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RegistryBooster 2010


Copyright Uniblue Systems Limited 2009.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


About RegistryBooster

The registry is central to the health of your computer as it contains essential hardware and software instructions that need to be accessed continuously. While a new computers registry is clean and structured, with use, particularly through software removal and changes in settings and hardware, bad or useless entries start to accumulate. Furthermore, data can start to fragment with once contiguous registry instructions breaking up into multiple locations. The result is a loss in system efficiency with system slowdowns, errors and conflicts. RegistryBooster improves your PC by optimizing your registry in two distinct ways. After scanning for obsolete and harmful entries, RegistryBooster will clean and fix your registry, removing errors and improving your computers processing efficiency. RegistryBooster can also defragment your registry by re-ordering instructions for contiguity. With a cleaned-up and defragmented registry your computer will speed along, experiencing fewer errors and better performance.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual



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Getting started 4 Minimum requirements Installing RegistryBooster Program overview 5 Cleaning the registry 6 Scanning Fixing Using the Ignore list Defragmenting Restoring the registry 7 Configuring RegistryBooster 8 Purchasing and registering 9 Online resources and support 10

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


1. Getting Started

RegistryBooster can be installed on any version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. It is compatible with 32 and 64-bit systems.


Minimum requirements

Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor 256 MB RAM 100 MB free hard disk space Graphics mode 800 x600, 16-bit colour Internet Explorer 6 Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 Active Internet connection (to register and download application updates)


Installing RegistryBooster

You can download RegistryBooster through the following link: http://www.uniblue.com/software/ registrybooster/ Before the file download starts, you may be asked to Run, Save or Cancel the download. Choose Run to start the download process and, once the download is ready, the installation wizard will launch automatically. Alternatively click Save and then, from the drop down menu, choose a location to save the install file (for example on the desktop). The next step is to locate the .exe file and double click on its icon to start the installation wizard. Follow the wizard by clicking on the Next button. You will be asked to read and accept the End User Licence Agreement and then to specify a location where to install RegistryBooster. We recommend you choose the default location unless you have a specific reason not to.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


2. Program overview

This overview page will describe some features within the RegistryBooster interface. To learn how to scan and fix your registry, you may choose to move straight to section 3.

figure 1

figure 2

Overview: Use the navigation panel (figure 1) to shift through the different pages of the application. Each tab links to a particular page. The term navigation panel will be used throughout this manual to refer to the row of four tabs labelled in figure 1. To be found on the Overview page, the registry health status provides Uniblues assessment of your registrys condition. The LiveUpdate box provides registered users covered by ActiveProtection access to product updates as they become available. Clicking on the green Update now button will launch the process to upgrade RegistryBooster to the latest version. Figure 2 shows the Registry Scan screen. A menu with different sections of the left hand side presents several secondary options within the tab. We will refer to this as the left hand side menu.

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RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


3. Cleaning the registry

To clean your registry, the program must be guided through a scanning and then a fixing process.



To start a registry scan, go to the Overview tab from the navigation panel and click on the Start scan button. RegistryBooster will conduct a deep scan of your registry, checking for errors and useless entries. Once the scan has finished, the program will shift to the Latest scan results page and display the number of errors found per registry section. For a more finely itemized list, click on the registry section name, shown in blue and underlined. You can also choose to see every individual error in full detail by clicking on the Detailed view button at the bottom right of the screen.



To start the fix process, click on the Fix errors button at the bottom right of the screen. The program will, as a safety precaution, back up your registry before proceeding to fix. When the fix process has finished, RegistryBooster will display, as registry clean up results, the number of errors found and the number of errors cleaned.


Using the Ignore list

Through the Ignore list, you can choose to omit particular registry entries from the scan and fix process In order to add an entry to the Ignore list, first access the detailed view of the scan results by clicking on Detailed view from the Scan results page. Every registry entry identified as an error will be listed individually. Right click on the entry you would like to put into the Ignore list and, from the popup menu, click on Add to Ignore list. Alternatively you can add sections of your registry to the list directly by accessing the Registry scan screen and then choosing Ignore list from the left-hand side menu. Select Add new entry from the bottom of the screen and you will be given the option to specify the path of the registry entry you would like to omit. As this process requires a level of registry knowhow, it is only recommended for advanced users.



To defragment your registry, select Registry Scan from the navigation panel and then, from the left hand side menu, select Registry defrag. To start the defragmentation process, click on the Defrag registry button on the bottom right of the screen. Note that the defragmentation process may take a few minutes during which time applications running concurrently may slow down. It is important not to quit RegistryBooster during defragmentation as this could damage your registry.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


4. Restoring the registry

For maximum safety, RegistryBooster takes a partial backup of your registry, automatically, every time you fix it. This backup can be resorted to if, for any reason, you ever want to restore a previous version of your registry. Note that RegistryBooster does not take a full backup of your registry. The partial backup only includes the sections of the registry set to be acted upon by the RegistryBooster fix process. To restore your registry, choose the Restore tab from the navigation panel. Any registry backups will be listed together with the date and time that they were set. Click on the registry backup you would like to resort to and click on the Restore button on the bottom right of the screen. Once the registry has been restored, you will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


5. Configuring RegistryBooster

RegistryBooster can be configured through a number of options from the Settings tab.


Change display language

To change display language, click on the Settings tab from the navigation panel. In the System settings screen, the first in the left hand side menu, you will see a drop down menu for language. Click on the downward arrow and select your language of choice. A pop up will inform you that RegistryBooster needs to be relaunched for the change to take effect. Click on the Relaunch now button and RegistryBooster will launch in the new language.


Remove auto launch

By default, RegistryBooster will launch automatically with Windows start up. To remove this setting, select Settings from the navigation panel. In the System settings screen, listed under OTHER SETTINGS, un-tick the Launch RegistryBooster when Windows starts option, then click the Save button on the bottom right.

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RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


6. Purchasing and registering RegistryBooster

Unregistered, RegistryBooster will scan your registry and repair 15 errors. Once you register, you will be able to enjoy full functionality, including unlimited error fixing and registry defragmentation. Registration also gives you free ActiveProtection for one year, which guarantees customer support and access to product updates and upgrades as they become available. To register, you first need to purchase the product. You can purchase RegistryBooster through the Uniblue website www.uniblue.com. Alternatively, click on the Register Now button at the bottom left of the free scan version of RegistryBooster. This will bring up a pop-up with a Purchase online button at the bottom right. Click on this button and a web browser window will appear. From the browser window, click on the Purchase now button to go to the purchase page where you can add the product to the shopping cart. This will lead you to a page where you can enter your purchase details and complete your transaction. After purchase you will receive, by email, a serial number that needs to be entered into the product for registration. The serial number entry window can be accessed by clicking on the Register now button at the bottom left of all screens. Insert the serial number in the Enter Serial Number field and click on Activate now. The serial number should start with the letters RB and be in the following format, where X represents a character: RB-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Alternative registration For registration to take place, RegistryBooster needs to connect to the Uniblue server. If it cannot establish a connection, a pop up should prompt you to check your Internet connection, firewall and proxy settings, before then providing you with an option to activate the program manually through the Uniblue website. If, after checking your settings, you are still unable to activate your product, click on the activate manually on the Uniblue web site text. This launches a browser window linked to a special alternative activation page. Follow the instructions on this page carefully to complete registration.

RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


7. Online resources and support

In addition to this help manual the following support and services are available: Premium support Our premium support service is provided by dedicated customer care and technical support professionals. For more information visit our support centre. www.uniblue.com/support FAQs The support website also includes a useful FAQs section.


RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual


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RegistryBooster 2010 Help Manual

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