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Winter 2011/12 edition of the customer magazine from ABB Consulting

Life extension studies

Dont ignore your first line of defence 03 Alarm management and how ABB can help improve it Asset life extension 04 Asset life studies on Maersk FPSOs Retrospective HAZOPs 06 HAZOP technique applied to existing facility at BP CATS Prestigious health and safety prize win 08 ABB, Esso and suppliers team wins RoSPA Gold Award


Peter Hunt Business Development Director ABB Consulting Maersk Curlew FPSO 04.



BP CATS Terminal 06.

Looking ahead...
Welcome to the second edition of the new format Solutions newsletter. This edition includes articles from pharmaceutical, chemical and oil & gas companies with process safety, asset ageing and integrity being key themes. Two of our articles, PTT and Springfield Fuels, focus on technical training and competency where ABB Consulting continues to see a high demand from our customers. During 2011 well over 2000 delegates attended ABBs lunchtime talks, seminars, training courses, conferences and webinars. We also provided an increased amount of bespoke training at customer sites / offices. We continue to develop this offer with lunchtime talks now running in Yorkshire in addition to those in Humberside, the North East, the North West, Aberdeen and Grangemouth. We have also increased the number of our IChemE approved courses and our Pressure Relief training course is now running in Singapore and Australia. Best wishes for 2012 to all of our readers.


Shasun Pharma Solutions 08.

Hot topic update

3 Dont ignore your first line of defence

Feature articles
4  Asset life extension Asset life studies on Maersk FPSOs 6 Retrospective HAZOPs HAZOP technique applied to existing facility at BP CATS Pressure systems training ABB deliver training for Springfield Fuels Ltd 8  Prestigious health and safety prize win Project team wins RoSPA Gold Award Ageing plant assessment  Management of ageing assets at Shasun 12 Continued support to PTT  Continued Technical Due Diligence training for PTT

Conferences and events

9 Conferences Recent conferences ABB have sponsored, exhibited at or attended 10 Events / training Recent events or training courses ABB have attended

ABB solutions winter 2011 Customer magazine from ABB Consulting Copyright 2011 If you have any comments or feedback please contact Graeme Collings - graeme.collings@gb.abb.com ABB Consulting, Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4BT, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1925 741111 E-mail: contact@gb.abb.com Follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/ABBCONSULTINGUK

ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12


Hot topic updates

Typical alarms system.

Dont ignore your first line of defence

In principle, modern alarm systems provide process operators with an essential tool in managing plant operations and minimising unplanned abnormal events, such as plant outage or equipment damage. In the multiple lines of defence of any process plant, they provide an invaluable layer of protection, combining the flexibility and adaptability of the plant operator with the power of technology. However in practice, poor initial design and lack of effective alarm management have resulted in alarm systems that are not fit for purpose. In many cases the system ceases to be a decision support tool and becomes a noisy distraction to be ignored, or in the worst case, may distract or confuse the operator and compromise his response to an abnormal situation. Over the years, the most extreme cases of this have led to a number of incidents in which poor alarm management has been seen as a key contributing factor e.g. Texaco Milford Haven, BP Texas City and Three Mile Island. Good alarm management not only reduces the risk of a major plant incident by enabling good decision making in complex and stressful situations, but also brings a host of other benefits: Increased production and equipment availability Reduced equipment maintenance costs Smoother run ups / run downs Reduced outage for maintenance Reduced equipment damage Reduced demand on protective systems Lower risk of incidents with serious safety, environmental or financial consequences Realising that you have a problem with your alarm system may be the first step to achieving these benefits. An alarm review will establish compliance with recognised good practice such as the EEMUA 191 guideline and ISA 18.02 standard. It provides a where are we now analysis and represents the benchmark phase of a total alarm management initiative. Although it is effective as a standalone exercise it can also serve as the first step in a larger alarm improvement programme, which should comprise the following elements: Integration of alarm management principles into new projects and plant modifications Improvement project to remediate alarm issues on existing systems Establishing a framework for ongoing alarm management Building a team with clear responsibility and motivation to deliver and maintain an effective alarm management system and the associated benefits Companies that treat their alarm system as a key production asset; seeing the need for ongoing management to identify any problems and working to continuously improve their system are on the journey to improve. ABB Consulting has significant history of successful alarm improvement projects based on our experience and a broad range of professional skills.


ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12

Feature articles

Asset life extension

Maersk FPSOs develop, build, install and operate Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs) tailored for oil production in demanding environments.
hese vessels are among the most technically complex vessels in the world, and Maersk FPSO is a supplier to some of worlds leading energy companies. Maersk FPSO recently commissioned ABB Consulting to undertake three separate projects in relation to ageing and life extension. The first project was for the Curlew Field, which is developed via subsea facilities feeding into an FPSO owned by Maersk FPSO. The field partners are Shell (50%) and Esso (50%), with Shell as the operator. As part of an internal Curlew Status Review project, ABB were asked to undertake a study to identify the major issues and areas of capital expenditure required in order to extend the life of the FPSO through to 2019. The study was focused on the topsides pressure systems, rotating equipment and fire protection safety systems. The study involved an initial workshop with key operations and maintenance personnel to identify the scope of the study and understand existing life limiting issues. This was followed by a structured review of the original design data for the systems as well as the operational
4 ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12

history, inspection reports and maintenance records. This allowed the multidiscipline ABB team to identify the life limiting issues, quantify the risk in terms of health, safety, environment, reputation and production as well as develop pragmatic recommendations to eliminate the issues or reduce the risks. The cost for individual recommendations was then estimated, together with proposed implementation dates. This facilitated the development of an expenditure profile for the asset through to the revised cessation of production date. The second project was also for the Curlew Field and involved undertaking an audit of the integrity management systems associated with ageing and life extension ahead of a forthcoming Key Programme 4 (KP4) audit by the Health & Safety Executive. This audit involved on site structured discussions with the main operations staff and main engineering disciplines together with a review of sample documentation across the five principal elements of the KP4 audit programme. The third project was for the North Sea Producer FPSO which is currently
Maersk Curlew FPSO.

located on the MacCulloch Field and is operated by ConocoPhillips. This project involved the design and facilitation of a one day workshop to identify potential gaps in the integrity management systems associated with ageing and life extension ahead of a forthcoming KP4 audit by the Health & Safety Executive. The output from this workshop was then used to develop an improvement roadmap. All three projects were completed in a short time frame to the overall satisfaction of the client.


Feature articles

Maersk FPSOs

ABBs Asset Integrity Management team carried out an Asset Life Strategy Review and a KP4 gap analysis audit for our unit Maersk Curlew. Both studies were carried out on time and to the approved budget and we were satisfied with the reports produced as the final outcome of the studies.
Niels Poulsen, Mechanical Engineer, Maersk FPSOs.

Iain Wright Principal Consultant ABB Consulting

Maersk FPSOs contributes to global energy supply by delivering safe and reliable floating oil and gas production services. Maersk FPSOs develop, build, install and operate FPSOs (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading units) tailored for oil production in demanding environments. FPSOs are among the most technically complex vessels in the world, and Maersk FPSOs is a proud supplier to some of worlds leading energy companies.


ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12

Feature articles

BP CATS Terminal, Teesside, UK.


Retrospective HAZOPs
The HAZOP technique has been in use for many years and has proven to be an excellent tool to help identify process hazards, allow companies to control major accident risks and prevent operability issues.

ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12


Feature articles
The technique has traditionally been applied during projects and modifications. However, an increasing use of the HAZOP technique is to apply it in a retrospective manner to existing facilities and not only on new projects or for modifications. BP require HAZOPs to be conducted on their existing assets in order to ensure that they are operated to the highest safety standards. ABB Consulting were approached by personnel at the BP CATS gas terminal to conduct a retrospective HAZOP. This involved utilising an experienced HAZOP leader and scribe from ABB, BP process and mechanical engineers, senior operators and other specialist disciplines. The study was conducted over a number of months utilising a highly structured approach to HAZOPs. BP have set new, higher standards for conducting HAZOPs. HAZOP is a rigorous, searching technique and when applied utilising a multi-disciplined team can help identify many issues that the original designers may have overlooked. Similarly, personnel who have operated and maintained such processes can highlight problems they have faced during day to day operations. Many recommendations are generated from such an in depth, critical review of production facilities. The recommendations are aimed at continually reducing risks to as low as reasonably practicable levels such that incidents are prevented and companies continue to operate successfully. The partnership between ABB skilled HAZOP resources and BPs experienced operations personnel can yield significant business benefits for successful continued operation. A retrospective HAZOP provides BP with a new baseline study which can further be used and kept evergreen, as future process improvements are identified and subjected to the HAZOP methodology. The HAZOP report thereby becomes a living document that reflects current understanding of hazards and risks. ABB is now supporting BP CATS in the close out of the actions. This is a prioritised programme of work to ensure that the risk reduction benefits of the HAZOPs are fully realised in a timely manner.

BP is one of the worlds leading international oil and gas companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items. CATS is the Central Area Transmission System, which delivers 20% of the UKs gas through a 404 kilometre (223 mile) pipeline from the Central North Sea to the CATS processing Terminal in Teesside on the North East coast of England, UK.

Pressure systems training

Springfields Fuels Ltd (SFL) manage the integrity of their process plant using a risk based approach. This requires a consistent and appropriate level of technical competence relating to design features, legislative compliance, modes of deterioration, fitness for service and other key aspects of equipment integrity. In setting up a Skills Development Programme, SFL recognised that the technical and professional development of their professional engineers is particularly important to the success of the business. The company identified a need to develop their Responsible Engineers at their site near Preston with a wider and deeper knowledge on legislative compliance relevant to SFL areas of operation, particularly in relation to National and International codes in such areas as pressure systems, piping integrity and management of deterioration. SFL required a focussed technical training programme to be delivered by experts in the necessary technical areas. They recognised ABBs technical

expertise and long-standing experience of developing and delivering technical training. SFL commissioned a series of three two-day training courses covering pressure equipment integrity. This tailored training programme will be followed by appropriate hands-on experience, coaching and mentoring to support and embed the learning. This training will also form the basis of development of new engineers.

Springfield Fuels Ltd Preston site.

By working with the consultants at ABB we were able to tailor the course content to meet the specific needs of our business. I have received many positive comments from the engineers who attended the three two day courses, and as an engineering community we have benefited greatly from the training.
Mark Britt, Inspection Group Manager, SFL
Springfields, near Preston, has provided nuclear fuel fabrication services since the mid1940s in fact it was the first plant in the world to produce fuel for a commercial power station. On 1 April 2010 Westinghouse entered into an agreement with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) for a long-term lease of the Springfields site, which transferred responsibility for the commercial fuel manufacturing business and Springfields Fuels Limited to Westinghouse.

ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12

Feature articles

Prestigious health and safety prize win

ABB Consultings demolition and remediation team have won a top safety certificate awarded by the countrys Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the rigorous safety management standards applied in 2010 to one of many projects undertaken by the group. The joint ABB / Esso demolition and remediation project team have been awarded the RoSPA Gold for the fourth year running and the 7th RoSPA award in total. This is recognised as a fantastic achievement by the project team who are setting the industry standard for safe demolition and remediation projects, through their leadership, dedication and commitment to delivering health and safety excellence. The work associated with the award winning project is predominantly located within complex city centre environments, where reducing petrol retail margins and rising land prices have made the sale of land financially attractive. To enable the land to be sold, it needs to be remediated to eliminate

The Team members of the ABB, Esso and suppliers senior managers.

RoSPA firmly believes that organisations that have demonstrated their commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention deserve recognition. ABB / Esso demolition and remediation projects has shown that it is committed to striving for such continuous improvement and we are delighted to honour it through the presentation of an award.
David Rawlins, RoSPA Awards Manager

any potential historical legacy issues. In delivering the project, ABB has overall responsibility for decommissioning, CDM coordination, land remediation

and project management. ABB applied their five stage demolition methodology to the project to offer Esso a safe, cost effective and complete solution.

Ageing plant assessment

The integrity management of ageing plant has become a key issue for much of the process industry in the UK, as an increasing number of assets are operated beyond their original design life. The leadership team at Shasun Pharma Solutions Cramlington site are developing and implementing a proactive and consistent approach to the management of ageing assets. In support of this initiative, ABB Consulting were engaged to carry out an ageing plant health check for the site. The health check consisted of an audit and a criticality analysis. The audit included a review of the current asset integrity management systems and an assessment of the vulnerability of the sites assets to ageing. The criticality analysis took into consideration both the findings from the audit and the Health, Safety, Environmental and production consequences of equipment failure. The study highlighted that the site management team already have in place a number of effective systems and policies for the management of ageing
Shasun Pharma Solutions is the vertically integrated chemistry partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Its services include innovative process research and development, rapid response small scale manufacture for clinical trial supply and full scale commercial manufacture of advanced intermediates and APIs, all with seamless technology transfer and under cGMP.

plant. Opportunities for improvement were also identified. These opportunities were prioritised by means of the criticality assessment and corrective actions recommended. Shasun Pharma Solutions found the health check to be a value adding process and plan to use the output of the study to optimise their integrity management programs.


Shasun Pharma Solutions Cramlington site.

ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12


Conferences and events

Pressure relief conference Edinburgh

HazardEx conference 2011 North Yorkshire

Alan King, ABB, presented a paper entitled SIL determination in the hazardous area at the HazardEx conference 2011 in Harrogate, UK.

IQPC offshore safety summit Aberdeen

ABB exhibited at the IQPC offshore safety summit in Aberdeen. Rob Turner, ABB, gave a presentation entitled Alarm management: A key element of Process Safety Management (PSM). There were delegates from ConocoPhillips, Hess, National Grid and GDF Suez.

Conference delegates - Asif Raza, ABB; Andy Plant, Lucite; Malcolm Pass, ABB; Zac Meadows, FujiFilm Imaging; Bill Brown, Syngenta; Liz Thomas, ABB; Phyllida Sumner, FujiFilm Diosynths; Roger Bours, Fike; Neil Roberts, Dow Corning; Colin Deddes, BP; Gaynor Woodford and John Walkington, ABB.

ABB hosted its second conference and exhibition on Pressure relief in Edinburgh. There were 80 delegates with guest speakers from Lucite, FujiFilm, Syngenta, Fike, SABIC, Dow Corning and BP. Malcolm Pass, ABB, also held a PEL Software introduction session. The event was very well received and preparation for the 2012 conference is under way. Please contact Debby Law - deborah.law@gb.abb.com if you would be interested in presenting at the 2012 conference.

Alan King, ABB, presenting at the HazardEx conference 2011.

Rob Turner, ABB, presenting at the IQPC offshore safety summit.

Launch of 2012 Improving Business Performance Annual conference

This one-day conference, run in association with the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) will be held on 29th February 2012 at the Thorpe Park Hotel in Leeds. This conference will explore the key attributes of resource efficiency and promote sharing of the lessons learned by those that have started on the continuous improvement path. Delegates will learn from organisations that have taken varying approachs to business improvement. To find out more please contact Debby Law deborah.law@gb.abb.com or visit: http://bit.ly/ibpc2012

Hazards Asia Pacific Symposium Kuala Lumpur

Asset integrity management Aberdeen seminar

Andy Hollins, ABB, presented at the asset integrity management seminar in Aberdeen. His presentation, entitled Life extension of upstream assets managing integrity and process safety was very well received by over 60 delegates from companies such as BP, Total, Centrica Storage Ltd, Marathon Oil and Maersk Oil.

The ABB exhibition stand at the conference. From left: John Walkington, Ken Bell, Peter Hunt and Jon Cook of ABB.

Andy Hollins, ABB, presenting at the asset integrity management seminar.

Improving Business Performance conference flyer.

ABB Consulting were the headline sponsor of the first HAZARDS AP symposium in Kuala Lumpur. It was jointly organised by the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) and the IChemE. During the event, ABB presented four technical papers by Ken Bell, Allen Ormond and Jon Cook. With over 230 attendees, the symposium was very well attended with delegates from companies such as Petronas, Syngenta, Shell, BASF, DuPont, Talisman, Huntsman, ConocoPhillips and Orica.


ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12

Conferences and events

PEL goes back to school! A new initiative has been undertaken to provide undergraduates access to PEL for their final year projects. The universities of Cambridge, Heriot Watt, Newcastle have so far joined the scheme. PEL training In response to the overwhelming requests from users, two physical properties masterclasses and two Open PEL training courses have been presented in ABBs offices at Belasis and Daresbury. Users from INEOS Chlor, Mexichem, Lucite, Sabic, Fujifilm, Urenco, Worley Parsons, Teijin Films, Huntsman Tioxide, Invista, Johnson Matthey, and ABB attended. Such was the excellent feedback that these courses have now been scheduled for 2012. www.tinyurl.com/es-seminars ProvueDB.net grows in popularity This new product extends the successful desktop system for creating and controlling datasheets with the ability to access them from anywhere in the world - through your normal browser. Create your datasheets in China, check them in the UK, and approve them in Houston! There is nothing to download or install, and you get the latest updates automatically. Add to this the ability to transfer your existing databases from the desktop, instant access to all previous revisions, and an audit trail for each field on each datasheet and the package becomes pretty irresistible. CAPRE This is a new development designed to help engineers with pressure relief calculations. It is a suite of important, commonly-used pressure relief calculations for flexible use within Excel. CAPRE (pronounced CAPR-i) stands for CAlculations for Pressure Relief in Excel. It will deliver a set of validated, documented, and secure calculations all with the same user interface making them easy-to-use and readily accessible. Initially CAPRE will be accessed from Microsoft Excel. In the longer term CAPRE would also be accessible from PEL Relief and possibly the internet and other systems such as MathCAD and Python. This is a short term development project and we plan to release CAPRE at the next PEL Roadshow targeted for early 2012. If you would like to get involved in the development for this exciting new product please do not hesitate to contact us. We couldnt have designed this project in France so effectively without ProvueDB.net Carolyn Potter, Senior Process Engineer, Croda, UK For further information about PEL please visit: www.pelsoftware.com PEL Support Services +44 (0)1925 741126

5th annual global refining summit Rotterdam

ABB Consulting sponsored and had a joint exhibition stand with ABB Process Automation at the 5th annual global refining summit in Rotterdam. Gerry Brennan, ABB, gave a presentation on Process Safety Management and the potential shortcomings in your layers of protection which was very well received. The conference was well attended from companies such as Total, Saudi Aramco, Shell and BP.

Discover Energy Efficiency Yorkshire, UK

ABB sponsored the Yorkshire Chemical Focus event entitled Discover Energy Efficiency held in Huddersfield. Colin Board, ABB, gave a presentation on Creating the energy aware organisation to delegates from Unilever, Heineken and Croda amongst others.

CIA awards Birmingham, UK

Gerry Brennan, ABB, giving his presentation.

PSPIs for Power & Steam Generation Conference

ABB were sole sponsors of the Practical application for Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPIs) for power and steam generation conference held at the Energy Institute in London. Graeme Ellis, ABB, gave a presentation entitled Using the learning from recent incidents to inform selection of PSPIs to improve process safety awareness as well as hosting a workshop on How can we get PSPI alignment between sites in the same company? Both were very well received by delegates, including representatives from E.ON, Centrica, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, International Power, Drax & SSE.

Peter Hunt, ABB, (left) and Steve Elliott, CIA (right) with award winner Ian Williamson, Syngenta.

ABB were the Chemical Industry Association (CIA) awards headline sponsor and also sponsored the prestigious Manufacturing and Resource Efficiency Award. This years winner was Syngenta, based in Grangemouth.

IChemE registered safety professionals

ABB are pleased to announce that Graeme Laughland has recently been appointed as a registered safety professional by the IChemE. Demonstrating competence in the field of process safety is a topic that many of our customers are interested in. For more information on how to become a safety professional contact the IChemE. Website: www.ichem.org

Graeme Ellis, ABB, with the other presenters at the conference.

Graeme Laughland, ABB, with his certificate.


ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12


Conferences and events

Forthcoming events for 2012

Conferences 29th February 30 May

Leeds Manchester Manchester London Manchester

Improving Business Performance Integrity Management Pressure Relief Process Safety Management Shutdowns and Turnarounds

27th June 27th November 11th - 12th December Seminars 21st February 28 th February 7th March 8th March 15th March Lunchtime forums 12th January 13th January 19th January 20th January 27th January 2nd February 3 February

Conferences are major industry forums focusing on key topic areas. Please contact us if you would be interested in presenting at any of our 2012 conferences.

Delivering Projects in a Live Operating Plant Learning from Buncefield Hot Topics for Power Generation Asset Closure Alarm Management in Practice

Teesside Manchester Edinburgh Edinburgh Bristol

Seminars are focused on industry hot topics and include inputs from external speakers.

Alarm Management - ISA 18.2 vs EEMUA 191 Human Factors in Maintenance Risk Based Inspection - Quantitative or Qualitative Living with Corrosion Automation Legacy Migration - How to Start After the Energy Audit - Where Next? HAZOPs Only Reduce Risks When the Actions are Done! Inspection is More than PSSR Assessing Your Human Factors SMART Decommissioning

Grangemouth Teesside Aberdeen Grimsby Daresbury Grangemouth Teesside Hull Huddersfield Daresbury

Lunchtime forums
Lunchtime forums provide an update on key industry topics and share best practice.

17th February 23rd February 24th February Webinars 18th January 22nd February 21st March 18 th April 16th May Training courses 11th January 19th January 31st January 8 th February 8 February

Webinars are focused on industry hot topics and are accessed over the web. A full list of all the above events is available at: www.tinyurl.com/es-seminars

Growing Old Gracefully! - Challenge of Ageing Assets Making Change Work Is Your Electrical System Discriminating? HAZOPs Only Reduce Risks When the Actions are Done! Human Factors in Maintenance

Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet

An Engineers Guide to DSEAR Human Factors Incident Investigation Hazard Study Awareness* Electrostatics Ignition Hazards* Mechanical Legislation Awareness SIL Awareness for Control / Electrical Technicians Essentials of Pressure Systems* IEC 61508 / 61511 SIL Determination* Achieved SIL Maintenance and Reliability Improvement Pressure Relief* Risk Based Inspection Project Management in the Process Industries Pressure Relief* Pressure Relief* Human Factors in the Workplace

Manchester Manchester Manchester Grimsby Edinburgh Cardiff York Frodsham Manchester Aberdeen Bristol Manchester Teesside Australia Singapore Manchester

Technical training
Training courses provide in-depth knowledge on key subjects as part of an engineers professional development. A full list of training courses is available at: www.tinyurl.com/es-courses

16th February 21st - 22nd February 7th - 8th March 13th - 14th March 13th - 14th March 13th - 15th March 20th - 21st March 21 - 22
st nd


All of these events are organised and delivered by ABB Consulting. For more information on: Seminars please contact Deborah Law Tel: +44 (0)1642 372029 E-Mail: deborah.law@gb.abb.com Training courses please contact Jackie Kendall Tel: +44 (0)1642 372121 E-Mail: jackie.kendall@gb.abb.com * IChemE approved training course

21st - 23rd March 26th - 28th March 27th - 29th March


ABB solutions magazine winter 2011/12


Further news

Continued support to PTT Group

ABB Consulting continue to support the PTT Group with consultancy services through our Thailand office. PTT have recently developed a growth plan which may include acquisitions and mergers both in Thailand and overseas. ABB were engaged as a technical advisor to PTT for a potential target in the United States. Our process technology and asset integrity expertise combined with significant experience in Technical Due Diligence (TDD) were the major factors associated with the award of the contract. PTT Chemical (PTTCH) also has a growth strategy and wish to be able to act with more independence in future TDD activities. PTTCH commissioned ABB to create a bespoke training event for TDD for the PTTCH organisation. There were two separate events for different levels of the organisation. Vice presidents and senior managers attended an awareness event which highlighted the corporate issues whilst the senior engineers were provided with more technical training on the topic. The events were a combination of formal training, practical examples and specific workshops created for the PTTCH business. In total, over 60 people attended the events over 5 days.

Ken Bell and Brian Hudson, ABB, (centre) with delegates from the TDD awareness training.

PTT Public Company Limited (PTT PCL) or just (PTT), is a Thai state-owned SET-listed oil and gas company. Formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), it owns extensive submarine gas pipelines in the Gulf of Thailand, a network of LPG terminals throughout the Kingdom, and is involved in electricity generation, petrochemical products, oil and gas exploration and production, and gasoline retailing businesses.

Technical Consultancy.

ABB Consulting provides technical consulting and engineering services to improve performance in the areas of compliance, operations and engineering to customers in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power, pharmaceuticals, metals and consumer industries worldwide. We offer expertise in the following areas: Environmental services Functional engineering Industrial energy efficiency Inspection Integrity management Operations improvement Process safety Project services Technical software Technical training

ABB Consulting Tel: +44 (0)1925 741111 E-Mail: contact@gb.abb.com