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1. I, Andre-Troy: Moore, Agent for the SECURED PARTY do hereby place My autograph upon: the Declaration of Independence of 1776 as is stated verbatim, the Republic New York Patents from 1776 to present as is stated verbatim or any open land as is stated verbatim. Specifically, any land herein described including but not limited to ground (dirt, roads, streets, towns), water (sea, lake, river, pond, ocean, well, streams), Air, Realty (buildings, Houses purchased in the Debtors name located in California or in any other State unbeknownst to Secured Party depicted in Credit reports) . 2. Biological Material and Information; ALL finger prints, foot prints, palm prints, thumb prints, RNA materials, DNA materials, blood and blood fraction, biopsies, surgically removed tissue, body parts, organs, hair, teeth, nails (toe nails-finger nails),semen, urine, saliva, and all other body fluids and matter, Voice prints retina image and the description thereof and all other corporate identification belonging to the Secured Party and Debtor. 3. All tangible property confiscated by Government Officials in any proceeding alleged to be criminal in nature compelling Secured Party under duress into illegal contracts and proceedings by way of fraud acting outside of their capacity coaxing Secure Party to enter into a non-disclosed contract for their benefit to wit; US Marshalls, DEA, NYPD, Kings County District Attorney, Suffolk County Police Department and the Suffolks County District Attorney. 4. All signatures on all contracts, agreements, unilateral contracts and licenses predicated on the Fiction ANDRE TROY MOORE and/or the Social Security Number (SSN) 060-58-0665 or the Employer Identification Number (EIN) 060580665 of said fiction.3. Declaration of Birth: Andre-Troy: Moore, a living soul, born upon the land New York, Kings County, Brooklyn, New York, 08 June 1975. 5. Power of Attorney from SECURED PARTY, ANDRE TROY MOORE to Agent. Andre-Troy: Moore. 6.Trademark/Copyright on the SECURED PARTY'S name. 7. Security Agreement with the number ATM060875SA by and between SECURED PARTY, ANDRE TROY MOORE and Agent, Andre-Troy: Moore. 8. Declaration of Peace to end the United States Civil War of 1861 to 1865, the Trading With the Enemys Act of March 9, 1933 and any other hostilities that may exist between the UNITED STATES and the people of New York (Andre-Troy: Moore being one of the people of New York) from August, 1776 until present.

9. The Agent, Andre-Troy: Moore, hereby claims all interest and production of any and all charges including but not limited to: KINGS COUNTY, NEW YORK STATE Indictment No. 7461(and its derivatives) The Agent, Andre-troy: Moore, a living soul, hereby secures and claims all rights, interest and title in ALL hospital, city, county, state, federal and international birth certificates; and the pledge represented by same, but not limited to pignus, hypotheca, hereditaments, res, the energy and product derived therefrom, including but NOT limited to the fictions or corporations: (DEANDRE AMARI MOORE and any derivatives thereof with the SSN 102-02-0698 and all documents and/or instruments created using said SSN and all proceeds thereof, and with the FEIN 102020698 and all documents and/or instruments created using said FEIN and all proceeds thereof ;etc.) 10. The Agent, Andre-Troy: Moore, hereby claims all personal property including, but NOT limited to: any and all stocks and bonds purchased by the fiction ANDRE TROY MOORE ,or any derivatives thereof; NEW YORK Driver's License with the Number 582-020-424; all bank, credit union, savings and loan or other financial service accounts of the fiction ANDRE TROY MOORE, or any; derivatives thereof; BANK OF UCC Financing Statement Addendum page 1 of 2 for SECURED PARTY, ANDRE TROY MOORE With the copy-claim by the Andre-Troy: Moore ; In the event of the death of the SECURED PARTY or the Agent for the SECURED PARTY for any reason (other than natural causes) such as murder, coveting or any cause of a questionable nature, an insurance policy is hereby established in the amount of three (3) times the national debt of the UNITED STATES and payable to every living soul within the boundaries of the fifty (50) American states. SECURED PARTY is a transmitting utility.

.UCC Financing Statement Addendum page 2 of 2 for SECURED PARTY, ANDRE TROY MOORE With the copy-claim by the Andre-Troy: Moore