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1.Sues car isnt very big. She wants a car. 2. This house isnt very modern. I like houses.

3. Youre not very tall. Your brother is 4. Bill doesnt work very hard. I work 5. My chair isnt very comfortable. Your chair is 6. Jills idea wasnt very good. My idea was 7. These flowers arent very nice. The blue one is 8. My case isnt very heavy. Your case is 9. Im not very interested in sports. Im in reading. 10. It isnt very warm today. Yesterday it was 11. These tomatoes arent very good. The other ones taste 12. Ireland isnt very big. France is 13. Liverpool isnt very beautiful. London is 14. This knife isnt very sharp. Have you got a one? 15. People today arent very polite. In the past they were 1. A cheetah is than a horse. (fast) 2. Susans hair is than Bettys. (short) 3. The Mt Blanc is than the Groglockner, the Mt Everest is the mountain. (high) 4. June is than May, but July is the (hot) 5. Table tennis is than tennis but badminton is the (easy) 6. French is than English, but Chinese is the language. (difficult) 7. "Airforce One" is the film I have ever seen. (interesting) 8. No, I dont think so. "Contact" is than "Airforce One". (interesting) 9. Hot dogs are than hamburgers. (good) 10. This is the chocolate cake I have ever eaten. (good) 11. Skiing is as as riding a bike. (easy) 12. Carol sings as as Mary, but Cindy sings the (beautiful) 13. Tennis is than skiing, but football is the sport. (popular) 14. Detective films are as as western films. (boring) 15. No, I dont think so! Romantic films are than western films, but nature films are the films I have ever seen. (boring) 16. The United States are than Mexico, but Russia is the .country (large) 17. A mouse is as as a hamster, but a rat is than a mouse. (clever) 18. A canary is than an eagle, but a parrot is the bird. (colourful) 19. Peter is as as George. (clever) 20. January is as as February. (cold) 1. She isnt very clever. You are than her. 2. He isnt very tall. Youre than 3. She isnt very old. Youre than 4. I dont work very hard. You work than 5. He doesnt smoke very much. You smoke than 6. Im not a very good cook. You cook than 7. We dont know many people. You know than 8. They havent got much money. Youve got than 9. I cant run very fast. You can run than 10. I didnt get up very early. You got up than 1. The moon is the planet to earth. (close) 2. Jupiter is the planet in our solar system. (large) 3. Sirius is the star we can see from earth. (brilliant) 4. Venus is the planet in our solar system. (hot) 5. Ceres is the asteroid in our solar system. (big)

6. The Energya is the rocket. (powerful) 7. Karl Henize was the man in space. He was 58 years old. (old) 8. Saturn is the planet. (beautiful) 9. Venus is the planet in our solar system. (bright) 10. The Apollo project was the space programme. It cost 25 541 400 000 dollars. (expensive) 11. Mercury is the planet in our solar system. (small) 12. Romenko is the man in space. He spent over 420 days in space. (experienced) 13. Pluto is the planet in our solar system. (cold) 1. Dad's car is much (fast) than mine. 2. I think scuba diving is (fascinating) than climbing. 3. His thirst grew (big) and (big) 4. He thinks this test was (difficult) than the last one. 5. They live in a (beautiful) house. 6. She is the (good) tennis player of the world. 7. Susan is a (nice) girl. 8. This suitcase is (heavy) than the others. 9. Hotels in London are (expensive) than in Vienna. 10. Bob is (tall) than Keith but Phil is the (tall). 11. Doris reads (many) books than Peter but Frank reads the (many). 12. France is as (beautiful) as Spain. 13. They live in a (big) house but Fred lives in a (big) one. 14. My sister is three years (young) than me. 15. This was the (bad) film I have ever seen.