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To anyone who studies memetics, it is painfully obvious that religions are meme
complexes or parasitic mental processes which propagate in the same manner as
chain letters. A meme operates as a chain letter, it has explicit instructions to
propagate. It has no other reality except for its own survival and self
replication thus it is analogous to a gene. A meme is a mind gene, just an idea
real or not lodged in the human brain.

It can be easily shown that religious belief is a self-perpetuating delusion. A

religious memeplex may be defined as a self-referential belief system which
contains within itself the instructions for its own propagation. Memes are like
biological viruses - harmful mental processes which use their hosts to infect

This essay’s purpose is to clearly show that the primary religious memes infecting
America are harmful to our civilization.

Metaphysics of our imagined god.

1. That which we out picture as god becomes our god. Our anthromorphized god is
simply the out picturing of ourselves. God of the Old Testament is angry and
judgmental; God of the New Testament is loving and forgiving. God is our self-
image, a mirror of our thoughts, wishes and intentions.

2. God is the viral infection we have self installed in our collective mind.

3. That which we resist persists. If we resist the devil we are drawn toward the
devil until the devil becomes ourselves.

4. That which we believe is made manifest. If we believe in an angry judgmental

god, we act angry and judgmental and thus take on the prime characteristics of the
anti-god Satan.

5. Fear is the emotion opposite of love. So when a Christian fears the lord, he is
actually fearing the devil. There is no reason to fear love. So when a Christian
says 'fear the lord', they are actually worshipping fear and thus the Lord Satan
unknowingly. The War on Terror is a fear based construct, we must attack them
first or they'll get us, so fear based religions like Judaism and Christainity are
naturally ok with the terror war, because it is only an outgrowth of their
metaphysical fear mongering.

Evangelists, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, and Jews are all the same
basic memeplex with minor variants.

All the above named religions have adherents infected with almost identical death
cult memes because all are rooted in Hebrew Old Testament memes. Most strongly
believe that Satan is alive and well and running the world. Satan is a Jewish
created myth and the indoctrinated are enlisted to help god save the souls from
the unbelievers or heretics. Thus the only real relationship that can exist
between the rival groups is war. History bears this out as fact, rival Jewish
tribes kill one another, Catholics kill Protestants, Baptists fight other Baptists
sects, yet all believe essentially the same doctrine.

In a recent Republican primary debate Mormon Mitt Romney passionately argued that
we must attack Islam because militant Islam wants to take over the world. Romney
is simply voicing his memetic instructions to propagate and preserve his faith
destroying a rival meme. Memetically speaking, Romney is no different than the
Islamic extremists he fears.

The Jews as a death cult.

The Hebrews (Jews) believe in a devil, a hell, eternal judgment, and an angry god.
Satan is held as a real personality by the believers even though virtually no
evidence exists to support the existence of a devil. In the modern era, all
negative events can be attributed to chance or scientific processes. In other
words the concept of Satan is an unproved meme. Even though we live in a
scientific age, an unproven dangerous idea like a devil persists. You simply can’t
be a Christian and not believe in a devil, he’s central to the thesis of eternal
hell and suffering. If there were no hell or devil why would you need to be saved?
Yet believing in such ideas creates those ideas in this realm because whatever we
believe is made real.

Christianity as a Jewish black magic spell.

America is under a Jewish black magic spell because so many Americans are
believing Christians. Millions of people believe we are in the ‘end times’; they
look forward to the coming Apocalypse because they believe their god will return
and save the earth. Christians deny their role in current events. They cannot see
that their votes that put the new antichrist into power are primarily responsible
for the Middle East violence. They deny that their beliefs are creating the
Apocalypse, they believe god will have to return to save the earth from humans
exercising free will.

Although Christians decry magic as a tool of Satan, the Jewish creators of

Christianity are heavily into black magic and perfectly willing to deceive the
non-Jews they have negatively slandered as goyim (cattle). Little do the Jews know
that the spell they cast has created the characteristic of sheep that they so
hungrily prey upon. The Middle East slaughter is the fruit of their black magic
efforts of the Jewish lead neoconservative political movement that enlisted the
Evangelical movement as their primary ally to wage a Middle East holocaust.

The War on Terror is a Jewish created myth.

Americans are being manipulated by the Jewish Neocon cabal into waging a War of
Terror on Islam. Americans caught war fever after 911, an engineered psyops on the
American mind. So the real reason evil men dominate America is because Americans
can not see through the memetic veil to actually effect change. Americans know
that they are in serious trouble as a nation but can not see that the change must
come from within, Americans must transcend their false memetic beliefs or perish.

America is in a Jewish created death spiral.

Because America is dominated by Christians that beLIEve the Jew construct of

reality, the Jews (Neocons) have foisted 911 and the War of Terror on America. As
long as America is politically dominated by Christians, the Jews will be in
control; as long as the Jews are in control they will squeeze every last drop of
blood from America until she’s a withering corpse. The Federal Reserve and tax
laws are simply tools being used to strip the wealth from the productivity of the
mighty American Industrial empire. Now, for all to see, America is completely
bankrupt – and not just fiscally, morally as well.

Satan is now the dominant GOD of the United States

The dominant group in America are Christian (80%) while the Jews constitute only
2%. So how is it that the 2% can so easily command the majority? The Christians
are commanded by the God of the Bible to support his chosen people, the Jews, or
face eternal damnation. Never mind the fact that the New Testament was written by
Jews. Thus the Jews subconsciously dominate the memetically possessed Christians.
Here’s the great irony, when Christians refer to the Lord the mistakenly mean Lord
Satan because they associate fear with their god. The god of the Jews, LORD SATAN
is the GOD of the American Evangelicals. Thus 4000 year old Jewish negativity has
spiraled through time and is wrecking havoc in this age. Our Apocalyptic culture
is directly tied to Jewish writings about the end times.

Many Americans have bought into Jewish memes of parasitic dominance, control of
money, and information as propaganda. George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are the goy
wolves hiding the real Jewish perpetrators who like to remain behind the scenes
manipulating the levers of power. To the even the most neutral observer it is the
obvious from Jewish history that the Jews exist as parasite to every nation they
occupy. Their racial tendency to milk the goy creates tremendous resentment
amongst the host population until they are made slaves, killed or persecuted and
then forced to flee. This is exactly what happened to the Jews in the 1930’s - a
severe reaction by the Christian majority within post Weimer Germany was unleashed
upon the Jews. Financial collapsing America is rapidly becoming a 'post Weimar'
republic, as America wakes up they are going to figure out that the Jews were
causal. Indeed, the neoconservatives are a subversive Jewish lead movement and the
Federal Reserve is a private Jewish banking cartel.

Many authors have noted that the Jews have such an ingrained parasitic mentality
that they could never exist without a host and that’s why modern Israel must get
massive foreign aid from the United States to even exist as a viable state. (Note:
Small minorities of Israelis have studied free markets and Libertarian principles
and want independence from foreign aid and they actually detest their overbearing
welfare socialistic state and would like to end it. In other words they have
adopted new memes of self reliance and productivity.)

Modern Israelis are horrified of Ron Paul because he has vowed to cut off foreign
aid to Israel. Here’s a speculative point, since host America is being bled to
death by the monied Jewish banker parasite, aid will be eventually cut off by
bankrupt America. Then antagonistic Israel will be forced to stand alone amongst
her enemies. No doubt after the destruction the surviving Jews will rewrite
history (once again) whining about their fate. Denial is not a river in Egypt.


The only logical end for America is death because a death cult is in control of
America. The primary media of the Untied States is the television and from this
device, the Jewish owners have constructed a false paradigm in the minds of the
unthinking indoctrinated sheeple of America. TV should be called the Jewtube
because from it the Jews that structure American reality. One only has to tune
into FOX (faux) network to hear the irrational diatribes and Jew hatreds spewing
from the mouths of goyim stooges Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Meanwhile those
who believe in the Bible sit dumbly and watch in glee reveling in their Biblical
taught self hatred.

It would be my greatest wish that some dramatic shift in consciousness would save
us from our rapidly approaching fate. Ain’t goyin’ to happen. So rejoice as the
karmic loops of energy reach completion.

14 Jan 2008

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