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Relationship of item to content

- Do the items (in your test) match the content (from the article)? - Does the test cover the important things in the desired balance? - Is your distribution and type of items suited to the content Design of assessment - Is there an appropriate emphasis on item and response type? - Is there a narrow focus on objective elements? Item construction quality - Are the items well crafted do they follow the rules? Administration of assessment Scoring performance
- Does the circumstances surrounding the administration of your

Aggregation of scores

Generalisation from test to the content being assessed

Evaluation of merit of performance (Can you decide how well the students performance was from the test? What action will you - Are the standards for your decision appropriate? take as a result of the test - Are the decisions themselves appropriate to make? - Are the feedback reports appropriate to what the scores measure? - Are the interpretations of the test and your actions fair, Impact on student/you consistent and equally applied? - Are the intended positive consequences of the test achieved? - Are any unintended negative consequences of the test avoided? - Do any consequences support the actual purpose of the assessment? What next: With hindsight and reflection of the process that you have just undertaken what you might do differently if you were to use the same test for other students (provide examples)

test bring out the best in the students sitting the test? - Are the answers in the marking guide correct? - Does the marking guide address all the various options outlined in your test? - Were the marking procedures too analytical or holistic? - Is there is a consistency of scoring across students & questions? - Do the test scores mean what we intend them to mean? - Are the items sufficiently similar to add their marks together? - Is there an appropriate weight for each part of the test that is being aggregated? - Are there other ways of interpreting scores - Are we able to discount this other interpretation satisfactorily? - Is the information from the test sufficient & representative of student knowledge so that you could dependably generalise to the content of the test? - What are the limitations of the informations meaning? - What are the limitations of the information? - Are any explanations about performance that is biased against or in favour of particular students? - Can you make a decision about performance that is reliable and consistent when viewed against other groups of students?