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No. 4728 PP 2644/12/2009 (023092)

April 1, 2009
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Women fined

Umno leaders
evidence; otherwise it will be
difficult for us to act,” he said.
RM2m for He also said that there was
nothing wrong with treating a
person to a meal or paying for
video piracy someone’s fuel as long as there was
no ulterior motive in doing so.
SHAH ALAM: Two women who possessed “The amount of bribe is not
520 pirated video discs felt the full weight important. The measure of
of the law yesterday when a Sessions Court culpability lies in the intention.

under probe
fined them RM1.04 million each. If you give RM50 to buy votes, it
Ng Shuk Kuen and Wong Chooi Fun, who is political corruption or money
is five months pregnant, were seen crying politics,” he said.
at the end of the proceedings as they could He also welcomed Umno
not pay the fines and would have to spend vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin
five months in prison. Yassin’s proposal to restructure the
The women, both aged 27, were found disciplinary board to strengthen
guilty under the Copyright Act 1987 for it. “This is a good suggestion as
possessing the discs at Ong Laser, Jalan we don’t have enough manpower.
Maxwell, Rawang, on Dec 23, 2005. They Umno is a big party with over three
were punished under Section 41(1)(i) of the million members, so we need to
Copyright Act 2003 which provides for a KUALA LUMPUR: Several Umno “I don’t have the details but I am ternational Malaysia. increase our capacity accordingly,”
fine of between RM2,000 and RM20,000 leaders, including those newly made to understand that there are Megat Najmuddin said he was he said.
for each infringing copy or imprisonment elected, are being investigated for indeed investigations being carried not directly involved in the inves- Earlier when tabling his working
not exceeding five years or both. alleged involvement in money out on a number of cases, includ- tigation because board members paper entitled “Conflicts of Interest
Judge Azimah Omar said the court had to politics in the run-up to the party’s ing on those holding top posts,” he could not be the investigators, – The Latent Part of Corruption”,
put public interest above that of the accused general assembly last week. said after tabling a working paper prosecutors and jurists. Megat Najmuddin said it was im-
although one of them was pregnant. The Party disciplinary board mem- at the “Anti-Corruption Summit He said action would be taken portant that the board was free of
defence’s request for release on bond ber Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin – Zero Tolerance for Corruption” on anyone found to have breached interference from party leaders.
could not be considered because piracy Megat Khas said yesterday that the organised by the Asian Strategy party discipline. “If we have “We have retired from politics
was rampant, she said. probe was carried out by officers of and Leadership Institute proof, we will call them to and we have no more interest in it.
“It is very clear that the punishment the board’s investigation unit. and Transparency In- testify but we need strong At a meeting with the powers-that-
provided under the Act reflects the serious- be in the party, we told them that
ness of the offence if you interfere, we will resign en
We don’t and the country is bloc,” he said.
want our flooded with infring- Describing political corruption
ing copies being as “the mother of all corruption”,
country to sold in the open he said the people could still
be said as market. take comfort from the fact that
not serious “We don’t want corruption at the moment was
in tackling our country to be “only a fact of life and not a way of
said as not serious life”.
piracy cases in tackling piracy He outlined five aspects needed
and we also cases and we also to combat corruption, namely
don’t want don’t want our better enforcement, better pay for
our country country to be called government servant, lesser
to be called as a copyright in- bureaucracy, transparency in
as a copyright fringement centre.
“Moreover, ef-
political funding, and continuous
anti-corruption education.
infringement forts to eradicate He also said that being the
centre.” need to be done to
Face-to-face… adviser to several universities, he
– Judge Azimah Omar ensure the stabil- found that corrupt practices were
ity of our country’s With 15 candidates vying for the Bukit also taking place in institutions of
economy and therefore each accused is Selambau state seat, it was no surprise higher learning.

fined RM2,000 for each infringing copy that two of them bumped into each “These includes plagiarism,
owned or five months’ jail in default. other yesterday. PKR’s S. Manikumar and in awarding contracts,” he
Defence lawyer Wan Zainuddin Wan (left) and independent T. Chandrarajan said, adding that the trend was a
Musa sought a stay, saying that his clients exchanged pleasantries and flyers cause for concern at a time when
could not afford the fine but the judge during a walkabout in Taman Ria universities were heading towards
dismissed the application. – Bernama market, Sungai Petani. Reports inside. greater autonomy. – Bernama