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TCP 1241 Computer Programming II


TRIMESTER 2 2012/2013


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PROBLEM DEFINITION Government of Malaysia requires an Income Tax Management System in order to trace 28 millions Malaysian and expertises who are residing and work in Malaysia. Tracking a huge amount of taxpayers in Malaysia in old fashion ways is overwhelming. This will bring lots of delays and also mismanagement of the taxpayers money ultimately receiving a lesser annual tax revenues than expected. In the age of rising of new technologies that occurred every day, a better income tax management system is needed. In this assignment, we would like to demonstrate how the easy way to manage annual income tax that worth of billions of Malaysian Ringgit thus provides efficiency to the Government of Malaysia to manage the taxpayer money whereby every pennies and ringgits are counted. Currently, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) or Revenue Home Affairs Authority is a government body that manages income tax.


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SYSTEM LIMITATIONS Currently our system is able to store up to 100 records. However, in near future our system can be upgraded to accommodate more than millions of records once were fixing any bugs in our system for expansion. WORK DISTRIBUTIONS Our group is consists of 3 members as follows: Muhammad Shahir Sayyid Bin Damanhuri (1111114988) Muhammad Shahir Sayyid Bin Damanhuri or also known as Shahir is in charge of basic idea of our system. He is also takes an initiative to make sure that our system is clean and neat whereby this policy and action is commonly implemented him itself. He will makes sure that arrangement of source codes at the appropriate location as well as proper and neat. He is also in charge of preliminary of writing source code as he wants to make sure that the system interface is properly organized and also wont utilized more than workspaces given. Mohammed Abdullah Salama (1111114428) Mohammed Abdullah Salama or also known as Abdullah is in charge of the intermediate system programming that is supervised by Shahir itself. He also in charge in take care any small changes of the system with approval from Shahir. Muhammad Shakir Zufayri Bin Mustafar (1092701243) Muhammad Shakir or also known as Shakir is in charge of system implementation as well as any small changes in the system itself. Works carried out by Shakir is supervised by his supervisor, Shahir. CONCLUSION In conclusion, we hope that we able to develop the system that easy to use, easier to be implemented and above of all is easier to make system expansion later which is crucial. These will makes our system is unique, clean, neat and also user friendly which is our ultimate goals of our system development. APPENDIX For source code, kindly please see inside the CD attached.