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iProcurement Setups [not BR100]

Written by Anil Passi Sunday, 26 November 2006

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This is not a comprehensive BR100, but this article will give you an outline of the steps to implement Oracle iProcurement using Punchouts.

I will try to cover as many steps for full cycle iProcurement implementation using Punchouts. This is due to email requests & the comment requests that I received to write something on iProcurement implementation. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]--> What is a punchout? In your iProcurement homepage, your suppliers can raise requisition to buy items like stationary. By punchout, we integrate iProcurement with Suppliers website. From a users perspective below steps take place:1. Buyer logs into iProcurement Homepage 2. Buyer then sees various suppliers for which punchouts are enabled [depending on their security via realm & secured attributes] 3. Buyer clicks on a stationary supplier and browser displays suppliers website.
4. Buyer selects the items on supplier website and adds them to his cart. 5. Buyer checks out the basket from Suppliers iStore [website]

6. The items selected are brought in as Shopping Basket in iProcurement 7. Requisition is created in iProcurement and sent for Approval [can be auto approved]. Typical iProcurement Steps [assuming no encumbrances setup] a. Create Requisition b. Approve Requisition c. Auto-create & auto-approve Purchase Orders for approved requisitions. d. Send PO XML to Supplier [if approver is setup as trading partner for XML PO] e. Create receipts for goods [optional depending on setup] -----Other non iProc steps---f. Supplier sends Invoice electronically [posts to your XML Gateway electronically] g. Invoice is Matched, Approved & Paid <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]-->
Account Generation for iProcurement Requisition Decide the rules for your account generation. For this you will need to customize PO Requisition Account Generator. For details of account generator implementation visit link Account Generation using Workflow . You may also visit Rebuilding Generated Account in iProcurement 11.5.10 using OA Framework

PO Create Documents Workflow In iProc you create Requisitions, which then get converted to a Purchase Order using workflow PO Create Documents. In this workflow, you must examine & modify the default values of following attributes[sample defaults values listed below]:Is Automatic Creation Allowed -- Y Should PO be created from iProc requisition without user intervention.