter of Choice, A (For the Record)* 25.Metal Messiah 26.One Night Stand* 27.Psi: au-del de loccultisme (Psi: Beyond the Occult)# 28.Ribo, ou le soleil sauvage (Ribo, or the Untamed Sun) 29.Running Time

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

1. vos risques et prils (At Your Risk and Peril)# 2.Affaire Coffin, L (The Coffin Affair) 3.Agency 4.Atlantic City, U.S.A. 5.Avoir 16 ans (To Be 16) 6.Bad Company 7.Bons dbarras, Les (Good Riddance) 8.a peut pas tre lhiver, on na pas eu dt (It Cant Be Winter, We Havent Had Summer Yet) 9.Changeling, The 10.Chteau de cartes, Le (Castle of Cards) 11.Coming Out Alive* 12.Cordlia 13.Courage of Kavik the Wolf Dog, The* 14.Cuisine rouge, La (Red Food) 15.Deadline (Anatomy of a Horror) 16.Deadly Harvest 17.Death Ship 18.Dirty Tricks 19.Dream Never Dies, The# 20.Fantastica 21.Far Cry from Home, A (For the Record) * 22.Final Assignment 23.Fuir (Escaping)# 24.Funeral Home (Cries in the Night) 25.Grands enfants, Les (Day by Day) 26.Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave# 27.Happy Birthday, Gemini 28.Head On (Fatal Attraction) 29.Highpoint 30.Hiver bleu, L (Blue Winter) 31.Hog Wild 32.Homme tout-faire, L (The Handyman) 33.Hot Dogs (The Clean-Up Squad) 34.Hounds of Notre Dame, The 35.I, Maureen 36.It Rained All Night the Day I Left 37.Jeunes Qubecoises, Les (The Younger Generation) 38.Justocoeur (Until the Heart) 39.Kidnapping of the President, The 40.Love* 41.Lovers Exile, The# 42.Lucky Star, The 43.Middle Age Crazy 44.Monde a besoin de magie, Le (The World Needs Magic)# 45.Mondo Strip# 46.Mr.Patman 47.Nothing Personal 48.Nouvelles rencontres (New Friends) 49.Oeil, L (The Eye) 50.On a t lev dans leau sale (Raised in Salt Water)# 51.Out of the Blue (No Looking Back) 52.Pit, The (Teddy) 53.Population of One, A* 54.Powder Heads 55.Prom Night 56.Revanche de Madame Beauchamp, La (The Christmas of Madame Beauchamp) 57.Running Man (For the Record)* 58.Step Away, A# 59.Strass Caf 60.Suzanne 61.Tanyas Island 62.Terror Train 63.Thetford, au mileu de notre vie (Thetford in the Middle of Our Lives) 64.Title Shot 65.Today, I Am a Fountainpen (A Good Place to Come From)

66.Tribute 67.War Brides* 68.Winnings of Frankie Walls, The (For the Record)* 69.Yesterday (Scoring) (Gabrielle)

1.Ada (For the Record)* 2.Alligator Shoes 3.Amateur, The 4.Antoine et ses anges (Heaven Help Us) 5.Aurore borale, Une (Aurora Borealis) 6.Beaux souvenirs, Les (Happy Memories) (Old Memories) 7.Being Different# 8.Burning, The 9.Cop (Heller)* 10.Crunch (Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats) 11.De jour en jour (A Few Days More) 12.Dur-dur 13.Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper (Desert Blades)* 14.Gas 15.Ghostkeeper 16.Guerre du feu, La (Quest for Fire) 17.Happy Birthday to Me 18.Hard Feelings 19.Harvest (For the Record)* 20.Harry Tracy- Desperado 21.Haute surveillance (Black Mirror) 22.Heartaches 23.Heavy Metal@ 24.High Country, The (The First Hello) 25.Hot Touch, The 26.Imagine the Sound# 27.Improper Channels 28.Incubus (The) 29.Intruder, The 30.Julie Group, The* 31.Just Jessie* 32.Kelly (Touch the Wind) 33.Kings and Desperate Men* 34.Last Chase, The 35.Misdeal (Best Revenge) 36.My Bloody Valentine 37.Not a Love Story (A Film About Pornography)# 38.Once* 39.P4W: Prison for Women# 40.Plouffes, Les (The Plouffes) 41.Question of the Sixth, A (For the Record)* 42.Salut, J.W. 43.Scanners 44.Silence of the North 45.Snowbirds (For the Record)* 46.South Pacific 1942 47.Surfacing 48.Takeover (For the Record)* 49.Ticket to Heaven 50.Utilities 51.Woman Inside, The 52.Youve Come a Long Way, Katie

1.Au clair de la lune (Moonshine) 2.Becoming Laura (For the Record)* 3.Bells (Murder by Phone) 4.Bte lumineuse, La (The Shimmering Beast)# 5.Big Meat Eater 6.Blind Faith (For the Record)* 7.By Design 8.By Reason of Insanity (For the Record)* 9.Chatwills Verdict (Baker County USA) (Killer Instinct) (Trapped) 10.Class of 1984 11.Confort et lindiffrence, Le (Comfort and Indifference)# 12.Coup de matre (Hot Touch)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

13.Deadly Eyes (The Rats) 14.Dernire condition, La (The Final Condition) 15.Deux super-dingues (Heaven Help Us) 16.Empereur du Prou, L (Odyssey of the Pacific) 17.Falcons Gold* 18.Final edition (For the Record)* 19.Futur intrieur, Le (The Interior Future) 20.Gala# 21.Gapi 22.Grey Fox, The 23.Heartland Reggae# 24.High Card (For the Record)* 25.Honourable Member, An (For the Record)* 26.Humongous 27.If You Could See What I Hear 28.Jouer sa vie (The Great Chess Movie)# 29.Journe en taxi, Une (A Day in a Taxi) 30.Julie Darling 31.Kid Who Couldnt Miss, The* 32.Larose, Pierrot et Luce (Larose, Pierrot and Luce) 33.Latitude 55 34.Life and Times of Alonzo Boyd, The* 35.Love at the Top 36.Luc ou la part des choses (Luke or the Part of Things) 37.Maintain the Right (For the Record)* 38.Man in 5A, The (Killing Em Softly) 39.Mazes and Monsters 40.Melanie 41.Off Your Rocker 42.Paradise 43.Peau de chagrins (A Skin of Regrets) 44.Poetry in Motion# 45.Porkys 46.Porkys II: The Next Day 47.Quarantaine, La (Beyond 40) 48.Recorded Live# 49.Rvolutions, dbats amoureux, perdus, douloureux (Revolutions...Forever and Ever) 50.Scandale 51.Scissere 52.Siege (Self Defense) 53.Sneakers (Spring Fever) 54.Special Delivery (Mark Jean)* 55.Threshold 56.Tijuana (Losin It) 57.Till Death Do Us Part* 58.Tulips 59.Visiting Hours 60.War Story, A# 61.Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid (Finishing Touch)

21.Death Bite (Spasms) 22.Deserters 23.Doux aveux, Les (Sweet Lies and Tender Oaths) 24.Falasha- Exile of the Black Jews# 25.Gentle Sinners* 26.Going Berserk 27.Head On (Fatal Attraction) 28.Hot Money (Zen Business) 29.Journal dun bossu, Le (A Hunchbacks Diary) 30.Joy 31.Julie Darling (Bad Blood) (Daughter of Death) 32.Little Mermaid, The@ 33.Lucien Brouillard 34.Lyons Den (For the Record)* 35.Magic Show, The# 36.Ma Murray# 37.Maria Chapdelaine 38.Mmoire battante (Battling Memories) 39.Moving Targets (For the Record)* 40.Never Cry Wolf 41.Of Unknown Origin 42.Out of Sight, Out of Mind (The Seventh Circle) (For the Record)* 43.Pas fou comme on le pense (Not Crazy Like You Think)# 44.Pygmalion# 45.Qubec Canada 1995* 46.Ready for Slaughter (For the Record)* 47.Resonable Force (For the Record)* 48.Rencontre avec une femme remarquable: Laure Gaudreault (Laure Gaudreault: A Remarkable Woman) 49.Rien quun jeu (Just a Game)# 50.Rock N Rule@ 51.Ruffian, Le (The Ruffian) 52.Running Brave 53.Screwballs 54.Soldiers Story, The# 55.Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 56.Spasms (Death Bite) 57.Stations 58.Strange Brew 59.Sweet Country Music# 60.Tell Me That You Love Me 61.Terry Fox Story, The 62.Track Two 63.Turlute des annes dures, La (Unending Hardships)# 64.Videodrome 65.Wars, The 66.Wild Pony, The* 67.Yeux rouges, Les (Accidental Truths) (Red Eyes)

1.Agent of Paradise 2.Annes de rve.Les (Years of Dreams and Revolt) 3.Bay Boy, The 4.Bedroom Eyes 5.Blue Line* 6.Boy Next Door, The (For the Record)* 7.Charlie Grants War* 8.City Girl (The) 9.Covergirl (Dreamworld) 10.Crime dOvide Plouffe, Le (Les Plouffes II) 11.Deadbolt* 12.Deadline 13.Defcon 4 14.Dernier glacier, Le (The Last Glacier)# 15.Draw!* 16.motion dissonante, L (Dissonant Emotions)# 17.Evil Judgment 18.Femme de lhtel, La (A Woman in Transit) 19.Full Moon Darkness 20.Gentle Sinners* 21.Growing Pains (Bad Manners) 22.Gunrunner, The (St.Louis Square)

1.20th Century Chocolate Cake, A# 2.Accident at Memorial Stadium, The* 3.Adolescence of P-I, The (Hide and Seek)* 4.All In Good Taste (Some Do It for Money) 5.American Nightmare 6.Au nom de tous les miens (For Those I Loved) 7.Au pays de Zom (In the Land of Zom) 8.Au rythme de mon coeur (To the Rhythm of My Heart) 9.Beasts 10.Best of Both Worlds, The 11.Between Friends (Nobody Makes Me Cry)* 12.Bonheur doccasion (The Tin Flute) 13.Chautauqua Girl 14.Christmas Story, A 15.Comics, The (The Funny Farm) 16.Contrecoeur 17.Court-circuit (Short Cut) 18.Cross Country 19.Curtains 20.Dead Wrong (The Columbian Connection)*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie

23.Hey, Babe! 24.Hide and Seek (For the Record)* 25.Hockey Night* 26.Hookers on Davie# 27.Hotel New Hampshire, The 28.I Love a Man in Uniform (For the Record)* 29.Illustres inconnus (Notorious Nobodies)# 30.Isaac Littlefeathers* 31.Jacques et novembre (Jacques and November) 32.Jour S, Le (S As In...) 33.Kate Morris, Vice President (For the Record)* 34.Listen to the City# 35.Louisiana* 36.Low Visibility 37.Mario 38.Mark of Cain, The 39.Martins Day 40.Masculine Mystique, The# 41.Matter of Cunning, A* 42.Meatballs Part II 43.Memoirs 44.Mothers Meat & Freuds Flesh 45.Music of the Spheres, The 46.My Kind of Town 47.Naked Flame, The 48.Next of Kin 49.Odd Balls 50.Paroles et musique (Love Songs) 51.Peep 52.Reno and the Doc 53.Rough Justice (For the Record)* 54.Sang des autres, Le (The Blood of Others)* 55.Sentimental Reasons (Death Target) 56.Slavers, The 57.Slim Obsession (For the Record)* 58.Sonatine 59.Surrogate, The 60. Thats My Baby! 61.Thrillkill 62.Torngat# 63.Unfinished Business 64.Ups and Downs 65.Walls 66.Waterwalker#

1.90 Days 2.Abducted 3.Adolescente, sucre damour (The Sweet Teenager Love) (Suspended Life: The Charming Story of the Adolescent Sugar Love) (Gazi el banat) 4.Adramelech (King of Fire) 5.And Miles to Go* 6.Anne of Green Gables* 7.Artie Shaw: Time Is All You Got# 8.Aventures dun agent trs spcial, Les (The Adventures of a Very Special Agent) 9.Baby John Doe (The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe)* 10.Bayo 11.Big Deal, The* 12.Birds of Prey 13.Blue Man, The (Eternal Evil) 14.Blue Murder* 15.Borrower, The 16.Breaking All the Rules 17.Canadas Sweetheart: The Saga of Hal C.Banks* 18.Canadian Conspiracy, The* 19.Caffe Italia, Montral# 20.Care Bears Movie, The@ 21.Case of Libel, A* 22.Celui qui voit les heures (One Who Sees the Hours) 23.Certain Fury

24.Charlie Grants War* 25.Claire, cette nuit et demain (Claire, Tonight and Tomorrow) 26.Confidential 27.Crime Wave 28.Dame en couleurs, La (A Woman of Colours) 29.Dawson Patrol, The* 30.Deadly Intruder 31.Deathlords, The 32.Downtime 33.Du poil aux pattes (And When the CWACs Go Marching On) 34.Elvis Gratton-Le film (Elvis Gratton- The King of Kings) 35.vangline Deusse (Evangeline the Second)* 36.Execution of Raymond Graham, The* 37.Freeloading 38.Front Line, The (For the Record) * 39.Guardian The* 40.Guerre des tuques, La (The Dog That Stopped the War) 41.Heavenly Bodies 42.Hold-Up 43.Joshua Then and Now 44.Junior 45.King of Friday Night, The* 46.KIngs Gambit, The* 47.Knock! Knock! 48.Labour of Love* 49.Loose Screws (Screwballs II) 50.Love and Larceny* 51.Lune de miel (Honeymoon) 52.Mask of Murder 53.Matou, The (The Alley Cat) 54.Medium Blues 55.Million tout puissant, Le (The Powerful Million)# 56.My American Cousin 57.Night Magic 58.No Sad Songs# 59.No Surrender 60.One Magic Christmas 61.Orfeo# 62.Overnight 63.Party Animal,, The 64.Paspbiac: Terre des jeux (Paspbiac: The Games Country) 65.Peanut Butter Solution, The 66.Porkys Revenge 67.Pouvoir intime (Intimate Power) 68.Private Passions (Clair) 69.Qubec Operation Lambda 70.Quel numro (The Electronic Sweatshop)# 71.Reckless Disregard* 72.Samuel Lount* 73.Sitting in Limbo 74.Storm 75.Stratasphere# 76.Strikers Mountain* 77.Tears Are Not Enough# 78.Terminal Choice 79.Timing 80.Tools of the Devil (The Undergrads) (For the Record)* 81.War Boy, The (Point of Escape) 82.Wat to Meet Single Women, The 83.Where the Heart Is (For the Record)*

1.Adramalech (King of Fire) 2.Adventures of Faustus Bidgood, The 3.Alien Warrior (King of the Streets) 4.Anne Trister 5.Boy in Blue, The 6.Bullies 7.Busted Up 8.Care Bears Movie II@ 9.Cat City (Macskafofo)@ 10.Close to Home*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


11.Coeur dcouvert, Le (The Heart Exposed) 12.Cte est (East Side) (East Coast) 13.Couleur encercle, La (The Encircled Colour) 14.Covert Action* 15.Crazy Moon (Huggers) 16.Dancing in the Dark 17.Dangerous Dreams 18.Darkside, The 19.Deaf and Mute 20.Dclin de lempire amricain, Le (The Decline of the American Empire) 21.Dernier havre, Le (The Last Haven) 22.Equinoxe 23.Evixion (Eviction) 24.Exit 25.Flying 26.Fous du bassan, Les (In the Shadow of the Wind) 27.Guardian System, The* 28.Gupe, La (The Wasp) 29.Heathcliff: The Movie@ 30.Henri 31.High Stakes 32.Higher Education 33.In This Corner (For the Record)* 34.Iron Eagle 35.Judgment in Stone, A (The Housekeeper) 36.Ladies of the Lotus 37.Limites du ciel, Les (The Skys the Limit)# 38.Lombardi: I Am Not a Legend* 39.Lost! 40.Loyalties 41.Madame B 42.Marriage Bed, The* 43.Morning Man, The 44.Mother Teresa# 45.Mr.Nice Guy 46.Nine B* 47.Not Another Dirty Little Movie (Overnight) 48.One Night Only* 49.Park Is Mine, The* 50.Passiflora# 51.Perfect Timing* 52.Pink Chiquitas, The 53.Psycho Girls 54.Qui a tir sur nos histoires damour? ( (A Question of Loving) 55.Recruits 56.Remembering Mel* 57.Roses de Matmata, Les (Desert Chase) 58.Sauve-toi, Lola (Run for it, Lola!) 59.Screwball Academy (Divine Light) (Loose Ends) (Loose Screws) 60.Seasons of the Sun 61.Separate Vacations 62.Shellgame# 63.Sonia 64.Splatter: The Architects of Fear# 65.Suicide Murders, The* 66.Sword of Gideon* 67.Toby McTeague 68.Train of Dreams 69.Turning to Stone* 70.Twin Dragon Encounters 71.Vidangeurs, Les (Garbagemen)# 72.Vindicator, The (Frankenstein 88) 73.Visage ple (Pale Face) 74.Welcome to the Parade 75.Whodunit (Cottage Country) 76.Zombie Nightmare

1.Alfred Lalibert: sculpteur (Alfred Lalibert: Sculptor)# 2.Almost Grown 3.Amis pour la vie, Des (Friends for Life) 4.And Then You Die* 5.Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel* 6.Bach et bottines (Bach and Broccoli) 7.Ballerina and the Blues* 8.Beyond the 7th Door 9.Blind Side 10.Blue City Slammers 11.Blue Monkey 12.Candy Mountain (There Aint No Candy Mountain) 13.Captive Hearts 14.Capture of Karma Small, The* 15.Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland, The@ 16.Caribe 17.Champagne for Two* 18.Charade chinoise (Chinese Charade)# 19.Cheeeese 20.Circle Man (Last Man Standing) 21.City in Night (Pater Noster) (City in Shadows) 22.City in Panic 23.Climb, The 24.Concrete Angels 25.Contol (Mind Control) (Il giorno prima) 26.Cowboys Dont Cry* 27.Dance for Modern Times# 28.Deep Sea Conspiracy (The Puracone Factor) 29.Determinations# 30.Dont Turn Out the Light (Skull: A Night of Terror) 31.Echoes in Crimson* 32.Eva Guerillera# 33.Fall From Innocence* 34.Family Reunion 35.Family Viewing 36.Ferris Wheel (Time Pilot) (Dreams Beyond Memory) 37.First Offender* 38.Flag (Red-Handed) 39.Ford: The Man and the Machine* 40.Frre Andr, Le (Brother Andr) 41.Garnet Princess, The* 42.Gate, The 43.God Rides a Harley# 44.Goodnight...and God Bless (Lucifer) 45.Goofballs 46.Graveyard Shift 47.Grelots rouges, sanglots bleus (Red Bells, Blue Tears) 48.Guerre oublie, La (The War To End All Wars)# 49.Heaven on Earth* 50.Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (The Haunting of Hamilton High) 51.Home Is Where the Hart Is 52.Homme renvers, L (Upended Man) 53.I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art# 54.Ive Heard the Mermaids Singing 55.Indigo Autumn* 56.Island Love Song* 57.Jeune magicien, Le (The Young Magician) 58.John and the Missus 59.Keeping Track (Double Impasse) 60.Kid Brother, The 61.Last Season, The* 62.Last Straw, The 63.Life Classes 64.Ligne de chaleur, La (The Heat Line) 65.Lilac Dream* 66.Love and Murder (The Ladykiller) 67.Make Mine Chartreuse* 68.Mamas Going to Buy You a Mockingbird* 69.Marie sen va-t-en-ville (Marie in the City) 70.Martha, Ruth and Edie

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


71.Meatballs III: Summer Job (Meatballs III: The Climax) 72.Mind Benders 73.Mind Shadows (Hersenschimmen) 74.Misre humaine, La ( lautomne de ma vie) (At the Autumn of Life) 75.Mob Story 76.Murder Sees the Light* 77.Night Friend (A Cry from the Heart) 78.Nightstick* 79.Nowhere to Hide 80.Nuit avec Hortense, La (The Night With Hortense) 81.Palanquin des larmes, Le (Stretcher of Tears) 82.Possession: Until Death Do You Part 83.Prodigious Hickey, The* 84.Rebel High 85.Rock N Roll Nightmare (The Edge of Hell) 86.Rolling Vengeance (Monster Truck) 87.Rose Cafe, The* 88.Seductio 89.Shelley (Turned Out) 90.Sincerely Violet* 91.Sourd dans la ville, Le (Deaf to the City) 92.State Park 93.Switch in Time, A (Normanicus) (Normans Awesome Experience) 94.Taking Care (Prescription for Murder) 95.Tanzi 96.Tisserands du pouvoir, Les (The Mills of Power)* 97.To Hurt and to Heal# 98.Too Outrageous! 99.Tristesse, modle rduit (Sadness, Reduced to Go) 100.Tuesday Wednesday 101.Turnabout 102.Undivided Attention 103.Virgin Queen of St.Francis High, The (Paradise Bungalows) 104.Wheat Soup 105.Winter Tan, A 106.Zoo, la nuit, Un (Night Zoo)

1. corps perdu (Straight to the Heart) 2. force de bras (Arm Twist)# 3.Alias Will James# 4.American Gothic 5.Amour... quel prix, L ( At What Price Love)# 6.Apprentice to Murder 7.Backfire 8.Betrayal of Silence (Cardinal Sins)* 9.Big Bear* 10.Black Roses 11.Blood Relations 12.Bote soleil, La (The Box of the Sun) 13.Bonjour M.Gauguin (Hello Mr.Gauguin) 14.Brain, The 15.Buying Time 16.Calling the Shots# 17.Carpenter, The 18.Chasing Rainbows* 19.Chemin de Damas, Le (The Road to Damascus) 20.Clair Obscur 21.Cognac 22.Comic Book Confidential# 23.Cowboyz* 24.Dead Ringers 25.Dear John 26.Des amis pour la vie (Friends For Life) 27.Diable quatre, Le (The Devil at Four) 28.Dixie Lanes (Relative Secrets) 29.Emerald Tear, The* 30.Empire of Ash (II) 31.Finding Mary March

32.First Season, The* 33.Freakshow 34.Gaspard et fils (Gaspard and Son) 35.Glory Enough for All* 36.Grand day, Le (The Big Day) 37.Great Land of Small, The 38.Grenouille et la baleine, La (The Tadpole and the Whale) 39.Growing Up in America# 40.Horses in Winter 41.Into the Fire (Legend of the Lone Wolf) 42.Iron Eagle II 43.Kalamazoo 44.Kiss, The 45.Laura Laur 46.Legend of Wolf Lodge, The (Into the Fire) 47.Life, A# 48.Little White Lies* 49.Long Road Home, The (Shoot Me) (Treading Water) 50.Malarek (A Street Kid Who Made It) 51.Man Who Guards the Greenhouse, The* 52.Matins infidles, Les (Unfaithful Mornings) 53.Midnight Flight* 54.Midnight Magic* 55.Milk and Honey 56.Millennium 57.Motorcycle Boy (Riding Fast) 58.Murder One 59.No Blame* 60.Obsessed (Hitting Home) 61.Office Party (The) 62.Onzime spciale (The Eleventh Special) 63.Outside Chance of Maximillian Glick, The 64.Palais Royale 65.Peau et les os, La (Skin and Bones)# 66.Personal Exemptions 67.Pin (A Plastic Nightmare) 68.Portes tournantes, Les (Revolving Doors) 69.Portion dternit (Looking for Eternity) 70.Prettykill (Tomorrows a Killer) 71.Primo Baby! 72.Private Capital, The* 73.Regeneration 74.Return of Ben Casey, The* 75.Rustling of Leaves, A (Inside the Philippine Revolution)# 76.Salut, Victor! 77.Screwball Hotel 78.Shadow Dancing 79.Something About Love (Down Home) 80.Squamish Five, The* 81.Stallion 82.Strangers in a Strange Land# 83.Sunset Court* 84.Switching Channels 85.Tales from the Gimli Hospital 86.Tangerine Taxi* 87.Tinamer 88.Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller 89.Trois pommes ct du sommeil (Close to falling Asleep) 90.Two Men* 91.Understudy, The: Graveyard Shift II 92.Urinal 93.Walking After Midnight# 94.Watchers 95.Whisper to a Scream, A 96.Witnesses#

1.Air de rien, L (Easy in Mind) 2.American Boyfriends 3.Babar- the Movie@ 4.Blanche et la nuit (Blanche and the Night) 5.Blind Fear (Long Dark Night)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


6.Bread Head 7.Brooklyn Nights 8.Brown Bread Sandwiches (Goodnight Michelangelo) 9.Bye Bye Blues 10.Bye, bye, chaperon rouge (Bye, Bye, Red Riding Hood) 11.Coeur de nylon (Nylon Heart) 12.Cold Comfort 13.Cold Front 14.Comment fair lamour avec un ngre sans se fatiguer (How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired) 15.Company of Strangers, The 16.Crazy Horse (Friends, Lovers and Lunatics) (She Drives Me Crazy) 17.Cruising Bar (Meet Market) 18.Dans le ventre du dragon (In the Belly of the Dragon) 19.Destiny to Order 20.Dis-moi si jdrange (Tell Me if I Bother or Disturb You) 21.Disparatre (To Disappear) 22.Divided Loyalties* 23.Double Identity* 24.Eddie and the Cruisers: Eddie Lives 25.Erik (One Man Out) 26.Expiry Date 27.Fierro, lt des secrets (Summer of the Colt) 28.Fireballs 29.Food of the Gods II 30.Foreign Nights 31.Georges Island 32.Gratien 33.Graveyard Story 34.H (Heroin and Hell) 35.Heat Waves 36.Heures prcieuses, Les (Precious Hours) 37.Histoire des trois, L (A Story of the Three) 38.In the Frame* 39.Jsus de Montral (Jesus of Montreal) 40.Jeux de pouvoir (Power Games) 41.Jewellers Shop, The* 42.Just My Luck 43.Justice Denied* 44.Kingsgate 45.Last Winter, The 46.License to Thrill# 47.Lighthouse 48.Love and Hate (The Story of Colin and Joan Thatcher)* 49.Madonna: A Case of Blood Ambition 50.Matinee 51.Midday Sun, The 52.Mindfield (Flaskback) 53.Mob Story 54.Morningside* 55.No Guts, No Glory# 56.Noces de paper, Les (Paper Wedding) 57.Oh! Oh! Satan (Thank You, Satan) 58.Paradise Lust 59.Passion and Paradise* 60.Phone Call, The* 61.Pictures at the Beach* 62.Pissoir (Urinal) 63.Power Games 64.Princes in Exile* 65.Prom Night III: The Last Kiss 66.Quarantine 67.Ranch, The (Wild Rose Ranch) 68.Rception, La (The Reception) 69.Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter 70.Rvolution franaise, La: Annes lumires (The French Revolution: Years of Enlightenment) 71.Rvolution franaise, La: Annes terribles (The French Revolution: Years of Terror) (partie 2) (Part 2) 72.River Road 73.Roadkill

74.Say...Cheese 75.Secret of Nandy* 76.Secret Wedding (Boda secreta) 77.Sexiest Animal, The 78.Shoes of the Devil 79.Short Change 80.Slow Burn 81.SnakeEater (Jack Kelly, SnakeEater) 82.SnakeEater II: The Drug Buster 83.Sous les draps, les toiles (Stargazing and Other Passions) (Stars Under the Sheets) 84.Speaking Parts 85.Speed Zone 86.Sylvan Lake Summer* 87.Tes belle Jeanne (You Are Beautiful, Jeanne) 88.Tableau noir, Le (The Black Book) 89.Tell-Tale Heart, The 90.Termini Station 91.This Is a Film (That Was a Film) 92.Thriller, The* 93.Thunderground 94.Tilom Aletranje: le petit homme ltranger (A Little Man Abroad) 95.Times a Plenty 96.Toile blanche.La (The White Canvas)# 97.Tom Alone* 98.Top of His Head, The 99.Traveller, The 100.Trial By Vengeance (Streets of Vengeance)* 101.Undercurrents 102.Vacant Lot, The 103.Vent de Galerne (Wind from Galerne) 104.Welcome to Canada# 105.Where the Spirit Lives* 106.Whisper to a Scream, A 107.White Lake* 108.Youre Not Alone

1.15 Ugly Sisters 2.24 Store, The 3.Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe 4.African Journey* 5.African Journey 2* 6.Amityville Curse, The 7.Angel Square (Angel Street) 8.Argon Quest, The* 9.Babylone 10.Back Stab* 11.Beautiful Dreamers 12.Bethune: The Making of a Hero 13.Blizzard 14.Blood Clan 15.Bullet in the Head, A 16.Cargo 17.Challengers, The* 18.City of Champions 19.Clarence* 20.Connecting Lines 21.Cuervo, the Private Detective (Cuervo)* 22.Curse of the Viking Gang, The* 23.Cursed 24.Dames galantes (Romantic Ladies) 25.Deep Sleep 26.Defy Gravity 27.Ding et Dong- Le Film (Ding and Dong- The Film) 28.Dragon Hunt 29.Eminent Domain 30.Empire of the Ash III (Last of the Warriors) 31.Falling Over Backwards 32.Femme de pierre (The Stone Woman) 33.Fille du Maquignon, La (The Girl of Maquignon) 34.Final Sacrifice, The

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


35.Firing Squad 36.Five Feminist Minutes 37.Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders 38.Flying Sneakers, The 39.Frat Night 40.Frontire du crime (Double Identity) 41.Gate II (Return to the Nightmare) 42.Getting Married in Buffalo Jump* 43.Gupe, La (The Wasp) 44.Histoire de chasse (The Story of the Hunt) 45.Hotel Chronicles# 46.Journey Into Darkness: The Bruce Curtis Story* 47.Justice Express 48.Last Train Home, The* 49.Lantern Hill* 50.Libert dune statue, La 51.Lien de sang, Le (Sometimes a Lie) 52.Little Kidnappers, The* 53.Looking for Miracles* 54.Lost in the Barrens* 55.Manuel, le fils emprunt (Manuel, A Son By Choice) 56.Mmoire tronque (Lapse of Memory) 57.Miles Ahead, The (Hot Sneakers) 58.Moody Beach 59.New Shoes 60.Night of the Dribbler 61.No Apologies 62.Nutcracker Prince, The@ 63.Outcast* 64.Reckoning, The (Final Judgement)* 65.Red-Blooded American Girl 66.Reflecting Skin, The 67.Rookies* 68.Sanity Clause* 69.Scorpio Factor, The 70.Shamans Source, The (Avenging Warriors) 71.Simon les nuages (Simon and the Dreamhunters) 72.Ski School 73.Still Life 74.Straight Line* 75.Strand: Under a Dark Cloth# 76.Swan Lake: The Zone 77.Terminal City Ricochet 78.Touch of Murder, A 79.Understanding Bliss 80.Vincent et moi (Vincent and Me) 81.Voodoo Dolls 82.Watchers II 83.Whispers (Dean Koontz Whispers) 84.With Friends Like These (Unknown Dimensions) 85.Youre Driving Me Crazy 86.Young Catherine*

1.Adjuster, The 2.Alexander Bell: The Sound and the Silence* 3.Alise 4.Alligator Pie* 5.Amodeo, Bingo Martyr 6.Amoureux fou (Crazy Lover) (Madly in Love) 7.Archangel 8.Assassin jouait du trombone, L (Keep an Eye on the Trombone) (Four Stiffs and a Trombone) (The Assassin Played Trombone) 9.At the Max# 10.Autre homme, Un (Another Man) 11.Babylone (Halfway House) 12.Big Slice, The 13.Black Pearls (Robojox) 14.Black Robe.(The) 15.Bordertown Cafe 16.Busters Bedroom

17.Chaindance (Common Bonds) 18.Championne, La (Reach for the Sky) 19.China Frost 20.Clearcut (A Dream Like Mine) 21.Conspiracy of Silence* 22.Crack Me Up 23.Danse du scorpion, La (Frame-Up Blues)* 24.Danseurs du Mozambique, Les (The Myth That Wouldnt Die) 25.Deadly Currents# 26.Deadly Surveillance* 27.Dernires fougres, Les (The Last Ferns) 28.Demoiselle sauvage, La (The Savage Woman) 29.Diable dAmrique, Le (The Devil In America)# 30.Diplomatic Immunity 31.Drop Dead Gorgeous (Victim of Beauty)* 32.Elizabeth Smart: On the Side of Angels# 33.Events Leading Up to My Death, The 34.Fabuleux voyage de lange, Le (The Fabulous Voyage of the Angel) 35.Falls, The# 36.Final Heist, The* 37.First Circle, The 38.Flesh Angels 39.Garden, The* 40.Gold* 41.Golden Fiddles* 42.Grand Larceny* 43.Greening of Ian Elliot, The* 44.Grocers Wife, The 45.Highway 61 46.Histoire invente, Une (An Imaginary Tale) Love-moi 47.Hitman, The 48.Homme de rve, L (The Dream Man) 49.Jean-Yves Thriault: La rage de vaincre (A Need to Triumph)# 50.Julia Has Two Lovers 51.Kootenai Brown (Showdown at Williams Creek) (The Legend of Kootenai Brown) 52.Lola Zipper 53.Love-moi (Love Me) 54.Lover, The (Milena) 55.Lumires dans la grande noireur, Des (Lights in the Great Darkness)# 56.Money 57.Mortelle amnsie (Shadows of the Past)* 58.Mountain Fury 59.Naked Lunch 60.Naufrags du Labrador, Les (Stranded in Labrador) 61.Nelligan (Lange noir) (The Black Angel) 62.Nnette (The Young Girl) 63.New Shoes 64.Night Visions 65.Pagaille, La (The Disturbance) 66.Party, Le (The Party) 67.Pas de rpit pour Mlanie (The Case of the Witch Who Wasnt) 68.Perfectly Normal 69.Pianiste, Le (The Pianist) 70.Quarrel, The 71.Quatre cavaliers de lapocalypse, Les (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)# 72.Sam and Me 73.Scanners II: The New Order 74.Scream of Stone (Cerro torre) 75.Secret of Nandy, The* 76.Shadows of the Past 77.Sharing Secrets 78.Ski School 79.Small Dance, A* 80.Smoked Lizard Lips 81.Solitaire 82.Solo 83.South of Wawa 84.Spasme de vivre, Le ( (Yearning to Live)#

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


85.Star for Two, A* 86.Tales from the Snow Zone# 87.Talk 16# 88.Thick As Thieves 89.To Catch a Killer 90.True Confections 91.Vie dun homme, La (Desjardins, His Life and Times)* 92.When the Fire Burns: The Life and Music of Manuel de Falla# 93.White Light 94.White Room 95.Wisecracks# 96.Xtro II: The Second Encounter

1.Aline et Michel (Aline) 2.Anything for Love 3.Armen and Bullik 4.Automne sauvage, L (The Savage Autumn) 5.Baby On Board* 6.Being at Home With Claude 7.Bte de foire, La (The Woman in the Cage) (Angel in a Cage) 8.Beyond the Silhouette (Ultimate Desires) 9.Blast Em# 10.Blood Symbol 11.Bombardier* 12.Buried on Sunday 13.Cafe Romeo 14.Canvas 15.Careful 16.Change of Heart 17.Child of Rage* 18.Coyote 19.Cry in the Night, A (Mary Higgins Clark)* 20.Dance Goes On, The 21.Danger pleine lune (The Flying Sneaker) 22.Dark Side of the Heart, The (El lado oscuro del corazon) 23.Deadbolt* 24.Diamond Fleece, The* 25.Double or Nothing: The Rise and Fall of Robert Campeau# 26.Double Vision (Mary Higgins Clark)* 27.Farther West* 28.Fatal Memories (The Eileen Franklin Story)* 29.Fentre, La (The Window) 30.Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives# 31.Galaxies Are Colliding (Planet of Love) 32.Gerda 33.Giant Steps 34.Gross Misconduct* 35.Hammer Down 36.Hell Night (Happy Hell Night) (Frat Night) 37.Home Movie 38.Homme de ma vie, L (The Man of My Life) 39.Hurt Penguins 40.I Wont Dance 41.Ill Never Get to Heaven* 42.Impolite 43.In Advance of the Landing# 44.Killer Image 45.Knocking on Heavens Door 46.Lana in Love 47.Lapse of Memory 48.Latin Nights# 49.Legal Memory 50.Lolo 51.Liars Edge (Intimate Delusions) 52.Libert dune statue, La (The Moving Statue)# 53.Life After Sex 54.Lignes de vie, Les (Life Lines)

55.Lost World, The 56.Love and Greed 57.Ma soeur, mon amour (De lautre ct du coeur) (My Sister, My Love) 58.Masala 59.Meatballs, Part IV 60.Midnight Witness 61.Mirage, Le (The Mirage) 62.Miss Moscou (Miss Moscow) 63.Montral vu par (Montreal Sextet) 64.Morning! (Morningside) 65.Mothers and Daughters 66.Musicians In Exile# 67.No Angel 68.North of Pittsburgh 69.Oh! What a Night (Comfort Creek) 70.On My Own 71.Oxygen Starvation (Kisnevij Golod) 72.Pablo qui court (On the Run) 73.Partners n Love* 74.Passion for Murder, A (Black Ice)* 75.Picture Perfect* 76.Portrait, The 77.Postire, La (The Postmistress) 78.Pouvoir obscur (Cursed) 79.Prince Lazure* 80.Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil 81.Psychic (The Psychic)* 82.Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur (Requiem for a Handsome Bastard) 83.Return to the Lost World 84.Salt on Our Skin 85.Sarrasine, La (The Saracen) 86.Scanners III: The Takeover 87.Schools Out: The Degrassi Feature* 88.Searching for Diana (Search for Diana) 89.Secret Nation 90.Shadow of the Dragon 91.Shadow of the Wolf (Agaguk) 92.Shower, The 93.SnakeEaters Revenge (SnakeEater III: The Revenge) (His Law) 94.Stepping Razor--Red X# 95.Swordsman, The 96.Talons of the Eagle 97.Tectonic Plates 98.Terror Stalks the Class Reunion (For Better and For Worse) (Mary Higgins Clark)* 99.Tiger Claws 100.Trip to Serendipity, A 101.Twin Sisters* 102.Twist# 103.Under My Skin 104.Vie fantme, La (A Phantom Life) 105.Vita Cane (A Dogs Life) 106.Voleur de camra, Le (The Camera Thief) 107.Voodoo# 108.Well Meet Again (Mary Higgins Clark)* 109.Weep No More, My Lady (Mary Higgins Clark)* 110.Where Is Memory?# 111.Wozeck: Out of the Fire*

1.32 Short Films About Glenn Gould 2.Adrift* 3.Amoureuses, Les (Women in Love) 4.April One 5.Arctic Blue 6.Back in Action 7.Bananas from Sunny Quebec* 8.Because Why 9.Beyond Suspicion 10.Bloody Madonna (Imprints in Red)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


11.Blown Away 12.Boys of St.Vincent, The (15 Years Later)* 13.Burning Season, The 14.Cadillac Girls 15.Calendar 16.Cap tourmente (Cape Torment) 17.Carving the White# 18.Chained Heat II 19.Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story* 20.Coming of Age* 21.Crossover 22.Dark, The 23.Deadly Descent 24.Deux actrices (Two Actresses) 25.Diviners, The* 26.Double Standards (Endangered Love) 27.Echo des songes, L (The Echo of Dreams)# 28.Enfant sur le lac, L (A Child on the Lake) 29.Entangled (Fatal Attack) 30.Entry in a Diary 31.Family of Strangers* 32.Flight from Justice* 33.Florida, La 34.For Better and for Worse* 35.For the Moment 36.Ghost Mom* 37.Girls of the Sunset Strip 38.Harmony Cats 39.Harvest* 40.Heads* 41.Homme sur les quais, L (The Man on the Shore) 42.Hush Little Baby* 43.I Love a Man in Uniform 44.Jack of Hearts 45.Kanada 46.Ley Lines# 47.Liar, Liar (Liar, Liar: Between Father and Daughter)* 48.Life With Billy* 49.Lifeline to Victory* 50.Lilly* 51.Little Devils: The Birth 52.Long Weekend, The 53.Lotus Eaters, The 54.Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joanne Thatcher* 55.Love and Human Remains 56.Love & Marriage 57.M .Butterfly 58.Mangeur de lune, Le (The Moon Eater) 59.Map of the Human Heart 60.Matusalem 61.Medicine River* 62.Misery Loves Company 63.Mondo Montral# 64.Mots perdus, Les (The Lost Words) 65.Movie of the Week, The 66.Mustard Bath 67.Myth of the Male Orgasm, The 68.Nasty Burgers 69.Neighbour, The* 70.No Skin Off My Ass 71.On My Own 72.Ordeal in the Arctic* 73.Ordinary Magic (Ganesh) 74.Other Womens Children* 75.Pablo qui court (On the Run) 76.Paris, France 77.Perfect Man, The 78.Pots casss, Les (Broken Dishes) 79.Race For Freedom: The Underground Railway* 80.Rage of Vengeance 81.Red Hot 82.Roger and Elvis

83.Savage Land 84.Sexe des toiles, Le (Sex Among the Stars) 85.Shepherd on the Rock 86.Silent Hunter 87.Small Pleasures 88.Sodbusters* 89.Spirit Rider* 90.Strange Horizons 91.Sweet Killing 92.Talk 19# 93.Time Runner 94.Tirelire, combines & cie (The Clean Machine) 95.Tomcat: Dangerous Desires 96.Tous pour un, un pour tous (All for One, One for All)# 97.Trial & Error (Andrew Barnes)* 98.Twin Sisters* 99.Two Brothers, a Girl and a Gun 100.Vent de folie (Psycho Wind) (Justice Without Pity) 101.Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica* 102.Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story* 103.Zero Patience

1.Ababouine 2.Abducted II: The Reunion 3.Anchor Zone 4.Andre Mathieu, musicien# 5.Another Woman (Harlequin Mills & Boon: Another Woman)* 6.Automne sauvage, L (Indian Autumn) 7.Back in Action 8.Balle dans la tte, Une ( (A Bulllet in the Head) 9.Beaut des femmes, La (Beautiful Women) 10.Because Why 11.Betrayal of Trust* 12.Beyond Suspicion* 13.Body Parts 14.Boulevard 15.Brainscan 16.Breakthrough, The (Dead Men Talk) (The Lifeforce Experiment)* 17.Broken Lullaby (Harlequin: Broken Lullaby)* 18.Ctait le douze du douze et Chili avait les blues (Chilis Blues) 19.Camilla 20.Change of Place, A (Harlequin Mills & Boon: A Change of Place)* 21.Child, The* 22.Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story* 23.Circle Game, The 24.Club, The 25.Cold Sweat 26.Crackerjack 27.Craque la vie (Life Blossoms) 28.Cyberteens in Love 29.Dark, The 30.Darling Family, The 31.Deadly Heroes 32.Death Junction 33.Death Wish IV: The Face of Death 34.Dinners on the Table* 35.Double Cross 36.Double Happiness 37.Double Suspicion (Breaking Point)* 38.Draghoula 39.Due South* 40.Eclipse 41.Exotica 42.Fat Chance# 43.Fte des rois, La (Kings Feast) 44.Final Goal, The 45.Flinch 46.For the Moment 47.Fun 48.Gaia 49.Garden of Eden, The (El jarden del Eden)

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


50.Gladiator Cop 51.Guitarman* 52.Halfback of Notre Dame, The* 53.Haro* 54.Hell Bent 55.Henry and Verlin (The Eyes That Look Away) 56.Highlander II: The Sorcerer (The Final Dimension) 57.Highway of Heartaches (Highway of Heartache) 58.Homme de ma vie, L (The Man of My Life) 59.Intimit (Intimacy) 60.Jardin dAnna, Le (The Garden of Anna) 61.Kabloonak 62.KGB: The Secret War* 63.Killer (Bulletproof Heart) 64.Killing Machine, The 65.Kissinger and Nixon* 66.Lac de la lune, Le (The Lake of Love) 67.Last Breath 68.Last Supper, The 69.Lifeforce Experiment, The* 70.Lost Ones, The (Los nofragos) 71.Louis XIV: le roi des ondes (Louis XIV: King of the Airwaves) 72.Marchands de silence, Les (The Merchants of Silence) 73.Mary Sillimans War* 74.Max 75.Mme sang, Un (The Same Blood) 76.Mesmer 77.Meurtre en musique (Musical Death) (Murder and Music) 78.Million Dollar Babies* 79.Mon amie Max (My Friend Max) 80.Morgans Fall 81.Mouvements du dsir (Desire in Motion) 82.Moving Target 83.National Lampoons Last Resort 84.Nothing to Lose 85.Octobre (October) 86.Operation Golden Phoenix 87.Ou le roman de Charles Path (The Life of Charles Path)# 88.Paint Cans 89.Paperboy, The* 90.Perfect Man, The 91.Probable Cause (Sleepless)* 92.Raffle, The 93.Red Scorpion II 94.Relative Fear (The Child)* 95.Replikator 96.Return of Tommy Tricker, The 97.Rve aveugle (Blind Dream) 98.Ride Me 99.Road to Saddle River, The 100.Ruth 101.Samurai Cowboy 102.Scanner Cop 103.Scanners: The Showdown (Scanner Cop II) 104.Sci-Fighters 105.Sea Wolf, The* 106.Shabbat Shalom 107.Si belles (So Pretty) 108.Silent Trigger 109.Silent Witness# 110.Silent Witness: What a Child Saw*: 111.Ski Hard 112.Ski School 2 113.Sleeping With Strangers 114.Small Pleasures 115.Soft Deceit 116.Soho 117.Soul Investigator, The (Stories of Chide the Wind) 118.Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes* 119.Spike of Love

120.Strange and Rich 121.Super 8 122.Tek War: Tek Justice* 123.Tout a...pour a! (All That, For This!) 124.Traverse de la nuit, La (Night Crossing)# 125.Treacherous Beauties (Harlequin Mills & Boon: Treacherous Beauties)* 126.Trial at Fortitude Bay* 127.Turn of the Blade 128.Valentines Day 129.Vent du Wyoming, Le (A Wind from Wyoming) 130.Vie dun hros, La (The Life of a Hero) 131.Warrior Spirit (Tales of the Wild)* 132.Warriors 133.Wasaga 134.Watchers II 135.Way of Duty, The (Mary Sillimans War)* 136.Whale Music 137.Windigo 138.Woman Scorned, A* 139.X-Rated 140.Yes, Sir! Madame...

1.Annie O* 2.Annigoni: Portrait of the Artist# 3.Arthur Rimbaud, lhomme aux semelles de vent (Arthur Rimbaud, The Man With Winged Feet)# 4.At the Midnight Hour (Harlequin Mills & Boon: At the Midnight Hour)* 5.Aventures du grand nord, Les (Legends of the North) (Tales of the Wild)* 6.Awakening, The (Harlequins The Awakening)* 7.Bare (Bare, Son of Kazan) (Tales of the Wild)* 8.Beyond Suspicion* 9.Blood and Donuts 10.Bonjour, Timothy 11.Boozecan 12.Breach of Trust (Crash) 13.Brothers Destiny* 14.Bullet to Beijing (Len Deightons Bullet to Beijing) 15.Bust a Move 16.Butterbox Babies* 17.Child, The* 18.Chinese Chocolate 19.Confessional, Le (The Confessional) 20.Connections (Perfect Victim)* 21.Coyote Run (Sworn Enemies) 22.Crash (Breach of Trust)* 23.Crying Freeman 24.Curtis Charm 25.Cyberjack (Virtual Assassin) 26.Dance Me Outside 27.Dancing in the Dark * 28.Dangerous Prey 29.Day Breaks Once More, The* 30.Dead Stop 31.Deadly Sins* 32.Deceptions II: Edge of Deception* 33.Decoy 34.Devils Keep, The 35.Digger 36.Dirty Leather 37.Donor, The 38.Double Happiness 39.Dream Man 40.Edge of Deception (Deceptions II: Edge of Decption) 41.Eldorado 42.Electra 43.Enfant deau (Behind the Blue) 44.Erreur sur la personne (The Wrong Person) (Mistaken Person) 45.Expect No Mercy 46.Far From Home: The Adentures of Yellow Dog

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


47.Final Round* 48.First Degree 49.Folie des crinolines, La (Crinoline Madness) 50.Fools Die Fast 51.Friends at Last* 52.Frostfire * 53.Hard Evidence* 54.Harrison Bergeron* 55.Haunting of Lisa, The* 56.Heavens Tears 57.House of Pain 58.Intimate Relations 59.Iron Eagle IV: On the Attack 60.Jaime, jaime pas (Love Me, Love Me Not) 61.Jacobs Cry 62.Johnny Mnemonic 63.Johnny Shortwave 64.Jungle Law (Law of the Jungle) 65.Jungleground 66.Kazan (Tales of the Wild)* 67.Kissinger and Nixon* 68.Life of Charles, The* 69.Life With Billy* 70.Lighthouse 71.Liste noire (Black List) 72.Live Bait 73.Lulu 74.Lyddie* 75.Magic in the Water (Glenorky) 76.Malicious 77.Man in the Attic, The* 78.Man With a Gun 79.Margarets Museum 80.Memory Run (Synapse) 81.Michelle Apartments, The 82.Mots perdus, Les (The Lost Words) 83.Mule and the Emerald, A 84.National Lampoons Senior Trip 85.Natural Enemy 86.Net Worth* 87.Never Talk to Strangers 88.No Contest (Hardness) 89.Obstruction of Justice* 90.Once in a Blue Moon 91.Other Side of the Law (Outide the Law) (Tales of the Wild)* 92.Paris or Somewhere 93.Petite fille particulire, Une (The Lottery Ticket) 94.Picture of Light# 95.Pocahontas-- The Legend 96.Power of Attorney* 97.Prsence des ombres, La (The Presence of Shadows) 98.Psycho Pike 99.Rainbow 100.Random Factor, The 101.Rebellious 102.Remember Me (Mary Higgins Clark)* 103.Return Engagement 104.River Rats 105.Rubber Carpet 106.Rude 107.Salt Water Moose 108.Sang du chasseur, Le (Blood of the Hunter) (Lone Eagle) (Tales of the Wild)* 109.Screamers 110.She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal* 111.Sheep Calls and Shoplifters* 112.Silence of Adultery, The* 113.Silent Hunter 114.Skin Deep (Sadness of the Moon) 115.Soft Deceit 116.Someone To Die For*

117.Song Spinner, The* 118.Soul Survivor 119.Sphinx, Le (The Sphinx) 120.Stalked (Welcome to Fear)* 121.Strange and Rich 122.Strange Blues of Cowboy Red, The* 123.Street Law 124.Suburban Legend 125.Suburbanators, The 126.Sugartime* 127.Survive the Night* 128.Suspicious Agenda 129.Suzie Q* 130.Tendre guerre (Sweet War) 131.Three More Days 132.To Catch a Yeti* 133.Tokyo Cowboy 134.Trust in Me 135.Urban Safari* 136.Vents contraires (Crosswinds)* 137.Voodoo 138.War Between Us, The* 139.Warrior Spirit (Tales of the Wild)* 140.Wayside, The 141.Whats Your Verdict? 142.When Night Is Falling 143.When the Bullet Hits the Bone 144.Witchboard: The Possession 145.Wrong Woman, The* 146.Young Connecticutt Yankee in King Arrthurs Court, A* 147.Zigrail

1.2103: The Deadly Wake 2.Airport In 3.American Beer 4.Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue, The* 5.Angelo, Fredo et Romeo (Angelo, Fredo and Romeo) 6.Assistant, The 7.Best Wishes, Mason Chadwick* 8.Black Out 9.Bounty Hunter 10.Boys Club (The) 11.Brain Candy (Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy) 12.Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II* 13.Bubbles Galore 14.Caboose 15.Captains Courageous* 16.Captive Heart: The James Mink Story* 17.Carvers Gate (Dream Breaker) 18.Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks! 19.Closer and Closer* 20.Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati, The 21.Crash 22.Cri de la nuit, Le (A Cry in the Night) 23.Daytrippers, The 24.Dead Innocent 25.Dluge (Night of the Deluge) (Night of the Flood) 26.Diana Kilmury: Teamster* 27.Dogmatic* 28.Downdraft 29.Drawing Flies 30.Drive, The 31.Escorte, L (The Escort) 32.Ex, the 33.Fabrication dun meurtrier (Making of a Murderer) 34.Final Cut, The 35.Fire 36.Fish Tale Soup 37.For Those Who Hunted the Wounded Down* 38.Foreign Bodies (Shes My Baby) 39.Frankenstein and Me

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


40.Giant Mine* 41.Gridlock* 42.Hard Core Logo 43.Hiroshima* 44.Hollow Point 45.Homme perch (The Bean Pole Man) 46.Honeymoon 47.Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story* 48.Hostile Force (The Heist) 49.Hot Sauce (The Senses Part I: Taste) 50.House 51.If Only I Were an Indian# 52.Inner Voice, The 53.Intimate Relations (Bed and Breakfast) 54.Joes So Mean to Josephine 55.Joes Wedding 56.Kids of the Round Table 57.Kiss and Tell (Mary Higgins Clark)* 58.Kissed 59.Lady Blues 60.Leather Wings 61.Legend of Gator Face, The 62.Legends of the North 63.Lethal Tender 64.Lilies 65.Listen 66.Little Criminals 67.Lives of Girls and Women, The 68.Long Days Journey Into Night, A 69.Marguerite Volant 70.Marked Man* 71.Mask of Death 72.Mayday* 73.Men With Guns 74.Midnight Heat* 75.Midwifes Tale, A: The Discovery of Martha Ballad* 76.Mille merveilles de lunivers, Les (The Million Wonders of the Universe) 77.Moving Target 78.Murder at My Door* 79.Ms.Bear 80.My Mothers Ghost 81.My Summer Vacation# 82.Nashville Bound# 83.Never Too Late 84.No Contest II: Access Denied 85.No Exit 86.Once a Thief (John Woos Once a Thief)* 87.Oreille dun sourd, L (The Ear of a Deaf Man) 88.Panic (The Senses Part V: Hearing) 89.Panic in the Skies* 90.Past Perfect 91.Passage des hommes libres, Le (The Passage of Free Men) 92.Pathfinder, The (Indian Scout)* 93.Perfumer, The (The Senses Part III: Smell) 94.Pippi Longstocking@ 95.Polygraphe, Le (The Polygraph) 96.Portraits of Innocence (Portraits of a Killer) 97.Power# 98.Prsence des ombres, La (The Presence of Shadows) 99.Profile for Murder* 100.Project Grizzly# 101.Pudding chmeur (Bread Pudding) 102.Red Blooded 2 103.Red-Handed 104.Rivire rouge (Red River) 105.Road Home, The 106.Roadkill 107.Robin of Locksley* 108.Rowing Through

109.Secret de Jrme.Le (Jeromes Secret) (The Secret Laughter of Women) 110.Silence des fusils, Le (Silencing the Guns) 111.Silent Trigger 112.Size of Watermelons, The 113.Snowboard Academy 114.Song of Hiawatha, The* 115.Song Spinner, The 116.Sous-sol (Not Me) 117.Speciman 118.Starlight 119.Strictly Spanking (The Senses Part IV: Touch) 120.Suspicious Agenda* 121.Swann 122.Sweet Angel Mine 123.Symposium# 124.Taxi to LA (The Senses Part II: Sight) 125.Terminal Rush 126.Tiger Claws II: Sabertooth 127.Tracks of a Killer* 128.Trouble 129.Turning April 130.Twilight of the Ice Nymphs 131.Twists of Terror* 132.Uncanadians, The# 133.Underworld 134.Undertakers Wedding, The 135.Vengeance de la femme en noire, La (The Revenge of the Lady in Black) 136.Virus (Acid Death) 137.Vivid 138.Waiting for Michelangelo

1.Absent, L (The Absent One) 2.Air Bud 3.Airborne 4.American Affair, An 5.Arrow, The* 6.Assignment, The 7.Automatic Writing 8.Barbecue: A Love Story 9.Barnone 10.Best Bad Thing, The* 11.Blackheart 12.Bloodknot* 13.Bob Million: le jackpot de la plante (Bob Million and His World Jackpot) 14.Bordertown Cafe 15.Boys, Les (The Boys) 16.Brakhage# 17.Brooklyn State of Mind, A 18.Burnt Eden 19.Cabaret Neiges Noires (Black Snow Cabaret)# 20.Celestial Matter, The 21.Christmas List, The* 22.Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold (Rwanda)# 23.Ciel est nous, Le (Shooting Stars) 24.City of Dark 25.Clandestins (Illegals) 26.Comtesse de Bton Rouge, La (The Countess of Baton Rouge) 27.Conciergerie, La (The Prison) (The Caretakers Lodge) 28.Concrete Angels 29.Cosmos 30.Crackerjack 2 31.Crisis 32.Cube 33.Cusp, The 34.Dark Harbour* 35.Dead Fire 36.Dead Mans Gun* 37.Dead Silence

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


38.Dinner at Freds 39.Dirty 40.Dogs Best Friend* 41.Doomsday Rock* 42.Double Take 43.Drive, She Said 44.Earth 45.Education of Little Tree, The* 46.Eternal Husband, The 47.Ex, The 48.Exception to the Rule* 49.Expect to Die 50.False Pretense (Dead End) 51.Foreign Ghosts 52.Free Money 53.Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story* 54.Grace of God, The 55.Gridlock* 56.Guardian, The* 57.Habitat 58.Hand 59.Hanging Garden, The 60.Hawks Vengeance 61.Hayseed.The 62.Heaven Before I Die 63.Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream# 64.Homme idal, L, (The Perfect Man) 65.Horsey 66.Hostile Force* 67.Hostile Intent 68.Hunchback, The* 69.Hysteria 70.Incompris, L (The Misunderstood) 71.Inheritance, The* 72.Inner Action 73.Jen suis (Indeed I Am) 74.Johnny 2.0* 75.Jour et la nuit, Le (Night and Day) 76.Joyeux calvaire (Poverty and Other Delights) 77.Karmina 78.Keeping the Promise* 79.Kid, The 80.Kitchen Party, The 81.Laserhawk 82.Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Mary Higgins Clark)* 83.Long Weekend, The* 84.Love and Death in Long Island 85.Matusalem II (Le retour des Beauchesne) 86.Midnight in St.Petersburg 87.Misbegotten 88.Morrison Murders, The* 89.Morte amoureuse, La (Amourous Vampire) 90.My Gentleman Friend 91.My Script Doctor 92.My Teacher Ate My Homework* 93.Net Worth* 94.Never Too Late* 95.Night of the Demons III: Demon House 96.Nights Below Station Street* 97.Noose (Monument Avenue)* 98.Northern Lights* 99.On Dangerous Ground* 100.Pale Saints 101.Palmers Bones (Bone Daddy) 102.Peacekeeper, The 103.Pitch 104.Place Called Chapas, A# 105.Planet of Junior Brown, The* 106.Plante humaine, La# (The Human Plant) 107.Platinum# 108.Promise the Moon* 109.Punch Me in the Stomach#

110.Random Encounter 111.Reluctant Angel* 112.River Rats* 113.Rubber Carpet 114.Running Home* 115.Sanctuary 116.Script Doctor 117.Secret Life of Algernon, The* 118.Seeds of Doubt 119.Seetha and Carole 120.Shadow Warriors 2 (Assault on Devils Island)* 121.Shoemaker 122.Shopping For Fangs 123.Sige de lme, Le (The Seat of the Soul) (A Crisis of Conscience) 124.Silence 125.Sinon, Oui (A Foreign Body) 126.Sins of Seduction 127.Sleeping Dogs 128.Stag 129.Stolen Moments# 130.Stone Coats 131.Strip Search 132.Sucre amer (Bitter Sweet) 133.Sue Lost in Manhattan 134.Suspicious Minds 135.Sweet Hereafter, The 136.Sweetest Gift, The* 137.Taylors Return 138.Thousand Wonders of the Universe, The 139.Truth About Lying, The* 140.Tu as cri (Let Me Go)# 141.Uncut 142.Unspoken 143.Viens danser sur la lune (Dancing on the Moon) 144.War Between Us, The 145.We, the Jury 146.Whiskers* 147.Whole of the Moon, The 148.Willing Voyeur, The 149.Wishmaster 150.Wounded 151.Wrong Guy, The 152.Wrong Woman, The 153.Year of the Sheep 154.You Cant Beat a Woman# 155.Zandile, in the Light of the Ubuntu#

1.32 aot sur terre (32nd of August on Earth) 2.36 Hours to Die* 3.ge de braise, L, (When I Will Be Gone) 4.Air Bud: Golden Receiver 5.Airspeed 6.Algria 7.Arrival II (The Second Arrival) 8.At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story* 9.Aujourdhui ou jamais (Today or Never) 10.Babyface 11.Balls Up* 12.Bte de fiore, La (Angel in a Cage) 13.Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love 14.Blackjack (John Woos Blackjack)* 15.Blades of Courage* 16.Bleeders (Hemoglobin) 17.Bone Daddy 18.Boy Meets girl 19.Boys II, Les (The Boys II) 20.Breakout 21.Ct ton tour, Laura Cadieux (Laura Cadieux) 22.Cannibal Rollerbabes 23.Captive

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


24.Casablancais, The (The Casablancans) 25.Catch Me If You Can* 26.Cheerful Tearful 27.Clutch 28.Coeur au poing, Le (Strettheart) 29.Conquest 30.Coup at Daybreak, A* 31.Dead Aviators 32.Dead End* 33.Deadly Arrangement* 34.Deadly Betrayal 35.Droute, La (Mr.Aiello) 36.Deux secondes (Two Seconds) 37.Diamond Girl* 38.Divine Ryans, The* 39.Dog Park 40.Dukes, The 41.Eleventh Child, The (Nguol Thua) 42.Emporte-moi (Set Me Free) 43.Enfant des appalaches, L (The Appalachian Child) 44.Enfants du refus global, Les (Children of Global Protest)# 45.Erotica: A Journey Into Female Sexuality# 46.Escape From Wildcat Canyon* 47.Eternal Revenge 48.Extraordinary Visitor 49.Fallen Knight (The Minion) 50.Falling, The 51.Fast Track* 52.Fishing Trip, The 53.Fools Die Fast 54.For a Few Lousy Dollars 55.For Hire 56.Full, The 57.G-2 58.Going to Kansas City 59.Hairy Bird, The (Strike!) (All I Want to Do) 60.Hand 61.Hang the DJ# 62.Hard to Forget (So Hard to Forget)* 63.Hasards ou concidences (Chance or Coincidence) 64.Hathi 65.Heart of the Sun 66.Hell Mountain (Chained Heat 3) 67.Herd, The# 68.Hunger, The* 69.In Her Defense (In Self Defense)* 70.Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo, The* 71.Jack and Jill 72.Jerry and Tom 73.Jigsaw 74.Joes Wedding 75.Julie et moi (Julie and Me) 76.Justice 77.Kayla 78.Killing Moon 79.Lady of the Lake 80.Laserhawk 81.Last Night 82.Leda and the Swan 83.Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles# 84.Life After Sex 85.Little Men (Louisa May Alcotts Little Men)* 86.Loving Evangeline* 87.Loyal Opposition* 88.Matres anciens (Old Masters) 89.Major Crime* 90.Mansfield Park 91.Matin dans une fort de pins (Morning in the Pine Forest) 92.Men of Means 93.Milgaard*

94.Moby Dick* 95.Motel 96.Motel St-Laurent 97.Musketeers Forever* 98.My Dog Vincent (Koirani Vincent) 99.Naked Frailties 100.Nashville Bound# 101.National Lampoons Golf Punks (Golf Punks)* 102.Nico the Unicorn* 103.N 104.Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy* 105.Of Urban Myths and Other Stories 106.One Heart Broken Into Song* 107.Pact, The 108.Painted Angels 109.Panic Bodies 110.Paper Trail (Trail of a Serial Killer) 111.Perfect Little Angels* 112.Pit Pony* 113.Position de lescargot, L (A Snails Point of View) 114.Press Run* 115.Quelque chose dorganique (Something Organic) 116.Question of Privilege, A* 117.Random Encounter* 118.Real Howard Spitz, The 119.Rebel High 120.Recipe for Revenge* 121.Regeneration 122.Revoir Julie (Julie and Me ) (See Julie Again) 123.Ruperts Land 124.Sadness of Sex, The 125.Sanctuary 126.Sands of Eden 127.Sealed With a Kiss* 128.Secret Agenda (Hidden Agenda) 129.Seven Streams of the River Ota, The* 130.Shadowbuilder (Bram Stokers Shadowbuilder) 131.Shot Through the Heart* 132.Silent Cradle 133.Sleeproom, The* 134.Sleeping Dogs Lie* 135.Sparkle* 136.Stolen Heart 137.Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister* 138.Stranger in Town.A 139.Stuart Bliss 140.Such a Long Journey 141.Sucre amer (Bitter Sugar) 142.Summer of the Monkeys 143.Sweet Deception* 144.Taken 145.Temps dune vie, Le (The Time of Our Life) 146.Terminal Revenge 147.Things to Do on a Saturday Night 148.This Is My Father 149.This Matter of Marriage* 150.Tiger 151.Twice Upon a Yesterday 152.Twist of Fate* 153.Twos a Mob 154.Under the Piano 155.Unspoken, The 156.Vigil, The 157.Violon rouge, Le (The Red Violin) 158.Voyage of Terror* 159.Waiting Game, The* 160.While My Pretty One Sleeps* 161.White Lies 162.Win, Again* 163.Winter Lily 164.Witness Files, The* 165.You Can Thank Me Later

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


166.Zacharia Farted

1.Act of War 2.Albertine, en cinq temps (Albertine, in Five Times) 3.All the Fine Lines (Full Disclosure) 4.Apartment Hunting (Apartment of Cheese) 5.Art of Murder, The* 6.Autobiographe amateur (The Autobiography of an Amateur Filmmaker) 7.Autour de la maison rouge (Around the Pink House) 8.BabarKing of the Elephants@ 9.Babel 10.Bad Faith (Cold Blooded) 11.Bad Money* 12.Bar None 13.Beefcake# 14.Better Than Chocolate 15.Black Light 16.Bonanno: A Godfathers Story* 17.Bookfair Murders, The (Mystery)* 18.Call of the Wild, The* 19.City, The* 20.Clown at Midnight 21.Collector, The* 22.Control 23.Convergence 24.Courage to Love, The (Quadroom Ball)* 25.Crisis 26.Dangerous Attraction 27.Darklings, The* 28.Day Drift 29.Day in a Life 30.Dead Silent 31.Deadly Appearances (Mystery)* 32.Dernier souffle, Le (Dead End) 33.Desperately Seeking Helen# 34.Dogmatic* 35.Dont Look Behind You* 36.Double Frame 37.Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde* 38.Dr.Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story* 39.Duke, The 40.Elvis Gratton II: Miracle Memphis (Elvis Gratton II: Miracle in Memphis) 41.Ennemi, L (Full Blast) 42.Escape from Mars* 43.Escape Velocity 44.Existenz 45.External Affairs* 46.Famous Dead People 47.Fantmes des trois Madeleines, Les (The Three Madeleines) 48.Fatal Affair (Stalker) 49.Fearless 50.Felicias Journey 51.Five Senses, The 52.Four Days 53.G2: Mortal Conquest 54.Garage 55.Girl Is a Girl, A 56.Grand serpent du monde, Le (The Great world Serpent) 57.Grass# 58.Grey Owl 59.Grizzly Falls 60.Guardian, The 61.Gypsies of Svinia, The# 62.Happy Christmas, Mrs.King 63.Hardball 64.Harmoney* 65.Have Mercy 66.Heater

67.Heavens Fire* 68.Heavy Metal FAKK.2@ 69.Here Am I 70.Hidden Agenda (Secret Agenda) 71.Highwayman, The 72.Histoires dhiver (Winter Stories) 73.Hiver de tourmente (A Winter of Torment ) 74.Home Team* 75.le de sable, L (Sable Island) 76.In the Blue Ground (North of 60 Mystery)* 77.In the Dead of Space 78.Intruder, The 79.Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang 80.Jesus Son 81.Johnny 82.Juiced 83.Kiss of a Stranger* 84.Ladies Room 85.Last Stop, The* 86.Last to Surrender 87.Late Night Sessions 88.Laura Cadieux...la suite (Lauras Back) 89.Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The* 90.Life Before This, The 91.Loose Change 92.Love and Debt (Taxman) (Nothing to Declare) (Promise Her Anything) 93.Love and Murder (Mystery)* 94.Matroni et moi (Matroni and Me) 95.Maxwells Dream (Maxwells Demon) 96.Misery Harbour 97.Motel Hlne 98.Murder Most Likely (Mystery)* 99.Must Be Santa* 100.My Fathers Angel (West of Sarajevo) 101.National Lampoons Golf Punks (Golf Punks) 102.New Blood 103.New Waterford Girl 104.Nightmare Man* 105.OffenbachLe dernier show au Forum# 106.Orphelins de Duplessis, Les (Duplessis Orphans) 107.Owd Bob 108.Pasta King of the Caribbean, The 109.Pays dans la gorge, Le (The Country on Your Chest) 110.Perfect Tenant, The* 111.Perpetrators of the Crime 112.Pilgrim (Inferno) 113.Pin Pon, le film (Pin Pon, The Movie) 114.Poison (Tease) 115.Post Concussion 116.Post Mortem 117.Prisoner of Love 118.Quand je serai parti, vous vivrez encore (When Im Gone, Youll Still Be Alive) 119.Rats 120.Reaper* 121.Revelation 122.Rocks at Whiskey Trench# 123.Roller Coaster 124.Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien* 125.Scalpers 126.Sea People* 127.Searching for Roger Taylor# 128.Secret Laughter of Women, The 129.Seducing Maryaa 130.Shadow Lake* 131.Sheldon Kennedy Story, The* 132.Shepherd 133.Sheppard Boys, The 134.Shirley Pimple and the John Wayne Temple 135.Siamoises, Les (The Siamese Twins) 136.Silencer, The

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


137.Silver Wolf* 138.Someone Is Watching 139.Something More 140.Souvenirs intimes (Memories Unlocked) 141.Striking Poses 142.Stuff* 143.Sublet 144.Summers End* 145.Sunshine 146.Super Star 147.Tail Lights Fade 148.Tale of Teeka, The* 149.To Walk With Lions 150.Too Much Sex 151.Tops and Bottoms# 152.Total Recall 2070 153.Touched 154.Tracker, The 155.Two of Hearts* 156.Two or Three Words 157.Ultimate Weapon, The 158.Undercover Angel 159.Water Damage 160.When Justice Fails* 161.Witness, The 162.Woman Wanted 163.Young Ivanhoe*

1.After the Harvest (Wild Geese)* 2.Air Bud: World Pup 3.Aliens in the Wild, Wild West 4.Another Planet* 5.Art of War, The 6.Artifical Lies* 7.Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner 8.Backroads (Bear Walker) 9.Bag the Wolf 10.Battle Queen 2020 (Millennium Queen 2000) 11.Bear With Me* 12.Beaut de Pandore, La (Pandoras Beauty) 13.Becoming Dick* 14.Believe 15.Best Actress* 16.Between the Moon and Montevideo 17.Bingo Robbers, The 18.Blacktop* 19.Blind Terror* 20.Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace* 21.Borderline Normal 22.Bouteille, La (The Bottle) 23.Brewster McGee 24.Cafe Ole 25.Children of My Heart* 26.Christinas House 27.Cinema Vrit: Defining the Moment# 28.Claim, The 29.Colder Kind of Death, A (Mystery)* 30.Cord (Hide and Seek)* 31.Crash and Byrnes* 32.Dangerous Attraction* 33.Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story* 34.Deadly Arrangement (Blood Money) (The Arrangement) 35.Deeply 36.Desire 37.Dinosaur Hunter, The* 38.Dragon Fury II 39.Dreamtrips 40.Du pic au coeur (From Spades to Hearts) 41.Echo Lake 42.Eisenstein 43.En vacances (Summer Holidays)

44.Excalibur Kid (The) 45.Falling, The 46.Falling Through 47.Final Ascent* 48.Frank Truth, The# 49.Ginger Snaps 50.Gospa# 51.Guilty, The 52.Happy Days (Beckett on Film )* 53.Harrison Bergeron (Kurt Vonneguts Harrison Bergeron) 54.Harrys Case* 55.Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story* 56.Heater* 57.Heres to Life! (The Old Hats) 58.Hey, Happy! 59.Hocheloga 60.Hound of the Baskervilles, The (Sherlock Holmes)* 61.Ice Angel* 62.In His Fathers Shoes 63.Invention de lamour, L, (The Invention of Love) 64.Invitation 65.Jailbait 66.Jewel* 67.Kanadiana 68.Killing (Mystery)* 69.Lakeboat 70.Last Call 71.Last Witness, The 72.Law of Enclosures, The 73.Left Behind 74.Lion of Oz* 75.List, The 76.Little Boy Blues 77.Lost and Delirious 78.Love Come Down 79.Low Self-Esteem Girl 80.Lucky Girl (Signature)* 81.M.V.P.Most Valuable Primate 82.Mad About Mambo 83.Maelstrm 84.Man Who Used to Be Me, The* 85.Manipulateur, Le (Artificial Lies) 86.Marine Life 87.Married Life: The Movie* 88.Me and My Shadows* 89.Mchant party, Le (The Party From Hell) 90.Middlemen 91.Moiti gauche du frigo, La (The Left-Hand Side of the Fridge) 92.Murder at the Cannes Film Festival* 93.Mr.Rices Secret (Exhuming Mr.Rice) 94.More to Love* 95.Murder Seen 96.Muses orphelines, Les (The Orphan Muses) 97.My Five Wives 98.My Little Devil 99.No Alibi 100.No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 101.Nowhere in Sight 102.On Hostile Ground 103.Operative, The 104.Out of Control 105.Parsley Days 106.Perfect Son, The 107.Petit vent de panique, Un (A Gust of Panic) 108.Piano Mans Daughter, The* 109.Possible Worlds 110.Pressure Point* 111.Protection* 112.Que faisaient les femme, pendant que lhomme marchait sur la lune? (Family Pack) 113.Race Against Time* 114.Rats and Rabbits

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


115.Reaper* 116.Red Deer 117.Revenge of the Land* 118.Ride, The 119.Ryans Babe 120.Saint Jude 121.Sanctimony 122.Scorn* 123.Second Skin 124.Secret Cavern, The* 125.Secret Cavern Part II, The: The Magicians House* 126.Shadow Lake 127.Shapeshifter 128.Shrew in the Park, The* 129.Special Delivery* 130.Spiral Staircase, The* 131.Spreading Ground, The 132.Spring, A (Mystery)* 133.Stalking of Laurie Snow, The* 134.Stardom (Fandom) (15 Minutes) 135.Stiletto Dance 136.Suspicious River 137.Task Force 138.Teen Knight 139.Teen Sorcery 140.Teenage Space Vampires 141.Thirst of Faith, A (Beyond Redemption) 142.Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story (Mystery)* 143.Tribulation 144.Tunnel 145.Turn It Up# 146.Two Thousand and None 147.Uncles, The 148.Under the Bridge* 149.Veuve de St-Pierre, La (The Widow of St-Pierre) 150.Vie aprs lamour, La (Life After Love) 151.Violet 152.Wandering Soul Murders, The (Mystery)* 153.waydowntown 154.We All Fall Down 155.Weight of Water, The 156.Without Malice 157.XChange

1.15 fvrier, 1839 (February 15, 1832) 2.2001: A Space Travesty 3.After the Harvest* 4.All the Fine Lines (Full Disclosure) 5.Almost 6.Ange de goudron, L (Tar Angel) 7.Anthrax 8.Art of Woo, The 9.Automne sauvage, L (Savage Messiah) (Savage Autumn) 10.Avalanche Alley 11.Barbara James 12.Betty Fisher et autres histoires (Betty Fisher and Other Stories) 13.Bitter Circle 14.Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111* 15.Bobs Garage 16.Boys III, Les (The Boys III) 17.Case of the Whitechapel Vampire, The (Sherlock Holmes)* 18.Century Hotel 19.Chasing Cain* 20.Ciel sur la tte, Le (On Your Head) 21.Circle, The (The Fraternity) 22.Class Warfare* 23.Collectionneur, Le (The Collector) 24.Come lAmerica (Almost America) 25.Cornered (The Corner)

26.Crabe dans la tte, Un (Soft Shell Man) 27.Crme glace, chocolat et autres consolations (Ice Cream, Chocolate and other Consolations) 28.Crossed Over* 29.Cyberman# 30.Dead Heat 31.Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient Express 32.Des chiens dans la neige (Dogs in the Snow) 33.Diamond Cut Diamond (Witness to a Kill)* 34.Don Quichotte 35.Downtime* 36.Dream Storm: A North of 60 Mystery* 37.Enfer de Chabot, L (K2: 2001) 38.Exiles in Paradise* 39.Fade to Black 40.Femme qui boit, La (The Woman Who Drinks) 41.Femmes savantes, Les (The Wise Women) 42.Finders Fee (Bloody Numbers)* 43.Forteresse suspendue, La (The Hidden Fortress) 44.Fourth Angel, The 45.Frozen with Fear 46.G2: Mortal Conquest 47.Global Heresy (Rock My World) 48.Going Back 49.Guaranteed on Delivery 50.Haven* 51.Hidden Agenda (Double Agenda) 52.High Adventure 53.I Was a Rat (Cinderella and Me) (When I Was a Rat)* 54.Ive Been Waiting for You 55.Ice Man, the* 56.Ignition 57.Impossible Elephant, The* 58.Inertia 59.Invincible 60.Jacks House# 61.Jennifer Estes Story, The* 62.Jet Boy 63.Jeune fille la fentre (A Young Girl at the Window) 64.Johnny Greyeyes 65.Judgment 66.Justice Without Pity 67.Karmen (Karmen Gel) 68.Karmina 2 69.Kevin of the North 70.Killing Spring, A 71.Last Wedding, The 72.Life in the Balance 73.Lilith on Top# 74.Lip Service 75.Little Bear Movie, The@ 76.Loi du cochon, La (Pigs Law) 77.Lola 78.Love Letters: A Romantic Trilogy 79.Loves Music, Loves to Dance (Mary Higgins Clark)* 80.Lunch With Charles* 81.M.V.P.2: Most Valuable Primate 82.Mariages (Marriages) 83.Matthew Shepard Story, The* 84.Max 85.Mile Zero (Point Zero) 86.Mindstorm 87.Mystrieuse Mademoiselle C, La (The Mysterious Lady Charlotte) (The Mysterious Miss C) 88.Ne dis rien (Dont Say Anything) 89.Now and Forever 90.Nuits de noces (Wedding Night) 91.Obachans Garden# 92.On the Nose (Shinys Head) 93.On Their Knees 94.One of Our Own 95.Owning Mahoney

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


96.Paradise Seekers* 97.Passion 98.Pornographe, Le (The Pornographer) 99.Rare Birds 100.Rptition, La (Replay) 101.Ripper: Letter from Hell 102.Road Rage (A Friday Night Date)* 103.Royal Scandal, The (Sherlock Holmes)* 104.Say Nothing 105.Sea* 106.Secret Ballot (Raye Makhfi) 107.Shipping News, The 108.Sign of Four, The (Sherlock Holmes)* 109.Silver Man 110.Singing the Bones 111.Sister Blue 112.Slashers 113.Snowbound (White Lies) 114.So Faraway and Blue 115.Societys Child* 116.Solitude 117.Spnning Out of Control* 118.Spirits of Havana# 119.Stolen Miracle* 120.Suddenly Naked 121.Til Dad Do Us Part* 122.Tracker, The* 123.Treasure Island* 124.Treed Murray 125.Triggermen 126.Trilogie Marseillaise, La: Csar (The Marseilles Trilogy: Csar)* 127.Trilogie Marseillaise, La: Fanny (The Marseiulles Trilogy: Fanny)* 128.Trilogie Marseillaise, La: Marius (The Marseilles Trilogy: Marius)* 129.Uncles, The 130.Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms 131.Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business 132.Unsaid, The* 133.Varians War 134.Vercingtorix (Druids) (The Gaul) 135.Verdict in Blood (Mystery)* 136.Waiting Game, The* 137.Walk Backwards 138.War Bride, The 139.Watchtower, The (Cruel and Unusual) 140.Welcome to the Freak Show 141.Westray* 142.When Billie Beat Bobby* 143.White Lies (Ruben Preuss) 144.Whole Shebang, The* 145.Wind at My Back* 146.Wishmaster III: Beyond the Gates of Hell 147.Wolf Girl 148.World Traveller 149.Wrong Number 150.Zebra Lounge

1.100 Days in the Jungle* 2.19 Months* 3.24 Poses 4.Absolon 5.Agent of Influence* 6.Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch 7.aka Albert Walker* 8.All Around the Town (Mary Higgins Clark)* 9.Ararat 10.Arianas Quest* 11.Au fil de leau (By the Riverside) 12.Au plus prs du paradis (Nearest to Heaven)

13.Barbaloune 14.Baroness and the Pig, The 15.Bay of Love and Sorrows, The 16.Between Strangers* 17.Bikini Party Massacre 18.Black Point 19.Black Swan 20.Bollywood Hollywood 21.Boomerang 22.Burial Society, The 23.Chasing Cain: Face* 24.Corpus Callosum# 25.Crime Spree (Wanted) 26.Croon Maury and Mrs.B* 27.Cry Woman (Ku qi de nu ren) 28.Danny in the Sky 29.Darkness Falling 30.Deadend.com 31.Deadly Betrayal* 32.Dragonwheel 33.Duct Tape Forever (Red Greens Duct Tape Forever) 34.Dying Fall* 35.Eve (Body and Earth) 36.Fancy Dancing 37.Favourite Game, The 38.Fils de Marie, Les (Maries Sons) 39.Flower and Garnet 40.Formula 51 (The 51st State) 41.Fortunes Sweet Kiss 42.Fubar 43.Girl King 44.Guilt by Association* 45.Haunted 46.Havent We Met Before? (Mary Higgins Clark)* 47.He Sees You When Youre Sleeping (Mary Higgins Clark)* 48.Heart of America* 49.High Explosive 50.Histoire dEve (Story of Eve) (Book of Eve) 51.Histoire de pen (Inside) 52.Home 53.Hurt 54.Interrogation of Michael Crowe, The* 55.Investigation (The)* 56.Iron Road* 57.Is the Crown at War With Us?# 58.Jack & Ella 59.Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter 60.Jinnah on Crime* 61.Julie Walking Home 62.Kart Racer 63.Katryns Place 64.Khaled 65.L-haut (Up There on the Mountain) 66.LAPD: To Protect and to Serve 67.Last Chapter, The (Biker Wars) 68.Lathe of Heaven* 69.Limit, The 70.Lolos Child 71.Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity 72.Looking for Leonard 73.Love That Boy 74.Lucky Day (Mary Higgins Clark)* 75.Madame Brouette 76.Mangler 2, The 77.Manteau, Le (The Overcoat) 78.Manuscrit rotique, Le (A Romantic Scenario) 79.Many Trials of One Jane Doe, The* 80.Marais, Le (The Marsh) 81.Marion Bridge 82.Men With Brooms 83.Nature of Nicholas, The

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


84.Neg, Le (The Negro) 85.Nightwaves 86.Odysse dAlice Tremblay, L (Alices Odyssey) 87.Operation Cobra 88.Passage to Ottawa, A 89.Past Perfect 90.Perfect Pie 91.Pige dIssoudun, Le (Trapped in Issoudun) 92.Posers 93.Pretend You Dont See Her (Mary Higgins Clark)* 94.Punch 95.Qubec-Montral 96.Regina 97.Rendering, The (Portrait For a Murder)* 98.Return to Kandahar 99.Rhino Brothers.The 100.Romantic Comedy 101* 101.Royal Bonbon 102.Rub and Tug 103.Saint Monica 104.Scar Tissue* 105.Scotland P.A. 106.Secret de banlieue (The Secret of a Suburb) 107.Sraphin, un homme et son pch ( (Sraphin: A Heart of Stone) 108.Shot in the Face 109.Silence nous guette, Le (The Silence Is Watching Us) 110.Silent NIght* 111.Sometimes a Hero 112.Spider 113.Squatch 114.Station nord (North Station) 115.Steal (Heist) (Riders) 116.Stork Derby, The* 117.Summer (Tryst) 118.Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story* 119.Three and a Half 120.Time of the Wolf* 121.Tom 122.Tom Stone: For the Money* 123.Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story* 124.Touch and Go 125.Touching Wild Horses* 126.Trial by Fire: A North of 60 Mystery* 127.Tribe of Joseph 128.Trinity 129.Turbulence des fluides, La (Chaos and Desire) 130.Turning Paige (Shepherd Park) 131.Two Days Till Tomorrow 132.Two Summers 133.Various Positions 134.Washed Up 135.Water Game, The 136.Well Meet Again (Mary Higgins Clark)* 137.Wicked Minds* 138.Wild Dogs, The 139.Wildfire 7: The Inferno* 140.Wishmaster IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled 141.Women Without Wings 142.Yellowknife 143.You Belong to Me (Mary Higgins Clark)* 144.You Stupid Man*

1.100% bio (Hundred Percent Biography) 2.20h17 rue Darling (8.17 p.m.Darling Street) 3.Air Bud Strikes Back 4.Apartment Story 5.Bastards 6.Bear Walker 7.Before I Say Goodbye (Mary Higgins Clark)* 8.Betrayed*

9.Betraying Reason* 10.Bilan* 11.Blizzard 12.Bonheur est une chanson, Le (Happiness Is a Song) 13.Breadmaker, The 14.Burn: The Robert Wrait Story* 15.Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Movie* 16.Claires Hat# 17.Claude Jutra, une histoire inacheve (Claude Jutra: An Unfinished Story)# 18.Comment ma mre saccoucha de moi durant sa mnopause (How My Mother Was Giving Birth to Me During Menopause) 19.Corporation, The# 20.Cowboys and Indians* 21.Crime of Passion, A (Mary Higgins Clark)* 22.Crime Spree (Wanted) 23.Cyberjack 24.Dangereux, Les (The Dangerous Ones) 25.Deadly Friends: The Nancy Eaton Story ( The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton)* 26.Deadly Bettrayal* 27.Deception 28.Delicate Art of Parking, The 29.Do You Like to Watch Dot Com (www.Do U Like to Watch.com)* 30.Dracula: Pages from a Virgins Diary 31.Dual Reflex 32.Eating the Bones 33.Edge of Madness (A Wilderness Station) 34.Elizabeth Rex# 35.t avec les fantmes, Un (Summer of the Ghosts) 36.Event, The 37.Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain 38.Expecting 39.Expiration 40.Face cache de la lune, La (The Far Side of the Moon) 41.Fairytales and Pornography 42.Falling Angels 43.Fast Food High* 44.Fear X 45.Final Homecoming, The* 46.Fix: The Story of an Addicted City# 47.Flyerman# 48.Folle embellie, La (Out of This World) 49.Fool Proof 50.Frontires (Border Line) 51.Gambling, Gods and LSD# 52.Gaz Bar Blues (Gas Bar Blues) 53.Ginger Snaps (2): Unleashed (Ginger Snaps: the Sequel) 54.Girl Who Married a Ghost, The* 55.Goldirocks 56.Gospel of John, The 57.Grande sduction, La (Seducing Dr.Lewis) 58.Great Goose Caper, The* 59.Green Peril 60.Hatley High 61.Heart of America: Homeroom* 62.Hitler: the Rise of Evil* 63.Hollywood North 64.House Next Door, The* 65.How It All Went Down 66.I Accuse 67.Ice Bound: A Womans Survival at the South Pole* 68.Imitations of Life 69.Immortels, Les (The Immortals) 70.In the Dark* 71.Incredible Mrs.Ritchie, The* 72.Invasions barbares, Les (The Barbarian Invasions) 73.It All Happens Incredibly Fast 74.Je naime que toi (I Dont Love You) 75.Jericho Mansions 76.Jinnah on CrimeWhite Knight, Black Widow* 77.Kandahar#

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


78.Killer Bees (Black Swarm)* 79.Last Round, The: Chuvalo Vs.Ali# 80.Leaving Metropolis 81.Little Brother of War 82.Loaded Deck 83.Love, Sex and Eating the Bones 84.Luck 85.Magical Life of Long Tack Sam, The# 86.Magnus Opus 87.Making Love in St-Pierre 88.Mambo Italiano 89.Martha Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart* 90.Mecanix@ 91.Minor Setback 92.Miss Castaway 93.Moving Malcolm 94.Mrs.Ashboros Cat (Ghost Cat)* 95.My Life Without Me (Mi vida sin mi) 96.Nemesis Game 97.Nez rouge (Red Nose) 98.Nightlight* 99.Nothing 100.One Way Out 101.Papillon bleu, Le (The Blue Butterfly) 102.Peau blanche, La (White Skin) 103.Pedestrian, The 104.Pre et fils (Father and Son) 105.Pio and the Cracks 106.Prison of Paradise 107.Problem With Fear, A 108.Protector (Valentines Day) 109.Public Domain 110.Republic of Love, The 111.Resident Evil: Apocalypse 112.Risen, The 113.Saddest Music in the World, The 114.Saved by the Belles 115.Schmelvis# 116.Secondary High* 117.See Grace Fly 118.Sept jours de Simon Labrosse, Les (The September Days of Simon) 119.Silent Love, A 120.Sioux City (Ultimate Revenge) 121.Snow Walker, The 122.Statement, The 123.Student Seduction* 124.Sur le seuil (On the Edge) (Under the Sky) 125.Three on a Seesaw 126.Tiresia 127.Totem: The Return of the Gpsgolox Pole# 128.Touch and Go 129.Trinity 130.True Meaning of Pictures, The# 131.View of Terror (Nightlight) (Window of Fear)* 132.Virginias Run 133.Wall of Secrets* 134.Who Is Cletis Tout? 135.Wild Guys, The 136.Woman Hunted, A* 137.Zombie Night

1.19 Months 2.Acapulco Gold 3.Aimants, Les (Looking for Alexander) 4.Alone in the Dark 5.Being Julia 6.Blood 7.Blood Trap (Saving Emily)* 8.Bone Snatcher, The 9.Book of Ruth, The*

10.Cest pas moi, cest lautre (The Cop, the Criminal and the Clown) 11.Cake 12.Camping sauvage (Happy Camper) 13.Caught in the Headlights* 14.Chicks With Sticks (Anyones Game)* 15.Chiefs, The# 16.Childstar 17.Clean 18.Clinic, The (Animal Clinic)* 19.Comment conqurir lAmrique en une nuit (How to Conquer America in One Night) 20.CQI (See You Too) 21.Daniel and the Superdogs 22.Dans loeil du chat (In the Eye of the Cat) 23.Dans une galaxie prs de chez nous (In a Galaxy Near You) 24.Decoys 25.Deep Evil* 26.Dernier tunnel, Le (The Last Tunnel) 27.Descent* 28.Different Loyalty, A 29.Edge Codes: Beyond the Cut (Edge Codes.com: The Art of Motion Picture Editing)# 30.Elles taient cinq (The Five of Us) 31.Emile 32.Esprance, L (On the River of Lost and Found) 33.Eves Christmas* 34.False Pretenses* 35.Festival Express# 36.Fugitives Run (Dont Call Me Tonto) 37.Geraldines Fortune 38.Ginger Snaps Back (3): The Beginning 39.Go Further# 40.Going the Distance 41.Ham and Cheese 42.Hank Williams: First Nation 43.Head in the Clouds 44.Hells Gate 11: 11 (11: 11) 45.I, Claudia# 46.Ill Be Seeing You (Mary Higgins Clark)* 47.Incredible Mrs.Ritchie, The* 48.Interns 49.It All Happens Incredibly Fast 50.Its All Gone, Pete Tong 51.Jack Paradise: les nuits de Montral (Jack Paradise: Montreal Nights) 52.Jimmywork 53.Keeper, The 54.Lakefront 55.Last Casino, The* 56.Littoral (Tideline) 57.Love Crimes of Gillian Guest, The* 58.Lune viendra delle-mme, L (So the Moon Rises) 59.Male Fantasy 60.Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story* 61.Manners of Dying 62.Maximum Surge 63.Mmoires affectives (Love and Magnets) 64.Metallic Blues 65.Monica la mitraille (Machine Gun Monica) 66.Monster Island* 67.My Brothers Keeper* 68.Nature Unleashed: Avalanche 69.Nature Unleashed: Fire 70.Nouvelle France (New France) 71.On the Corner 72.One-Eyed King 73.Perfect Husband, The* 74.Phil the Alien 75.Plain Truth* 76.Premier juillet, le film (Moving) 77.Proteus 78.Pursued*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


79.Recon 2020 (Power Corps) 80.Saving Emily* 81.See Grace Fly 82.Show Me 83.Silent Love, A (Un amor silencioso) 84.Snow* 85.Snowmans Pass* 86.Some Things That Stay 87.Stander 88.Stranger at the Door, A* 89.Stryker 90.Sugar 91.Thing Below, The* 92.Touch of Pink, A 93.Triplettes de Belleville, Les (The Triplets of Belleville)@ 94.Try to Remember (Mary Higgins Clark)* 95.Twist# 96.Various Positions 97.Where the Truth Lies 98.White Knuckles 99.Whole Shebang, The 100.Wilby Wonderful 101.Words of My Perfect Teacher# 102.Very Cool Christmas, A* 103.Zolar*

1.American Soldiers 2.Army of One 3.Attache ta tuque (Hold On to Your Hat) 4.Audition, L (The Audition) 5.Aurore 6.Baby For Sale* 7.Beastly Boyz 8.Beowulf and Grendel 9.Best Friends* 10.Big Spender 11.Bloodsuckers 12.Bob the Butler 13.Brotherhood IV, The: The Complex* 14.C.R.A.Z.Y. 15.Cabin Movie, The 16.Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss* 17.Captive Hearts* 18.Chasing Christmas* 19.Christmas in Boston* 20.Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber 21.Continuous Journey 22.Crimes of Passion* 23.Criminal Intent* 24.Cruel But Necessary 25.Dark Hours, The 26.Dead Time 27.Deadly Isolation* 28.Deck the Halls* 29.Deluxe Combo Platter 30.Dernire incarnation, La (The Last Incarnation) 31.Desolation Sound 32.Desperate Souls 33.Drawing Out the Demons 34.Elvis Gratton XXX: Le retour dElvis Wong (Elvis Gratton XXX: Elvis Wongs Return) 35.Enter...Zombie King 36.Escape to Canada# 37.tats nordiques, Les (Drifting States) 38.tats unis dAlbert (The United States of Albert) 39.Eternal 40.Eve and the Firehorse 41.Familia 42.Fatal Reunion* 43.Five Girls (5ive Girls) 44.Forbidden Secrets*

45.French Guy, The 46.Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine# 47.Got des jeunes filles, Le (On the Verge of a Fever) 48.Guy X 49.Hamster Cage, The 50.Heavens Fury (Lightning Bolts of Destruction) 51.His and Her Christmas* 52.Histoire de famille (A Family Matter) 53.Home For the Holidays* 54.Horloge biologique (Dodging the Clock) 55.Horseys Retreat 56.Human Trafficking* 57.Hunt for Justice* 58.Hush* 59.Ice Men 60.Ill-Fated 61.Incomparable Mademoiselle C, L (The Incomparable Miss C) 62.Insecticidal 63.Intelligence* 64.Kamataki 65.Killer Bash* 66.Killer Upstairs, A* 67.LTD. 68.Ladies Night* 69.Last Mogul, The (The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman)# 70.Lees Offering 71.Lie With Me 72.Lies and Deception* 73.Lies My Mother Told Me* 74.Life and Times of Guy Terrifico, The 75.Living With the Enemy* 76.Long Weekend, The 77.Looking for Angelina 78.Love Wine* 79.Lovers Revenge, A* 80.Ma vie en cinmascope (Alys Robi) 81.Marker* 82.Maman Last Call 83.Man Who Lost Himself .The (The Stranger I Married) * 84.Many Trials of One Jane Doe, The* 85.Maurice Richard (The Rocket) 86.Memory for Max, Claire, Ida and Company# 87.Metal: A Headbangers Journey# 88.Midnight Madness: From the Margins to the Mainstream# 89.Miracle of the Cards, The 90.Miss Mto (Weather Girl) 91.Nature Unleashed: Eathquake 92.Nature Unleashed: Tornado 93.Nature Unleashed: Volcano 94.Neuvaine, La (The Novena) 95.Niagara Motel 96.No More Heroes 97.Oh, Baby* 98.P3K: Pinocchio 3000@ 99.Perfect Neighbour, The* 100.Premonition* 101.Prom Queen 102.Recipe for a Perfect Christmas* 103.Red Rover 104.River King, The 105.Sabah 106.SacredSacred# 107.Saint Ralph 108.Saints-Martyrs-des-Damns (Saint Martyrs of the Damned) 109.Savage Island (Deadmans Island) 110.School of Life 111.Secret Lives* 112.Seven Times Lucky 113.Severed* 114.Shake Hands With the Devil# 115.Siblings 116.Sidekick

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


117.Simple Curve, A 118.Six Figures 119.Sleepover Nightmare 120.Snapped 121.Solar Attack 122.Space Zombies: Terror from the Sky 123.Spliced 124.Spymate 125.Stranger In My Bed* 126.Sub Zero* 127.Survenant, Le (The Outsider) 128.Swarmed* 129.These Girls 130.Third Man Out* 131.Thralls (Blood Angels)* 132.Touching Wild Horses 133.Tough Love 134.Tripping the Wire: A Steven Tree Mystery* 135.Twitches* 136.Vers le sud (Heading South) 137.Vie avec mon pre.La (Life With My Father) 138.Vinegar Hill* 139.Voleurs denfance (Thieves of Innocence) 140.Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story* 141.Water (River Moon) 142.What Remains of Us# 143.Whole New Thing 144.Year in the Death of Jack Richards, A 145.Zizek!#

1.10.5 Apocalypse* 2.12 Hours to Live* 3.Accidental Witness, The (The Killing of a Stranger)* 4.Acts of Imagination 5.Air Buddies 6.Alien Incursion 7.All I Want for Christmas (Holiday Wishes)* 8.All She Wants for Christmas* 9.Almost Heaven 10.American Haunting, An 11.Answered by Fire* 12.Away From Her 13.Banshee* 14.Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Diffrent Strokes* 15.Belle bte, La (The Beautiful Beast) 16.Best of Secter and the Rest of Secter, The# 17.Between Truth and Lies* 18.Black Widower* 19.Black-Eyed Dog 20.Bolly Double (The Lookalike) 21.Bon Cop, Bad Cop 22.Booky Makes Her Mark* 23.Boys IV (The Boys IV) 24.Brand Upon the Brain 25.Canes* 26.Cheech 27.Christmas on Chestnut Street* 28.Circle of Friends* 29.Civic Duty 30.Comeback Season 31.Comfort House (The Secrets of Comfort House)* 32.Conclave, The* 33.Congorama 34.Coupure, La (Torn Apart) 35.Dad For Christmas, A (Me and Luke)* 36.Dans les villes (In the Cities) 37.Dark Storm* 38.Daughters Conviction (The Perfect Suspect)* 39.Deadly Encounter 40.Deception*

41.Dlivrez-moi (Free Me) 42.Dernier trappier, Le (The Last Trapper) 43.Dimanche Kigali, Un (Sunday in Kigali) 44.Dog Pound, The (La perrera) 45.Doomstown* 46.Double Cross* 47.Due Process* 48.Earthstorm* 49.Eight Days to Live* 50.EMPz 4 Life# 51.Entrance, The 52.Esprit des lieux, L (The Spirit of Places)# 53.Everythings Gone Green 54.Eyeball Headgroove 55.Family in Hiding* 56.Fatal Trust* 57.Fetching Cody 58.Fido 59.First Bite (1st Bite) 60.Flirting With Danger* 61.Goose (Goose on the Loose) 62.Guide de la petite vengeance, Le (A Guide to Petty Revenge) 63.Her Fatal Flaw* 64.Her Sisters Keeper* 65.Home By Christmas* 66.House Next Door, The* 67.House, The 68.I Dream of Murder* 69.Imaginary Playmate* 70.In Between Days (So Yong Kim) 71.In Her Mothers Footsteps (Deadly Inheritance)* 72.Intervention 73.Job to Kill For, A* 74.Journals of Knud Rasmussen, The 75.Kardia 76.King of Sorrow 77.Last Chance Cafe* 78.Legacy of Fear* 79.Limb Salesman, The 80.Live Once, Die Twice* 81.Living Is Deadly * 82.Lucid 83.Ma fille, mon ange (My Daughter, My Angel) 84.Maid of Honour* 85.Mainstream* 86.Manufactured Landscapes# 87.Marsh, The 88.Max Havoc: Ring of Fire 89.Mee-Shee the Water Giant 90.Mercy 91.Mermaid Chair, The* 92.Mind Over Matter* 93.Mind Over Murder* 94.Monkey Warfare 95.Mount Pleasant 96.Murder in My House* 97.My Silent Partner* 98.Niagara Motel* 99.Night of Terror* 100.Nos voisins Dhantsu (Our Dhantsu Neighbours) 101.Not My life* 102.Obsession.The* 103.Past Tense* 104.Perfect Marriage, The (A Perfect Stranger)* 105.Point, The* 106.Presumed Dead* 107.Proof of Lies* 108.Pure 109.Que Dieu bnisse lAmrique (May God Bless America) 110.Radiant City 111.Rage de lange, La (Angels Rage) 112.Rapid Fire*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


113.Rechercher Victor Pellerin (Missing Victor Pellerin) 114.Remembering Arthur# 115.Rival, The* 116.Romo et Juliette (Romeo and Juliette) 117.Roxane 118.Safe Harbour* 119.Sans elle (Without Her) 120.Secret de ma mre, Le (My Moms Secret) 121.Secret of Hidden Lake, The* 122.Sharp Teeth 123.Shock to the System (A Donald Strachey Mystery) 124.Shock to the System* 125.Show Me 126.Silent Hill 127.Sk8life# 128.Sleeping Dogs 129.Snow Cake 130.Solar Strike (Solar Attack)* 131.Souvenir of Canada# 132.Stones Throw, A 133.Study Hall 134.Sur la trace dIgor Rizzi (On the Trail of Igor Rizzi) 135.Tales of the Rat Fink# 136.That Beautiful Somewhere 137.Things To Do* 138.Three Needles 139.Thrill of the Kill* 140.Tideland 141.Ties That Bind* 142.Time Bomb* 143.To Have and to Hold* 144.Tous les autres, sauf moi (Everybody Else But Me) 145.Trailer Park Boys--The Movie 146.Trick of the Mind (Mind Games)* 147.Trophy Wife (Murder on Spec)* 148.Truth* 149.UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine 150.Ulysses 151.Under the Mistletoe* 152.Unnatural and Accidental 153.Vampire Dentist 154.Vie secrte des gens heureux, La (The Secret Life of Happy People) 155.Warriors of Terra 156.Weirdsville 157.What Comes Around (Past Obsession) (Veiled Truth)* 158.Who Loves the Sun 159.Whole New Thing 160.Wind in the Willows, The* 161.Year in the Death of Jack Richards, A

1.100 Films and a Funeral# 2.14 Days in Paradise 3.4th Life, The 4. vos marques...party! (Taking the Plunge) 5.Abducted: Fugitive for Love* 6.ge des tnbres, L (Days of Darkness) 7.Alien Agent 8.All Hat 9.All the Good Ones Are Married* 10.Amal 11.American Venus 12.Angels Fall* 13.Anger Me# 14.Annas Storm (Hells Rain)* 15.Back-Up Man 16.Bad Son, The* 17.Behaviour of Houses, The 18.Being Innu# 19.Black Swarm* 20.Blind Eye

21.Blind Trust* 22.Blonde and Blonder 23.Blood BrothersReign of Terror* 24.Bluff 25.Bodybuilder and I, The# 26.Booky and the Secret Santa* 27.Borderline 28.Boy Next Door, The* 29.Breakfast With Scot 30.Buried My Heart at Wounded Knee* 31.Capture, La (The Capture) 32.Carolina Moon* 33.Cdre pench, Le (Monas Daughters) 34.Chair, The 35.Christies Revenge* 36.Christmas Caper* 37.Christmas Wish (A) (Holiday Switch)* 38.Citadelle assige, La (The Besieged Fortress)# 39.Citizen Duane 40.Cleaverville* 41.Closing the Ring 42.Confusions of an Unmarried Couple 43.Continental, un film sans fusils (Continental: A Film Without Guns) 44.Contre toute esprance (Summit Circle) 45.Coyote Spirit 46.Cradle, The 47.Cries in the Dark* 48.Crossing (Dress to Kill) 49.Custody* 50.Dark Rising 51.Dark Room, The* 52.Dead Sleep Easy, The 53.Deadly Skies (Force of Impact)* 54.Decent Proposal, A* 55.Decoys (II): Alien Seduction (Decoys Reborn)* 56.Demons From Her Past* 57.Descendant, The 58.Destination: Infestation (Swarm)* 59.Devils Diary, The* 60.Diary of the Dead 61.Dragon Boys* 62.Eastern Promises 63.Elijah* 64.Emotional Arithmetic 65.End of the Line 66.Eye of the Beast* 67.Family Lost, A* 68.Family Motel 69.Faro, la reine des eaux (Faro, Goddess of the Waters) 70.Finns Girl 71.Fire Serpent* 72.Flood* 73.Forgotten Woman, The# 74.Framed for Murder* 75.Friend of the Family, A* 76.Fugitive Pieces 77.Global Metal# 78.Green Chain, The 79.Greg and Gentillon 80.Grizzly Rage (Off Road)* 81.Haunting of Sorority Row, The* 82.Here Is What Is# 83.Holiday in Handcuffs* 84.Holiday Switch* 85.Horseys Retreat 86.Housesitter* 87.Hush Little Baby* 88.Hybrid* 89.I Know What I Saw (Post Mortem)* 90.I Me Wed* 91.Imitation 92.Impact (Deadly Skies)*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


93.In Between* 94.In Gods Country* 95.In the Name of the King (A Dungeon Siege Tale) 96.It Was One of Us (Betrayals)* 97.Judicial Indiscretion* 98.Just Buried 99.Kayfabe 100.Killing Zelda Sparks (Barstool Worlds) 101.Last Trimester, The* 102.Left For Dead 103.Lesser Evil* 104.Lethal Obsession (Secret Past) (No Brother of Mine)* 105.Lies and Crimes* 106.Life Interrupted, A* 107.Like Mother, Like Daughter* 108.Lost Holiday: The Jim and Suzanne Shemwell Story* 109.Love and Other Dilemmas 110.Love and Other Reasons to Panic 111.Love Is Work 112.Love Notes* 113.Ma tante Aline (Aunt Aline) 114.Maman est chez le coiffeur (Moms at the Hairdresser) 115.Manufacturing Dissent# 116.Married Life 117.Matters of Life and Dating* 118.Most Likely To 119.My Baby Is Missing (Stolen Innocence)* 120.My Daughters Secret* 121.My Name Is Sarah* 122.My Neighbours Keeper* 123.My Winnipeg# 124.Nightwatching 125.Nitro 126.Nobody* 127.Normal 128.Nos vies prives (Our Private Lives) 129.Numb 130.Partition 131.Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker* 132.Passions Web (Uncaged Heart)* 133.Perfect Child* 134.Pige amricain, Le (The American Trap) 135.Pigs 136.Plante blanche, La (The White Planet) 137.Poor Boys Game 138.Postal 139.Promise to the Dead, A: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman# 140.Puffball 141.Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident 142.Rves de poussire (Dreams of Dust) 143.Robber Bride, The* 144.Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser 145.Second Sight* 146.Secret of the Nutcracker, The* 147.Secrets of an Undervcover Wife (Undercover)* 148.Seventeen and Missing* 149.Shake Hands With the Devil 150.Sharkwater# 151.Shattered (The Butterfly) (Butterfly on a Wheel)* 152.She Drives Me Crazy (Blithe and Virginia)* 153.Silk 154.Sixty Days 155.Skinwalkers 156.Sleeping Dogs 157.Something Beneath* 158.Still Small Voices* 159.Stone Angel, The 160.Stone of Destiny 161.Stuck 162.Study Hell 163.Sure Shot Dumbrowski*

164.Surviving My Mother 165.Tell Me No Lies (Witness to Murder)* 166.Termination Point* 167.That Beautiful Somewhere 168.They Come Back* 169.They Wait 170.This Beautiful City 171.Three Kings of Belize 172.Til Lies Do Us Part* 173.Time and Again (Cheating Fate)* 174.Tipping Point* 175.To Be Fat Like Me* 176.Toi (You) 177.Too Young to Marry* 178.Tracey Fragments 179.Twitches Too* 180.Up the Yangtze# 181.Valentine Carol, A* 182.Walk All Over Me 183.What If God Were the Sun?* 184.Wide Awake* 185.Wild Horse Redemption, The# 186.Winter Tale, A 187.Write and Wrong* 188.Young People Fucking 189.Young Triffie (Young Triffies Been Made Away With)

1.45 RPM 2.7 Things To Do Before Im 30* 3.Accidental Friendship* 4.Ace of Hearts* 5.Adams Wall 6.Adoration 7.Affinity 8.Afterwards 9.All Together Now# 10.Amreeka 11.Animal 2 (Prison Block II) 12.Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning* 13.Art of War II: Betrayal, The 14.Art Star and the Sudanese Twin, The# 15.As Slow as Possible# 16.Baal (The Storm God)* 17.Babine 18.Banquet, Le (Comme une flamme) (The Banquet) 19.Battle in Seattle 20.Behind the Wall 21.Beyond Loch Ness* 22.Billy Owens (The Mythical Adventures of Billy Owens) 23.Blindness 24.Boot Camp 25.Boy Next Door, The* 26.Bridal Fever* 27.Broken Life, A 28.Bull 29.Camp Rock* 30.Cas Roberge, Le (The Roberge Case) 31.Ce nest pas moi, je le jure (Its Not Me, I Swear) 32.Ce quil faut pour vivre (The Necessities of Life) 33.Celine* 34.Charlie and Me* 35.Christmas Choir, The* 36.Christmas Clause, The (The Mrs.Clause)* 37.Christmas Town* 38.Confessions of a Go-go Girl* 39.Confessions of a Porn Addict 40.Control Alt Delete 41.Crime* 42.Cruising Bar 2 43.Cutting Edge III, The: Chasing the Dream* 44.Cyborg Soldier

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


45.Dakota 46.Daniels Daughter* 47.Dans une galaxie prs de chez nous 2 (In a Galaxy Near You 2) 48.Dark Reprieve 49.Dark Sessions* 50.Dead at 17* 51.Deal, The* 52.Death of Indie Rock, The# 53.Dd, travers les brumes (Dd Through the Haze) 54.Degrassi: Spring Break Movie* 55.Demain (Sophie) 56.Dernier continent, Le (Mission Antarctique) (The Last Continent)# 57.Dserteur, Le (The Deserter) 58.Desperate Hours: An Amber Alert* 59.Dim Sum Funeral 60.Double Life of Eleanor Kendall, The (Mistaken)* 61.Down to the Dirt 62.Dr.Jeckyll and Mr.Hyde* 63.Eating Buccaneers 64.Edison and Leo@ 65.En plein coeur (Straight to the Heart) 66.te sans point, ni coup sr, Un (A No-Hit, No-Run Summer) (No Hits, No Runs) 67.Examined Life# 68.Fast Time (Every Second Counts)* 69.Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action# 70.Finn on the Fly 71.Flicker# 72.Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale 73.Girls Best Friend* 74.Good Witch, The* 75.Grande ourse--la cl des possibles (Master Key) 76.Gravy Train, The 77.Grindstone Road 78.Growing Op 79.Hank and Mike 80.Heaven on Earth 81.Her Only Child (Maternal Obsessions)* 82.How She Move 83.Ice Blues: The Donald Strachey Mystery, The * 84.In a World Created By a Drunken God* 85.In the Moment# 86.Inconceivable 87.Infected* 88.Iron Road* 89.Jack and Jill vs.the World 90.Jack Brooks, Monster Slayer 91.Jour avant le lendemain, Le (Before Tomorrow) 92.Journey to the Center of the Earth* 93.Just Business 94.Kaw* 95.Kill switch 96.Killers Freedom 97.King of the Camp 98.Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery 99.Know Your Mushrooms# 100.Last Hit Man, The 101.Lava Storm* 102.Left Coast* 103.Life Less Gone, A 104.Life of Eleanor Kendall, The* 105.Light Years Away 106.Ligne brise, La (The Broken Line) 107.Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story* 108.Lost Song 109.Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, The* 110.Love of Her Life, The* 111.Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict* 112.Love to Kill (Fatal Kiss)* 113.Magic Flute Diaries*

114.Mail Order Bride* 115.Marina Monster 116.Martyrs 117.Max Payne 118.Mayerthorpe (Menace)* 119.Me, Mom Dad and Her (Mom, Dad and Her )* 120.Mmoire des anges, La (The Memory of Angels)# 121.Mesrine: Public Enemy Number One 122.Moccasin Flats: Redemption* 123.Modern Love 124.Most Wonderful Time of Year, The* 125.Mulligans* 126.My Bloody Valentine (3D) 127.My Fair Eddie (Making Mr.Right)* 128.Never Cry Werewolf* 129.Never Forget 130.Nightmare at the End of the Hall (Room at the End of the Hall )* 131.Nothing Really Matters 132.Nurse.Fighter.Boy 133.NYC: Tornado Terror* 134.Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists* 135.Of Golf and God* 136.Of Murder and Memory* 137.Ogre* 138.Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, An* 139.On the Other Hand, Death* 140.One That Got Away, The (Gossip)* 141.One Week 142.Other Woman, The (Joy Fieldings The Other Woman)* 143.O vas-tu, Moshe? (Where Are You Going, Moishe?) 144.Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story* 145.Passchendaele 146.Past Lies* 147.Past Lives* 148.Perfect Assistant, The* 149.PoeLast Days of the Raven 150.Poison Ivy: The Secret Society* 151.Poker Night 152.Polytechnique (Polytechnical) 153.Pontypool 154.Premier jour du reste de ma vie, Le (The First Day of the Rest of My Life) 155.Princess* 156.Production Office 157.Prom Wars (Love Is a Battlefield) 158.Quality of LifeA Dominic Da Vinci Movie* 159.Quest for Samurai 160.Real Time 161.Reel Zombies 162.Restless 163.Ring, Le (The Ring) 164.RIPA Remix Manifesto# 165.Russell Girl, The* 166.S and M: Short and Male# 167.Saving God 168.Saving Luna (The Whale)# 169.Scourge 170.Sea Beast (Troglodyte)* 171.Secret Lives of Second Wives* 172.Secrets of the Summer House* 173.Serveuses demandes (Waitresses Wanted) 174.Sharp As Marbles 175.Sheltered Life 176.Shred 177.Six Reasons Why 178.Slap Shot 3: The Junior League 179.Smoke Jumper (Trial by Fire)* 180.Stargate Continuum*& 181.Stargate: The Ark of Truth* 182.Sticks and Stones* 183.Storm Cell* 184.Suck

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


185.Summer House (Secrets of the Summer House)* 186.Summerhood 187.Surviving Crooked Lake (Portage) 188.Swamp Devil* 189.Teachers Crime, A* 190.Tenth Circle, The* 191.Terrorist Next Door, The* 192.That One Night 193.Tkaronto 194.Toronto Stories 195.Tout est parfait (All Is Perfect) 196.Triage: Dr.James Orbinskis Humanitarian Dilemma# 197.Truffe (Fantasia) 198.Unquiet, The (Ghost Prison)* 199.Vampiro, Angel, Devil, Hero# 200.Very Merry Daughter of the Bride, A (Daughter of the Bride)* 201.Vipers* 202.Voices (A Near Death Experience)* 203.Watch, The* 204.Weird Sex and Snowshoes# 205.When Life Was Goo 206.While She Was Out 207.Whispers and Lies* 208.Who Named the Knife? (Murder and Memory)* 209.Will You Merry Me ?* 210.Wisegirl: A Love Story (Wisegal)* 211.Womans Rage, A (The Love of Her Life)* 212.Working Class Rock Star# 213.World According to Monsanto, The# 214.You Belong to Me*

1.1981 2.40 Is the New 20* 3.5150 Rue des Ormes (5150 Elms Way) 4. louest de Pluton (West of Pluto) 5. vos marques...party! 2 (Taking the Plunge 2) 6.Acceptance* 7.Accidental Friendship* 8.Ache, The 9.Acolyte, L (The Back-Up Man) 10.All Fall Down 11.Anvil: The Story of Anvil# 12.Autumn* 13.Baby Formula, The 14.Ballet High* 15.Before You Say I Do* 16.Beginners Guide to Endings, A 17.Bend and Break* 18.Beyond Gay# 19.Beyond Sherwood Forest* 20.Bikini Girls on Ice* 21.Black Field 22.Black Rain* 23.Blue Seduction* 24.Blueprint* 25.Bonheur de Pierre, Le (Pierres Happiness) 26.Bookys Crush* 27.Building, The* 28.Cadavres (Corpses) 29.Cairo Time 30.Capitalisme sentimental, Un (A Sentimental Capitalism) 31.Carcasses 32.Cargo pour lAfrique, Un (A Cargo to Africa) 33.Chloe 34.Christmas Crash, The 35.Christmas in Canaan* 36.Come Dance at My Wedding* 37.Cooking With Stella 38.Courage* 39.Crackie

40.Crawler* 41.Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly (The Return of Alex Kelly)* 42.Cry of the Owl, The* 43.Damage* 44.Dames en Bleu, Les (The Ladies in Blue) 45.Dancing in the Flames 46.Dancing Trees 47.Date With Fear, A* 48.De pre en flic (Fathers and Guns) 49.Dear Prudence* 50.Death Warrior 51.Defendor 52.Demain (Sophie) 53.Dernire fugue, La ( The Last Blackout) 54.Derrire-moi (Behind Me) 55.Desperate Escape* 56.Dtour (Detour) 57.Devils Ground, The (The Cycle) 58.Diverted* 59.Do No Harm* 60.Do You Know Me?* 61.Doigts croches, Les (Crooked Fingers) 62.Dolans Cadillac 63.Dont You Forget About Me* 64.Donation, La (The Legacy) 65.Encounter With Danger (Resistance)* 66.Excited 67.Fear Island* 68.Fifty Dead Men Walking 69.Final Verdict* 70.Fireball* 71.Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger, The* 72.Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould# 73.Gooby@ 74.Good Times Are Killing Me, The* 75.Good Witch, The: Magic Never Fades* 76.Grandes chaleurs, Les (Heat Waves) 77.Guinea Pigs 78.Gun to the Head, A 79.Hardwired 80.Held Hostage* 81.Helen 82.Hellhounds* 83.Hidden Crimes* 84.High Life 85.High Plains Invaders* 86.Hostile Makeover* 87.House 88.Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel# 89.Hungry Hills (George Rygas Hungry Hills) 90.Icarus* 91.Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus, The 92.Insignifant Harvey, An (The Insignificance of Harvey) 93.Jai tu ma mre (I Killed My Mother) 94.Jazzman, The 95.Je me souviens (I Remember) 96.Je suis heureux que ma mre soit vivante (Im Happy My Mother Is Alive) 97.Jews and Baseball# 98.Journal dAurlie Laflamme, Le (Aurlies Diary) 99.Kick Me Down 100.Killer Hair* 101.Killing Boys, The 102.Kissed By Lightning* 103.Last Train Home# 104.Let Him Be 105.Living Out Loud* 106.Looking for Anne 107.Love and Savagery 108.Lovers in a Dangerous Time 109.Machotaildrop

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


110.Malibu Shark Attack* 111.Messages Deleted 112.Mothers and Daughters 113.Nannys Secret, A (My Nannys Secret)* 114.National Tree, The* 115.Neighbours Secret, A* 116.Nomie, le secret (Nomies Secret) 117.Northern Lights* 118.Oliver Sherman 119.Only 120.Orphan 121.Out of Control* 122.Paradise City (Degrassi Goes Hollywood)* 123.Passenger Side 124.Pieds dans le vide, Les (Feet First Into Nothing) 125.Polar Storm* 126.Pour toujours, les Canadiens (The Canadiens, Forever) 127.Prom Night in Mississippi# 128.Pros and Cons 129.Puck Hogs* 130.Recon 2023: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy 131.Reverse Angle* 132.Ring of Deceit* 133.Rise of the Gargoyles* 134.Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae# 135.RushBeyond the Lighted Stage# 136.Sand Serpents* 137.Santa Baby 2* 138.Score: A Hockey Musical 139.Screamers 2: The Hunting* 140.Shine of Rainbows, A 141.Shortcut, The 142.Shred II (Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts) 143.Sisters Revenge, A (A Sisters Secret)* 144.Skidlove 145.Small Town Murder Scenes 146.Smash Cut 147.Something Evil Comes (Death Among Friends)* 148.Stranger With My Face* 149.Stripped Naked 150.Summers Blood (Summers Moon) 151.Survival of the Dead 152.Sweet Karma 153.Taken in Broad Daylight* 154.Taking a Chance on Love* 155.Thaw, The 156.TImekeeper, The 157.Too Late to Say Goodbye* 158.Tornado Valley (Twister Valley)* 159.Touch of Grey 160.Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day 161.Trust* 162.Turbid 163.Underdogs: Born to Lose 164.Unstable* 165.Victoria Day 166.Wake, A 167.Walled In 168.Water Life# 169.Web of Desire* 170.Web of Lies* 171.What Colour Is Love? (Playing for Keeps)* 172.What Goes Up 173.When We Were Boys# 174.Wild Cherry 175.Working on the Edge (Deadliest Sea)* 176.Wyvern* 177.Year of the Carnivore 178.You Might as Well Live 179.Zooey and Adam

1.10 2.16 Wishes* 3.19th Wife, The* 4.2 Frogs dans louest (Two Frenchies in the West) 5. lorigine dun cri (Crying Out) 6.Act of Dishonour 7.Afghan Luke (Afghan Luke and the Burgundy of Hash) 8.Altitude 9.Amazon Falls 10.American Sunset* 11.Amours imaginaires, Les (Heartbeats) 12.Appt, L (The Bait) 13.Arctic Blast 14.At Home By Myself...With You 15.Aventures extraordinaires dAdle blanc-sec, Les (Adles Excellent Aventures) 16.Baiser du barbu, Le (Face Time) 17.Barneys Version 18.Battle of the Bulbs* 19.Billy Bishop Goes to War# 20.Bloodrayne: The Third Reich 21.Boy She Met Online, The* 22.Burning Daylight 23.Cabotins (Ham) 24.Call Me Mrs.Miracle* 25.Cancel Christmas* 26.Casino Jack 27.Cell 213 28.Cit, La (The City) 29.Client List, The* 30.Con Artist, The 31.Concrete Canyons* 32.Confined 33.Coopers Camera 34.Corridor, The 35.Cutting Edge, The: Fire and Ice* 36.Daydream Nation 37.Dead Genesis 38.Dead lines* 39.Dear Mr.Gacy* 40.Death of Alice Blue, The 41.Dogfather, The 42.Donkey 43.Double Wedding* 44.Drummers Dream, A# 45.Elopement* 46.En terrains connus (Familiar Grounds) 47.Enfant prodige, L (The Prodigy Son) 48.Everywhere 49.Fairfield Road* 50.Faith, Fraud and Minimum Wage 51.Fakers* 52.Family Gathering (You Lucky Dog)* 53.Family Thanksgiving, A* 54.Filire 13 (File 13) 55.Final Storm, The 56.First Dog 57.Flesh Offering, A 58.Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie# 59.Freshman Father* 60.Front, The* 61.Fubar II 62.Gangster Exchange 63.Goblin* 64.Good Witchs Gift, The (The Good Witchs Wedding)* 65.Gravy Train 66.Growing the Big One* 67.Grown-Up Movie Star 68.Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido 69.Gunless

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


70.Hard Ride to Hell 71.Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars* 72.Heart Doomsday 73.High Cost of Living, The 74.High Life 75.Hobo with a Shotgun 76.Hunt to Kill 77.Ice Castles* 78.Ice Quake* 79.If a Tree Falls 80.Incendies 81.Jensen Project, The* 82.Kate Logan Affair, The* 83.Lance et compte (He Shoots, He Scores!) 84.Land# 85.Last Rites of Ransom Pride, The* 86.Leslie, My Name Is Evil 87.Lies Between Friends* 88.Lois Wilson Story, The: When Love Is Not Enough* 89.Long Pigs 90.Look Again* 91.Lost Journey 92.Lullaby for Pi 93.Lying to Be Perfect* 94.Made: The Movie* 95.Malls R Us# 96.Merlin and the Book of Beasts* 97.Modra 98.Mr.Nobody 99.My Babysitters a Vampire* 100.My Familys Secret* 101.Neverlost 102.Nexus 103.Night Before the Night Before Christmas, The* 104.Nostrum (Psychotica) 105.Off World 106.Old-Fashioned Christmas, An* 107.One Angry Juror* 108.Perfect Plan* 109.Perfect Teacher, The* 110.Pharmacist, The 111.Pich, entre le ciel et la terre (Pich, Between Heaven and Earth) 112.Poil de la bte, Le (The Night of the Wolf) 113.Real Injun# 114.Red: Werewolf Hunter* 115.Resident Evil: Afterlife 116.Rest of My Life, The (Degrassi Takes Manhattan)* 117.Reste avec moi (Stay With Me) 118.Reviving Ophelia* 119.Riverworld* 120.Ron Hynes: Man of a Thousand Songs# 121.Route 132 122.Santa Suit* 123.Saving Grace 124.Second Chances (Lesson of Fear)* 125.Secrets of the Mountain (The Mountain)* 126.Seduced By Lies* 127.Sept jours du talion, Les (Seven Days) 128.Shadow Island Mysteries (The Last Christmas)* 129.Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One (Wedding for One )* 130.Shrine, The 131.Signes vitaux (Vital Signs) 132.Sins of the Mother* 133.Smoke Screen (Santa Browns Smoke Screen)* 134.Snow & Ashes (Til Snow Turns to Ashes) 135.Socalled Movie, The# 136.Sortie 67 (Gangsterland) 137.Sounds Like a Revolution# 138.Splice 139.Stained

140.Stealing Paradise* 141.Stepson, The* 142.Stonehenge Apocalypse* 143.Sun Goddess 144.Sure Shot Drumbowski 2: The Coaching Years* 145.Territories 146.Thirst* 147.This Movie Is Broken 148.Thorne: Scaredy Cat 149.Thorne: Sleepy Head 150.Ties That Bind* 151.Tortured, The 152.Town Christmas Forgot, The* 153.Trace of Danger, A* 154.Trader Games (Krach) 155.Transparency 156.Traveler, The 157.Trigger 158.Triple Dog 159.Triumph of Dingus McGraw: Village Idiot 160.Trotsky, The 161.Turn the Beat Around* 162.TutuMuch# 163.Unrivaled (King of the Cage ) 164.Vacation With Derek* 165.Wandering Eye* 166.Webdultery 167.What Would Jesus Do? 168.Whirligig 169.Wild Girl, The* 170.Wild Hunt, The 171.Writer on the Table# 172.Yen aura pas de facile (Tough Luck) 173.Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, The 174.You Dont Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo#

1.388 Arletta Avenue 2.And Baby Will Fall* 3.Angle mort (Blind Side) 4.Another Mans Wife* 5.Back to the Sea@ 6.Bang Bang Club, The 7.Barrymore# 8.Beat the World 9.Beauty Day# 10.Befriend and Betray* 11.Behemoth* 12.Bend, The 13.Blood of Pegasus, The* 14.Bong of the Dead 15.Bonheur des autres, Le (The Happiness of Others) 16.Borderline Murder* 17.Bouteille dans la mer de Gaza,.Une (A Bottle in the Gaza Sea) 18.Breakaway (The Speedy Singhs) 19.Bringing Ashley Home* 20.Bumrush 21.Burden of Evil* 22.Cafe de Flore 23.Case for Christmas, The* 24.Change of Plans* 25.Charlie Zone 26.Chasing Madoff# 27.Christmas Lodge* 28.Christmas Magic* 29.Cloudburst 30.Cold Blooded 31.Collapsed, The 32.Collision Earth* 33.Committed* 34.Coteau rouge (Red Hillside) 35.Crash Site (A Family Again)*

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie


36.Crisis Point* 37.Curling 38.Cyberbully* 39.Dangerous Method, A 40.Dead Dreams 41.Dead Hooker in a Trunk 42.Deadly Hope* 43.Dear Santa* 44.Die (Six) 45.Donor, The (The Clinic) (Final Sale) 46.Donovans Echo 47.Doomsday Prophecy* 48.Doppel-Gnger Paul 49.Down the Road Again 50.Duke* 51.Earths Final Hours* 52.Eco-Pirates: The Story of Paul Watson# 53.Ecstasy 54.Edge of the Garden, The* 55.Edwin Boyd (Citizen Gangster) 56.Entitled 57.Exposed* 58.Faces in the Crowd 59.Falardeau# 60.Fatal Performance (Alibi)* 61.Fish Story, A 62.French Immersion 63.French Kiss 64.Frisson des collines (Mountain Chills) 65.Funkytown 66.Future Is Now, The# 67.Gerry 68.Ghost Storm* 69.Girl Fight* 70.Girl in the White Coat, The 71.Good Neighbours 72.Goon 73.Gretl: Witch Hunter* 74.Hard Core Logo II 75.He Loves Me* 76.Hunt for the I-5 Killer, The* 77.i am a good person/i am a bad person 78.I Hate Toronto: A Love Story 79.Im Yours 80.In Darkness 81.Inside Lara Roxxx# 82.Jack of Diamonds* 83.John A: Birth of a Country* 84.Keyhole 85.Knockout (The Knockout Kid) 86.Little Bit Zombie, A 87.Lucidit passagre (A Moment of Lucidity) 88.Magic Beyond Words: The J.K.Rowlings Story* 89.Maiden Danced to Death, The 90.Marcages (Wetlands) 91.Matter of Justice 92.Metal Shifters (Iron Golem)* 149.Truth, The 150.Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project# 151.Untitled Work of Paul Shepard, The 152.Vendeur, Le (The Salesman) 153.Vrit, La (The Truth) 154.Vie meilleure, Une (A Better Life) 155.Vie qui commence, Une (A Life Begins) 156.Virtual Lies (Cyber Seduction)* 157.Whistleblower, The 158.Who Is Simon Miller?* 159.Wiebos War# 160.Winnie 161.Woodcarver, The

93.Metal Tornado* 94.Mile in His Shoes, A* 95.Million Colours, A 96.Mistletoe Over Manhattan* 97.Monsieur Lazhar 98.Moon Point 99.Moth Diaries, The 100.Mountie, The 101.MulroneyThe Opera# 102.Music From the Big House# 103.My Mothers Secret (Blood)* 104.My Perestroika# 105.No Surrender* 106.Nuit#1 107.Odds, The 108.Past Obsessions* 109.Pastors Wife, The* 110.Peeper 111.Perfect Roommate, The* 112.Peur de leau, La (Fear of Water) 113.Phase One (Bloodwork) 114.Pink Ribbons, Inc.# 115.Possessing Piper Rose* 116.Pour lamour de Dieu (For the Love of God) 117.Prodigies, The@ 118.Reel Love* 119.Repeaters 120.Rosedale 121.Run, La (The Run) 122.Running Mates 123.Sacre, La 124.Sacrifice 125.Secrets from Her Past* 126.Seeds of Destruction (Garden of Evil)* 127.Sens de lhumour, Le (A Sense of Humour) 128.Servitude 129.Silent But Deadly 130.Sisters & Brothers 131.Snow 132.Snowglobe Christmas (Snowmageddon)* 133.Son of the Sunshine 134.Space Storm (Space Twister) (Mega Cyclone)* 135.Starbuck 136.Stay With Me* 137.Sur le rythme (On the Beat) 138.Sure Shot Drombowski 3: Moving On Up the GMs Office* 139.Surviving Progress# 140.Tactical Force 141.Take This Waltz 142.Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story* 143.Textuality 144.Three Weeks, Three Kids* 145.Time After Time* 146.To the Mat* 147.Trading Christmas* 148.Truth Below, The

NB Symbols used throughout : @=animated feature; #=documentary feature; *=made-for-television movie