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After School Program

Grades K-2, G
ames and Pla

Spring Session, 2009

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9 week session
April 20—June 22

3, Ceramics
Danielle Siclari, Grade

Hank Linhart, Coordinator: 646-957-6553

Karla Roberts, Registrar: 646-209-3405
AS Emergency phone: 917-716-5649
(during After School hours, 3:10-6:00)
Email: asprogram@ps372.org

Additional forms for the After School program

and Enrichment classes are available at the
Family Center or After School desk.

Return forms to the After School mailbox

across from the family center (the quickest way)
or via the backpack. de 5, G roovy G
lomo, Gra
Zack Pa
Course Offerings The Comic Book Workshop
We will get to plan, write and design our own comic book from
All classes start at 3:30 after a snack in the cafeteria.
Classes and times are subject to change. start to finish. The workshop will use shared experiences, stories,
and creativity, and draw upon what films and comic books have in
Roberta Bonisson, Instructor
Wednesday, 3:30-4:40 , Grades 2-5
Animation Limited to 10 students
Intro to 3D Computer Animation with Carrara 3D Express
Kids learn the basics in 3D computer modeling, key framing, and Creative Drama
rendering with three simple projects: a bouncing ball, an under- Creative Drama is back!! Let’s shake off the school day and
water scene, and an action cycle of a simple character (such as express ourselves by jumping into improvisation games, develop-
walking, running, or jumping.) ing new characters and creating a piece of theater together. Last
year’s Commedia was so AWESOME. I can’t wait to see what we
We are currently using Eovia Carrara 3D Express on a MAC. We
can edit and add sound in iMovie.
Heather Gobbée, Instructor
Heather Sinclair, Instructor
Monday, 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5
Tuesdays 3:30-4:40, Grades 4-5
Limited to 15 Students
Limited to 12 students

Arts and Crafts Doll Making

Here children will learn to sew together their own dolls.
Craft projects will include fabric painting, fuse beading, paper
We will first create a patten for the shape of the doll and then
crafts, yarn crafts, felt crafts, scrapbooking, stamping, etc.
continue by making our own beautiful clothing, hair and button
Kim D’Angelo, Instructor eye features. Join us for this fun activity and finish with you own
Thursday, 3:30-4:40, Grade Pre-K only self created doll.
Limited to 15 students
Marina Pavlutskaya
Thursdays 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5
Limited to 10 students
Everyone loves to get dirty and play with clay. In this class chil-
dren will be introduced to the art of ceramics. They will learn the
basic hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slab
Games and Plays
Games and Plays is a Theatre based workshop where kids create
construction to create their own works of art. These pieces will
games out of stories and play games (ie Hide and Go Seek,
then be glazed and fired in a kiln. Dress for a mess and prepare
Freeze Tag, Steal the Bacon, etc) and turn them into a perfor-
to have fun.
mance piece.
Doreen Lieber, Instructor
Friday, 3:30-4:40, Grades 2-5 Jojo Gonzalez, Instructor
Limited to 12 students Monday, 3:30-4:40, Grades K-2
Limited to 15 students
Play Chess like a pro! Come over to make new friends, learn the Greetings from Japan
Royal Game—Chess—and win prizes!! When you play chess you Introducing Kids to a new culture is a great way to help broaden
will learn how to be patient, look ahead and calculate every move. their views of the world. Come to this class and we will simulate
Students will be divided by experience and meet in 2 groups with first hand the numerous activities Japan has to offer: origami,
separate intructors. calligraphy, and even certain snacks. Be amazed when your child
greets you in Japanese, and enjoy the origami art works they
Friday, 3:30-4:40, Grades 2-5 created. Lets have fun… Japanese style!
Mari Oshima & Masumi Nakama, Instructors
Chinese Calligraphy and Asian Art Tuesdays, 3:30-4:40, Grades 2-3
This class will teach the ancient arts of calligraphy, painting and Limited to 8 students
print making. Students will learn to write in Chinese and practice
calligraphy techniques using Chinese brushes and ink. We will try
our hands at creating art inspired by Asian artists!
Karen Chong and Donna Cirillo, Instructors
Thursdays 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5
Limited to 15 students
Groovy Guitar Learn to Play Music (with MusicStart)
Pamela will introduce each student to universal building blocks Intro to Guitar and Keyboard
of music through the fun of playing guitar. Students will discover This class is an excellent continuation for MusicStart students
rhythm, melody and group playing dynamics. AND is open to new students.
Don’t just play Guitar Hero (the video game), play guitar! This
Classes will also encourage students to solidify their skills, expand
class prepares students for guitar, or really any instrument, using
their song repertoire, and gain lifelong confidence with the guitar.
the patented MusicStart® method and instrument (see beginmu-
We’ll get busy with the joy of learning songs, basic chords, sight
sic.com). It proceeds to real guitar playing, creating a foundation
reading and all the rock and roll tools required to jam!
for further guitar study, which PS372 also offers. MusicStart
Pamela Means, Instructor Keyboards and guitars will be provided as needed. The teacher
Tuesdays, 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5 with previous guitar experience will provide further instructions at the first class meeting.
Limited to 6 students. Required MusicStart® instrument can be rented for $35 or pur-
chased for $70 (payed to instructor).
This is a basic tumbling class in which children will learn skills Wednesday, 3:30-4:40, Grades K-2
such as balance, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cart- Limited to 12 students
wheels, and bridge. There will be some balance beam work.
Anthony Maldonado, Instructor Experimental Sculpture and Movies
Tuesday, 3:30-4:40, Grades K-2 By diving into a creating a different abstract sculpture or video
Limited to 18 students each session, young people have fun and freedom learning how
to make various styles of contemporary art and video art. They
Haitian Dance get to experience what it’s like being a cutting edge artist making
Come study the culture of dance from Haiti. Learn steps from the their work for the museums of today. Even the most reluctant
many dances that make up Haitian folklore as we work on cho- student makes their own experimental art video, awesome sculp-
reography. Learn to listen to and dance to live drum rhythms that tures of fantasy vehicles, giant installations with drinking straws,
connect to each step danced. Learn the meanings of the dances elaborate costumes, and more, learning to constructively and
and the roots that they have to Africa. A warm-up and stretch will confidently express themselves.
start off each class, followed by dance instruction. Bring a bottle
of water with your name on it. Class will work on more intricate John Cloud Kaiser, Instructor
choreography and patterning. Monday, 3:30-4:40, Grades 2-5
Limited to 12 students
Joseph St. Surin, Instructor
Thursdays, 3:30-4:40, for experienced dancers, Grades K-5 Smart-4-Kidz
Limited to 16 students SMART-4-Kidz is a holistic program that incorporates playful
movement, dance and yoga along with storytelling, music and
Model Airplanes breathing techniques to stimulate creativity while exercising the
Join us to build and fly real model planes body. Based on empirical evidence from studies in various com-
and to explore the world of aviation! munities across the country, SMART has been shown to decrease
Through this fun gateway of craftsmanship, each student will take anxiety while increasing confidence in children varying in age
home 3 model airplanes. Each aviator learns to read plans, use from pre-school to middle-school. The SMART classroom is a fun
metric rulers, make necessary calculations, and work with differ- and safe space where a child’s individual voice is heard, encour-
ent hobby tools and FAA certified materials. aged, and valued.
Instruction with Hobby Quest Emily Tucker, Instructor
Thursdays 3:30-4:40, Grades 4-5 Tuesday, 3:30-4:40, Grades K-3
Limited to 12 students Limited to 12 students each class

AmeriKick Karate (www.amerikick com) is a great way for kids to This program engages students in fun and creative projects that
learn self-discipline and confidence, develop coordination, and in- integrate math and art. They will learn how to draw geometric
crease strength and flexibility. Mr. Taylor’s assistant will be Nelson shapes & create unique designs, generate tessellations and man-
Zuniga. Meets twice a week. dalas, do paper folding projects such as origami, build polyhedra,
Sensei Ricky Taylor, Instructor (3d geometric shapes) translate number patterns into beautiful
Monday and Wednesday, 3:30-4:40, Grades 1-5 designs and much more!
Limited to 12 students in each class. Jennifer Sirey, Instructor
Day, 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5
The Story Pirates Registration
Play, write, act, dance, improvise, sing and write some more! The
Striking Viking Story Pirates present an after-school class at The Student_ _____________________________________________
Children’s School for kids who want to do it all. Students will let
their creativity soar as they create original characters and stories, Grade________ Class__________
write songs, invent countries, make monsters and anything else
they can imagine! At the end of the session, each student can go
o I am already part of the AS program and have contact info
and medical forms on file.
home with a BOOK they have made, and will get a chance to see
their stories performed by critically acclaimed children’s theater o I am only enrolling in an enrichment course and am enclosing
company the Story Pirates.http://www.storypirates.org/ the After School Contact and blue Medical Form (if required).

Fridays 3:30-4:40, Grades 2-5 Please enclose payment at time of registration. Tuition is $135
Limited to 14 students for each class/ $110 for students already enrolled in AS on day of
class. Add materials fee if applicable.
Vegetable Gardening o I grant permission to photograph or video my child for
Help plant a garden in Brooklyn! We will plant a pizza garden documentation or publicity purposes.
(basil, tomatoes, peppers, wheat) and a rainbow garden. Children
will learn how to plant seeds and seedlings, learn how plants
grow, get nourished, and how they get pollinated. Children will CLASS GRADE DAY/TIME Materials
learn about composting as well. This class is hands on, so get Animation
o (Computer)
ready to dig! Grades 4-5 Tues., 3:30-4:40 $40
Angie Ferin, Instructor o Arts and Crafts Grade Pre-K Thurs., 3:30-4:40 $25
Wednesdays 3:30-4:40, All Grades
Limited to 10 students o Ceramics Grades 2-5 Fri., 3:30-4:40 $25

o Chess Grades, 2-5 Fri., 3:30-4:40

Watercolor and Drawing Chinese
Come learn the fascinating Arts of drawing and watercolor paint- o Calligraphy Grades, 3-5 Thurs., 3:30-4:40 $25
ing! See the world through the eyes of an Artist and create a world
in your own vision. We will learn about mixing color, creating o Comic Book Grades 2-5 Wed., 3:30-4:40 $25
washes and drawing, using professional materials. Have fun,
meet friends, create and explore. This is not your everyday art o Creative Drama Grades 3-5 Mon., 3:30-4:40
o Doll Making Grades, 3-5 Thurs., 3:30-4:40 $25
Linda Berkowitz, Instructor
Wednesdays 3:30-4:40, Grades 3-5 o Games & Plays Grades K-2 Mon., 3:30-4:40
Limited to 10 students Greetings from
o Japan Grades 2-3 Tues., 3:30-4:40 $25

After School Program o Groovy Guitar Grades 3-5 Tues., 3:30-4:40

Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. If the class o Gymnastics Grades K-2 Tues., 3:30-4:40
is filled or cancelled, you will be notified by the AS program and
o Haitian Dance Exp, K-5 Thurs., 3:30-4:40
Forms are available for Tuition reduction. Contact the After School
program for any questions or to request a form. o Karate Grades 1-5 Mon./Wed., 3:30-4:40
For pick-up. It is important that you are on time. It is also important
that your children leave promptly upon dismissal and that they do o Model Airplanes Grades 4-5 Thurs., 3:30-4:40 $25
not interact with the students in regular After School, otherwise this
becomes a liability issue and a management quagmire for the After MusicStart:
o Learn
School staff. to Play Grades K-2 Wed., 3:30-4:40 $35
Student conduct. The After School program, including Enrichment
classes, do not have the same staff and space resources that are o Sculpture Grades 2-5 Mon., 3:30-4:40 $25
available during the school day, and unfortunately may not be able
to adequately serve children who repeatedly require one-on-one o Smart 4 kidz Grades K-3 Tues., 3:30-4:40
intervention. Continual behavior problems that are inappropriate and/
or unsafe and impact the safety of the child and/or his/her peers may o SPECTRUM Grades 3-5 Tues., 3:30-4:40 $15
result in a student’s removal from the afterschool program.
Please keep After School numbers handy, and make sure to
o Story Pirates Grades 2-5 Fri., 3:30-4:40 $10
keep your contact information—address, phones, email—up to
date so we know how to reach you. o Veg. Gardening All Grades Wed., 3:30-4:40 $10

Make checks payable to: PTA of PS372 After School Program Watercolor and
o Drawing
Payment can also be made by credit or debit card in the Family Grades 3-5 Wed., 3:30-4:40 $25
Taxpayer ID: The PTA’s taxpayer ID# is 11-3312116