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Dictionary Quiz
Use the dictionary to nd the answers to this quiz and you will see how much information is given in the dictionary and how it can help you.

1a Which of these can you eat? a a baguette b a couch potato b Where could you nd an inbox? c What does SUV stand for?

The dictionary explains what words mean in simple English, as well as giving an Arabic translation. Example sentences show you how to use the word correctly . Abbreviations are listed in alphabetical order in the main part of the dictionary .

2a What is the link between hang up and put sb/sth through? b Where do you book in at a library or a hotel?

Phrasal verbs
Verbs that have a different meaning when they combine with a preposition or adverb like out, on, or down are given in a separate section marked K after the main meanings of the verb. Look also at Appendix 3.

3a If you lose your temper, should you go to the lost property ofce? b If you give somebody a ring, do you have to go to the jewellers? 4a What is another word for inconsiderate? b What is the opposite of accurate? c Name four ways that eggs can be cooked. d Choose the right word for this sentence: I am very interested/interesting in art. 5a Is the word hub a noun or a verb? b Is the word information countable or uncountable? c What is the past tense of teach? d Correct the mistake in this sentence: Most the boxes are empty.

Expressions with special meanings are given in a separate section marked IDM J after the main meanings of the word.

There are notes (shown by the e symbol or in a grey box) that give useful extra vocabulary associated with a word and explain the difference between words that people often confuse. A note that begins c shows you where there is more information on related words.

The dictionary tells you whether a word is a noun, verb, adjective, etc., and whether nouns are countable or uncountable. It also gives irregular forms, e.g. irregular past tenses of verbs, and notes on difcult points of grammar and usage.

6a How do you spell the plural of allergy? b How do you spell the ing form of the verb cancel? c How do you spell the superlative form of happy?

You can use the dictionary to check how a word is spelt. It also tells you about small spelling changes in the other forms of a word, (e.g. irregular plurals).



7a Which letter is silent in the word lamb? b Where is the stress in the word thermometer?

The dictionary gives the pronunciation of words, and at the bottom of each page there is a key that shows you how to read the phonetic spelling. Look also at the marks (% ") that show you where the main stress of the word is.

8a Which word in this sentence would you NOT use in a formal essay? He was gobsmacked at the news. b Which word in this sentence is too formal for a normal conversation? I rose early this morning. 9a What noun is related to adjective obstinate? b Which two adjectives can be formed from the verb detach?

The dictionary tells you if a word is formal or informal, and often suggests another word that you can use in most situations.

Words formed from other words

Derivatives (happily and happiness are derivatives of happy) are given in a group after the main meanings of the word. This section begins with the symbol j.

10a What is the American English word for drawing pin? b How do Americans spell the word favourable? 11 a Write down the names of three types of ship. b Name three parts of a plant.

American English
The dictionary tells you about words that are different in British and American English, and also gives American spelling.

Topic pages
The colour pages in the middle of the dictionary show you words related to 15 different topics. The More to explore boxes tell you where to nd more vocabulary on these topics in the dictionary .

12a What is the past participle of tear? b Is a pint more or less than half a litre? c What is the meaning of the prex quad-?

The appendices include a list of irregular verbs a list of expressions using numbers, including weights and measures a list of prexes and sufxes used to make other words.

Now turn the page upside down and check your answers.


Answers 1a a 1b on a computer 1c sports utility vehicle 2a the telephone 2b at a hotel 3a No, it means youre angry. 3b No, it means youre going to make a phone call. 4a thoughtless 4b inaccurate

4d 5a 5b 5c 5d 6a 6b 6c 7a 7b

8a gobsmacked 4c Eggs can be boiled, fried, 8b rose poached or scrambled. 9a obstinacy interested 9b detached, detachable noun 10a thumbtack uncountable 10b favorable taught 11a oil tanker, ferry, hydrofoil Most of the boxes ... allergies 11b bud/bulb/leaf/seed/stalk cancelling 1 2a torn happiest 12b more b 12c four thermometer

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