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MBTI Introduction

ENTP - Progress is the Product

I For the ENTP the public world is an exciting one
(Extraversion). If things arent exciting, the ENTP will likely want to go out there and make it so, because the external world is full of endless possibilities, random abstractions, and theoretical connections (iNtuition). These perceptions are filtered through objective, impersonal decisions (Thinking), none of which is terribly binding because each day brings new options, openendedness, and spontaneity (Perception). Hence, while ENTPs can be exciting, they may not be terribly committed to a schedule or project if a better deal or more exciting challenge comes along.


I This is a highly conceptual type, prizing individual

contribution, complex thought and insight. This type may often seem to be operating on a separate, independent trackpushing for improvement, clarity and ever-sharper standards of competency and achievement. Sensitive to incompetence, this type will likely be competitive and demanding, driving itself and others toward change and improvement sometimes at the cost of interpersonal harmony or group unity. This type tends to be authority independent questioning, and even doubting, the authority of hierarchical structures, titles, procedures, traditions and the will of the group.

Learning and Communication Style

I Likes theory and ideas and using these to I I I I

conceptualize competent, logical solutions and innovations. Valued communication will tend to be intellectually insightful, objective, conceptual and straightforward. Important dynamics are external, observable and often articulatedtalking out ideas, problems and solutions is energizingeven exciting. Prefers engaging with others to working alone. Generally enjoys talking, connecting and conceptualizing more than actually doing or applying learning in a practical way.

Workplace Contribution:

I Regards the workplace as a system to be moved,

challenged and configured so that learning is constant and worthwhile tasks are accomplished.

Leadership Qualities:

I Empowers themselves and others by challenging,

confrontingeven taking opposing points of view to enhance each individuals contribution in support of the end result.

Problem Solving and Stress

Team Spirit:

I Wide open, inventive and adaptable, this type

frequently drives change and questions any current solution or practice, including those that it itself proposes or enacts. Driven to see and talk about future, connections, patterns and possibilities, this type readily engages in solving problems, but may have to work to ensure that it finishes what it starts and does more than simply talk a good game. Isolation, incompetence (if only the fantasy of their own incompetence) and/or a need for details, specifics and reflection bring stress and self-doubt to this type.

I Teams are one more important vehicle for

learningan arena for testing ideas, discussing differences and collaborating for results.

Pathway to Professional Growth:

ENTPs must learn to focus energy on follow-through and completioneven with those things deemed boringand remember that wide mood swings can send mixed signals.

OKA 2004