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Session(2012-13) Computer in management (104P) Practical file
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This is to certify that the project report entitled PANTALOONSRETAIL MANAGEMENT LTD. (CRM) submitted to UPTEC computer Consultancy LTD in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the degree of bachelor of business Administration (BBA) is original work (to the best of my knowledge ) carried out by, Mohammad.Aamir(0900429037) Mohammad.Rashid(0900429038) Mohammad.Adil(0900429039) and Mohd.Musaddiq Javed(0900429042) respectively under my guidance. This report is a similar report on the topic has not been submitted for any course undergone by the candidate.
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Following report is the outcome of my research , which I undertook in Pantaloons Retail India Ltd, which is a division of Future Group Ltd, . The Project which given to me was on:-

The basic objective of my research to find out the ways, how to increase the contribution of green card members in the current sale of the store and also to learn how the other departments are performing their work. In order to find out the customers taste & their satisfaction level from the Pantaloons, It might be possible that the conclusion drawn from the study might not reflect the actual situation regarding the project, but it gives a fair idea regarding the current trend. The outcome of the study attempts to throw some light on the current state of consumer mind, taste and preference regarding the brands and product available in the store.


I acknowledge a deep indepetences to the management of pantaloons Retail India Ltd. -4- . I am very thankful to Mr. I express my deep gratitude to Mrs.I take this opportunity to thanks all those people that helped me and guided me during my research. future group & my sincere thanks to all faculty members who guided me to prepare this project report.who kindly permitted me to undertake the research in their organisation.Chiranjiv kumar (Assistant Manager-North Zone). First of all.Nidhi Arora for their support & guidance throughout the project.

• Declaration • Industry Profile • Future Group Profile • Company Profile • • • • About company Financial Status Customer Relation Management About Green Card • Objectives • Research Methodology • SWOT Analysis of Pantaloons • Analysis & Interpretation • Conclusion • Recommendation • Limitations -5- .

• Appendix • • • • Bibliography Questionnaire Major Milestones of Future Group Sector wise key players in organized retailing in India • Organized Vs Traditional Retailing -6- .

during Jan-mar. and has not been submitted anywhere in any manner.Md.Musaddiq Javed hereby declare that the project report entitled “CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” has been written by me on the basis of my Research at PANTALOONS RETAIL INDIA LTD.Aamir. 2012.Rashid and Md. RETAILING -7- .Adil.DECLARATION I Md.Md.

in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the purchasers. Retail establishments are often called shops or stores. Retail industry in India is at the crossroads. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic industries with several players entering the market. -8- . either directly or through wholesalers. Purchasers may be individual or businesses. Retailers are at the end of the supply chain. India's largest industry. One of the major factors playing a role is income – Increase in Disposable incomes of customers across various sectors. Retailing may include subordinated services such as delivery. non-business use. and then sells smaller quantities to the end users. Manufacturing marketers see the process of retailing as a necessary part of their over all distribution strategy. the retail sector is valued at $200 billion accounting for over 10 per cent of the country's GDP and around eight per cent of the country's employment. Retailing consists of the sale of goods or merchandise. from a fixed location such as a department store or kiosk. In commerce a retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from manufactures or importers.R etailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods and services directly to final consumers for personal.

although they can ask for assistance. -9- . • FULL SERVICE: Sales people are ready to assist in every phase of the locate-compare-select process. • LIMITED SERVICE: These retailers carry more shopping goods.LEVELS OF SERVICES: Retailers can position themselves as offering one of four levels of services: • SELF-SERVICE: Self-service is the cornerstone of all discount operations. Many customers are willing to carry out their own locate-compare-select process to save money. and customers need more information and assistance. • SELF-SELECTION: Customers find their own goods. The store also offer services such as credit and merchandise return privileges.

10 - ..

TYPES OF MAJOR RETAILERS • SPECIALTY STORE: A clothing store would be a single line store. high volume. with each line operated as a separate department managed by specialist. Example: The Body Shop. laundry. • SUPER MARKET: Relatively large. self service operation design to serve total needs for food. • DEPARTMENT STORE: Several product lines. Example: Big Bazaar.Clothing. low margin. home furnishing & household goods. low cost.11 - . • CONVENIENCE STORE: . and household goods. a men’s clothing store would be a limited line store.

• DISCOUNT STORE: Standard merchandise sold at lower prices with lower margin and higher volumes. open long hours. check clearing and bill paying. seven days a week and caring a limited line of high turnover convenience products at slightly higher prices. plus services such as laundry.Relatively small store located at near residential area. discount and warehouse retailing. of selling space aimed at meeting consumers’ total need for routinely purchased food and non food items.12 - . They feature bulk display and minimum . • SUPER STORE: About 35000 sq. plus takeout sandwiches. Discount retailing has moved into specialty merchandise store such as discount sporting goods stores. electronic stores and book store. Example: Wal-Mart.ft. dry cleaning. shoe repair. • HYPER MARKETS: Range between 80000 to 220000 sq. coffee. soft drinks. area and combined super market. ft.

• MERCHANDISING CONGLOMERATE: A free from corporation that combines several diversified retailing lines and forms under central ownership. then pick these goods up at a merchandise pickup area in the store. Example: Baskin-Robbins. Examples: McDonald’s.13 - .handling by store personnel. Pizza hut. Franchising has been prominent in dozens of product and services areas. . fast moving. with discounts for customers who are willing to carry heavy appliances and furniture out of the store. brand name goods at discount prices. • FRANCHISE ORGANIZATION: Contractual association between a franchiser and franchisees. along with some integration of distribution and management. Customers order goods from a catalog. • CATALOG SHOWROOM: Selection of high-markup.

Retail industry in India is at the crossroads. entertainment and food all under one roof. The key growth drivers of the organized retail industry in India are:- .Retail in India India's largest industry. the market is growing. the retail sector is valued at $200 billion accounting for over 10 per cent of the country's GDP and around eight per cent of the country's employment. ushering in a retail revolution.14 - . the future is promising. government policies are becoming more favorable and emerging technologies are facilitating operations. break even is difficult to achieve and many of these players have not tasted success so far. The whole concept of shopping has altered in terms of format and consumer buying behavior. multistoried malls and huge complexes offer shopping. But because of the heavy initial investments required. However. Modern retail has entered India as seen in sprawling shopping centers. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. Retailing in India is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry owing to a steady increase in the disposable incomes of the middle class households. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic industries with several players entering the market.

• Real estate prices – The consistent rise in the prices of real estate.• Demographics .Emerging opportunities in the services sector Income – Increase in disposable incomes of customers across various sectors • • Customer . .The customer today is far more discerning than he was earlier.15 - . nuclear families in urban areas • Working Women – Increase in the numbers of working women population • Services Sector . A large young working population with median age of 24 years.The Indian population is witnessing a significant change in its demographics.

Organized Retailing Traditional Retailing Malaysia Thailand 50% 40% 50% 60% . • Retailing Sector employs around 8% of the labour in India which is six times bigger than Thailand and five times larger than South Korea and Taiwan.3 million retail outlets in India. • 25 of the Asian Top 200 companies are retailing companies.16 - .ABOUT RETAILING • In the list of Fortune 500 companies 10% or 50 are Retail Organizations Wal-Mart (The Retail Giant) is the first among the fortune 500 companies. • There are 4. It is Second largest employment provider in the country after Agriculture. • Organized retailing in India is only 2% which is very poor compared to other South Asian Countries.

Philippines Indonesia South Korea China India 35% 25% 15% 20% 3% 65% 75% 85% 80% 97% • India has around 200 shopping malls presently located in cities. Godrej. • Price Water House Coopers (PWC) had estimated India among the six most attractive destinations in retailing alongside China. • Big business houses in India like Reliance. Mahendras. Tata. . Wadia. Malaysia and Hungary. Hero and Malhotras are now looking at retail sector.9. Thailand.300 billion in 2003-04 and the annual growth rate is around 4 to 6 per cent. • Sharp growth rate of 35-40% in organized retailing across the country is a positive sign of growth.17 - . Turkey. • The total domestic retail market was estimated around Rs.

Wills Lifestyle. Barista. Café Coffee Day. Bata. Levis. West side. Sony.000 crores and an estimated employment generation of around 10 lakh. Ebnoy. • Foreign Direct Investment in retail business is allowed up to 51% through Foreign Investment Promotion Board as a measure to encourage the entry of Multi National Corporations in the country. Globus.25. already have established retail networks in the county in a big way. Chandana Brothers etc. Sharp. Nilgiris. Life Style. Adidas. Pizza Hut. Crosswords. Subhiksha. Lee. Titan. Shoppers Stop.18 - . Raymond. • Reliance India is entering into the sector in a big way with an investment of Rs. • The international players who have already entered into retailing business in India include McDonald's. Vivek's. . Quicky's. Kodak.• Pantaloon. Benetton. Trinetra. Trent. RPG Group. TGIF. Food World. the Medicine Shoppe &Wal-Mart. Nike. Dominos.

216 49. The following are the estimates of the Intelligence Group of the Economic Times.19 - .703 Consumer Durables 1.000 37.800 7.• The size of the organized retail market is expected to register substantial growth by 2007.950 10.988 Clothing 4.650 3.787 8.743 9.426 1800 . 2001-02 2007 2008-011 Total (No. of outlets) 16.423 17.313 Food 1.553 Books & Music 450 1.

the Future Group operates through six verticals: operates through six verticals: Retail. Sports Bar. Scullers and Urban Yoga. Space. Indus League Clothing.F FUTURE GROUP uture Group is India’s leading business group that caters to the entire Indian consumption space. . and Galaxy Entertainment Limited that operates Bowling Co. Kishore Biyani. F123 and Brew Bar.20 - . Media and Logistics. Brands. Capital. the group’s presence in the retail space is complemented by group companies. which owns leading apparel brands like Indigo Nation. Apart from Pantaloon Retail. Led by Mr.

Next. Future Money and soon plans to offer insurance products through a joint venture with Italian insurance major. Debenhams and Guess in India. Planet Retail. “deliver Everything.” The group considers ‘Indian-ness’ as a core value and its corporate credo is Rewrite rules. It manages assets worth over $1 billion that are being invested in developing retail real estate and consumer-related brands and hotels. Every time to Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. Maniple Healthcare.The group is currently developing over 50 malls and consumption centers across the country and has formed a joint venture company focusing on mall management with Singapore-based Capital and. Retain values. owns and operates the franchisee of international brands like Marks & Spencer. Talwalkar’s. Generali. Everywhere. Blue Foods and Liberty Shoes. The group’s Indian joint venture partners include. . Group Company.The group’s joint venture partners include French retailer ETAM group. USbased stationary products retailer. the group’s financial arm. Future Capital Holdings. Staples and UK-based Lee Cooper.21 - . one of Asia’s largest Property companies Future Group’s vision is to. focuses on asset management and consumer credit. The group has launched a consumer credit and financial supermarket format.

cost.22 - . sincerity.conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. • We shall ensure that our positive attitude.GROUP VISION Future Group shall deliver Everything. humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful. CORE VALUE . We shall be efficient. Every time for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. making consumption affordable for all customer segments – for classes and for masses. • We will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats. Everywhere. creating retail realty. GROUP MISSION • We share the vision and belief that our customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. • • We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition.

. Flow: to respect and understand the universal laws of nature. knowledge and information. • Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in our thought. • • Introspection: leading to purposeful thinking. Leadership: to be a leader. Openness: to be open and receptive to new ideas.• • • Indianness: confidence in ourselves.23 - . • Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: to build long-term relationships. both in thought and business. Respect & Humility: to respect every individual and be humble in our conduct. business and action. to meet challenges. • • Adaptability: to be flexible and adaptable.

:- The group owns a majority stake in Indus League Clothing Ltd. Collection I. one of the leading apparel manufacturers and marketers in India..AFFILIATED COMPANIES PARTNER COMPANIES • Home Solutions Retail (India) Ltd. including furnishings and textiles. • Future Capital Holdings:- Future Capital is the financial arm of the group and is involved in asset management (both private equity and real estate funds) with plans to get into other financial services including insurance. • Indus League Clothing Ltd. home electronics and home services. Some of its . Ltd. Furniture Bazaar. It operates retail formats like Home Town. consumer electronics. It caters to home management requirements and products. and Ambit Investment Advisory Co. (HSRIL) leads the groups foray in the home improvement and consumer electronics-retailing segment.. credit and other consumer related financial services. Ltd. Electronics Bazaar and Got It. E-Zone.24 - . furniture. Indivision Investment Advisers Ltd..:- Home Solutions Retail (India) Ltd. It is associate companies are Kshitij Investment Advisory Co.

.25 - . Urban Yoga and Jealous. Scullers.leading brands include Indigo Nation. Urbana.

• Galaxy Entertainment Corporate Ltd.26 - . • Capital and Retail India:- The group is a joint venture partner in Capital and Retail India. Guess. lifestyle and leisure retail chain. The company provides retail management services to retail properties owned or managed by various group companies and investment funds.:The group owns a stake in Galaxy Entertainment Corporate Ltd. Debenhams and Puma in India. It also owns the franchisee and distribution rights of brands like Marks & Spencer. which operates sports.. • Foot mart Retail:Foot mart Retail is a joint venture with Liberty Shoes and is engaged in the retailing of footwear products in India. Sports Bar and Brew Bar. that operates chains like Bowling Company. JOINT VENTURES COMPANIES • Planet Retail Holdings Ltd. along with Singapore-based Capital and Limited.:- The group is a joint venture partner in Planet Retail Holdings Ltd. .

27 - ..

8. 7. 4. 3.28 - . E-Tailing Foods Fashion Home & Electronics General Merchandise Telecom & IT Leisure & Entertainment Wellness & Beauty Book & Music . 6. 2.LINE OF BUSINESS 1. 9. 5.

29 - .E tailing Foods Fashion Home & Electronics General Merchandise Telecom & IT Leisure & entertainment Merchandise Wellness & Beauty Book & Music E-Tailing Futurebazaar. which will be supported with the best technology platform.com offers the widest range of products at ‘lowest prices – everyday!’ Having pioneered the retailing business in India. . efficient and world class personalized shopping experience. It intends to provide customers with a streamlined. PRIL has now decided to revolutionize the consumer e-commerce business in India.com Futurebazaar.

b) Brew c) Cafe Bollywood d) Chamosa. no-nonsense approach.Buying products is a 3 step simple process. e) Sports Bar Bar. The award was presented to Future Bazaar for its "decent. India plaza. b) Big bazaar. Chennai Bazaar and India Mall. 2. Foods a) Food Bazaar. Register and Buy. 3-Fashion a) All. c) Blue sky . eBay.30 - . India times. All one has to do is Search. Here you can expect a shopping experience akin to shopping at an actual bazaar but with added simplicity & everyday low prices and an assurance of 'your product' will be delivered within 7 days of purchase. We are proud to inform you that Future Bazaar has been named as the Best Indian Website 2007 in the Shopping category by PC World. while providing a good shopping experience". Future Bazaar won the top spot after beating other established players like Rediff. Sify.

g) Home Town b) Electronic Bazaar. f) Navaras. k) Top 10 station. f) Top-10. a) Big Bazaar. f) Fashion h) Navaras.31 - . d) Brand Factory. Home & Electronics a) Collection-i. g) Gini & Joney. j) Pantaloons. e) Got-it. Leisure & Entertainment a) Bowling. c) e-zone. 4. e) g) Pantaloons. i) Lee Cooper. 5. b) Star Sitara. i) Top 10 6. d) Turmeric . b) F 123 7. General Merchandise b) Big Bazaar wholesale club. c) Tulsi. h) Shoe Factory. d) Furniture Bazaar.d) Central. Central. Wellness & Beauty a) Health Village. c) Blue Sky.

The company also operates an online portal. Top 10. Some of its other formats include. the company operates over 5 million square feet of retail space. . futurebazaar. a chain of fashion outlets. Depot.COMPANY PROFILE Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited. a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain.000 people. Brand Factory. blends the look. Shoe Factory. has over 350 stores across 40 cities in India and employs over 18. convenience and quality and Central.com. Big Bazaar.32 - . The company’s leading formats include Pantaloons. Fashion Station. is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer marker. touch and feel of Indian bazaars with aspects of modern retail like choice. Food Bazaar. Blue Sky. a supermarket chain. m Bazaar and Star and Sitara. all. a chain of seamless destination malls. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay).

systematic and unwavering. a center of learning and development.it is an institution. . Pantaloons take pride in challenging conventions and thinking out of the box.Pantaloons is not just an organization. Pantaloons corporate doctrine “rewrite rules retain values” is derived from this spirit. Pantaloons Retail is the flagship company of Future Group. in traveling on the road less traveled. Pantaloons believe that knowledge is the only weapon at their disposal and their quest for which they are focused.33 - . Pantaloons Retail was recently awarded the International Retailer of the Year 2007 by the US-based National Retail Federation (NRF) and the Emerging Market Retailer of the Year 2007 at the World Retail Congress held in Barcelona. a business group catering to the entire Indian consumption space.

34 - . our skilled & qualified professionals work in an environment where change is the only constant. making a difference to Customers’ lives is a Passion and performance is the key that makes it possible. Leadership is a value that is followed by one and all at Pantaloons. with an average age of 27 years. We believe our most valuable assets are our People. stretching to reach the next challenge. Empowerment is what you acquire and Freedom at Work is what you get. In the quest of creating an Indian model of retailing. Leadership is the quality that motivates us to never stop learning. We do not predict the future. knowing that we will be rewarded along the way. adventurous in action. Believing in leadership has given us the optimism to change and be successful at it. At Pantaloons. Young in spirit. . In our world. Out of the Box thinking has become a way of life at Pantaloons and living with the change. but create it. a habit.PANTALOON CULTURE Passion for Retail is why we are here. Pantaloon has taken initiatives to launch many retail formats that have come to serve as a benchmark in the industry. work in this people intensive industry is driven by softer issues. Powered by the desire to create path-breaking practices and held together by values.

It was the first to introduce the concept of the retail departmental store for the entire family through Pantaloons in 1997.At Pantaloons you will get an opportunity to handle multiple responsibilities. and therein. The company was the first to launch a hypermarket in India with Big Bazaar. the company integrated backwards into garment manufacturing even as it expanded its retail presence at the front end. which was launched in July 2002 in Mumbai. well before any other Indian retail company attempted this. At Pantaloons you will work with some of the brightest people from different spheres of industry. For instance. the company has accelerated growth through its ability to lead change.35 - . And the company introduced the country to the Food Bazaar. the company launched all in July 2005 in Mumbai. a large discount store that it commissioned in Kolkata in October 2001. on par with international standards. the grooming to play a larger role in the future. Embracing our leadership value. a unique 'bazaar' within a hypermarket. Over the years. We believe it’s a place where you can live your dreams and pursue a career that reflects your skills and passions. Work is a unique mix of preserving our core Indian values and yet providing customers with a service. making us the first retailer in India to open a fashion store for plus size men and women. A number of its pioneering concepts have now emerged as industry standards. .

and it is this passion that makes our dreams a reality. Our courage to dream and to turn our dreams into reality – that change people’s lives. In the casual wear section they have Pantaloons Cotton Trousers. Pantaloons is an invitation to join a place where there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.The way we work is distinctly "Pantaloons". Ladies Wear: . In the formal wear section they have brands like John Miller shirts. but never a dull moment! The Store is divided into 6 sections: Men’s Wear: The Men's department has been further classified into Formal Wear and Casual Wear.36 - . it means never having to stop raising the bar. is our biggest advantage. The pricing has also been done taking into consideration the various segments of our customers. All these brand are exclusively available at Pantaloons Stores. pantaloons brand of trousers. It is an opportunity to take risks. Bare Casual Shirts and bare brand of jeans. Come enter a world where we promise you good days and bad days. It means never having to stop asking questions.

skirts and tops.The Ladies Department has been further sub divided into Western Wear and Ethnic Wear. . capris and jeans while the ethnic wear consists of an exclusive collection of Salwar Kameez and Mix'N'Match. The Ladies western wear consists of ladies formal wear. They also have a variety of ladies lingerie.37 - .

Belts. Jeans. Accessories: In the Accessories department Pantaloons has a classic collection of John Miller ties. Revlon. They have a range of products in L’Oreal. and Trousers for kids. Cosmetics: Pantaloons have almost all the major brands present in their store. Dior. Sleep suits.Kids Wear: The Kids Department has an interesting range of garments for both Girls and Boys. . They have a variety of T-shirts. Shirts. Hugo Boss. Jewellery: Pantaloons has a variety of jewellery in both gold and imitation jewellery. Nirvana & Ishis brands of jewellery in the Pantaloons store. Noida. Caps and Hankies. Bvlgary. Maybelline. Maxfactor. Pantaloons is the exclusive retailer of Cygnus. Davidoff. Cargos. They also have the Ola brand of silver jewellery in the imitation jewellery category. Azzaro and Versace brands in perfumes and deodorants. Nina Ricci. Chambor in cosmetic and CK.38 - .

- 39 -

The company has a sound system of Internal Controls for financial reporting of various transactions, efficiency of operations and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The company has well defined organization structure, documented policy guidelines, predefined authority levels and extensive systems of internal controls to ensure the optimum utilization of company’s resources. Internal controls and their adequacy.

The company is continuously upgrading its internal control systems by measures such as strengthening of Information technology infrastructure and use of external management assurance services. The Retail Management exercise is being conducted by Ernst & Young who advised the company in mitigating the risks.

The Audit Committee, comprising independent directors is involved in regularly reviewing financial and risk management policies, significant audit findings, the adequacy of internal control systems and compliance with the accounting standards.

- 40 -

• Sales
The company’s sale has increased from Rs.85,148.85 Lacs to

Rs.105,070.26 Lacs, an increase of 76.21 % over the previous
year. The company has also recorded same store growth of 21.58% during the year.

• Operating Profit
Operating profit of the company for the year 2005-2006 stood at

Rs.14,623.77 Lacs compared to Rs.9,391.06 Lacs in the
previous year, and an increase of 55.72% over the previous year. The operating margin is 8.32% in the current year as compared to 9.22% in the previous year, indicating the marginal fall of 0.91%.

• Interest
Interest & Financial charges outflow has marginally increased from

Rs.2,745.66 lacs in 2004-05 to Rs.3,352.48 lacs in 2005-06.The
interest & financial charges cover during the year under review improved to

4.36 as compared to 3.42 in the preceding year. The company reduced

- 41 -

the overall interest cost through conversion of working capital loan from banks into commercial papers.42 - . .

89 lacs in 2005-06.62.43 - .766.75 Lacs as compared to Rs.2.• Net Profit Net profit of the company for the year under review stood at Rs.64 Lacs. (Including corporate dividend tax) • Loans and Advances Loans and advances stood at Rs.560. an increase of Rs.415.3.550.14 lacs over the previous financial year.10 Lacs in the previous year. • Dividend The company has proposed the dividend of 25% for the current year amounting to Rs.24.38 Lacs.082.182.855.42% over the previous year. This is reflected in the liabilities side of the balance sheet through . The major component of loans and advances represents advance lease deposits for the stores paid to Lessors and advances given to suppliers. The net profit has increased by 66.33.6. • Capital employed The capital employed in the business increased by Rs.14 lacs in 2005-06 represented an increase of Rs.

88% on account of significant investment in subsidiaries and joint ventures and lease rental deposits given for stores.81 lacs and an increase in equity by Rs.31. What exactly does this connote to a layman? The simple answer to it is a way of differentiation between customers to provide greater value to . CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Introduction We have been hearing a lot about CRM aka Customer Relationship Management in almost all we come across in our day to day life.08 lacs.44 - . Return on capital employed has been reduced from 22.an increase in borrowings by Rs.41% to 17.656.517. Whether it is Newspaper.30. Outdoor Hoardings or Mailers we receive from hundreds of places etc.

Every retailer today is aiming at an attempt to make a casual customer into a loyal customer who develops a bond with the retail store he/she visits. The importance of the tangible and the intangible offerings are also discussed. . A good CRM Strategy should focus on: Building dynamic relationship with the customer. A successful and effective CRM programme results in increase of Customers Lifetime Value for the store. making CRM the key element to building customer loyalty to a store brand and to build a significant competitive advantage. This project throws light on the role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in enhancing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). The meaning of more valuable would be in terms of the monetary spending received from the customer along with regency and frequency of visit. Customer relationship management as a transactional exchange helps the marketer to understand the customer's sentiments and buying habits so that the customer can be provided with products and services before he starts demanding them.more valuable customers.45 - .

the challenge lies in constantly innovating methods of . There are a host of reasons which can be attributed to the changing consumer paradigm and the role played by the organized retailers in making CRM a happening phenomenon.e. he buys products from that marketer. The entire concept of CRM today has also evolved over a period of time. people. he asks for more and more value for the same price. In the retail milieu. where generating and retaining footfalls is the greatest impediment to success. and whoever provides him increasing value for money.46 - . Every retailer in India today is looking at some or the other form of CRM or its prime constituent loyalty based programme. technology and data. Customer relationship management is ahead of the transactional exchange and facilitates the marketer to understand the customer's sentiments and buying habits so that the customer can be provided with products and services before he starts demanding.Role of CRM Expectations of customer is increasing. This is possible through the integration of four important components i. Today the term CRM has become a buzzword in the Indian Retail world. Every retailer today is aiming at an attempt to make a casual customer into a loyal customer who develops a bond with the retail store he/she visits. process.

This can only happen if the retailer has the 20% as its most profitable customers and not just normal customers. events and promotions. Loyalty programmers as part of CRM based activity are one of the ways of overcoming this challenge.47 - . We also understand the Pareto's Principle which talks about generating 80% of sales from 20% of the customers. A successful and effective CRM programme results in increase of Customers Lifetime Value for the store. .attracting new customers and keeping there interests alive. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) The variety of activities together play an important role in bringing repeat customers and in turn generating positive word of mouth to also increase new footfalls into the store. This leads to the development of an enthusiastic set of customers who can be approached to convey all new developments. Data mining activities through CRM also provides insights and knowledge about the retailers most valuable customers who result in maximum sales. This completely depends upon the kind of business the retailer is into and there is nothing sacrosanct about this understanding.

7500/3 Star Members 5% discount on every purchase On Purchase of Rs. On Purchase of Rs. five star and seven star. Criteria for star generation are: On Purchase of Rs. Let's understand the kind of CRM programme offered by the Pantaloons having a national presence to lure its customers: Pantaloons Known as the Green Card it is divided hierarchically into one star.2500/1 Star Gift Voucher worth enrolment Members 150 on Rs.15000/5 Star Members An exclusive 7.5% discount on every purchase .Examples: Today these and similar kinds of programmer are being run all across India by local as well as national retailers. three star.48 - .

.49 - . • Regular updates on collections and promos via catalogues.On Purchase of Rs.40000/7 Star A whopping 10% purchase Members discount on every Green Card is just like passport to a whole new world of exclusive benefits and privileges. sms and email. • Exclusive billing counters and much more. • Exclusive shopping days to get hold of latest merchandise. • Special invites to the most happening events. • Instant discounts* for every time you shop at Pantaloons. • Extended exchange periods and complimentary drops for alterations.

toys. Valid on categories within Pantaloons only. aLL. . Blue sky and aLL stores. Planet Sports & accessories. perfumes & cosmetics. Also valid at standalone. Depot.50 - . Blue-sky.Categories valid for Green Card Discounts: Apparel.

51 - . Seven Star card . 7500/.immediately preceding 12 months of current shopping date. 40000/.HOW GREEN CARD WORKS Present the card for the swipe every time one makes a purchase at Pantaloons.Upgrade to a 7 star status by shopping for Rs. 15000/.immediately preceding 12 months of current shopping date. . Membership & 12 month Purchase-based Upgrading System Three Star Card –Upgrade to a 3 star status by shopping for Rs.immediately preceding 12 months of current shopping date. Five Star card .Upgrade to a 5 star status by shopping for Rs. you upgrade to the next status. 12 month Purchase-based Upgrading System Shop at Pantaloons and total purchase (including that day) in the previous 12 months totals to the criteria value of the next tier. Membership-Validity 1 Star card is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of enrolment.

40000 within 1 year of card issue date and retain a 7 star status GREEN CARD BENEFIT . 15000 within 1 year of card issue date and retain a 5 star status Purchase worth Rs.3.52 - . 7500 within 1 year of card issue date and retain a 3 star status • Purchase worth Rs. 5 and 7 star cards are valid for a period of one year from the date of upgrade. Membership Renewal • Purchase worth Rs. 7500 within 2 years of card issue date and retain a 1 star status • Purchase worth Rs.

53 - . Green-Channel Our special billing counter is open to all Green Card members during End of Season sale. Flash Green Card and claim the special offers and promotions. so that Green card members are first to get hold of the latest merchandise.Green-Add-on-Cards Green Card benefits can now be shared with members of Green card members’ family. . However a 5 and 7 star member is entitled to have 2 add-on cards. A 1 and 3 star member is entitled to have 1 add-on card. Green-Offers Promotions These are exclusive shopping offers sent to Green card members on a regular basis. Green-Days Exclusive Green Card shopping day gives a preview of End Of Season Sale. offers open to all customers are further enhanced for our esteemed Green Card members. Now Green card members can avoid the rush at the regular billing counter. At times. Family of Green card members also be entitled to direct discount and other privileges that we have to offer.

Green card members can ask for the Green Drop Service and purchases will be home-delivered to them. contact the Green Service Desk at any Pantaloon Store. The reason for this is the increasing inconvenience customers face to . (90 days for Seven Star members) Green-Drop Busy schedule of Green card members may not permit them to collect their alterations or purchases.Green-Service-Desk For all queries. information and services. Reserved Car Parking Offering them space for car parking is like inviting people with arms wide open.54 - . Green-Exchange Now Green card members can exchange their products within 60 days of purchase. This service is exclusively available to the 7 star members all round the year and also to the 5 star members except for end of season sale period.

Birthday and Anniversary Greetings To make the Green card members feel special the stores send greetings and special customized offers to Green card members. OBJECTIVE OF THIS RESEARCH The Advanced Learner’s dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as a “Careful investigation of inquiry specially .shop on weekends due to non-availability of parking when the stores are huge crowd pullers.55 - . Special movie shows Green card members are sent passes of movie shows from time to time by Pantaloon store.

To find out the customers’ satisfaction level from the Pantaloon store. what factors drive customers to other places. • • To find out the ways.56 - . To find out the marketing strategy of Shoppers’ stop. Life style. To find out. Globus. Globus. which are promoted by celebrities. To find out the schemes provided by others. To know the pre purchase behaviour of customers. To find out the behaviour of customers towards the products. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology is to discover answer to question through the Application of scientific procedures the main aim of research is to find out the . how to provide best services to customers. Pyramid etc • • • • To find out the customers’ brands satisfaction level. Life style.though search for new facts in any branch of knowledge”. like Shoppers’ stop. • • • Find out the customer taste and preference.

truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet. As far as method is concerned. I didn’t include those Questions in the questionnaire. which were of no particular value for the study objectives. Research is the process of finding a solution through the use of scientific tools and techniques. I also tried to keep in mind the respondents’ understanding capacity. I tried to list a series of question. I preferred personal interview or face to face meeting to ensure accurate information and encourage frank response to questions. At the same time telephone or mail survey was not possible. Marketing research is a methodical and purposeful study conducted to obtain solution for specific marketing problem. were not included. which could elicit the needed information for proposed study. ability to recall the information and his experience limits. While framing the questionnaire. Questions. Marketing research is the careful analysis of a business situation by scientifically analyzing it and using various statistical applications to the subject of study. which could have raised misconception and promoted non-cooperation on their part. .57 - .

58 - . which were easy to understand. . In the same way ambiguous questions were not included and questions were arranged in a logical order. Some of these are. and beyond any doubt.However in the questionnaire I used simple words. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The research instruments generally used to collect primary data are questionnaires and mechanical instrument.

Questionnaire is a tool which provide right information.Questionnaire:Questionnaire are formal sets of questions.this is one of the most effective and popular technique used in survey. Sample size:The size of the sample is an important element in the research process so I am taking the 100 people.59 - . Sampling:Proper sampling design is essential in marketing research so the sample has to be collecting in such a way that it represents the entire population. . So I am targeting the those customers who shop regular and visit store regularly. My project is based on consumer awareness so I am taking sample of those people who shop regularly. prepare to collect the require information . Sample unit:- The portion of the population that researcher need to target and that represent the entire population is known as a sample unit.

and hence it became necessary to collect data that are appropriate and adequate. There are two way of collecting the appropriate data:1. By observation: This method implies the collection of information by investigator’s own observation. I made a well structured questionnaire and asked them their awareness about brands. pamphlets etc. 2. variety and brands provided by Pantaloons. sales report. newspaper etc. Secondary data: Secondary data is collected from the company internal and external resources. While the internal resources include the company literature.In survey many times I observed that this customer is interested to fill up the questionnaire or is really interested in the services. at hand are inadequate.Collection of data:In dealing with customers it is often found that data. products. broachers. without interviewing the respondents’ .60 - . Personal interview: I have also collected my data through Personal interview. and the external sources could be included magazines. .

Research type:My project based on consumer awareness so I am taking descriptive and informative research. It can also be known as convenience sampling. Noida. Sampling method:In my research I have used deliberate sampling. This sampling method involves purposive or deliberate selection of a particular unit of the universe. The main advantages of this research that I have no control over the variable. I have done my survey in Pantaloons Store. .61 - .

Long exchange process. Competitors have widest range of the product. Creativity in design and always known for fresh fashion. Lack of work force Communication Gap employee and customers.SWOT ANALYSIS OF PANTALOONS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Pantaloons have wider range of products with better quality and price. Good communication and cooperation among staff members. . which can motivate them to work hard. Entertainment programs run in the store to motivate the employees. Store is not for the low middle class customers because of high range of prices. There is no incentive program for employees.62 - . between Customers are not satisfied by the schemes running in the store. It has ability to understand the needs of buyers. which waste the time of customers. Pantaloon has ability to supply according to the demand of customers. Pantaloon is very friendly to their business clients even small business clients.

. because of better quality and prices Pantaloons provide better services to their Green card members. Expansions in the product range and value addition. More variety of products range offered by competitor.OPPURTUNITY THREAT More consumers’ preference for retail shopping. Pantaloon is facing strong competition from Shoppers’ Stop and Life Style.63 - . men and in management to improve quality standards. More investments in machineries. Pricing pressure.

.64 - .

• WHICH TYPE OF CLOTHES YOU LIKE MOST? I have taken this question to know the taste of customers.65 - . in which 64 people like to wear casual. There are three options in this question i. I got that most of people like to purchase Casuals. PREFERENCE OF CUSTOMER 13% 23% 64% CASUAL FORMAL ETHNIC I have taken the sample of 100 people. In this question I tried to define the satisfaction level through the point 1-10. By this. where 1 stands for people who are . Formal and Ethnic. • ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE PANTALOONS? I have taken this question to know the satisfaction level of the customer with the services provided by the Pantaloons.e. Casual. 23 people like to wear formal and 13 people like ethnic.

to know the satisfaction level of customers with the brands available in store. where as 10 reflects for highly satisfied person. Of Custom er 10 5 0 1 Satisfaction Level 3 2 6 3 10 11 10 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A 10A 25 by the services In this question there are only 3 people out of 100.66 - . who are not satisfied with the services provided by the Pantaloon. In this question I tried to define the satisfaction . I come to know that the level of satisfaction is very high. 5 stands for neutral satisfaction level. 32 people has the low or neutral level of satisfaction where as 47 people has high level of satisfaction and 18 people has highest level of satisfaction. By that. • ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE BRAND AVAILABLE IN THE STORE? I have taken this question. SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMER BY THE SERVICES 23 18 20 14 15 No.unsatisfied.

where 1 stands for people who are unsatisfied. I come to know that the level of satisfaction by the brands available is very high. 22 people has the low or SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMERS WITH THE BRANDS 30 No. who are not satisfied with the brands available in the Pantaloon. like. 5 stands for neutral satisfaction level.67 - . Black Berry. Allen Solly.level through the point 1-10. Spykar in ladies section and Code and Kappa in men section . By that. In this question there are only 4 people out of 100. Code. Ritu Wears. The people who are unsatisfied or with lower level of satisfaction wants more brands in the store. where as 10 reflects for highly satisfied person. of Customers 25 25 20 15 10 10 5 0 Series1 4 2 2A 10 3A 2 4A 6 6 7 4 14 15 13 1A 4 5A 4 6A 14 7A 7 8A 25 9A 15 10A 13 Satis faction Leve l Series1 Neutral level of satisfaction where as 61 people has high level of satisfaction and 13 people have highest level of satisfaction. Biba.

68 - . where as 10 reflects for highly satisfied person.• ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE VARIETY AVAILABLE IN EACH BRAND? I have taken this question. SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMERS WITH THE VARIETY AVAILABLE IN EACH BRAND 30 25 20 No. . By that. I come to know that the level of satisfaction is high. to know the satisfaction level of customers with the variety available in each brand. where 1 stands for people who are unsatisfied. who are not satisfied with the variety available in each brand. 5 stands for neutral satisfaction level. In this question I tried to define the satisfaction level through the point 1-10. of 15 Respondents 10 5 0 14 7 4 4 6 11 8 3 1 Satisfaction Level 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A 10A 15 28 In this question there are only 7 people out of 100. 28 people has the low or neutral level of satisfaction where as 62 people has high level of satisfaction and 3 people has highest level of satisfaction.

This question has four . • WHICH SECTION YOU LIKE MOST IN RESPECT OF QUALITY.• ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE PRICE? I have taken this question to know the satisfaction level of customers with prices of products. In response of this question I got that there are only 14% people are not satisfied with the price and rest 86% are satisfied. This question has two options YES/NO. quality & variety.69 - . SATISFACTION LEVEL OF PRICE NO 14% YES 86% For any company it’s very important to satisfy their customer on price tag. to convert 14% people into Yes category. store should include more variety in each brand with low price. VARIETY & PRICE? I have taken this question to know the section which is preferred by most of the customers in respect of prices.

General Merchandise. how frequent they shop. 14 people like kids section and 9 people like general merchandise. • HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHOP? I have taken this question to know the shopping habit of the people. This question has four options. Women. Men. So the most preferred section by customers is Women section.70 - . Weekly. . 35 people like men section. Kids.options. Biannually. Daily. Monthly. SECTION PREFERED BY CUSTOMER GENERAL MERCHAANDISED 9% KIDS 14% MEN 35% WOMEN 42% In response of this question I got 42 people out of 100 prefer or like Women section.

So by this question I got maximum number of people shop once in a month.71 - . FREQUENCY OF SHOPPING 58% 60 50 NO. . 70% people are generally satisfied with the schemes running in the Pantaloon. OF 30 RESPONDENTS 20 10 0 Daily Weekly Monthly Biannually 40 6% 7% Series1 29% FREQUENCY • ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THE SCHEMES RUNNING IN THE PANTALOONS? I have taken this question to know the satisfaction level of customers by the schemes running in the store. In response of this question I got that there 30 people out of 100. but ratio of satisfied people is always high in Pantaloons. 58 people shop once in a month and 7 people shop biannually. This question has two options. 29 people shop weekly. Yes/No.In response of this question I got 6 people out of 100 shops daily from the stores. who are not satisfied with schemes running in the store.

500010000.SATISFACTION LEVEL BY THE SCHEMES NO 30 YES 70 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 NO OF RESPONDENT Series1 By this question I come to know that the schemes which run in pantaloons outlet is quit effective and directly touch to customer. YOU SPEND IN SHOPPING AT A TIME. . I have taken this question to know the lump-sum amount a customer can spend at a time. 1000-5000. • GENERALLY. This question has four options. 10000+. 68 people spend up to 5000. 0-1000.72 - . 15 people spend up to 10000 and 3 people spend more than 10000 at a time. In response of this question I found there are 14 people who spend up to 1000 Rs at a time.

OF RESPONDENT 30 20 10 0 0-1000 1000-5000 5000-10000 14 15 3 10000+ AMOUNT SPEND Most of customer usually spends 1000 to 5000 which shows that Pantaloons Retail easily attract to middle income group.73 - . .SPENDING LEVEL 68 70 60 50 40 NO.

MOST PREFFERED SPENDING SECTION 71 23 5 8 S1 NO.• GENERALLY. Accessories. I got that 71 out of 100 prefer to buy clothes. Accessories. So the company should also pay more attention on accessories. OF RESPONDENT CLOTH ACCESSORIES JEWELLERY COSMETIC SECTION . Jewellery and Cosmetic. So that each section of the store become most preferred section by the customers. 5 prefer jewellery and 8 prefer cosmetic. This question has four options. YOU SPEND MORE FOR. So the conclusion from this question is that most people like buy apparels first then accessories. I have taken this question to know the customers’ preference in respect of Cloth. Jewellery and Cosmetic. jewellery and cosmetic. 23 prefer accessories. In response of this question. Cloth. jewellery and cosmetic.74 - .

This question has six options. Ambience. 20% because of Quality and 7% because of any other reasons. So company should focus on these areas. which drives customers’ to other places. price. service.75 - . 22% because of Price. 23% because of Product & variety. Pantaloon should increase its product range because most number of customers go to other outlet because of less product variety.• WHAT DRIVES YOU TO OTHER PLACES? I have taken this question to know the reasons. quality and ambience. it should also focus on services. and any other. . quality. 12% because of services. REASON OF DIVERSION ANY OTHER 7% QUALITY 20% AMBIENCE 16% SERVICE 12% PRICE 22% PRODUCT 23% In response of this question I got that 16% prefer other outlets because of Ambience. product.

Pantaloons should focus on the schemes running in the Shopper’s Stop. PREFERRED OUTLETS OTHER THAN PANTALOONS 60 NO. Life Style.76 - . . Shoppers’ Stop & Globus.• BESIDE PANTALOONS WHICH OUTLET YOU VISIT MORE? I have taken this question to know that which outlet is preferred by customers other than Pantaloons. OF RESPONDENT 50 40 30 20 10 0 OUTLET NAME SHOPPERS' STOP LIFE STYLE GLOBUS GLOBUS 17 LIFE STYLE 39 SHOPPERS' STOP 44 In response of this question I got 44 out of 100 prefer Shoppers’ Stop. 39 people prefer Life Style and 17 people prefer Globus. It means Shopper’s Stop is the main competitor of Pantaloons. This question has three options.

what they want to see in the Pantaloons.• WHAT THINGS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN PANTALOONS SO THAT YOU CAN SHOP MORE FROM HERE? I have taken this question to know that what customers want to see in respect of improvement. This question will help to know that. By this I come to know that mostly customers want Discount and Vareity.77 - . 28% people want to see more variety in Pantaloons. and Brand. the customers’ view. OF RESPONDENT SOURCE FOR IMPROVEMENT 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 45 28 15 12 QUALITY DISCOUNT SOURCE VARIETY BRAND In response of this question I got that 45% people like cash discount and they will shop more if they get discount. This question has four options. . so that they shop more from Pantaloons. Discount. Variety. NO. 15% people want more brand and 12% people want better quality. Quality.

78 - . which provide them better services. • Customers are satisfied with the price and schemes running in the store. . • The customers generally prefer cash discount.CONCLUSION • Pantaloons Retail India Ltd has strong goodwill in Retail Industry in respect of quality. variety. • Customers go to other places because of Ambience. • Customers are generally satisfied with the services provided by the Pantaloons. product. so Pantaloons should also do some work on these. Customers want improvement in Pantaloons in respect of services. There after they want more variety and quality in the store. price & product. • Customers mostly prefer those outlets. and brands. price.

e-mail and phone with royal customers may strengthen the sale. which shows considerable amount of brand awareness.79 - .• There is misperception about Pantaloons store that the store has generally high price products that is why middle class people do not easily attract towards Pantaloons. • Communication through mail. . They want more brands in Pantaloons. • Customers mostly insist on a particular brand.

Madame. AllenSolly. Kappa. so Pantaloons should increase the number of brands in the store. Noida is situated in the last shop of the mall and customers do not find it easily. • Pantaloons make easier their exchange process & alteration process because its time taking. on the entrance of the mall. i. Code. • Since customers want more services from Pantaloons so the Pantaloons should increase services in the store.e. • Since customers want more brands.e. so pantaloons should arrange a big board or advertisement written where it is and also a more line i. BlackBerry. .RECOMMENDATION • Since Pantaloons store. ensure gift for kids.80 - . which irritate the customer.

• Pantaloons should also take some effective steps to change the misperception about price factor of the outlet & the best step is advertisement. .81 - .

• Time Consuming: Contacting each and every customer and wait for them is very time consuming. to prepare various reports. There are some Limitations. hom here hat hy hen W Every researcher will face all these words during the research.e.82 - . which I have faced during the research. • Response: Some time the customers are not responding to me because sometime they told me that I am busy or I am getting late or next time I ? . • Time constraints: There was limited time each day and lots of task to be performed (i. • Lack of Knowledge: Some people have less knowledge about the products and brands available in the store. to spend lot of the time in the company & to increase my own knowledge and completion of the tasks given by our faculty Guide as well as by our Company).LIMITATION The 5 Questions that are very common and arise during the Research.

will fill this questionnaire not now or some time they told we are not interested. This data has been gathered from a store so it can be changed as the sample area change. Shoppers’ Stop. Life Style and Globus are providing better schemes and services. Market research may not provide exact solution for the problem . like. Some of them told me that the competitors. • Limited Area: As I had covered limited area so finding respondents was also limitation for me.83 - .

84 - ..

pantaloon.com ) • COMPANY BROWSERS & Annual Report • Kotler Philip.. Research Methodology . marketing Management • Kothari C.85 - .R.BIBLIOGRAPHY • COMPANY WEB~SITE ( www.

Are you a Green Card member? Yes No GENDER: Male/Female 4. 10.QUESTIONNAIRE 1.86 - .Highly Satisfied) 5. NAME: 2. 5 TO 7 ARE DEFINING THE LEVEL OF SATISFACTION (1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . Which type of clothes you like most? Casual Formal Ethnic QUESTION NO. Are you satisfied with the services provided by the Pantaloon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6. AGE: 3.Unsatisfied. 5.Average. Are you satisfied with the brands available in the store.

and which brand . Are you satisfied with the variety available in each brand 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.7.87 - . You like any specific brand .

What drives you to other places Ambience Quality Product Any Other Price Service 16. Beside Pantaloon. which outlet you visit most. so that you can shop more from here. 0-1000 1000-5000 5000-10000 10000+ 14. Are you satisfied with the schemes running in the Pantaloon? Yes No 13. Which section you like most in respect of quality. Generally you spend in shopping at a time. Generally you spend more for Clothes Accessories Jewellery Cosmetic 15. Quality Discount Variety Brand . Men Women Kids General merchandise 11. Life style Shoppers’ Stop Globus 17. Are you satisfied with the price? Yes No 10. variety and price.9.88 - . How often do you shop? Daily Weekly Monthly Biannually 12. What things you would like to see in Pantaloons.

.89 - .

90 - .CO M P A N Y M IL .

ES TO N E .91 - .

India’s first hypermarket chain launched. Pantaloons – India’s family store launched in Kolkata. . The Pantaloon Shoppe – exclusive menswear store in franchisee format launched across the nation. 1995 1997 2001 John Miller – Formal shirt brand launched. Eat. Big Bazaar.India’s first seamless mall is launched in Bangalore. The company starts the distribution of branded garments through multi-brand retail outlets across the nation.the popular fashion chain is launched aLL – ‘a little larger’ .92 - . 1991 1992 1994 Launch of BARE. the company’s financial arm launches real estate 2006 funds Kshitij and Horizon and private equity fund Indivision. Initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May. 2005 Fashion Station . the Indian jeans brand. ‘Is se sasta aur accha kahi nahin’ . the supermarket chain is launched.Major Milestones 1987 Company incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited. Plans forays into insurance and consumer credit. Central – ‘Shop. India’s first formal trouser brand. Celebrate In The Heart Of Our City’ . Launch of Pantaloons trouser.exclusive stores for plus-size individuals is launched Future Capital Holdings. 2002 2004 Food Bazaar.

Lee. VGP Department al Stores McDonald's Pizza Hut Domino's Shopper's Stop. etc. Will Sport. Mango. Weekender. Planet M. Stationery Crossword. Furnishings Zeba. Yamini. Globus. etc. Westside. Provogue. Food world Nilgiris Subhiksha Food Bazaar Books & Music. Music World Electronics Restaurants & Fast Foods Viveks. Levi's Benetton. Mark's & Spencer. Fabindia .93 - . Vijay Sales.Sector wise key players in organized retailing in India Food & Grocery Non Food Groceries Apparel Arrow. Archives. Pyramid.

Lakme, Shahnaz Herbals

Tanishq, Gili, Oyzterbay, Intergold

Barista Coffee Day Titan, HMT, Fossil, etc. Omega,

Hypermarke ts
Big Bazaar, Giants, Sabka Bazaar

- 94 -


Organized retailing in India is only two per cent which is very poor compared to other South Asian Countries.

Organized Retailing Traditional Retailing Malaysia Thailand Philippines Indonesia South Korea China India 50% 40% 35% 25% 15% 20% 2% 50% 60% 65% 75% 85% 80% 98%

- 95 -

50% 60% 65% 75% 85%



40% Thailand

35% Philippines

25% Indonesia

15% South Korea

Traditional Retailing 20% China 2% India Organized Retailing



- 96 -



.97 - .