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Calling In todays program, is Nepals government trying to hide corruption with a new information policy? An innovative service to help moms in Indonesia continue breastfeeding their babies while theyre at work Also Chinas ambitions for more Olympic gold - in a brand-new sport for women, thats in the London Games for the first time. FOR GREEN RADIO: Hello and welcome to Asia Calling In todays program, is Nepals government trying to hide corruption with a new information policy? Kindergarten students get new classrooms on wheels And we invite you to a performance of remarkable energy and skill: the Japan Kodo drummes... FADE UP, TO END Welcome to the program Im... First..... Nepals Right to Information Act is under pressure, with the government accused of trying to hide corruption. Recently campaigners used the Act to expose what may be the biggest fiscal crime in the countrys history. But last month the government announced a change in policy that puts much more information off-limits..

For the moment, the policy is temporarily suspended, after an order from the Supreme Court to delay its implementation. But Freedom of Information campaigners are afraid that the new policy could be reactivated, and help the government to hide corruption cases. Sunil Neupane reports from Kathmandu. AUDIO: NEPAL INFORMATION SECRECY Burma has promoted a series of political reforms to the international community - and given new hope to 1 million Burmese refugees, one of the worlds largest refugee populations. For years they have been living in frontier camps and hideouts across Burmas borders, driven out by conflict. But despite peace talks between the government and several rebel groups, sporadic fighting continues. Banyar Kong Janoi traveled to Mae Hong Son province on the Thailand-Burma border, the site of several large camps to ask refugees when they plan to go home. AUDIO: BURMA REFUGEES A song now from Indonesia, this is Everybody Knew by Citra. PLAY MUSIC Returning work after maternity leave is not always easy for Indonesian mothers. Especially for those who want to continue providing breast milk for their babies throughout the entire day. Recent data shows that, for the first six months of babies lives, between 2006 and 2008 exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia dropped by 10 percent. At the same time, the use of formula milk increased three-fold. Many studies have shown enormous benefits for babies, if they get exclusive breast milk for at least the first six months of their lives. Now an innovative delivery service is helping to ease working moms worries, and keep their babies breastfed all day. Muhammad Irham follows a breast-milk courier in Jakarta. AUDIO: INDONESIA BREAST MILK COURRIER

Youre listening to Asia Calling... In the Philippines first-time schoolchildren at a public school in Quezon City are celebrating their new classrom. Its a modern learning space with great equipment and education tools... and its on wheels. The Kindergarten on Wheels is the Philippines latest strategy to solve overcrowding in urban schools. Madonna Virola takes us inside. AUDIO: PHILIPPINES KINDERGARTEN END BLOK 1 START BLOK 2 EAST METS WEST THEME PLAY AND FADE UNDER Hello and welcome if youve just joined Asia Calling Coming up on the program, well take a closer look at Chinas Olympic gold ambitions at the upcoming London Games But first, Four Christian pastors have been expelled from India-administered Jammu and Kashmir state by a Sharia court. They were found guilty of converting local Muslims to Christianity. Following the verdict, Christian groups in India now fear a backlash against the members of their community in Kashmir. But as Bismillah Geelani reports, Kashmiri Christians are also receiving support from unexpected quarters. AUDIO: INDIA CHRISTIAN PASTORS Staying in India.. Thousands of patients in India experience unnecessary pain because access to morphine is restricted.

Morphine, which comes from opium, is one of the most effective painkillers. India grows opium poppies, and produces opium for the international pharmaceutical market. But terminally ill patients in more than half the country are not getting it. Strict government regulations were created out of fear of illicit drug use and addiction. But in recent years Kerala State, in the south of the country, has started to relax the rules and use morphine for patients who are dying. Despite having less than three per cent of the country's population, Kerala hosts 2/3rds of the country's palliative care centres. Gayatri Parameswaran travelled to find out more. AUDIO: INDIA PALLIATIVE Lets have some music now this is You Yan Yuan Jin Meng by Carrchy from China. PLAY MUSIC Youre listening to Asia Calling. China is not just racing towards economic superpower status - it's also now a real force in world sport. At the Beijing Olympics, Chinese athletes won more gold medals than any other nation. China wants to do it all again this July in London. And along the way it's hoping to sweep the medals in a new sport, being contested by women at the Olympics for the first time. Huey Fern Tay from Radio Australia has the report. AUDIO: CHINA OLYMPIC Finally today. Known as the heartbeat drummers , the Japanese group Kodo has been taking the world by storm. Their performance is a dazzling exhibition of energy and skill.

They tour for nine months every year and this year, their One Earth world tour marks the groups 30th anniversary. Ric Wassserman caught their show in Sweden. AUDIO: JAPAN KODO DRUMMERS FOR GREEN PLAY: Nepal information secrecy, Philippines kindergarten, Japan Kodo drummers QUIZ QUESTIONS 1. Under the new suspended information policy in Nepal, how many categories of information are considered secret? a) 140 b) 5 c) 200 2. Whats the name of the Philippines new classroom in Quezon City? a) Mobile school b) Kindergarten on wheels c) Moving class 3. Whats the name of the Japanese traditional drums played one the One Earth world tour? A) Kodo B) Takoyaki C) Taiko


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