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Body Bascs 1o1: Be Good to YouzseI!


Vtamns G MnezaIs

FueI oz Gzowth
Vltamlns and mlnerals are fuel for growth. Eatlng healthy ls alvays lmportant so that you
can fuel your body, but lt ls especlally lmportant for chlldren during their teenage years.
Your body vlll go through a lot of physical changes durlng your teenage years, and you
vlll need to make food cholces that glve your body a varlety of the vltamlns and mlnerals
lt needs. Fuel your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow,
develop, and stay healthy!

What aze vtamns?

Vtamns aze sgecaI nutzents
that heIg contzoI how youz ceIIs
use enezgy. They aIso heIg youz
body buId the chemcaIs t needs
to see, dgest ood, and ght
What aze mnezaIs?

MnezaIs aze sgecaI nutzents
that heIg youz bones, bIood, and
othez gazts o youz body gzow
and uncton gzogezIy. They aIso
heIg youz bzan and nezves send
sgnaIs to youz body. Ozganc vs. Inozganc

Vtamns aze ozganc substances.
Ozganc substances come zom Ivng
thngs such as gIants, anmaIs, and
MnezaIs aze nozganc substances.
Inozganc substances aze ound n soI
and watez, and they aze absozbed by
gIants and eaten by anmaIs.
Dd you know?
Eatlng a varlety of foods ls the
best vay to get all of the vltamlns
and mlnerals you need each day.

Its Tzue!
Yes, lt ls true vhat you have
heard. Carrots are good for
your eyes! Carrots are full of
substances called carotenolds
that your body changes lnto
vltamln A, vhlch helps prevent
eye problems.
Some people get the vitamins
and minerals they need from
pills called supplements. As a
kid, you should try to get your
vitamins and minerals the
"natural" way by making
healthy food choices.
Two Tyges o Vtamns
Vltamlns can be classlfled lnto tvo categorles: fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vltamlns
such as A, D, E, and K dissolve in fat and can be stored in the body. Water soluble vltamlns such
as C and B-complex need to dissolve in water before they can be absorbed in your body. You
need a fresh supply of vltamlns C and B because any of these vltamlns that your day does not use dally
are lost.

AOK! - Vtamn K
Vltamln K helps blood to clot so your cuts and scrapes stop bleedlng qulckly. You`ll
flnd vltamln K ln green leafy vegetables, broccoli, soybeans, and oatmeal.

C oz YouzseI!
Vitamin C is required for life. Vltamln C ls sald to help in healing and in boosting the immune
system. Your lmmune system helps your body flght of dlsease and bacterla. Vltamln C
also flghts agalnst scurvy, a dlsease that causes extreme veakness, svollen and bleedlng
gums, and bleedlng under the skln. Vltamln C ls found ln frults such as oranges,
lemons, limes, grapefruit, strawberries, kiwifruit, and cantaloupe. Vltamln C ls
also found ln vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, and potatoes.

Got MIk?
To have strong bones, you need to eat foods such as milk, yogurt, and green leafy
vegetables that are rlch ln the mlneral calcium. Mllk and other dalry products are also
good sources of vitamin D, vhlch ls also lmportant for bone health.

CaIcum: An Oh-so-Necessazy Nutzent
Calclum can be found ln other foods besides dairy products. Here are some dalry and non-dalry
products that are rlch ln calclum:

Serving Size Food or Beverage Amount of Calcium
S ounces calclum-fortlfled orange |ulce 00 mllllgrams
2 ounces Amerlcan cheese 00 mllllgrams
6 ounces yogurt 22 mllllgrams
' cup collard greens l;S mllllgrams
' cup vhlte beans ll0 mllllgrams
l ounce almonds S0 mllllgrams
' cup cooked rhubarb ; mllllgrams
' cup cooked broccoll mllllgrams

What about you? Thlnk about vhat you have learned about tvo lmportant nutrlents, vitamin C
and calcium. Vrlte the names of some foods ln your dlet that contaln these nutrlents.

Vtamn C CaIcum