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REFLECTION BY : Nurrmelda Binti Patric Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah S.W.

T for giving me good health and safety until I can finished this project with my group member. For Mathematics 2 MT1312P4 subject, we were given a project and the topics is Curves in nature. During this project, I gain more experience and knowledge. I learned how to relate curves and nature. Besides that, I also discovered that mathematics is around us and there was a lot of application of mathematics in our life. Moreover, by doing this project, I got a lot of information about curves. As an ordinary person, of course, my groups member and I faced some problems. The first problem is that, my group do not had enough time. Besides this subject, other subjects also required us to do coursework. The second problem is about myself. It was quiet harder for me to follow the dance steps because I am not good in dancing. I have tried my best in the dancing. Besides that, I discovered that it was little difficult to search the picture of nature that we need to complete this project. The next one is about our group discussion. My group members and I have our own assignment and coursework. This cause some difficulty for us to find the suitable time to make discussion about this coursework. Eventhough we can separate the work, but discussion between all of us are still important. I am so thankful to my group members for their cooperation. Although we had faced many obstacles in completing this coursework, we felt satisfied and really thankful. I feel very relief and happy when we had finish this task. We hope this coursework will satisfied our lecturer. some courseworks. Unfortunately, we were failed to organise a smart timetable to finish all the the

REFLECTION By : Nor Atirah Bt Ahmad

Firstly, I want to thank to God because give me opportunity to finish this task. Then, thank to my lecturer, Madam Hajah Rohaya Bt. Hj Yusoff for giving me light explanation and how to do this project. Without her explanation, I cannot complete this task. My group was so cooperate in doing this task. They gave a lot of ideas to complete this task. My group always do discussion to discuss about this project. From the discussion, I get some guide to do this project. I am very happy when doing this project work mathematics because from that I can saw beautiful nature and I get more picture from that. Eventhough it was a little harder for me to take a picture for each graph, but I found it was so interesting. When doing this task, I get a lot of new knowledge. I get knowledge about how to relate a nature with mathematical concept. All around us is related to Mathematics. For example, pattern of a nature is can be related with the pattern of graph.