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The Law of Grace Attraction

The Law of Grace Attraction _________________________________________

Inspirational by Brian Sousa

Written by Brian Sousa Produced by

copyright 2013 by Brian Sousa. ISBN : Softcover 978-1-300-91411-2 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner. This book was printed in the United States of America.


Acknowledgments Forward Preface Introduction 1. The Law Gave Way to Grace 2. Let God Steer and Keep Your Foot on the Throttle 3. Let God Be Your Strength 4. Tame the Flesh 5. The Priceless Life 6. Look not unto Man 7. What's All the Buzz About 8. Detach From Worry

9. A Veil of Clouds 10. Fuel for Life 11. Spirit of Thanksgiving 12. Transcending Illusion 13. You Must Have Missed Something 14. Fill My Cup 15. You Are First Spirit 16. The Kingdom Within 17. Who Do You Think You Are? 18. Behold a Great Perception 19. Of Snow Flakes and Avalanches 20. The Power of Small Things 21. Jehovah Jireh 22. Life is a Radio 23. To shape or to be shaped


This is my humble offering to the inhabitants, of this realm in which we currently abide. Let these divine impartations of our Father inspire you as they did me. The voice of Jehovah is a state of "knowing" which emanates peace, harmony, love, clarity and understanding. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV) "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me."- Revelation 3:20 - King James Version (KJV)

I would like to acknowledge the following: Thank you Jehovah Jireh (God

our Provider) for imparting this inspiration at a much-needed time. Thank you Father, in the name of Jehovah Ropha (God our Healer), for being the physician who healeth me. I extend my thankfulness out to my lovely wife, Shannon, for her support in reading over these works; catching the same inspiration I have been enriched with. You have stayed up well beyond the twilight hours to lend your opinion. Donna "Mom" Turner and Terry Turner, thank you for your loving support of my life's endeavor. The inspirational chats really go a long way mother. To my brother, Joseph Knapp, keep spreading the gospel. The world needs to hear more praise and worship. Randy Davis, it is great to work with a man who brings inspirational compact disks to work. They are uplifting for sure. We have forgone a metamorphosis in the spirit. A big thanks goes

out to Pastor Mark Shell (the man on many of Randy's disks) for shedding light on true grace. It was inspiring to hear such wisdom; broken down into Texas terminology. Amen! Thank you Sousa family for your love and kindness which nurtured and pruned my mannerisms. To the DiMaio family, thank you for showing me how to be a man and sharing life skills which will remain forever. Lastly, thank you to Donald and Patricia Lambert for being great in-laws (who have extended your hand more than can be counted). My gratefulness radiates to all you for your help and support and encouragement in helping to make this creation of work possible.


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As a born again Christian, many books have caught my attention, on the topic of faith. There have been various topics, which books shed conceptions upon, that I have either skimmed through or read. The information can be daunting at times; being that authors' ideas clash and so many forms of religion present their case frequently. Being spiritual is a new factor that has come into play as well. It is almost a fad of sorts; to show separation from the modern church. Some would even say that it is an embarrassment to be affiliated with Christianity (due to hypocrisy among certain bodies). Confusion is afoot, and so many remain stagnant in spirit (from fear of making the wrong move).

The intent here is to inform others about the wisdom that the Holy Spirit has i

imparted to me in the quiet times. I have been a student to the teachings of grace now for some time. Each moment has lead to a more fulfilled existence. Joy is abundant in each day, Stewardship to our fellow man is a labor of love and not one of a slave. Each new dawn brings choices to make. What do I choose to make out of my day? Most of my living years had been spent trying to seek wisdom from above; wishing to one day find myself in a position to be approved by the Holy of Holies. Fear was always in the back of the mind, and uncertainty followed relentlessly in pursuit. What changed, one may ask? That is too simple to summarize. Wisdom found its way to the door, and a willing subject welcomed her with open arms.

Let this collection of impartations from above inspire you. Let them instil a legacy which can be passed down through generations. May curses be unyoked from families. Allow God to move freely. If your will is as his, all will be possible. Accept this gift as an invitation to discover your birthright. Make this day your victory! ii


Are you confused about your role on Earth? Many are. It seems every soul is in pursuit of a grander scheme. There must be a deeper meaning to our existence than to merely give Carbon a use. Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor are merely subjects to be utilized as cattle? Such disempowerment lays waste to the daily toilings of an individual. Can you really find peace in such an existence?

Looking onward, there is hope! Each person has been commissioned to be great in God's Kingdom. Learn how to live a meaningful life in victory. Create your own worth. The Great I Am views you as priceless. Why then should you chose poverty. Walk with me a moment to learn about leaving a legacy worth remembering. Lastly, even among the chaos in our midst, peace can be found. Find out how to see a iii

different reality for yourself. Let's go on this journey together. It will be worth your while.

The reason I decided to write such a book was really a whim of Holy inspiration. One day, I found myself buying notepads and new pens for no particular reason at all. A week later, a flood of knowledge hit as a title wave upon a wall of stone. Such excitement filled my being. It was then known that this had to be tendered into as many hands as possible. If this is my chance to be a candle within the world, let my wick be lit; allow all who seek refuge to use this little light of mine.

The voice of God is a peaceful departure from the safety of ignorance. His truths repel all learnt knowledge which hinders growth. Such love creates way for fertile ground; his mercy made grace a reality for the undeserving. All who seek his face shall know him by these virtues. When a divine word befalls upon the patient, it is iv

then known that He is Emanuel (God with us).

Learn to shed away the old to become a new creation in Christ. It is insanity to perform the same works which bear no fruit. Wait upon the serenity of Jehovah Tsidkenu (God our Righteousness) to make it known that you are made in his image. If this is the life you would love to obtain, and you would love to sprint and bound great leaps toward your full potential, then it's time for me to stop talking. Turn now to the divine council of Elohim, our unshakable God (who is everywhere). Prepare your hands to catch all the gifts you have been promised. Make this day your victory! Let's get moving!

"The Law Gave Way to Grace"

Chapter 1

God has already granted mankind (to all who acknowledge him and his son) righteousness because Christ (his son) paid the ultimate price for ALL sins (past, present and future) by sacrificing his body to become a curse for mankind, so everyone else would not have to remain cursed. He was the purest and best sacrifice in the site of God. This had to be done to quench the law which was unable to be satisfied otherwise. People had sacrificed one Ram up until then to appease the law within one year of the slaughter. The perfect sacrifice of Christ's body and blood remains into infinity! Instead of a man facing years of sacrificing, to gain grace and favor (for a short time), the Lord, Christ, volunteered his life. He did this by going to court for humanity, receiving judgment as being guilty of sin, which was not his; receiving judgment as 1

being guilty of sin, which was not his; then serving everyone elses' death penalty (as people can not be tried twice for the same conviction and pay the same penalty twice/ double jeopardy). He took the fall so civilization could become free from sin, iniquities and transgressions and all the weight that these things create for the world. They no longer have any bind on human kind; they are no longer able to disqualify individuals from heaven (after one awakens to their righteousness)! Now, people have the means to be the righteousness of the Father as Christ is the righteous of the Father. That makes the upright equal with Christ. All of this is true, once it is understood that by the shedding of Christ's flesh, and the spilling of his blood, for all sin, salvation had arrived. His resurrection, however, is the cornerstone of this faith.

references: Ephesians 2:8, Acts 2:38, Ezekial 18:24, John 14:6 Romans 8:1-39, Galatians 2:20/ 3:13 Hebrews 13:8 and Revelations 12:11

"Let God Steer and Keep Your Foot on the Throttle!"

Chapter 2

There is no need for rationalization of anything. Once that, manifestation presents itself, requiring no human works to create them, one may begin to feel free of such a "Logical burden. Desire with your whole heart; with the highest intensity and do so often. God will work out the "how to." The tree of knowledge of good and evil gave man a lust to analyze (in place of God's role as our navigator). The main role is to choose a path righteously and let God guide future footsteps. Pride drives the need to rationalize. Wanting recognition for HOW they came to an answer, and for figuring HOW, the manifestation came about are both instances of ego and wanting to be praised. Such an emotion is unnecessary and foolish. The enlightened mind has no need for rationalization or human logic/ earthly understanding. Let God remain as pilot 3

and humanity as his passenger in this lifetime; surely, In doing so,one will arrive at the desired destination, safely.

Furthermore, never try to control the timing or the route of receiving a desire. Outcomes will vary at times because God always knows of the greatest result for each desire. It may be thought that a certain thing is best, or a time of the day is optimal for fruition of such a blessing, but let it be known...God will not always agree. He understands when to act upon the best opportunity in order to bring about someone's perfect desire. A better outcome may be received than expected! Do not limit the Father, for, in doing so, one limits his or her self!

references: Hebrews 11:6, John 14:28, Jeremiah 33:3, Proverbs 3:5-6/ 16:9, Psalm 37:47, Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 55:8-9 and Romans 8:28, 2 Peter, Ecclesiastes 2:26 3:9

"Not By Your Strength"

Chapter 3

Imagine man as an interface for the largest source of energy in the universe. God had created this interface in order to control/ direct the flow of such a power and in doing this, made it freely obtainable to the Righteous. For anyone, to try and make any sense out of why a human could attain such a privilege is not necessary. What matters most is HOW a being activates such an interface. A person must be willing in allowing this surge of the Father's being to flow freely through them (as a consenting vessel). To qualify one's self, it just needs to be understood that God has already qualified Humanity.

references: 1 John 4:4/ 5:5, Revelations 2:26/ 3:21, John 15:1-27 5

"Tame the Flesh"

Chapter 4

The flesh is the natural adversary of the "righteous mindset." It is fueled by each being's historical period's (reverse-mirror life) dark manifestations and mantras created from ignorance, fear, anger, and misinformation. When any of these low vibrational thoughts makes themselves known in the midst of one's presence, greet such an illusion with rejection at the doorway. Will it be let it in to disempower a person's being, or will it receive rejection and become removed?

The mind is a filing cabinet, and it holds beliefs passed down from family, friends, outsiders, and experiences it has gone through during its life cycle. Treat this solicitor as an unwelcome guest (one who does not regard the brain as a precious 6

holding cell). When it whispers its negativity into the chain of thought, proclaim, "I have heard what you have said...thank you for sharing, but I refuse to believe that!" With such authority, the mind becomes an iron gate in which THAT PERSON must allow trespass. If a thought enters, it will always be the gate keeper's fault (good or bad). Each citizen must take full responsibility for what manifests into his or her reality! Have an obsession and a ravenous hunger for righteousness and that which is the goodness of God. Be WHAT God is; yet never attempt to be WHO he is!

Since the Righteous understand whom they are (What God is) in God, and through Christ (salvation through blood), they should be avid and eternally thankful to be all those things! Such things include Love, joy, peace, light, truth, acceptance, wisdom, life righteousness and all the great attributes of the Father. Say, "I Am_______ (put any of God's attributes in the blank to claim that state of being), because he who is within is all these things, so the righteous are evidence of all God's attributes. When 7

anyone sees a son or daughter of Righteousness, they have seen the Father! They and their Father are one!!! It is not robbery to be equal with God (being WHAT he is). However, to believe equality with Whom he is, equates one with the Thinking of Luciferianism; in trying to think too highly of one's self.

Now, contemplate the flesh. Such a part of humanity wishes to sever thoughts of Thanksgiving from its being. Flesh will seek a way to keep one's spirit close, to the "Origin Mindset" of ignorance. The flesh longs to stay upon the path of least resistance. To differentiate life lived in the ways of flesh, from the days carried out through virtue, it is time to create a new time-line. One's Before Christ (BC portion of their life) will be referred to as "BR" or "Before Righteousness was discovered." The AD portion of life will be referred to as "AR" or After Righteousness was discovered. The "AR" period of life should be celebrated daily! The flesh wants nothing more than for people to slide back into that old "BR" pattern of thought so they would not have to 8

feel any friction from change. In fact, it probably thinks it is fostering them from the unperceived by keeping citizens ignorant and "safe." It is a built in defense mechanism of the subconscious for survival (stemming from fear). As many realize, the flesh is a very low vibrational existence from which all originate. It is as Egypt to an Israelite! Righteousness is as the "Land of milk and honey to the Israelite"! Honorable citizens thrive now in the Kingdom of God!!!

Lastly, Christ stated that we could be like he is and be able to do greater things than he ever did. To be as I AM means to be an impersonator of the values of God (Just as Christ did). Since the Righteous are God's children, they are a part of the second spot of the trinity (the Son). Christ was the first righteous man bold enough to declare his place next to the Father by stating, "I am the Son of God." For Jesus, it was his birthright to be called the Son of God since God had literally planted a supernatural seed to be the paternal father of Christ. In the Righteous' case, they must decree their 9

spot as "Sons or daughters of God" since man is not born in the same way (as to make him our paternal Father). In Jesus' case, the Teachers of Law could not wrap their logic around such a claim; still to this day, many could not handle it if one were to claim, "I am a son of God!" Embrace that rightful spot with Christ, at the right-hand-side of God's throne!

references: John 20:17, Colossians 2:9/ 3:12, 1 Timothy 3:16, Philipians 2:6, Psalm 82:6-7, John 10:30/ 10:38, 1 John 2:6, 1 Peter 2:21, John 13:13-17, Isaiah 14:12-15, Revelations 3:21-22, Psalm 110:1, Mark 16:19, 1 Peter 3:21-22, Luke 6:35, Matthew 5:45


"The Priceless Life"

Chapter 5

Once someone awakens to his or her birthright (Righteousness), all the gifts of God that were already loosed from Heaven (if he or she came into this world after Christ's sacrifice) will eventuate to make themselves clearer to the spirit. Before the realization of who a being is in the Father; through the salvation via Christ's blood, the darkness of ignorance does not allow mere commonalities to realize their birthright. They exist at a lower vibration (shame, apathy, anger and confusion) which offers no desire, hope, joy, peace or love. Once those individuals awaken to the Kingdom of God, an illumination can be seen; as well as one's birthright (limitless resource of the Father YHVH). At this stage, empowerment begins to fill the mind with the understanding "I AM unlimited"!!! 11

references: Romans 13:15, John 4:16, 2 CORINTHIANS 4:3, 2 Corinthians 5:21, 2 Peter 1:4, 1 Corinthians 6:19/ 13:1-3, Genesis 27:1, John 14:12/ 17:24, Ephesians 3:1621, Proverbs 4:5-7


"Look not unto Man"

Chapter 6

The majority of this world is in belief and support in the laws of physics, science and mysticism. That standpoint desires proof, evidence of things seen, approval from others, appreciation in order to move forward, acknowledgment of good works and mainly a need to feed emotional whims to feel loved or supported. This is all based on an individual trying to reconnect to their authoritative being...a spirit having a human experience. The lion's share of the world is living on the reverse side to the mirror; not surveying their actual personage. A small percentage of the world is capturing a true picture of their self by seeing a clear reflection through the "Kingdom of God". This is the unlimited life!


references: Colossians 2:8/ 2:20, Galatians 1:10/ 4:3, 1 Timothy 6:20, Proverbs 29:25, Romans 8:9/ 12:1-12, 1 Chorinthians 6:19 and Luke 17:20-21


"What's All the Buzz About"

Chapter 7

In the unlimited life, it is understood that God created everything out of matter, which constructs quarks, atoms, molecules and these attributes create the blueprint for all things of this planet and within this universe. Once one's authority is actualized, dominion and lordship over this physical plane (and mental plane), it becomes cognizant that the brain utilizes intense emotion to augment such energy, which manipulates reality (matter). That is why all things created by the old self leave an individual with a negative surplus of a mess to scour. Humanity was blind to its new creative power, so it imprisoned itself as a victim to its current reality; when, in fact, mankind was always creating such an animation, but doing so unconsciously. Victimization created actualities (lowly, vibrational, manifestations). Fears created 15

experiences, which supported the "Spirit of Fear." Dread lead to anger because little control was realized over the personal arena.

references: Genesis 1:1, 1:26, John 1:1-3, Nehemiah 9:6, Isaiah 45:12, Hebrews 4:4, Psalm 86:13/ 107:14, Nahum 1:13, 1 John 4:18, Genesis 1:26, Psalm 8:4-8 and Hebrews 2:6-8


"Detach From Worry"

Chapter 8

In the Spirit, worry does not exist. Anguish causes pondering on the "hows" and "whens" in life. "How will the bills get paid"? "When will that check come in"? "When will kids listen"? Knowing that God's plan is ALWAYS best should relax the nerves a bit (as trials in life are inevitable). Being of righteous mind, one will surely pass THROUGH the gales of life. The depraved in spirit get caught up in the storms and abide there for bearing a lack of knowledge and understanding. God has given each of his children a boat which they may remain. Storms will arise now and then, but do not regard the wind and the clouds (the present life challenge). These things are merely illusions, which will test one's wisdom, knowledge, understanding and faith. The Righteous have an unmovable mindset (by the grace of God) which allows them to 17

ignore the chaos of life and only see that which they manifest in the "now" (God's promise). The Uprights' current state of mind will create their tomorrow and so forth. Instead of "hows" and "whens", be thankful for that personal connection with the Father (God also known as YHVH, ALHYM, AHYH)! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords; be grateful for that!!!

references: John 14:27, Matthew 6:25-34, Ecclesiastes 11:4-5, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Romans 8:28-31, 1 John 4:18, Isaiah 43:2, Malachi 4:2 (fear refers to highest respect)


"A Veil of Clouds"

Chapter 9

To elaborate on the topic of "clouds and wind" (as discussed within the text of the last chapter), let some details become clarified to the mind. As God's righteousness, understand a cloud to be an illusion which poses a challenge to a being; as a visible or known trial to be dealt with in a positive or a negative manner. The accompanying winds are merely the effects of those clouds and help to amplify the emotional impact of these perplexities/ illusions. How one processes, then how one deals with this "storm" (earthly trial), shall determine a being's earthly capacity (mental, spiritual, and physical).

It is habitual for one to flow naively with fleshly thinking and to allow the 19

cloud to eclipse their very being (becoming the chief focus of their mind). Secondly, it is "earthly" for a person to consign such a storm the right to affect his or her emotional state to the point of anxiety, despair, depression or oppression. After all...it is human to error. This is the "logical nature" of a storm; these are the expositions of the mortal mindset, plus the curses which consume such unwitting individuals.

As Righteousness, a cloud is merely an illusional veil which limits one's view of a blessing. Where a "veil" hangs, it is certain that there lies a blessing, awaiting just behind it! The enemy knows that if he can dethrone someone's thinking from this understanding, and can cripple their perception, to see no gift, one's positive manifestation will cease to present itself in their midst. Such is the reason for the cloud. Moreover, when the Righteous, feel the "winds" (earthly emotional pressure), let he who walks with the Father decree peace, joy, love, wisdom and understanding in the midst of these trials, in order to calm the storm (as Christ did). After all, one's promise shall only 20

be met by the undeceived mind!

references: Matthew 8:23-27, Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 34:17-20, Psalm 91:1-16, Nahum 1:7, James 1:2


"Spirit of Thanksgiving"
Chapter 10

To be in a "spirit of Thanksgiving" means to wake up, thank God for as many things as can be thought of (that come to mind), and to meditate upon the goodness that one feels (while thinking about these matters which the Father has provided). God is vast, and He is EVERYTHING awesome in and around this Earthly continuation!!! Utilize driving time, walks in a park, or alone time (to observe the beauty of nature's surroundings). If it is raining, thank him for all the positive aspects of precipitation (i.e.: "Thank you Father for this much-needed rain. Because of this rain, more harvests will spring forth. The rain breaks up the monotony of a range of dull days"!). If it is gusty, with a blue sky, proclaim something like, "Father, I love the way this breeze soothes me; as it lightly brushes my hair and skin. I feel peace and 22

tranquility in your presence. Such a beautiful sky could be only be thought of by your perfection my God. You are perfect. Thank you for loving me enough to share this experience. I love you Father!" Many things may be used in the mindset of Thanksgiving throughout a day. Each breath inhaled, steps taken, projects completed, health, time for loved ones and friends, talks over the phone, smiles from a stranger, and a good deed done or received are all examples of this. Green lights can remind people of God's faithfulness (or red lights could allow more time to reflect on the goodness of God). These are more ways to find God's favor in one's life. The possibilities are endless! Have fun finding new things to be grateful for in life. Peoples' pasts are full of these treasures. Each being's present life is a living testament of his or her goodness, and people have the authority to shape their future by being thankful for the "now."

There is no need to close one's eyes while doing this; as long as they feel that inward joy from their thoughts and radiate that joy from within, their days will 23

remain fruitful! WHAT is thought about MOST of the day is WHAT someone becomes. All things come by what beings attract. People are only as joyful as they allow themselves to be! Create many more opportunities for thankful environments everywhere traveled. Not only is God an awesome God, but He is awesome in THIS PLACE! Since Yahweh lives within the upright, then wherever they go, He is in THAT PLACE! THIS PLACE is wherever someone is NOW! Where God is, it is HOLY GROUND! Mere men of the old testament who were under law would fall to their death or go blind by merely being in the presence of God's Holiness, and He has granted that privilege, for all mankind, to be his temple (the Righteous' body is like the ark of the covenant) as his host? Celebrate this joyous occasion! Be thankful that each step taken is Holy ground since he who is within the temple is greater than he who is in the world! Because God has called men and women to be his righteousness, Humanity may be forever in his presence! He has qualified the least of men to become righteousness! Thank you FATHER!!! 24

references: Philippians 4:4, Habakkuk 3:17-19, James 1:17, 1 Peter 1:8, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 34:1-22, Psalm 145:9, Acts 14:17, Luke 18:19, Romans 8:1, Nehemiah 8:10, Luke 10:20, Isaiah 49:13


"Fuel For Life"

Chapter 11

It is understood that being thankful for everything God does, within a life, is crucial for a fruitful existence. To expand upon thankfulness, why one is thankful is just as critical as the performance of the action. Get an understanding of this and the state of being grateful will seem more effortless.

For as long as the church has been in existence, praise has been at the core of this institution. Many have ritualistically done the mundane act of "praising God" with their lips, yet never truly connecting with the Father. Such an action turns "praise" into a work and not an act of love toward the Almighty. The unrighteous know they should be grateful that Jesus Christ had died for their benefit, yet they shroud their 26

presence in the illusions of this world. The majority of such a person's thoughts center around the concerns, beliefs, worries and urges or lusts of the world. As can be clearly seen at this point, the MAJORITY of such a person's feelings determines the fruit of this tree (thoughts which became results). Understanding that this mindset is so full of man's nature, it will bring to light why this person has a hard time receiving the presence of God. It explains why they struggle in extolling the names of God with everything in his or her heart.

From the perspective of the upright in Christ, the Father desires his childrens' obedience in uplifting his splendor and glory to him each day. Some have speculated that God is a narcissist of sorts because he loves to be worshiped. That could not be further from the truth. The righteous should understand that praise unto God is like fuel. 27 Since God is within each of his hosts (those who have given God residence

within themself), then, when a host sends heartfelt praise, they are directly benefiting from the Lord of Host's glory! It is a cycle. Glory and exaltations which radiate from a being return to his or her Father (whos residence is within). Such splendor is an overflowing reservoir of abundance; it floods the host with blessing and joy that empowers the spirit and the physical body to endure and thrive within the Kingdom of the Almighty! Because he is so merciful, gracious and giving, he does not benefit from his own praise (besides the joy of blessing his children). His kingdom, as a whole, receives blessings.

Next time praise exits a mouth, let it be understood that acknowledgment of his goodness is not to boost his ego, but it is a test of one's spirit to see how faithful they are to him. This commandment is to better his children. If a being is faithful to the great Almighty, imagine how much more faithful he will be to them. Praise simply exonerates this cycle and shows God one's harmony with his mind. Remember God 28

does not NEED this praise (since he is the creator of everything), but he demands it because it rectifies a man or woman's spirit; in essence, humanity needs to praise God the most. After all, earthly beings are the ones benefiting from this praise to the Lord of hosts!

references: Galatians 5:22, John 15:11, Psalm 66:1-20, Psalm 100:1-5, Psalm 103:1-5, Psalm 147:1-20, Psalm 150:1-6, 2 Chronicles 30:21, Hebrews 13:15, Jude 1:25, 1 Peter 1:3, Nehemiah 9:6, Zephaniah 3:17, Zephaniah 3:14


"Transcending Illusion"
Chapter 12

When an illusion of "the flesh" or from the collective negativity of a person's environment presents itself to them (mentally of physically), it is up to the persona to see if it affects them positively or negatively. The Righteous mindset can spin ANY event for the good of their marrow. Therefor, ANY result should be perceived as "neutral." It had to happen (even if undesired) in order to manifest, a greater apparition (birthed from righteous desire). A stolen car may seem negative until a better vehicle manifests itself into one's actuality through whatever means God has to deliver it (insurance claim, relative, friend, who cares how, etc.). Sometimes things may need to be destroyed, coveted, misplaced or forgotten in order for the blessing to blossom into reality. The ways of God may seem esoteric, but never limit him with free will. By 30

willing God to manifest a passion in a certain way or ways, it may not be in line with the Father's will, and an individual has just bound God's hands by employing oneself in their free will. A message was sent as well that they only want it THEIR WAY; show him a lack in faith; that they can figure out a much better way of arriving at the conclusion. A decrease in faith causes lack. By not caring about how it will come to pass, and by thanking him for allowing possession of it, a person has just willed it into their life. He gave the righteous a power that can limit or make life abundant. Chose wisely.

references: Ecclesiastes 11:4-5, Isaiah 55:5-13, 2 Timothy 4:16-18 and 4:22, John 7:17, Deuteronomy 30:19, Isaiah 43:2


"You Must Have Missed Something"

Chapter 13

In the "BR" (reverse-mirror life) stage, religion or atheism taught many that humans can not possess any of God's gifts. Religion goes on to teach that there is some arduous path where man must work a lifetime to become righteous. After all of the effort, he or she may work toward trying to earn gifts from Heaven's gates. That mentality is of the adversary! He wants people to live in lack, despair, hopelessness and oppression. If he can convince others (through the Spirit of Religion) that no birthright exists, then he can postpone their awakening to who they are in Christ. The less harmonious one is and the more divided their thoughts become, the easier it is for Satan to keep them confused and complacent in their walk with God. The ignorant will have much less of an impact on Satan's kingdom of darkness than if they became awakened to 32

Christ's teachings. Their vibrations will be so low that they can not empower others to awaken to their true self in Christ (domino effect).

Now, consider an individual's "AR" mindset (true Kingdom being). In this reality, there is understanding and imparted wisdom, which reveals, upon Christ's sacrifice, God was able to release all of humanity's gifts and blessings for people to attain freely upon one's will's approval of such gifts.

Since the law was quenched, the locked door (locked to the unqualified and unrighteous) has to open for all who now awaken to their righteousness (that was just imparted) due to the salvation from all sin (past, present and future). If one understands his or her salvation through the blood of Christ; as long as they realize God has named them, "his righteousness", then all people hold entitlement (are made worthy) to the greatness of the Kingdom of Heaven!!! The Kingdom of God knows the upstanding 33

inhabitants of the Earth as its residents, and not as guests! There is No need to knock, for his house is their home!!! Desire a thing and it shall find the seeker. Desire is a glue which shows that someone truly wishes to take possession of that gift or blessing. If a passion does not exist for it, then it was not needed.

references: Ephesians 2:8-9, 2 Timothy 1:6-7 1 Peter 5:8, Joel 2:28, John 5:24, John 15:5, Matthew 6:33/ 18:1-35, Matthew 25:21, Isaiah 61:7


"Fill My Cup"
Chapter 14

Once a personality looks through their "AR" time-line (After Righteousness), One will find it beneficial to seek wisdom, understanding, knowledge and love at ALL times. Without love, wisdom is fruitless. Wisdom is making correct judgments or decisions and is gained through divine impartation and experiences. Knowledge is taught, learned, and it may be improved. One is aware of knowledge and confident in it for future use in a certain subject, in which he or she is comfortable. Knowledge is merely knowing about a thing, but without understanding of how to apply that knowledge, no action can be taken to utilize it. Wisdom is the proper use of applied knowledge and the ability to shed misconceptions. That is why a man appears wise when he uses knowledge properly. A fool can know EVERYTHING, yet do nothing. 35

That, in and of itself, is folly.

When a man living in his "BR" state of mind exists day to day, his head may be full of learned knowledge (of the world), but this means nothing as one will see. Imagine this man as a cup by which either knowledge or wisdom may fill it. Since he is currently in his "BR" mindset, most knowledge within the cup is likely fruitless. Such knowledge comes mainly from the mouths of Earthly philosophers, seekers of truth (the blind in darkness), serpents (false teachers) and the unrighteous. His cup is so full of knowledge that there is not much room for God's wisdom. The fool boasts about all he knows, but the wise man treasures each learned experience or impartation from the allknowing (Adonai). It is up to the righteous to remove old beliefs and pour them out of the cup to make space for Godly wisdom. If a man becomes too full of this world (Earthly knowledge), then wisdom will run out of the cup and be of no use to him. Let humanity reflect on the ways of the "Law" vs the ways of "Grace." Ezekiel 18:24 is the 36

old "BR" state of mind whereas Galatians 3:1-29 is the "AR" mindset of the Righteous. Visualize, for an instance, how teachable people are. The Pharisees and Sadducees are full of "Law." God's mercy (through Christ) leads the way to Grace; these teachers of law only see things as they have always known them to be. Their cups are so full of Law that there is no room for grace. To be wise, one must also be very teachable; willing to change their thoughts, learned and believed connotations and experiences in order to accommodate the true wisdom of the Father.

references: 1 Corinthians 2:13, Ecclesiastes 1:17, Colossians 2:8, James 1:5, Proverbs 8:11-12, Ephesians 1:17, Romans 6:6/ 7:1-25


"You Are First Spirit"

Chapter 15

In Righteousness, it is realized that a person is first spirit; then...he or she is body. This is exciting because the human spirit is unlimited in resources (unlimited access to the Father). Since the primary state of being is spirit, beings are able to utilize God's infinite resource as each man or woman is powerless without his breath. It is His power that courses through the upright in spirit to accomplish all things.

The "BR" mind thinks they are first a body seeking a spiritual experience. Man longs to "feel" "connected" and is led by emotion, logic, teachings, suggestions, Earthly laws, experiences and beliefs. He is seeking what has already been bequeathed to him. Once he realizes that the "Adversary" is merely trying to keep him unaware of 38

what is hiding in plain sight, it will be known not to ask God for an already gifted blessing, but he will march to the gates of hell to demand his belongings that the darkness has hidden. Some men are only partially correct in saying, "There is light in darkness ("truth'" in darkness)." The "Light" in darkness is in reality, the hidden gift of God that rightfully belongs to the awakened Righteous. Once awakened to righteousness, they will retrieve their gifts from the darkness and recoup what already belongs to them. The darkness itself bears no "Light," but it can only hide "truth" from the seeker. Lucifer is Satan's current alter ego. He still wishes to be exalted upon the throne of God in heaven, yet, God demoted him to "Satan" when he fell from grace. To bolster his image, Satan teaches his followers (under the name "Lucifer") that he bears "Light", as well as the highest of virtues. Satan dubs his seekers of more light as owls in darkness; able to see in such a void (the "Illuminated ones" aka Illuminati).

references: Galatians 3:3, Luke 11:35, JOB 2:1, MARK 4:14 39

"The Kingdom Within"

Chapter 16

God lives within all citizens who welcome him in, yet he lives in heaven. To the "BR" mind, God is somewhere in the heavens awaiting each prayer; to answer them whenever he so wishes (like a distant being). This is a much more detached way of looking at God and causes one to think there is no true chance of a relationship with such a God. This illusion casts doubt in the hearts of men that God is not always there for them because so many others need help. Do not be fooled by the deceptive whispers of the serpent. Satan stems his personification from his name "Adversary." This namesake means the following: 1. a person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent; enemy; foe. 2. a person, group, etc., that is an opponent in a contest; contestant. 40

His goal is to disempower a being from awakening to the righteousness which is rightfully theirs. That is the goal of his contest. Satan comes as a lion looking for them who he MAY devour; or, those who ALLOW him to feast. Once one understands how to activate it and how to believe on their righteousness, Satan is defeated in that person's life! In the "AR" (righteous) mindset, it is known that man is the temple of God and that each persona connects itself in that intimate way with the Father in Heaven. Being that he is the Omnipotent God of Heaven, this means that the Kingdom of God is within man. God resides in both places at one time; therefor heaven is within the righteous. Where God has residence, he has named it, "Holy Ground". That qualifies all people (as temples) to be Holy Ground. The mission here is to bring Heaven to Earth. That was what Jesus was doing in the form of a man. He portrayed the only vision of heaven and the only glimpse of his Father (in heaven) that became visual at that time. These were promises of things to come. Even Jesus proclaimed in John 14:12, "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have 41

done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. God calls the world to think higher of themselves than the spirit of religion would like to "allow" one to believe. Although, humanity should not regard too highly of itself.

When living day to day, always remember to be over comers in Christ (since He who is within (God also known as YHVH) is greater than he who is in the world)! This world is under the Righteous' dominion and authority! He has made mankind Lords of the land. Humanity seized command over the fowl of the air, fish of the sea and beasts of the land. Jesus (Yeshua Messiah) has said "Ye are gods and sons of the Most High". This was only referring to peoples' ability to create their reality and outlook of their life. Mankind is not the "Great I Am" who created matter out of nothing and created every living thing, but humanity may manipulate his creation by sharing his or her desires with the Great I Am so God may move matter, space and time to give the Righteous his of her heart's desires. Remember, the word "GREAT" in his title is there 42

for a reason. This is to signify that there are other "I Am" beings (small "g" gods/creators) out there, but he is the "Great I Am" (big "G" God/Creator of little gods beneath his authority)! The Father is the unmovable Elohim, Alef Heh Yod Heh (Holy of Holies), Yod Heh Vah Heh (as in heaven so on Earth), Alef Lamid Heh Yod Mem (My priest and my staff of protection), El Elyon (Lord on High) and so much more. His names are countless, and each meaning praises the awesomeness of his being. God is so vast that he thinks not a thought, but is eternally conscious of all things at all times without ceasing. Amen!!!

references: 2 Corinthians 6:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, ZECHARIAH 3:1, I PETER 5:8, EPHESIANS 6:10, Amos 9:2,3, Jeremiah 23:23,24, Psalm 139:7,-12, Deuteronomy 4:39, Joshua 2:11, Isaiah 66:1


"Who Do You Think You Are?"

Chapter 17

In the "mind of Christ," the word "impossible" is not uttered. This negativity brings lack and death; It offers nothing to the Kingdom. Such other words are "can't," "not" and "don't"; for these words focus on the adversarial-undesirables. They should be evacuated from one's being. In such a tradition of "lack," the "BR" mind will feel guilt for asking things of God. This holds a belief that if a certain thing contains any significant value or size, it may be too big of an order for God to deliver, or he may think it is unnecessary for someone to have. This belief alone is why so many black magick practitioners consort with demonic entities. They know God exists, yet they feel that God will not provide for them and that the darkness is more willing to deliver. Magick is the manipulation of energy using earthly spirits (which the Bible strongly 44

forbids). These black magicians have no understanding that God will provide according to the righteousness of your heart. Since they have not awakened to their righteousness and have not chosen a life of finding light ("truth") in darkness, they have forfeited their birthright in exchange for a chance to be in control of their own reality; it is done apart from God's divine help. They live by the laws of the Earth and elemental spirits and die by such laws. Oh How much easier it is to allow God to guide one's footsteps than for them to attempt the same process haphazardly.

If a man thinks of his desire as "too big" for God, it causes a sense of shame and guilt; forever desiring it. There is no fervor or passion behind such a request; it is as if the desire is retracting back towards its conception and fleeing the presence of the originator. First of all...the Father who created the heavens and the Earth is unlimited in resource. Is one to say that a simple tool such as money or gold could be a burden for Jehovah Jireh (our God who provides)? YHVH moves mountains and yet people still 45

believe God cannot provide a business, new vehicle or a college fund for their kids. Who do people think they are? Such a belief is claiming that someone's desires are bigger than the Father! One should not think so highly of his or her self, for Lucifer felt he was greater than the Father of heaven. By limiting one's belief on how much money, he or she allows his or herself (his or her comfort level), one is limiting God via their will. One thousand, four hundred, twenty six billionaires possess a combined net worth of Five trillion, four hundred dollars. Family empires (worth anywhere from fifty billion dollars up to four hundred billion dollars) seized blessings of exorbitant wealth. These mortals thought it not impossible to acquire such fortunes; limitation was never a part of their mindsets. It is ludicrous to hold such a belief. Lastly, God does not consider the size of a desire, but measures the righteousness and pure intentions of the heart. The wicked (who have wealth on Earth) shall only prosper in their mortality, yet, they will lack in the hereafter. Why do people desire a thing? Is its attainment stemmed from any negative emotion such as fear, lack, anger or greed? If so, reevaluate the 46

heart; for the Kingdom of God will not consider such a request. If a man seeks to amass wealth for the sake of greed, pride, or fear of winter (future events), that shall be perceived as foolishness and folly in the sight of the Lord. Arrive at each desire with pure intention, love and gratitude for all one has, and the Kingdom shall be theirs!



"Behold a Great Perception"

Chapter 18

When looking at creation, God has so thoughtfully provided two types of perceptions to be had. The first is from the angle of the reverse-mirror. The flesh feels comfort in lower forms of vibrational thinking. Misery loves company, so naturally...that is the meat of such a perception. Everything around this mindset seems to be of a negative nature. Realistically, only 10 percent of the world may be corrupt; however, the fleshly being says, "This world is all evil! Darkness is everywhere. Everyone is murdering people now days." To the astute of spirit, such words are foolishness. Yes, the world is in darkness (as a whole), but, all darkness is not with wicked intent. The majority of this blackness should be labeled as, "ignorance". Truthfully, the majority of this planet is unaware of needed knowledge, wisdom and 48

understanding of the kingdom of heaven. Such lack disables one from viewing this life atop the premier vantage points. The void created, therein, delivers the monotony of a lackadaisical, fog filled ritual within such an existence; with no hope or aim in life. The righteous would note such a perception as one of "death." A good reason for this is the fact that one either speaks life or death into this reality. If things seem bleak or dark, with no hope, there is a great chance that the perception had, by such a mindset, would produce more of the same. Surroundings are the detrimental factor attributed to most of this world's ignorance. As a practice, any environment will predominantly drive the vehicle that is a person's thoughts. On any given day, lawlessness can be seen from the steps of a section-Eight doorway. The environment is in control here because the people in such an instance allow popular opinion, family, friends and media to shape their realities.

Awaken people of this existence! Arise to a higher perception of the Holy 49

Spirit! With divine authority, take dominion over any environment in which one may tread! This is the Godly perception of the Kingdom on high. Where precipitation falls and clouds become gray, the upright (in mind) see a life-force for all living things. Where sickness lies, the just shall celebrate the recovery. While a cripple struggles to take each step, the Godly see how grateful the man is to be able to take another step. It is better to be born a cripple and ignorant of mobility than it is to become crippled (and to miss movement). Such ignorance is not of darkness, but it is a gift. If the latter were to happen; however, celebration is in order, to praise God in the name of Jehovah Ropha (God our healer), for lifting one's body above all circumstances; in order to receive the full healing from the Father! When every light turns red as people approach them, the Righteous joyfully remember to use such time to glorify the Father for his greatness; they dwell in the glory of God on high. No Earthly thing may dictate to this mindset. The stream of consciousness here is a creative one. Creation in this reality is the first thought, felt, then realized. Remember how clear it is in the mirror life? One can see 50

their self with clarity, and it is much easier for a being to achieve a desire (when they empower the mind to reconnect to the living God within). The perception on this side of the fence is one of life! Such a tongue thirsts for ways of God and has a passion to gain knowledge, wisdom, understanding and love for the people within this world (not the ways of the world). This endeavor allows the righteous to maintain lordship over this earthly realm (through the power of YHVH)! This keeps one from living as a victim and sustains them as creative beings!



"Of Snow Flakes and Avalanches"

Chapter 19

While recollecting thoughts on the mind's gate (us being gatekeepers of all consciousness), a vision of snow flakes appeared. As far as the eye could see, soft, intricate snowflakes were gently caressing a mountain. Mild in appearance, this went on for many days and then weeks. What occurred sequentially was unforeseen. The innocence, that was a snow flake, became an atrocity, as an avalanche. How can one learn from this picture?

Thoughts are as snow flakes. Each one sticks to a mountain (the mind). According to one's mindset, whatever we have thought about MOST of each day will determine the outcome of one's avalanche. For example, a person consistently feeling 52

overrun by bills, family trifles, debt collectors calling, dreary days at the work-place and so forth. Each of his snow flakes has one characteristic in common...helplessness. As the flakes stack and pile onto that mountain, the inevitable has to arrive. His avalanche finally came to pass. On that day, he got into an auto accident (which left him with irreparable spinal injuries and an inability to perform). In summary, those thoughts lead to feelings, which turned to action and eventually produced results. Unfortunately for the man, this avalanche was the tipping point for his accumulation of snow flakes (helplessness). The mountain had amassed such a vast amount of snow (negativity) that the weight had to give way (as a result); to allow room for a future supply to accrue in its place.

The flakes never cease to plummet, and they must land on each mountain, but it is up to each being as to what the final avalanche will produce. Will it yield feast or famine, debt or riches, decrease or increase? The type of flake produced is up to each 53

person. Will negativity or "death" from others' tongues be welcome through the mind's gate, or will positive and life building thoughts and words be ushered through the iron gate and ravenously devoured at the table? It is time for the Righteous in Christ to prepare for the avalanche of blessings to come!



The Power of Small Things

Chapter 20

As mentioned in the last chapter, it is understood that small things accumulate into various outcomes. There is more to it than the mere size. A lesson is to be learned from the most minute happenstance. To elaborate on this concept, of small becomes obtuse, peer deeper into this matter.

When the upright man or woman desires a thing with fervor, God hears and reacts in his timing. Part of the challenge at this point is for the person to be astute enough to spot the signs of the desire. Most times, the mind will only be vigilant for the end goal and forsake everything else. This causes one to revert back to human logic and rationalization. The flesh is quick to capitalize upon this misplaced view and default a 55

being back to square one.

Just because someone can't see the end result doesn't mean the Father has forsaken the individual. Many times, Jehovah will distribute an hors d'oeuvre to see one's willingness for the main course. If someone desires to spend more time with family, there are signs to be aware of. A grandparent calls three weeks later to see about getting together for lunch. The grand daughter says she is really wore out and will have to do it another time. This was an example of the precursor to the main meal. God tested her desire; yet, it was met with resistance. This display clearly showed a lack of inclination toward extra family time. Why then should the Father provide more of the same for this woman?

The same can go for a desire for monetary abundance. A man told God that he was ready for a windfall of prosperity to come his way. As he exits his car, in a 56

parking lot), there lies a dollar. The man puts it in his pocket and goes about his life as usual. Little did the gentleman know, this was just one of a few courses God had in mind for the entire meal to come to completion. He didn't have gratitude for the bill which God had planted as a precursor to a new career of Fifty five thousand dollars per year. Each time a movement of God is ignored or shrugged off as insignificant, it is as if one has told the waiter, Take it back, I didn't order this! Again, free will has kept Jehovah's hands tied from further blessings in this arena. As being righteous, one must first be a great steward of the small things. If a man or woman can not be appreciative of such miniscule holdings, then how will they truly appreciate the larger gifts to follow?

When something tiny comes along and is in accordance with the larger goal, show gratitude for it and radiate thanksgiving for the beginning of the greater blessing! Become delighted in the hors d'oeuvres and stay keen to the hints of the Father! 57

"Jehovah Jireh"
Chapter 21

Anybody out there can teach of God's giving. So many times, God has made this clearly evident. When the Father poured out his blessings two thousand and thirteen years ago for all to retrieve; he makes himself known as "Jehovah Jireh" or "our God provides". He had to deliver these blessings because he had promised us all the things of the Kingdom. The Creator is a source of all things good, majestic and wondrous; that includes truth and abundance. He is faithful in all of his promises to the Righteous! If so, why are so many living in lack? The answer is clear. Firstly, the giver must make the gift readily available to the recipient. Secondly, the recipient must be aware that there is even a gift awaiting them in the first place. Thirdly, the recipient must actively make an effort to know the whereabouts of such a gift. Lastly, the 58

recipient must be thankful and take possession of this gift. The human error, made here on Earth, is that God had already laid every gift in existence, in plain site, for all his children to retrieve. However, fleshly beings rely on that faulty logic of worldly philosophies, deceiving tongues of personas and demons. It is quite evident as to why so many wait in darkness. People ignorantly wait on God to deliver these gifts. The spirit of religion has taught many beings to beg the Lord (by knocking on the gates of heaven to see if they qualify). This makes the reason for lack remarkably clear. The ones seeking are knocking on the wrong gate!

Allow understanding to show these gifts in the darkness (ignorance). The adversary of man has made it his goal to hide all gifts from the natural mind (mind of the world). Lies of the serpent's tongue have dissuaded humanity to believe that no such gifts exist; that they are not righteous enough and to give up because one should let God deliver it instead. The enemy changes the perception of this pursuit from hope to defeat. 59

Use heavenly knowledge, wisdom and understanding to make a decree as lords of one's domain (by God's grace and power) that all gifts desired belong to the descendants of the Almighty!!!

Remember that the Father of heaven is an unlimited resource of living water and abundance of blessing. In the spirit of this thought, why are so many blinded by belief that the church would be lucky just to have the scraps of God? Why are curses raining upon the shoulders of the believer which create death and sickness? How is it that some teach that one will never be as righteous as the sandal and robe wearing disciples of old? These same teachers teach that humility means living in poverty, and lack is a way to show God he is loved. False prophets are alive and well. Words of death and destitution spew forth from their mouths. Curses shall maintain strongholds in the homes of those prophets as well as the residence of all who follow their ways! Look, not unto man, but unto the Great I AM!!! He has a feast prepared for his 60

Children! Partake of the meat (not the crumbs). Thrive in the kingdom (not just getting by in a shack). Stop allowing the teachers of law to restrict your understanding of higher teachings! If a man shall pour forth all his resource to bless his family, how much greater shall Yahweh bless his children? The kingdom shall always prosper; from now, unto forever. Amen!



"Life is a Radio"
Chapter 22

Since it is understood that all beings exist as spirits, let further clarity be made known to seekers of wisdom. Since the beginning of sin, man has tuned himself to the ways of the world (much like a radio). The earthly stations are vast and abundant in their selection of channels available. Living in darkness, one could only assume that those are the only channels (man made Philosophy and teachings of elemental spirits) created; that type of radio (current mindset) is the only type in existence. The serpent has yet again hidden another vital truth from the believers in Christ! The Creator exists on a whole other level. He vibrates at a much higher frequency than those vibrations of the Earth. Always consider this truth when seeking him. Using the tools, born of the flesh, shall yield inadequate results. Utilizing the radio (mind of Christ) of the Kingdom and seeking the channel (Holy teachings) of the Great I Am is the only way to become 62

one with the Father. His channel remains constant and unwavering. Once found, let it be known that this channel shall remain concrete. Stay with this source, as it flows with life and truth!

The world seeks to manipulate their ideas of who and what God should be in order to suit his or her beliefs. These ideas are as fickle and various as the life cycle of a fly. Man strives to create God in many images as a way to mask shame, guilt, uncertainty and mainly sin. The less "bad" they feel, the more happy they become. There lies the reason for beings worshiping so many gods globally. It is a straightforward issue of not wanting to be wrong, or without hope, so, new hopes manifest via the "channels" of man. YHWH makes himself known as the "Potter" who shapes and molds clay; not man. One must mold themselves to the ways of the Almighty and understand that God is also known by "Elohim" (the unmovable rock). If only such philosophers were not shrouded in the void of darkness, they could see just 63

how easy Righteousness is to obtain. Change the source to change a mind. Tune into the Kingdom and stray far from the falsities of the lost; for those teachings lead to death!

references: Lamentations 3:25


To shape or to be shaped
chapter 23

As God's Righteousness, one is called into the world as a light or a bearer of light. As a member of the Kingdom, there are two options to chose from when among The population. Firstly, when the upright are in the midst of darkness, they are to be the influence. It is up to God's kingdom to bring light to the shadows. Where there Is illumination, blackness may not reside (in the same space.) A candle's flame casts away darkness into the far corners of a room. With such a power, one is a very big Influence within the Earth.

Secondly, once a righteous man or woman walks amongst the upright, that 65

person becomes a support. As brothers and sisters in the Kingdom, it is their duty to help remind each other of the joy, peace, love and grace that God brings. Uplift one another to stay in a perpetual state of thanksgiving and abundance. The greatest part in such a fraternal and sororal setting is the collective influence upon the outer surroundings. It is just as the angels gather for more strength in battle. The brighter the flame, the more people will see its truth.

In summation, become a backbone or a teacher to the unwitting who dwell in ignorance. Take on the missions of Christ in this modern day to further the Kingdom of the most high! Leave a legacy of truth, life and direction which others may emulate. Become the piece of heaven that others have been seeking for so long. Amen! 66


Adonai A latter Name of God meaning Lord AHYH - (considered the most holy name of God) Alef Heh Yod Heh, or God of the Righteous. Good examples were ones taken up with God before death: Melchizedek, Enoch, Elijah, Moses, etc the gods/ righteous ones. ALHYM - (used to address his Highness above men) Alef Lamid Heh Yod Mem, or Highest of High AR - After Righteousness (discovery of righteousness) BR - Before Righteousness - (before discovery of righteousness) Elohim a name for God meaning strong one or Creator Emanuel a name of God meaning God with us iniquities - Immoral or grossly unfair behavior Jehovah Jireh a name of God meaning our God who provides Jehovah Ropha a name or God meaning God our healer Jehovah Tsidkenu a name of God meaning God our righteousness

Magick in the world of the occult, many authors and practitioners of the arts use this spelling to differentiate such practices from acts of staged magic. Adding the K implies a true implication of energy manipulation in place of mere illusion. reverse-mirror life The period in life where someone is ignorant of righteousness Transgression - A violation of a law, command, or duty (with intent) Yahweh a latter name (extended form of YHWH) of God loosely meaning he who will be, is, and has been. YHVH - (shows God's power as equally powerful on Earth as it is in heaven) Yod Heh Vah Heh, or as above, so below

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