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MM-FI integration in PO for handling Down Payments in SAP

There are new functionalities introduced by SAP from Ehp4 onwards in MM Purchase Order. Down Payments: User can choose to enter the DP amount or % along with the due date for the payment. Once the PO is released, the PO can be further processed for the payment of DP w.r.t PO using a separate report, which shows the DP against PO. The FI user can choose to change the due date or amount, then further process the payment from the same report itself. This functionality eliminates the manual adv. payment request or F-47/F-48transactions in SAP, which are in isolation to PO. This functionality eliminates the manual entries for Retention amount and helps tracking the retention money vendor wise using a separate Special G/L indicator H. Step1: Activate the business function: LOG_MMFI_P2P (Note: its BASIS activity) Transaction code: SFW5

Activate the business function. Step2: Create PO. Transaction ME21N

Down payment can be mentioned at Header level or at item level as needed. As of now header level DP is not fully supported, hence I am illustrating Item level DP processing.

There are 2 types of down payment categories: a) Mandatory Down Payment As per negotiation, down payment is must for this transaction b) Voluntary Down Payment Company is willing to pay down payment without any request from vendor Select Option Mandatory Down Payment. (Note: this has no impact / control on any other transaction; its only a classification of the down payment for the reporting)

Check and Save the document.

Release the PO: ME29N Step3: Go to the report Down payment monitoring for PO TCode: ME2DP This Transaction is used by FI team for monitoring and processing the DP

Use can choose the different type of selection conditions as needed.

System displays the list of PO which contains the Down payment request in PO header or item level.

Indicates DP is not yet processed indicates DP is processed and payment made Indicates DP is at header level Select the required PO for processing further.

User can choose the required options

Save the document once Simulated.

Come back and check the status